Energy Reading for Aug 5, 2015

Life has its own pace.

Just like the seasons follow one another, the energetic cycles travel in their own right time.

For many, the last few years have been challenging and may have seemed like a tough perpetual holding pattern.

It’s time for that time to be complete and the next energetic cycle to come into play. Just like our bodies run hourly, daily and monthly cycles, the life you live is influenced by multiple energetic cycles.

Without knowing how they influence you, there are basics that always apply.

It is a good week for…

…taking action on what you are inspired to do. It is your job to listen and act on the divine direction that belongs to you.

It will take a few weeks for the last years of waiting to be fully expended so use patience and this time to get clear.

If it’s in your highest good, the decisions will make itself or be easy to make.

It is also a good week for…

…meditation and asking what is your highest path and direction at this time.

So much to do and so many choices.

Can you trust that the divine direction is for your greatest life.

Ask how you can live true to the divine in you and then listen for the answers.

They are available to you without fail.

As you move forward, leave judgement behind and let life live you.

In Spirit Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

P.S. – Developing your ability to listen to the Divine is just like exercising, it’s takes time and practice. To learn how to improve your listening muscle, click here now.


New Moon Psychic energy Reading February 2013

Are You ready to understand yourself on a deeper level?  Seems like the timing is right if You are ready and asking.

There is a belief that most hold to some degree or another.  It is the belief in separation. 

How this shows up is going to be different for each individual.  Yet it contains one similar aspect of its appearance and that is the fear of being alone.

Our guides would like for us all to know that even though we have this story, it isn’t real.  Separation, that is, because your beliefs and thoughts are very real.

Can You imagine how You might feel if You knew, really deep down knew that You were not ever disconnected from yourself and those You love?  It is up to each individual to embody this.

You can know it intellectually and then when You start to embody the idea life shifts incredibly.  Being feeling beings You are served to find ways to feel your way to understanding this idea of being connected energetically…to everything.

Imagine heart centered knowing that You are energetically always connected to the source of You(‘Self’), all the members of your immediate soul family, your twin soul, the people and pets that You love and loved, all the animals and the Earth, and more.

We live in the structure of our human bodies but that does not mean we are trapped to live just the physical.

If we choose to be here in this physical form then we need to have story to slow down the energy enough to stay in physical.  The ego can be for our benefit.

The stories are for us to in defining who we want to be and what we want to experience and express.  Time to embrace and accept the stories that serve.

We have energetically moved into this new place where how we want to be and what we want to express is led more than ever by how we feel about something.

So if your focus is on being caught in the physical versus focused on having an incredible opportunity to live love out loud in physical form, your experience will mirror what You think.

Who You are today belongs in the tapestry we all weave together and who You are tomorrow also belongs in this tapestry as well.  In divine order and timing we continue to remember our spiritual origins and how powerful our desires were to come into these bodies and play.

How You play is up to You in each moment!  What if You could stay in this physical body like You chose and remember yourself as a divine being making choices everyday to live fully joyful?

Living out the choices with ease and clarity fully inspired!

Action:  Letting go of struggle means being willing to know that You are a divine being and have access to so much more than You can see.

By getting into a mode of receiving You allow your ‘Self’ to bring You more of what You desire and support You in being who You choose to be.

Use your breath to notice the resistance in your body, tight and painful areas, that reflect the resistance in your mind and emotions.


The Distant Psychic Healing Day is on the New Moon this month, February 10th, for everyone on the Psychic Potentials mailing list.  Our intention is always for the most benevolent outcome for all those receiving this healing energy!


In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy


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What is a Twin Soul and What Are You to Do With Them?

It wasn’t until summer of 2011 that I actually was exposed to the term ‘twin soul’.  I found the concept interesting and started doing some research about this concept of twin souls.  The information I found online was somewhat frightening and intimidating to say the least.

Why would anyone really want to expose themselves purposely to the dark night of the soul and the greatest challenge ever in relationship.  Probably not for me, unless, I was aware that I consciously chose to be here for the purpose of expansion.  Nothing like something intense to cause great expansion and the reward of unparalleled enjoyment.

First, I needed to do some more research as the information I was finding online, did not make complete sense to me.  After reading  about, talking about and asking my guides, the pieces started coming together to create a picture of something totally different than I had first come across.

The term ‘twin soul’ means something different than the term so many use today to explain someone they feel like they have known before and forever, ‘soul mate’.  It has come to be my understanding that we only have one twin soul and can have many soul mates.

True sense of the word soul mate is the mates You originally incarnated with in an immediate soul family kind of way.

We generally recognize these immediate soul family members energetically and it brings a whole new meaning to feeling ‘at home’.

Even though the twin souls are immediate soul family they are even more closely connected.  Similar to what is experienced when connecting with a soul mate, is what happens with a twin soul and MORE. After consulting with a few twin soul couples, it seems that the two souls fully complete/complement one another because they are two parts of the whole.

