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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: November 10th 2015
An auspicious week for being aware of what you believe.
Beliefs cause feeling and action.
What you feel sends out vibrations that the Universe hears.
Hears more clearly than ever this week.​
It’s a great week for…
…taking a pause and allowing the breath.
Your breath happens naturally without any effort on your part.
Breath becomes constricted when you think, especially thoughts that cause you stress.
The trick is to notice that thinking also happens without any help on your part.
It is when you get in the way that the thinking becomes an issue.​
It’s also a good week for…
…feeling good!
Get moving in your body, spend time outside, indulge in things that make you feel alive.
Vibrations are not to be denied.
You feel good, you attract more of what causes you to feel good.
Especially important this week as the Universe is really open to listening to what you desire.
Whatever that may be, let feeling good be the indicator of what you would like to manifest more of!
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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Earthing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Psychic Abilities

Are You looking for a way to boost your psychic abilities and feel more connected to your manifesting powers? Your answer may be closer than you think, right beneath your feet.

Earthing, sitting directly on the Earth or walking barefoot, grounds your energy and gives You an energetic recharge. Everything
and everyone is made up of energy. The Earth gets her energy from the Sun and we get our energy from the Earth. The Earth energy calibrates our bodies, grounds us and empowers our body’s innate healing abilities.

photo 3The most beneficial way to Earth is to sit directly on the ground. Green grass or beach areas are preferred since there is a higher moisture content. Water conducts electricity which boosts the amount of energy You can absorb from the Earth. You can use a cotton sheet or blanket if you like. Avoid plastic, rubber, wood and cement. Those elements don’t conduct the electricity very well.

Earthing has many healing benefits such as: improved circulation, better sleep, anxiety reduction, boosts energy and metabolism, decreased inflammation, balanced hormones, calms the nervous system, improved immunity and stress reduction.

Besides the healing benefits, Earthing can increase your psychic abilities and connection.

  1. Earthing boosts your psychic ability by helping You ground more fully.  The more grounded You are the easier it is to make sense of the information you receive. You’ll feel more present and connected with the world around You.
  2. You’ll have an easier time manifesting your dreams when You Earth.  You’ll find clarity from being grounded and connected with your hopes and desires while sitting and relaxing. This clarity will draw more life force through You to bring your ideas into reality. You’ll be more aligned with what you want so it can come to You faster. You can also send your desires out to the Universe so your guides and angels can help You.
  3. Earthing is a great time to commune with your guides.  You’ll get inspiration about what steps are next for You and feel the energy flowing through You to take those steps.
  4. The Earth energy will clear and boost your chakras while raising your overall vibration.  Earthing will asset in clearing photo 1-2unwanted energy from your aura.
  5. Earthing will help connect You with unlimited Source energy and your soul level mind.  It will help you get out of your limited human, ego based perspective.

Earthing will help You connect with your natural intuitive awareness and attract your heart’s desires.  You’ll feel more aware of the energy flowing in and around You.  You’ll feel more energized and alive.  It’s a great time to daydream and commune with all that is.

Give it a try.

Happy Earthing!

Christy & Judy

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P.P.S Click here for a free grounding meditation You can listen to while Earthing.

Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading October 2013

This full moon there is still a strong indicator of deep change.  So very little about this change do we have any control over.

The changes will stay hidden from us until the perfect time for us to be involved so that we do not get in the way of ourselves.

All the wishes and desires you have asked for are combined in the non physical to be bigger and better than any one wish You have in any moment.

The overall increase in vibrational energy on this planet at this time is a main influencer in these changes we will all be experiencing.

Your job while the changes happen is to become a master of yourself.  The way You stay centered and grounded will be important.

Find time to get out in nature and connect while listening.  Eating hardy root vegetables and food as close to it’s natural form will support You being more grounded.

Using the Grounding meditation found in the ‘Heal Yourself Audio Program’ or another grounding technique You like and works for You.

It is time to revisit grounding and centering concepts with a willing open mind so that You may take your understanding to a new level.


