What is a Twin Soul and What Are You to Do With Them?

It wasn’t until summer of 2011 that I actually was exposed to the term ‘twin soul’.  I found the concept interesting and started doing some research about this concept of twin souls.  The information I found online was somewhat frightening and intimidating to say the least.

Why would anyone really want to expose themselves purposely to the dark night of the soul and the greatest challenge ever in relationship.  Probably not for me, unless, I was aware that I consciously chose to be here for the purpose of expansion.  Nothing like something intense to cause great expansion and the reward of unparalleled enjoyment.

First, I needed to do some more research as the information I was finding online, did not make complete sense to me.  After reading  about, talking about and asking my guides, the pieces started coming together to create a picture of something totally different than I had first come across.

The term ‘twin soul’ means something different than the term so many use today to explain someone they feel like they have known before and forever, ‘soul mate’.  It has come to be my understanding that we only have one twin soul and can have many soul mates.

True sense of the word soul mate is the mates You originally incarnated with in an immediate soul family kind of way.

We generally recognize these immediate soul family members energetically and it brings a whole new meaning to feeling ‘at home’.

Even though the twin souls are immediate soul family they are even more closely connected.  Similar to what is experienced when connecting with a soul mate, is what happens with a twin soul and MORE. After consulting with a few twin soul couples, it seems that the two souls fully complete/complement one another because they are two parts of the whole.

To simplify, possibly over-simplify, a bunch of source energy splits away from the whole intentionally with purpose.  This bunch splits into many and the many, each split into halves.  These halves are still complete in themselves and have an identical vibration with one another, more so than any other. Considered masculine and feminine halves of the whole, that when they come back together, create something greater than just the two.

This pair of identically vibrating souls are never really separated and more of these pairs have recently in the last years chosen to physically incarnate at the same time.  More often one would stay in non physical alongside their physically incarnated twin soul.

There is an understanding that continues to show up through the ages that these twin souls work together to further the expansion and experience of source together.

What happens when You actually come in contact with your twin?  Seems like the experiences range from utter fear to undeniable connection.  Whether recognition happens immediately on meeting or over a period of time, You just know.

Twin souls can be served knowing that their spirits, the larger part of themselves, are very much in contact and connection always.  Twins may or may not choose to be primary partners having beliefs based on less intense relationships here on the physical plane.

Some form of relationship, be it working together or great friendship are likely as these two are drawn together naturally and strongly. This magnetism is something twin soul couples talk about experiencing even before they understand why.

It has been said, very many times in history, that the twin souls are the clearest mirror for one another ever found and highly valuable in speeding up one an others evolution when they come together physically.  That coming together becomes an example of understanding, accepting and living unconditional love.

Whether or not, You accept this agreement and consciously find ways to play together or You become aware of your soul mate in non physical form, You have large opportunity for growth as an individual in knowing that your attention to your source connection does affect the whole. And because of the resonance in vibration, that your twin soul will be more affected than others.

Seems like a great opportunity if You happen across them in physical, to speed up your spiritual evolution.   Either way, You are always spiritually with them in physical or not and they with You.

I wonder if it is possible that the desire for greater depth and meaning has caused many more of these pairs to agree to come together during this time.



11 thoughts on “What is a Twin Soul and What Are You to Do With Them?

    1. Thank You Unni,
      Twin soul experiences are not all about the roses and romance. It really is about You coming back to yourself with unconditional love. Twin souls do not have to be together in a romantic relationship based on a respect for man made agreements and an understanding that once a twin always a twin, forever through time! Love can be shared in so many ways. Hopefully in accepting the fullness of loving in life, where You are right now, the joy You feel will be exponentially greater each day!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  1. Hi, I am 58 and my daughter is 11. I was introduced to the concept of twin souls when she was around 4 or 5 by an astrologer. She (the astrologer) told me to read the book Journey of Souls. There was somewhat of a mention there about it but not a whole lot. At that time on the internet there was not much that felt correct to me.
    From time to time like now I would get the feeling to check back or just go back to the book.
    Overall the general feeling is some of what you have stated. It deals with a entity (soul) that has desired to speed up its evolutionary expansion.
    Although I do not understand why a soul would need to do that.
    Sometimes I play with the idea that I got to come here first to pave away for her (go through the super hard stuff that she did not want to deal with).
    We are very much alike so much so that it scares me sometimes, its like looking into a mirror and seeing a little version of me looking back.
    Also it seems that all my upbringing was for me to be able to raise her.
    Her mother is more like the male. We have long since been divorced and she does not be around to much,even when she is spiritually and mentally she is not. It also seems like the only reason we came together was for our child to come into this world. I am Mother and father.
    Another astrologer said when my daughter was around 3, that she was an very old spirit and that she was part indigo and crystal. I have always felt that I was indigo, even though the acknowledgement of indigo’s did not start till the 60’s I believe. Never the less I have always been a rebel for change in what was considered the norm and because of that I could never stay in what was called the child’s place (being seen but not heard). Even now my peers and friends see me as crazy, strange or unusual.
    My daughter is almost seen in the same light by her peers at school.
    So I do not know. It is all very interesting to me and sometimes a bit unsettling. I would think you would find your twin outside the family structure as you would a soul mate. But a soul mate is different.
    What is really interesting to me is that on a higher plane we are one soul whose actually split into two. I do not know if that is correct but from what I have been exposed to it seems as though it is.
    It would be great to hear your thoughts on the matter. This is why I have written this comment.

