Clear out your energetic house and live light and free!

Which one of these healing options resonates with You?

Distant Psychic Reiki Healing

If You want energetic support in clearing unwanted energy or empowering your goals, from the comfort of your own home or office, we can help. Are You ready to experience greater health and vitality?

Distant Psychic Reiki Healing helps support:

  • Pain reduction
  • Speedy recovery from illness or surgery
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Improved relationships
  • Confidence during interviews or auditions
  • Mental clarity
  • Ease life’s major transitions

How Distant Psychic Reiki Healing sessions work:

  • At your scheduled time, You’ll relax in the comfort of your own space for about 35 minutes.
  • We’ll connect with You psychically using Reiki and our spiritual healing guides.
  • Christy and Judy Lynn will psychically observe while performing Reiki healing, working with our healing guides and Archangel Raphael to restore You to wellness and empower your goals and intentions.
  • You may notice relaxation, heat, comfort, or drowsiness while healing energy is sent to your aura, chakras and your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
  • A full detailed report of what happened during your Distant Psychic Reiki Healing, including any insights or psychic guidance we may receive for You, will be emailed to You within 1 hour from when your session is complete .

21 Day Generational Healing

This program can springboard You into living your brightest potential. Are You ready to set yourself free from genetic patterns that weigh You down?The 21 Day Generational Healing program is designed to be simple and effective in benefiting You by:

  • Clearing unwanted genetic patterns
  • Improving health by clearing DNA
  • Releasing emotional baggage
  • Shattering beliefs that no longer serve You
  • Connecting with your life purpose
  • Fostering healthy relationships
  • Improving finances and career
  • Deepening your understanding and connection with your spiritual guides

INCLUDED in  the 21 Day Generational Healing program is:

  • 21 days of continuous distant Reiki
  • A 25 Minute Double Psychic Reading
  • Email support
  • A private chat room to share and witness with other participants
  • A short audio meditation to listen to each night
  • A longer meditation to support your awareness and get a message from your guides or ancestors
  • A welcome tele-class explaining the program
  • A channeled celebration meditation
  • Free Bonus: Heal Yourself home study course

Heal Yourself Home Study Program

Clean your energetic house on your own time!

  • Learn How to Ground to the Earth
  • Connect to Cosmic Energies for Your Benefit
  • Setting up Energetic Protection
  • Clearing your Personal Sacred Space
  • Making Room for Psychic Knowing

Advanced Heal Yourself – Home Study Program


Clean your energetic house with the help of your personal healing guides!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop self-sabotaging by embracing your shadow self.
  • Release your energy from people and situations that drain You. 
  • Work with your Spiritual Surgeon and Healing Master to keep your energy clear.
  • Access a greater level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.