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There is a lot of mystery in our lives already, so we want to bring a little clarity into it. Whether you are looking for a talented psychic or experienced tarot reader, we are here to guide you on this journey to your future.

First of all, answer yourself what are you looking for

We all have questions, but what bothers you the most? Is it a career? Or, perhaps, relationships? Maybe it is your future? Those are tough questions that ordinary people cannot answer. But what if ask them to some special people, to some with extra abilities? Luckily, we live in the era of internet and technology, so you don’t need to find some dark mysterious place to get your psychic reading – you can do it online! You have several options:

Phone psychic readings

Phone readings are the most common type of contact with a medium. The mobile phone is a fairly simple, yet effective way to transmit your feelings, emotions, and worries via voice directly to a reader.

When most people think of psychic, they think of the opportunistic party psychic that preys on the desperate and the hopeful. There is a understandable skepticism caused by the antics played by these charlatans.

At Psychic Potentials, we work hard to make ‘all things psychic’ real and accessible to you. We recognize that you have an extrasensory ability, to some degree or the other, and we seek to help you gain greater comfort and confidence, in that ability.

We understand…

A platform for working with all things Psychic…

At Psychic Potentials, we help you pay greater attention to the energy around you, and how to pay better attention to the different ways the Universe is communicating with you.

The world is beautiful and full of life.  In learning the language of Spirit, you recognize a greater understanding, direction and connection to yourself and those around you.

We are dear friends and Spiritual Sisters that share similar backgrounds. We recognized our psychic abilities from a very young age and spent our lives in phases of denial and acceptance. It was through these periods of denial (and ridicule) that we experienced the most pain and tried, unsuccessfully, to shut down our psychic ability.

And, as you know, it’s not very easy to shut out the psychic signals coming at you every day. And we had to learn, through extensive trial and error, how to harness our psychic potential, and how to deal with the skeptics.

That’s why
was created…

To share our experience with you, so you don’t have to travel the same, painful route that we did. And if you’re already down that painful path, then we want to help you get off and achieve a new level of peace.

Christy’s psychic strengths are clairaudient and clairvoyant. Clairaudient is about perceiving, like hearing, what is inaudible. Clairvoyant is about perceiving events before they happen, or are experienced by the traditional senses.

While I (Judy) experience clairvoyance, I also experience clairsentience, or the ability to perceive or feel things beyond traditional understanding.

Both Christy and I are Reiki Masters and healers and excel at helping others gain clarity from confusing or overwhelming emotion.

You might be wondering…

  • Q.What Do You Mean by Psychic? A.Most people focus only on their five senses; smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. By psychic, we refer to information and energy laying outside the traditional sphere of these senses.
  • Q.Is there any danger to developing my psychic abilities? A.We teach that a lack of understanding produces chaos and lack of balance.  Reality is just what is, and the positive or negative aspects are subjective.  It’s actually beneficial to develop your psychic abilities to gain clarity about; where to be, when, who is beneficial to spend time with, and when to remove yourself from situations.
  • Q.What good can my psychic abilities do for me? A.It’s been our experience that tapping into your psychic abilities brings greater peace into your life. By tapping into your psychic potential, you gain a greater insight into an limitless source of knowledge and energy. What part of your life can benefit from limitless knowledge and energy? We believe in every area.
  • Q.Am I Psychic? A.We believe everyone is psychic.  That means you have access to extra senses. Our experience is that you have 1 or 2 extra senses that are more dominant in you. You may know people that are really dominant in one of the common 5 senses (see, hear, feel, touch, taste).  The psychic senses can be developed, it is just a matter of learning the subtle language of Spirit and gaining definition in reading the language of energy.
  • Q.How Do I Know Which Are My Dominant Psychic Senses? A.Trust. Right now, you may not have tapped your psychic potential very much, and thus may feel confused. Our programs, products, and services are all designed to help guide you to harness, more fully, your awesome psychic potential.
  • Q.Does this have anything to do with Grounding? A.Yes. When working with your extra-sensory perception, it helps to ‘tune’ into the divine radio station of Spirit to better understand what you’re picking upon.
  • Q. Is this a safe place for me to learn? A.Absolutely. Both Christy and I understand, too well, the negative stigma that can come from sharing information picked up from non-traditional sources. Let’s face it, psychic ability scares some people. We get that, and that’s why your information is safe with us. We do not rent our lists, and you are not required to leave your name if commenting on our site.
  • Q.How do I develop my psychic abilities? A.With care, patience and kindness. We find developing your psychic potential a lifelong, and very satisfying process. There is not ‘destination’ to rush to, but a ‘psychic muscle’ to build over time. We just ask that you treat yourself kindly, and gently as you learn. You’re right where you’re supposed to be.
  • Q.How long does it take to develop my psychic ability? A. See the previous question. Developing your psychic ability is a lifelong practice. We have found you may experience several cycles: 1st Cycle – Frustration because you don’t think it’s happening fast enough.
    2nd Cycle – Over-confidence because you feel you’ve learned all you can and are a Master.
    3rd Cycle – Humility when the 2nd Cycle collapses and lets you know you have a long way to go.
  • Q.What should I do next? A. Take the next-right-step. We recommend signing up to receive the Special Report below. After you’ve spent a few minutes reading it, decide which of the programs highlighted is speaking loudest to you. Really LISTEN to your guides…and follow them. Then, jump in and focus on enjoying the journey. You have me, Christy and the rest of the community of compassionate psychics here to support you.


Judy (with Christy)


PS – You have a powerful psychic force inside you, and the only person holding that power back, is you! Start tapping that power today by doing the things in the Special Report.