    One last thing. Sometimes When I experience my daughters ways and behaviors. I ask myself am I really like that. The answer is even though I want to say no. I am…

    Hope you will comment and I hope my comment has given you a little more about twin souls.


    PS I am on Facebook and I listed a website for you but I don’t go to either to much.

    1. Hello Akil,
      I appreciate your comments and insight. I will check out the website You listed. I hear about so many meeting with twin souls and the dynamic that goes with it these days. I can only imagine how challenging it must be to be faced with such a clear mirror and how exciting to be reminded of your wholeness and of coming ‘home’ to source each and every day. When we understand the twin souls are first and foremost a catalyst in being the whole being we are, then how they show up in family, on spiritual or physical plane, as a life partner or as a special friend isn’t the most important piece. To be an indigo in these times must seem different to those around You and your daughter. So much shifting and differently than the indigos expected. Your ability to keep the energy clear and stable for the two of You is clear. I would be curious to see what would happen if You tried a meditation where on the spiritual plane You see the chakras of You and your daughter connected and clear while facing one another. While doing that ask your guides for any information that will serve the connection and the two of You as a family. Watch and listen for the days following for your spirit to speak to You and give You clear guidance about your role. What a gift even if from the outside others may not understand and label.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Hi
        I met someone a year and a half ago at a seminar. Right before I saw her a feeling came over me and my thought was someone is about to walk in that door and they are going to change my life forever. The door opened and I looked and the closer she came the more I felt I knew her. Actually my first words were I know you right? Being the same sex I was also confused. We talked, connected and went our own ways only to keep running into each other. Finally a big dinner was happening with over 100 people. I looked for her and she was already at a table so I sat across the room with some friends. I don’t know what happened at her table however they wanted her to move and someone directed her to the empty seat next to me. We exchanged numbers I went to visit her 9 hours away we only had hours together however it was great. Went to visit again and it felt like we were on the same psychic wave length being able to communicate without really saying words. Again great then she moved away across the country with her girlfriend and we kept in contact through email (which is strange for me) text and not a whole lot of phone. We did that for about a year. Then we met up 2 months ago and BAM one of the worst experiences ever. Actually we had fun however these moments of weird behavior came out in me that I didn’t like and it was very interesting for me to see it. After our trip it got worse went to see her again and the worst argument probably ever both of us. Like yelling in the middle of the street. Not something I would ever do. I promised myself I would never go see her again because its too much and frankly Im not sure we really like each other much at this point. So talked to a psychic not specifically about her however she was brought up and the psychic said that this girl is my twin soul. Not even knowing what that is. I did research and find myself here.

        1. Well Thank You for sharing. The twin soul energy is pretty intense and can cause a lot of things You would not be used to. The energy will cause You to express more of You in vulnerable ways than any other relationship. If You resist that then things come out sideways. Sounds like the best thing You could do is a bit of connecting on the spiritual plane and allowing yourself to let go of any barriers to unconditional love that You may have. I do wish for things to sort out for You and I know that not all twin souls are meant to be ‘together’ in this lifetime. Sometimes the meeting is the catalyst to your greatest momentum in personal and spiritual awareness and understanding.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  2. I wonder if this is what my friend and I are in relation to each other.

    Though we met at age 9, our lives function at a parallel to each other all tje time. We are 19 now, and we have been separated by distance for a long time now, but we never allowed our friendship to wither.

    We are always experiencing the same events at the same time: family death, parents in new relationships, new boyfriends, same deep emotions: peaks of anger, depression, anxiety, sudden happiness, longing.

    Even our actions happen simultaneously, and we know nothing of it until one of us tells the other. For instance: right now, we are both purging our rooms of old things that we have held onto for too long, but all of these things happen without planning ahead.

    Sometimes we get to be too busy and lose contact for a few weeks, but we end up messaging each other at the same time, with the same emotions and similar news.

    We both recall dreams with similar time periods, and subject matter, so we believe that perhaps we were associated in past lives, or maybe we were the same person and our soul split or something.

    1. Hi Hannah,

      Sounds like you and your friend are resonating very closely. That is how it works for Christy and i also. Always someone that can relate due to so many similarities. It is great you agreed to hang with one another early in life!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  3. Hello Judy,

    Thank you so much for your inspiring article. I just came from an angel card reading workshop and researched immediately what “twin spirits” mean. I found your article the most helpful to me at the moment.

    My mom mentioned to me before that I had an imaginary friend when I was young. There was also a time during my depression phase in my early twenties that my mom brought me to faith healer, and he said that I have a “twin.” I asked what he meant by that, and he said that someone was born the same time as I did. I also went to a fortune teller before and he said that “I am being protected.” But it was during that angel card reading, where we had the great fortune to meet a highly intuitive mentor, that my belief about a twin spirit was somewhat cemented.

    Our mentor said that I have a “twin spirit.” She didn’t delve on it further, and her only description of it is that whenever I hold hate, anger, or a grudge on a person who hurt me, this twin spirit will sort of avenge me. It sounded so scarrry and creeepy at first, but my mentor said that my twin spirit is not an evil spirit. This twin spirit of mine has been with me ever since I was born, and now I just have to know more about him.

    I have now come to understand why I don’t care being alone, or that I’m not afraid of being alone (maybe because there’s someone here who always protects me?). Maybe it’s another explanation for my being bipolar depressive? (Me being more depressive, but at times feeling some sort of high?). There’s still so much more to know about this…

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