The deep changes happening now serve You and the planet so stay focused on how good it feels to have your dreams and desires come true.

Whenever You find yourself thinking negative, self-defeating thoughts You can make a difference by choosing thoughts that are at least hopeful while You take some time to look after the physical part of You.

Action:  Know You are fully capable of mastery.  Light a candle or go for a walk and contemplate all the things that you have already brought into your life.  Notice how You have already brought mastery of the energy of You to light!


The Distant Psychic Healing Day is on the New Moon, November 3rd, for everyone on the Psychic Potentials mailing list.

Our intention is always for the most benevolent outcome for all those receiving this healing energy!  Please share this reading with the buttons below, with whomever You think it might serve!

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

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Equinox Psychic Energy Reading September 2012

(This reading covers the energy of the next 3 months)

Time to get real!  Understanding that only You can know what is right for You…and that only You can live that truth.  Others need to be responsible for understanding what their truth is and living it for themselves. And yes the amount of ‘truths’ is unlimited if we look at it this way.  

If You are trying hard to control things it might be causing some reversal and slowing down of thing.  Just minding and looking after what is true for You allows for an ease of flow and directions to open up.  There are so many truths out there and the only one that really serves is yours.

If You are feeling a sense of loss, it might be because You are noticing where things are not lining up properly.  This too is temporary and just a full deep breath will go a long way in allowing things to work out for You.

Even if You are feeling at odds remember that chaos is great for creating energy and with large amount of energy comes great solutions.

The intense energy of change around allows for greater abundance, creativity and amazing opportunities if You are willing to take advantage of this strong moving energy.

And it is up to You whether You allow the energies of the next months to cause You contraction and fear or adventure and fun.

Moving forward, You can hope that you are on the right path.

The only way You can know if it is the right path is if You are willing to listen to your truth and then stay committed to making it the right path.  The energy indicates that You will be faced with situations that will test your commitment and if You use them for clarity they will pass more quickly.

Over the next months listening to your inner guidance will help You in every way!

Action:  Time for raising your standards and expecting things to go your way.

Emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually You can choose what serves You and then do all You can to maintain the expectations even if things do not show up how You thought they might.

This will cause your vibration to shift and your results to be different.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading November 2011

Honestly, the dominant energy right now indicates that letting go of rubbish  consciously (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual), is up for all of us.  When You get really clear about what is in alignment with where You choose to go now, it will be easier to come from the authentic You.  In will make sharing your truth with the people around You much easier too.

As the vibration increases You will find yourself clearing old due to a natural opening effect.  This will cause You to pick up on others more as well, so it will be increasingly important for You to be aware of how to protect yourself energetically and stick to running your own energy. This is what psychic 101 is about, normal people using their inherent abilities to live in a more connected way.  Click Here for More Info

All of the opening, especially in the heart center will cause the old heart wounds to be exposed.  Find ways to allow the burning up of old that no longer serves and to keep moving even while this process continues.  Your willingness to allow this process to take its due course will bring You to the fertile fresh place where You will feel the energy and creative juices flowing.

So very important to be honorable to self and make space for You, even, if the world around You feels busy.   Focus on how can You ground anything that feels sharp or painful and allow your breath to support in staying open while You let these less desirable emotions move through.  Take a bit of time to look back and notice that what You have needed has been there for You, possibly not how You expected or might have liked, yet still there.

psychic potentials develop Your abilitiesRituals and traditions are so very important to our development and understanding within ourselves, our families and our communities.  When You act out of tradition, do You know why?  Where did it come from and what does it mean to You?  It might be a great time to evaluate and recognize what really serves in your rituals.

We are coming up on endings on so many levels.  Time to check it out and decide how You want to show up in the new communities that are developing. Communities on both physical and non physical.  In an ever increasing way we will be coming in contact with our immediate soul family members as well.

We are being asked to integrate an even greater amount of energy than ever this period and bringing it out into the world can wait until we are more settled in ourselves around this.

So there is a powerful stance in being able to let what is happening in your world be just ‘what it is’.  A quick reminder to also remember that You individually have the power to make adjustments and influence what You see around You as well. Even a mountain can be moved one stone at a time but You have to be willing to start in the beginning.

So keep yourself open to messages from guides physical and non physical as they will come more often and more intensely as the energy around us shifts and changes in vibration.

When You come from willingness and appreciation in your life things will flow so much easier and the joy will increase too.

Action: What for You supports greater flow.  Take time, find a quiet space, close your eyes and feel the natural rhythms of You- heart beat, breath, energetic flow and anything else You notice.  What in your life feels creative, brings joy and fits in with those inner rhythms?  Do it, starting today! We will as a community bring all the individuals pieces together to create a masterpiece!


New Moon Psychic Energy Reading June 2011

This two week period is ripe for taking a break. Let any strong desire to take action be tempered with clear thought and balanced emotion.

Be willing to receive insights and inspiration, sharing with self and others.  It is a time for communicating your ideas clearly with others and getting ready to take action on them in the near future.  The inspiration causes the divine to start setting things up for the new ideas that You have. There is also need for You to do your part and to find ways to trust your guidance on what is yours to do.psychic potentials develop Your abilities

If someone You respect and trust was to walk up to You and say ‘You must move from here or You will not be able to fulfill your desires’, would You move?  Our guides are being very clear that we are receiving messages everyday to the effect of our choices.  Can You open yourself to what You are being urged to do. In letting go you open to unknown possibilities.

The ability to stay centered and integrate the energy of heart and mind will serve well over the months to come.  Walk forward in your life untethered from societal constraints.

By letting go of fear and victim beliefs yourself You open up to attracting love and compassion in others.

You must nurture and sustain yourself first or you can’t help others.  A perfect example is when You fly and are in need of an oxygen mask, it is of utmost importance to put your oxygen mask on first in order to help those around you.

We are encouraged again with more emphasis to be well grounded in our spiritual development and the sharing of this bright open way of being.  Be aware who you are sharing your awareness with because it’s not time to convince anyone of anything.

We live in a time when we have been given a blank canvas and even before we can see it, the colors can be decided by the amount of willingness to joy we are ready to live by. Where any tears of release  and laughter of joy will nurture and cause new growth and light.  We must be willing to be vulnerable and stand on our own two feet walking a path that we have all sensed in our hearts is possible.

Do you think hard times are coming for the human race on earth?  Either way, what do you think is going to allow for this shift to manifest itself quickly and easily?  Where do you think your focus needs to be?

We want to remind you that no matter the situations or environment you find yourself in you always have access to your inner source, your internal guidance, your higher self in each moment.  Following your guidance and acting on it is important right now, even if that means doing things differently than You have before.

Action: Spend time to focus on what You want to create and how appreciative You will feel when it is created. By keeping your energetic boundaries strong, like an energetic cloak, You will attract those also willing to create and enjoy in the next dimension of love and compassion.

If You are interested in what the energy of the following months will bring click here for month by month Psychic Energy Reading for 2011.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S.  This monthly reading is intended for all the individuals attracted to Psychic Potentials.  As such it gives a general overview of the energies of the weeks around the moon indicated.  Get your specific individual reading for greater clarity in 2011, find out more about the Double Psychic Readings we offer Here.

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Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading May 2011

What sustains You and really brings energy to your life? It is time for truth and recognition that You have created where You are and that You hold the power to create what is next for You. Even the struggles that You have going are You recognizing that how You interpret them contributes to how You feel and what You create next in your daily existence.

It is also time to once again inquire as to what You would be willing to let go of in order to fully live in this integrated energy of head and heart.  Not saying that You will have to but if You were asked to would You be willing to part with?psychic potentials develop Your abilities

As we are moving forward this year we are moving more fully into a time of divine justice. The type of justice that is based on our own responsibility to ourselves and is unbiased in the delivery of it.  We are here and our attachment to the physical body can either be released consciously or unconsciously.  Unconsciously may be a little rougher than if You are a willing participant.  You have been carrying your stories long enough, allow yourself to just set them down and carry on.

By having healthy attachment to the physical and greater awareness to the energetic and spiritual part of yourself  you can start to fully recognize the power and potential of You.

In the past we may have worked hard to bring our talents to the world.  Now when we bring our awareness to the parts of us that we can not see the hard working is no longer as needed to bring things to fruition.

There are very great benefits to having things manifest in the physical world more quickly and with greater ease.  There are also some challenges to this as well if You are unwilling to recognize that all that You experience belongs to You. This quickening of manifestation is going to show You just that because the time between a thought or way of thinking is going to be less than it used to be.  There used to be time between the two for finding other reasons for what had happened.  Not going to be so easy to share responsibility with others anymore.

It is indicated that a shift consciously is necessary for greater realization of self. By taking more time to concern yourself with how You show up for yourself and less time to concern yourself with how You show up in the world, You bring it home and build power to sustain yourself and the world You choose to create now.  The more honestly You show up for yourself- the more powerful is Your contribution to the world.

What could You be and do without story that holds You back.  Any story considered good or bad.  Without any story there is an absence of resistance and abundance flows to You.

When we ground both up and down we release all resistance and we open ourselves to fully receiving from both the physical and the unseen.  If You are ready to fully be grounded in who You are and the life You live we offer a program just for this.  Click Here

Action: Focus on thoughts that nurture You and sustain You in this wonderful time of transition.  Affirming that You are a whole being willing to play in this next dimension of being.

If You are interested in what the energy of the following months will bring click here for month by month Psychic Energy Reading for 2011.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S.  This monthly reading is intended for all the individuals attracted to Psychic Potentials.  As such it gives a general overview of the energies of the weeks around the moon indicated.  Get your specific individual reading for greater clarity in 2011, find out more about the Double Psychic Readings we offer Here.

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Full Moon Reading September 2010

Over the next couple of weeks it’s a good time to focus on your relationship to the divine source, possibly through guides in physical form or energetic form.  These relationships are yours to deepen whenever You choose.

When all things are shifting and changing around You, the one constant can be your connection to divine source.  Divine source needs nothing in reality to support it, so the relationship can always be strong.

The connection of Self to self and how integrated the two are is indicated in your emotional well being.  When You pay attention to your relationship with the divine/universal/god/source what is yours to do comes is easily recognizable.psychic potentials develop Your abilities

In life things are just going to happen and then how You react or respond is going to be the most important part of what happens next.

You can choose between order and chaos. These are essentially always happening simultaneously anyway.

The time is right to amend any breaches that have happened to cause You to disconnect from life source.

Find ways to appreciate those relationships in Your life that You feel are serving You, include Your self in this equation. Recognizing the value that you offer to each relationship as well.

With clarity and compassion any improved state of relationship with your self can then be transferred to the other relationships in your life.

A community brings all the skills together to allow each to benefit from the whole.  Nurturance of this today is important.

Take a little time to let go and find something fun to do in an expansive way.  By letting the mind relax You change the energy around You to be more supportive.

The mental contraction is not going to serve to stop what is happening around You.  It may benefit You to create and environment where the space surrounding You is calm and centered. Where You can find quiet to listen for your personal messages.

If You have created boundaries it might be time to evaluate if they are still necessary in the same way.  Are You able to let others in?  Are You even able to see the beauty that surrounds the walls that You have created.

This is what fear does creates walls without openings that keep You separate and apart from even the beauty of your self.

Just like the unending cycle of water so is the energy of being.  The water can get held up for a time, yet it continues to transform from one form to another knowing it is water and will continue to show up as water in some form or another.

The part of the cycle that we are in is a bout completion and harvesting.  The last big requirement of energy this summer, to finish what requires doing, so that You can move into the time in the natural cycle of dormancy if You live in the more northern hemisphere.