To simplify, possibly over-simplify, a bunch of source energy splits away from the whole intentionally with purpose.  This bunch splits into many and the many, each split into halves.  These halves are still complete in themselves and have an identical vibration with one another, more so than any other. Considered masculine and feminine halves of the whole, that when they come back together, create something greater than just the two.

This pair of identically vibrating souls are never really separated and more of these pairs have recently in the last years chosen to physically incarnate at the same time.  More often one would stay in non physical alongside their physically incarnated twin soul.

There is an understanding that continues to show up through the ages that these twin souls work together to further the expansion and experience of source together.

What happens when You actually come in contact with your twin?  Seems like the experiences range from utter fear to undeniable connection.  Whether recognition happens immediately on meeting or over a period of time, You just know.

Twin souls can be served knowing that their spirits, the larger part of themselves, are very much in contact and connection always.  Twins may or may not choose to be primary partners having beliefs based on less intense relationships here on the physical plane.

Some form of relationship, be it working together or great friendship are likely as these two are drawn together naturally and strongly. This magnetism is something twin soul couples talk about experiencing even before they understand why.

It has been said, very many times in history, that the twin souls are the clearest mirror for one another ever found and highly valuable in speeding up one an others evolution when they come together physically.  That coming together becomes an example of understanding, accepting and living unconditional love.

Whether or not, You accept this agreement and consciously find ways to play together or You become aware of your soul mate in non physical form, You have large opportunity for growth as an individual in knowing that your attention to your source connection does affect the whole. And because of the resonance in vibration, that your twin soul will be more affected than others.

Seems like a great opportunity if You happen across them in physical, to speed up your spiritual evolution.   Either way, You are always spiritually with them in physical or not and they with You.

I wonder if it is possible that the desire for greater depth and meaning has caused many more of these pairs to agree to come together during this time.



Feeling Psychically Connected – Part 2

Psychic PotentialsWhat does it feel like to be connected psychically?

In this article I am sharing my impressions with You.  Feel free to notice similarities or differences about how You feel when psychically connected . We each have our unique way of perceiving.  Judy shared her ideas of what being psychically connected in Feeling Connected Psychically – Part 1, here I continue with my perspective.

Physically I often noticea tingling sensation at my third eye, crown chakra, hands, feet and often my spine.  I sometimes feel the air pressure change around me.  I may feel hot or cold sensations or rising body temperature.

Usually there is no discomfort associated with these physical changes.  I have had psychic impressions before that didn’t feel comfortable physically or emotionally, almost like a panic attack.  The psychic promptings acted like  a warning by causing the discomfort which got me to move my body or look around.   When I moved and noticed what was important for me to see the sensations went away leaving me with a sense of relief.  So my psychic awareness acts as a guidance system keeping me safely on a path that serves me.

Emotionally there is definitely a detachment that I feel when I’m sensing information psychically.  My voice may even become more mono-tone.  I feel calm and centered while perceiving with my psychic awareness.

Mentally, I am very clear when connected psychically.  In fact one of my strong suits is my clair-cognizance.  When I know something with out being told, I feel the truth of it clearly in my head which resonates that knowing all through my body.  Clear knowing is like a light bulb turning on in my head.    I feel a great sense of acceptance and trust of the information I receive this way.

Only if I start to judge psychic information do I have other reactions or emotions that follow.  In fact, I know if I have any reaction to the information I’m just associating the psychic impressions to my life or making a judgement.

When I’m psychically connected I am very telepathic and often know what people are thinking. For example, during a conversation I will see pictures of what the person talking to me is saying floating in the space between us.  I am very present to the conversation while talking hardly any notice of the environment around me.

I am a dreamer so much psychic information comes in my sleep.  I have very clear recall of dreams that are of importance to my life.  I even at times sit with my guides in my dreams and remember what they tell me.

I also am a day dreamer.  I might be having a conversation with someone and then appear totally spaced out for a moment.  That’s when I’m having a day dream or vision, which will relate to the topic at hand.

When I’m psychically connected I’m in the divine flow of my life.  The information is always available to help my life flow easily.  For example, traffic flows, checkout lines at stores go quickly with pleasant people, and I’m in the right place at the right time.

To me it feels very natural to be connected psychically.  In fact it feels more uncomfortable and unnatural for me if I’m disconnected.  Life is just plain easier being psychically connectedIt’s easier to make decisions, easier to do my work, and easier to relate to others.

Feeling Connected Psychically – Part 1

What does it feel like when You are connected up psychically?  I can only speak for myself as the sensations and reactions are individual to each person. There is one thing in common for everyone and that is a feeling of expansion.

Practicing grounding and connecting techniques serve to allow someone developing their psychic ability to be able to recognize and become more comfortable with the actual sensations that they notice.

