New Moon Psychic Energy Reading April 2012

Energetic slant of the period is that we are still bridging between the dimensions so any ‘grounded dizziness’ is best just noticed and allowed to pass gently.  Use your breath to allow this to happen.

Great time for envisioning and fantasizing.  Keep focused on your desires when it feels like You are not really solid in either dimension.  There will be greater integration over the summer.

psychic potentials develop Your abilities

Inspired action can be fun even if there aren’t clear reasons as You maintain forward movement towards your destination. Very seldom can You travel a straight line to get to your destination.  There are always small adjustments and corrections along the way and enjoyment comes from just going with it.

Do your best to avoid judgement during this period.  When we have all the information often our judgement is adjusted and judgement says nothing about another anyway. Especially because we can never know the whole story of another.

The masculine and feminine were touched on earlier this month and we are moving more fully into this dynamic with the magnetic energy of twin soul activations.

The energy vibration now is causing a strong draw for twin soul energies.  For those already recognizing this energy be easy with it.  There is a paradigm shift in understanding how two are one and how this translates to the whole.

Ask your spiritual support for gentle twin soul activations and trust that they will serve You in being more centered in yourself so that You can handle the intensity of any reunion that comes available on all levels.  Even if this is not necessarily happening on the physical level, it will be happening on the spiritual plane.

Time to let go of supporting any belief that the process of expansion in life ever comes to an end.  If there is something that feels incomplete at this time and that is bothering You, let it go, so that what You can not yet see happening, can come to You easier.

Action:  Let joy be your indicator of what is next.  Your dreams come to your awareness because they are what is available to You.

Your job is to release as much resistance to them, while You continue to invite them to come into your reality.  Bring your dreams to a written form and if You have done this in the past, revise them now as You will gain greater clarity over the next weeks.

In Heart Centered Awareness!Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S. Choose what You would contribute too this year. In 2012 we each individually hold great potential to make a difference.  Check out the 2012 page for insight and upcoming energies,  READ MORE

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What is a Twin Soul and What Are You to Do With Them?

It wasn’t until summer of 2011 that I actually was exposed to the term ‘twin soul’.  I found the concept interesting and started doing some research about this concept of twin souls.  The information I found online was somewhat frightening and intimidating to say the least.

Why would anyone really want to expose themselves purposely to the dark night of the soul and the greatest challenge ever in relationship.  Probably not for me, unless, I was aware that I consciously chose to be here for the purpose of expansion.  Nothing like something intense to cause great expansion and the reward of unparalleled enjoyment.

First, I needed to do some more research as the information I was finding online, did not make complete sense to me.  After reading  about, talking about and asking my guides, the pieces started coming together to create a picture of something totally different than I had first come across.

The term ‘twin soul’ means something different than the term so many use today to explain someone they feel like they have known before and forever, ‘soul mate’.  It has come to be my understanding that we only have one twin soul and can have many soul mates.

True sense of the word soul mate is the mates You originally incarnated with in an immediate soul family kind of way.

We generally recognize these immediate soul family members energetically and it brings a whole new meaning to feeling ‘at home’.

Even though the twin souls are immediate soul family they are even more closely connected.  Similar to what is experienced when connecting with a soul mate, is what happens with a twin soul and MORE. After consulting with a few twin soul couples, it seems that the two souls fully complete/complement one another because they are two parts of the whole.

To simplify, possibly over-simplify, a bunch of source energy splits away from the whole intentionally with purpose.  This bunch splits into many and the many, each split into halves.  These halves are still complete in themselves and have an identical vibration with one another, more so than any other. Considered masculine and feminine halves of the whole, that when they come back together, create something greater than just the two.

This pair of identically vibrating souls are never really separated and more of these pairs have recently in the last years chosen to physically incarnate at the same time.  More often one would stay in non physical alongside their physically incarnated twin soul.

There is an understanding that continues to show up through the ages that these twin souls work together to further the expansion and experience of source together.

What happens when You actually come in contact with your twin?  Seems like the experiences range from utter fear to undeniable connection.  Whether recognition happens immediately on meeting or over a period of time, You just know.

Twin souls can be served knowing that their spirits, the larger part of themselves, are very much in contact and connection always.  Twins may or may not choose to be primary partners having beliefs based on less intense relationships here on the physical plane.

Some form of relationship, be it working together or great friendship are likely as these two are drawn together naturally and strongly. This magnetism is something twin soul couples talk about experiencing even before they understand why.

It has been said, very many times in history, that the twin souls are the clearest mirror for one another ever found and highly valuable in speeding up one an others evolution when they come together physically.  That coming together becomes an example of understanding, accepting and living unconditional love.

Whether or not, You accept this agreement and consciously find ways to play together or You become aware of your soul mate in non physical form, You have large opportunity for growth as an individual in knowing that your attention to your source connection does affect the whole. And because of the resonance in vibration, that your twin soul will be more affected than others.

Seems like a great opportunity if You happen across them in physical, to speed up your spiritual evolution.   Either way, You are always spiritually with them in physical or not and they with You.

I wonder if it is possible that the desire for greater depth and meaning has caused many more of these pairs to agree to come together during this time.