Feeling Ascension Energy Upgrades and Shifts Physically and Emotionally

Feeling energetic upgrades has come up in conversation so many times lately that we decided to address it.    Many aware people are noticing the effects of this shift of the vibration of energy on the planet. The challenge is that everyone feels the energy upgrades differently.

Some people refer to this as ‘symptoms of ascension‘.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, the energy is vibrating at an ever increasing rate. You can take comfort knowing you aren’t alone in experiencing these energy shifts and side effects.

There is an integration process that happens when we are exposed to an energy level that is very different from where we are energetically functioning. If the energy of the environment is of a higher vibration and we are in constant contact with it, the energy level we are vibrating at will also rise. There is often a physcial release and a recalibration that happens.  Although this brings a beneficial outcome the process is not always comfortable.

The following is a list of more common physical/emotional happenings*:Psychic Potentials

  • Headaches and more headaches.
  • Dizziness and a sense that the items around You are not as solid as You believed.
  • A feeling of fuzziness, fogginess or softening of thinking.
  • An unusual unyielding tiredness at any time of the day.
  • Difficulty staying asleep for more than one night in a row that switches over to very deep sleeping without dreams for a few days during integration.
  • Visual disturbances.
  • Smiling suddenly when not clearly thinking about something.
  • A sudden flooding of overall wellness.
  • Sudden increases of telepathy and other psychic abilities such as, psychic hearing, seeing, feeling or knowing.
  • Mixing up or forgetting words for things.
  • increased hunger (which is the bodies way of helping ground the energy).
  • buzzing in the ears.
  • increased sensitivity to others, crowds and negativity.
  • desire to be at home in your personal sanctuary.
  • vivid dreams.
  • digestive disturbances.
  • heart flutters or a feeling of opening in the heart.

Because this list is far from comprehensive I invite You to comment with examples of the physical reality experiences You are having during these energy upgrades and shifts.

The greater question might be, ‘what can You do about these happenings in your body?’

Recognize that your translation of what is happening, will define your experience of what is happening.  Is this a good thing?  Is it a frightening experience?  Are You able to look at it and surrender to the physical movement that comes from an energy shift?

How you interpret what is happening will either speed up the process or slow it down.  Fear of what is happening will slow down the integration.  Acceptance and relaxing into the energy download will allow you to more quickly integrate the new light with greater ease and grace.

With greater energy comes the need for greater grounding. Grounding is your connection to this earth.  The more connected you are to the earth the more energy you can run through your body.  Heal Yourself home study course contains helpful information and tools to help you ground fully.

We also would like to offer you this free grounding meditation.

We look forward to hearing how the energy shifts and upgrades are affecting you and how you’re handling it.

In heart centered awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

*(Please note: If you are experiencing symptoms you may wish to see a doctor to rule out a medical cause.  You may also benefit and support yourself with nutritional and natural remedies.)

P.S. Distant Psychic Reiki Healing can help relieve ascension symptoms and help you more easily integrate new energy.

How Do You Know if You are Connected to Someone Psychically?

Are You noticing a stronger attraction to someone, than normal?  Do You remember dreams where the person You are feeling connected to shows up, in your dream, but they look different?

Does it seem like maybe You have known this person before?  Did You meet seemingly in a synchronised way?

What might really be going on undetected?

There are a few beliefs around this.  Everything from past life recognition to spiritual agreements entered into before manifesting on the physical plane.  The more open and sensitive You are the more You might actually be able to attribute chance meetings and strong connections to something like past life interactions.  That is if You believe in such things.  I wonder if I would believe in it myself if I didn’t get such strong indicators.

Consider it this way, imagine You are a living breathing transmitting mechanism like a radio.  No You do not transmit exactly how a mechanical radio does because You are so much more complex.  You are moving throughout your day and the thoughts, hopes and desires as well as dislikes, discouragement and disillusion (as well as a multitude of other things) are being ‘transmitted’ from your being. Not only are You tuned into what You are transmitting but You are also picking up on what others are transmitting if the transmissions are anywhere similar to yours.

Being sensitive might cause You to pick up on a larger range of electrically emitted signals from things and people.  For example, imagine You set your radio to 93.5FM and it was able to tune into 93.5FM but also the information shared from the range of stations from 83.4FM to 103.5FM.  Talk about a lot of information to sort through.

To simplify, the people You meet that are transmitting on 85.7FM may end up to be great friends or a fabulous business partner, while the ones You meet that transmit around 92.8FM might end up having great potential for a life partner.

Of course this is highly simplified because it is not like we transmit only one type or length of energetic wave and have to have a machine to only pick up the wave length that we want to listen to.  (Mind You, being psychic, I think often that would be handy and it can be said that the power of focus can be such a machine.) 

There are physiological, emotional, and spiritual factors but boiled down they all have their own energetic contribution to the blueprint. All the  factors can be combined differently so that is why we face so very many options everyday when it comes to who we are attracted to and for what reason.

If You are psychically sensitive then You may recognize this happening consciously.  What about when meetings seem totally random?

You may not be aware of what You are picking up energetically but does that mean it is not happening.  It might take longer or You might allow fear to delay meeting the next person you’ve agreed to play with on a spiritual level.  You may feel the need to be somewhere, push the feeling away and miss the opportunity to connect with the love of your life that You have been looking for years.  Or You may learn how to understand the information (energetic transmissions) that You are picking up on and be in the right place at the right time for magic to happen.

Essentially it is my belief that we area all connected psychically and that the amount of resonance we have with one another, determines how we show up in each others lives.

Psychic Potentials is all about You getting tuned in to yourself and to the others around You.  We teach how to understand the info You  pick up on and how to protect yourself from picking up on too much information from others. Heal Yourself audio class is designed for developing your psychic potential for practical use.

New Moon Reading October 2010

New moon phase this month happens to include the date 10/10/10.  One of the days recognized by some to be a more noticeable shift and opening of the energies of the next dimension.  This dimensional shift happens over years and this surge is just another increase of new energies coming in to support us.

You may not even notice increases and adjustments to the energy changing around You, most of it is quite gradual for most.  All good.  If You are sensitive to energies shifts then having an understanding and ways to more readily receive might serve. It is all about new ways of being and manifesting what brings You joy.  Are You ready for these increases?

At this time connecting with new friends and starting new relationships becomes even easier.

psychic potentials develop Your abilitiesThe only thing is that the individuals You become involved with a this time may be very different than You would normally include or start up with.  That being said, it serves to drop the initial judgments when You meet new people and trust that the right people are coming into your life now.

Over riding message of hope, trust and knowing that we are getting closer to stabilizing in this new energy shift.  You will be the first to notice this stabilizing force if You are honoring your thoughts and disciplining your thinking.  Fear at this point is going to take You further away from the peace and beauty we are all working towards.

Trust is a uncomfortable for many.  Yet there are so many things that the following meanings encompass.

The meaning of trust…

1.  reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of aperson or thing; confidence.

2.  confident expectation of something; hope.

Everything from using a credit card to driving a vehicle, not all quantifiable.   Trustworthy-if You choose to attract then You must be it!

Time to acknowledge that You have done enough life to know what You want and that it may come to You in way that You did not imagine.

Having done so much on our own to move into these new energies it is time to join with others and find like minded people to create with.  Working with others to strengthen and harness the power is exponential.

For those of You that have let go of the resistance of vibrating at a higher level, these days are sunny and warm.  For those of You still hanging with the idea of maintaining the old vibration, You may find the temperature a bit hotter than comfortable and doing it’s best to help You burn away the resistance.  Once there is less resistance the colors get brighter and the smells sweeter.

We are going to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel over the next weeks.  Although this is going to happen gradually and  be gentle in development  the ability to see the light ahead causes the desire to make plans and focus forward increase and expand.

If there is something that has needed to be completed for some time.  Do it today so You have the space, time and energy for this fresh exciting phase of living.

This shift in energies is available to everyone.  The one hitch is that alignment with the new energies allows for flow and ease, where misalignment and resistance will get more noticeable over time.  You always have the choice.  Align internally with what You want and choose so that You will bring to You the like minded individuals and environment that supports You in moving fully into this more heart centered vibration.

Practical application: We are encouraging You to take a few minutes to do the tree meditation. When doing this meditation bring your focus to grounding into the crystalline structures and energies of the earth.

Just like when You increase the broadband width for internet, You get to support your equipment making sure that it is capable of handling the amount and capacity of what is coming in and going out.  This time You happen to be the equipment.

Support your physical body and nervous system.  Relaxing and feeding your body good for You foods.  Feeding your mind good for You thoughts, music and stories.   And meditation for the emotions and the spirit.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S.  Thank You to all of You that have shared these New and Full Moon readings with those You felt would be attracted to this information and for the donations we have received.

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Are We Hardwired to Be Psychic?

Is being psychic strange or weird?  No, I don’t think so.  Being psychic is being aware and noticing the unseen energy within and around us.  Everyone is psychic.  Some people just pay more attention to the unseen than others.

Psychic PotentialsYes, Our bodies are hard wired to interpret the energies around us. We all have auras and chakras, even if everyone can’t see them.  Even scientific instruments can register the energy that makes up our bodies systems.

Daniel Siegel in The Mindful Brain describes web-like networks of neurons around the heart and intestines which have the ability to sense very like the brain.  This hardwired ability to perceive and transfer information by means of the heart and intestines correlates to intuitive “knowing in our hearts” or “having a gut feeling”.

Fully using your psychic abilities You pay attention to all of Your energy systems.  You combine what your heart, gut, chakras (especially the third-eye) and aura tell You.  You can take full advantage of Your innate abilities to make your life easier.

By being aware, You get a feel for what You need to do for yourself.  With Your personal clarity, You have the ability to help others read the energy in their lives too.

Part of actively cultivating psychic ability is to learn to run your own energy.  So your body’s energy sensors aren’t picking up on everything and everyone  around You. This helps You be clear.  So You can focus on being You and on what serves You.   This is part of what is taught in our Heal Yourself class.

We are all created with the ability to be psychic.  Many people subconsciously use their body’s energy sensors.  Yet, the ability to live fully aware psychically is available to everyone.

Once You put Your focus on learning to notice and trust your intuition psychic ability grows.  We learn to count on our psychic awareness just like we use our sense of sight, touch or hearing.

Here’s to living fully aware!


Riding the Waves of Shifting Earth Energies and Natural Disasters

Can You sense global events before they happen? Do You tap into the energy of earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves, floods, tornadoes, or wildfires before they happen? I know that I do.

Here are some things that You may notice before natural disasters or global shifts:

  • A general feeling that things are off or weird.  Feeling like it’s a full moon even if it’s not.
  • Feeling like the earth is moving underneath You or difficulty grounding.
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Thoughts or dreams about the natural disaster before they happen by a day to a week before.

When I actually hear about an earthquake (or other event) after I’ve been having these feelings, I feel a sense of relief. The same way I feel when I notice it’s a full moon and I’ve felt like I’m going crazy.


What can You do about these feelings of unease related to the Earth’s shifting energies?

Well, nothing is the first thing that comes to mind.  We are connected to the Earth, right?

We can’t stop the earth from shifting and changing.  We might not even live near the areas affected by the natural disasters.  Still, we are having intuitive, emotional, mental and physical warnings about some environmental upheaval about to occur.


Here are some ideas to bring relief when You pre-sense natural disasters:Psychic Potentials

  • Ask your intuition if the energy You are feeling is directly related to You or if it’s related to the Earth.
  • Take steps to keep yourself grounded. For me that often means staying close to home. Doing things like folding laundry or working in the garden.
  • Connect with Your intuitive friends.  They are most likely feeling similar things.   It helps to know You aren’t alone.
  • If You happen to live in an area you’re getting a psychic warning about, then by all means take steps to prepare yourself.
  • Move your body by walking, dancing, running or any other exercise You are attracted to will help move  the energy you’re sensing through your body and release it.
  • Understand that it’s just energy You are picking up on.  You can get yourself aligned no matter what, like riding a wave.
  • Trust and acknowledging that You’re always in the right place at the right time. Following Your intuition assures this.
  • Allowing Yourself to feel love and connection with the Earth and know that All Is Well, no matter what.

I hope this helps You.  If You have any more ideas feel free to leave comments.

In awareness,