It is the time of year for building new energy used for starting new projects, while You recognize your efforts and successes over the last months and years.

Emotional- Look for the feeling of satisfaction and anticipation of newness that comes from completion and endings.  Ten full deep breaths while focusing on the satisfaction and Ten full deep breaths focusing on the anticipation of new.

Mental– Take time to quite your mind so You can make decisions form a clearer more connected place.

Physical- Go for a walk in your environment with bare feet, outside if possible.  Notice how the ground supports You and what it feels like to be barefooted, so closely connected to the earth.  Imagine connecting to the crystalline energy of the earth, allowing for a two way nurturance and deep connection.

Spiritual– Be open to receive spiritual messages that are unique to You.  Recognizing that the energy of spirit can show up in oh so many ways.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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8 Ways Relaxing Benefits Your Psychic Abilities

Relaxing and slowing down are an integral part of developing and nurturing psychic abilities.  Remember, being psychic is a completely natural way of being.  In our high-stress over-stimulated society we often become distracted from our inner awareness. We allow ourselves to follow the beat of the clock instead of tuning into our own guidance.  This hectic way of life often leaves us disconnected from ourselves, nature and our spiritual insight.

By taking time to unwind, be still, open your heart and mind, You open the door for noticing your psychic impressions.  By breathing fully and deeply, You relax into your well-being.  Relaxation helps your energy flow freely through your body and your chakras.  You become more grounded and present in the now and the importance of time fades into the background.

Here are 8 ways that relaxing directly benefits your psychic abilities.

  1. Relaxing increases grounding by allowing energy to flow through the feet and root chakras.  The more grounded You are the more psychic information and energy You can receive.
  2. Relaxing facilitates connecting psychically with nature and nature spirits. For instance, I was enjoying Psychic Potentialsand relaxing while walking with my daughter, not concerned about hurrying.  She picked a beautiful blue bell flower and handed it to me.  I could tell my senses were heightened because this bluish-purple flower appeared to be glowing.  I could literally hear it talking to me while I held it in my hand admiring it.  The blue bell flower had a sweet gentle voice as it told me, “You might as well eat me now.  I’ll only wither away soon.”   When I put it on my tongue, it tasted especially sweet and brilliant.
  3. Relaxing opens psychic channels such as the third eye, heart and crown chakra causing free flowing energy which elevates the senses.  With an open heart and mind You’ll find it very easy be open to psychic impressions that come to You.
  4. Relaxing assists in expanding your psychic abilities beyond your current state of awareness.  For example, I don’t usually see auras physically with my eyes.  When I was resting on the beach a couple of weeks ago feeling relaxed and my friend’s aura just popped right out.  I was so distracted noticing how beautiful and shimmering the colors were I could hardly pay attention to what she was saying.
  5. Relaxing raises your energetic vibration.  The higher You vibrate the easier it is to access higher dimensional guidance.   Channeling guidance is facilitated by relaxing and deep breathing.
  6. Relaxing provides the opportunity to ask for help from your spirit guides and also provides the space for hearing their guidance and noticing psychic impressionsYou’ll be amazed at how much more insight comes when You are feeling peaceful and calm.
  7. Relaxing clears your mind helping You to be clear on the magical intentions You hold.  You are able to eliminate extraneous thoughts and desires and be clearly focused.
  8. Relaxing improves your psychic relationships with others too.  You’ll be more open telepathically to your loved ones.  Love flows with greater ease through open heart chakras.  You’ll have an easier time reading others intuitively while relaxed.

I encourage You to create and allow yourself the space to relax and unwind.  The clear guidance, free flowing energy, heightened and expanded psychic senses, and greater psychic connection with yourself and others is well worth it.  So schedule some down time to fully connect with yourself psychically.

If after relaxing an connecting with your inner guidance about your life issues, You want further clarification, deeper understanding, confirmation and direction, Judy Lynn and Christy do team readings.  Click here to save $100 on your first reading.