Physically I feel an aliveness, through vibration or a temperature change. Often a pulsing sensation can be felt in or around me, much like a heart beat.

Everything softens– the visuals, the physical sensations and the sounds in my environment.  So I feel somewhat detached from what is going on.

Yet when I am perceiving psychically one or more of these senses will sharpen in a focused way on something specific.  When I am seeing visually, visions seem to slow down and become very focused.  Receiving kinesthetically I feel an actual sensation in my own physical body.  When a knowing comes over me, I know the world around me is still moving yet it continues with out me.

From the outside looking in You might think I’ve faded out for a time.

If You haven’t experienced this kind of connection before it can be some what unnerving.

It serves to suspend perceptions because psychic information is just that, information.  It is the receiver that has to translate it through discernment and avoid giving it a good or bad label.

Generally, the good or bad feelings come when You start to decide how and what You feel/think/believe about the information.  And so does the contraction of your body, mind and emotions if You perceive the information as negative.

The more open You are to experiencing the feeling of being directly connected up psychically the the less noticeable the sensations become.  It is like learning to walk.  Each step adds to the last and before You know it the act of walking and the ability to use psychic abilities becomes natural with out having to think about it.

Living in an Openly Psychic Society

I have a dream, of a society that has reached its psychic potential on an individual and group level.  I dream of the day when it is the norm for people to trust, respect, listen and discuss our psychic guidance with our peers.

A time when society frowns upon taking action that contradicts our internal guidance.  A time of encouraging each other to follow our hearts.  A time of knowing that individuals leading self-guided lives leads us all to greater expansion.   I envision an era that treasures and nurtures the individual psychic abilities.  I look forward to society using telepathy as a major form of communication.

How do I do my part in the here and now?

I am open with others in my life about following my guidance.  I have become much more willing over the past few years to discuss my awareness with others.  It’s really a practice being open and honest.  It has become more natural for me to discuss my psychic impressions with others.  I realize it doesn’t serve me or others for me to keep my awareness hidden.  I do admit it wasn’t always that way for me.

In the past, as a child and young adult I was “in the closet”.  I felt fear of rejection and ridicule.  Other people weren’t openly talking about their internal guidance.

I remember being in school as a child and knowing answers to questions that I had never thought about before.  I would see a vision in my mind’s eye of the answer and be all lit up on the inside.  But I wouldn’t raise my hand.  I never wanted to explain how I knew things.

In fact, my way of knowing things was a major stumbling block for me when I started law school.  I had to explain step by step my answers.  In the long run it was a blessing to learn how to break things down.  My communication skills expanded immensely.

So, over the past few years I’ve learned to share more openly with my trusted family and friends.  For example, sharing with my sister that my guides told me I don’t need to catch the illness that her and my niece had.  She acted a bit skeptical when I told her that.  Then a year later, she had the same experience of her guides telling her she didn’t need to catch the “bug” going around.

In fact sometimes when I’m talking to my husband these days I mention “they said”.  He’s asks, “Who are they?”.  “My guides, of course”, I reply.  I know now, at least with my family and friends, it’s become so natural for me to share my internal impressions I don’t even think about it anymore.

Now, sharing my psychic awareness with others beyond my immediate family and friends  is becoming more natural.  (I’m writing to You, who I’ve never met, aren’t I?)

My five-year old daughter announced to me a couple of weeks ago that she wants to go to kindergarten.  I was surprised by this since we’ve been home schooling her and her sister for 3 years now.  Well, one of my goals with home schooling is for her to know herself and follow her guidance.  She is very determined and insistent that she is going to school.  So I took her to meet her teacher and see the class room.

On the way home I asked her about the color of the teachers’ auras.  On our next visit later that week while talking to the principal and the kindergarten teacher I did tell them about my daughter’s impressions on the color of the auras.  Her teacher  lit up and said that the colors my daughter saw were her favorite.  I was very happy about how natural the conversation about aura colors went.  They were both open and accepting and seemed to think it very natural that she was seeing their auras.

circle people with lightI envision a day when people at work and school share with each other about their psychic impressions.  A day when we can call into work or school and say, “I need to stay home today, my guides told me in my dream last night I need to rest today so I can stay healthy”. A time when the people we interact with accept our personal awareness and trust us.  They have acknowledged their own inner psychic so they check in with themselves and feel the truth of our communications.

I know we aren’t fully there, yet.  But we are getting closer to my dream.  At least in my life, I notice we are becoming more aware and open.


If You share my dream, You can do your part in creating an openly psychic society too.

  1. Listen to and follow your own guidance.
  2. Share with others about your psychic impressions.  Start with individuals You are  most comfortable with.
  3. Talk regularly about psychic impressions with your children, your spouses, your friends.
  4. Listen to others’ inner awareness with an open heart.

By connecting with your own spiritual guidance and being confident and open in following it, You give others around You permission to follow their inner psychic too.