When the Door Opens

Do You notice the intense energies and differences in speed things are happening lately?

  • ‘When the Door Opens’ provides vision and inspiration to make shifts with grace and ease.
  • The process of evolution is just that-a process, an ongoing one at that.
  • Applying the principles in this e-book will help You with releasing resistance.
  • It has been going on from the beginning of time and nothing indicates that evolution will be complete any time soon, so insight serves.

Do You wonder why there has been so much attention brought to the year 2020 at this point of the process of evolution?

  • Bring your focus and attention to the incredible potential and positive possible outcomes, presented in the pages of ‘When the Door Opens’.
  • The topics covered in the conversation in this book can be applied and are supportive to shifting into greater love.
  • Allow the pages of this book help You in staying present in the now and get past fears that paralyze You!

Although there have been many positions presented and many pieces brought forward, can anyone really know?

  • And yet we can ask the questions and then listen for the answers in all the ways they may present themselves.
  • This book will help You gain greater peace about moving fully into the future and the unknown.
  • Let your reading of this book bring You piece of mind and release struggle in going forward into the future.

The result is a conversation of possibility, put down in print, allowing us to share with You.

“When the Door Opens – 130+ page E-Book”

Co-authored by Christy DeArment, Judy Lynn Koons and the Spiritual Guides Supporting Psychic Potentials

Here’s Just A Sampling of the Topics Touched on in this E-Book:

  • Energetic Shifting
  • Raising Vibration
  • Being a Spiritual Being
  • Resisting Change
  • Conscious Creating
  • Physical Health
  • Physical Purpose
  • and…many more!

What if:

The larger part of us is spiritual and a big part of what we are doing here is about expression and experience.

The energy of the Earth is shifting and the questions asked reflect back to us the different choices that we are all making!

You can make shifts in your perceptions and get different results in life!

Get guidance about how to live a higher vibrating life.

Purchase this E-Book for only $19.00 US Today!

We’re so confident that this book will support You, uplift You, and allow You to expand your perceptions.  That if you’re not satisfied, you get a no-questions-asked-hassle-free refund.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn