Find Out How To Handle The Shifting Energies Easier…

Energy Reading
…for the week of: September 22nd, 2015

What’s going on?

So many of you over the last week have reported feeling nausea, exhaustion, headaches, body aches, dizziness, unexplained emotion, and mental chaos unrelated to anything tangible.

This is the short list.

Know that you are not alone.

It seems that the energetics of the planet are different and kicking up a bit of a fuss as a result.

The rumors of what is happening or what is going to happen are not as important as you focusing on the reality.

Look around, feel into it and go with it!

It’s a great week for…


Any shift in the energetic environment causes your personal energetic system to react in response.

Toxins, energetic blockages and latent emotional issues are caused to be on the move.

When you are experiencing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort it is your bodies way of asking for support.

Time to lay on the Earth with only a thin sheet between you and the grass, no plastics or leathers.

Drink plenty of fresh clean water.

Epsom salts bathing.

Extra vitamin C in a natural form.

Eating light.

Listening to and being gentle with the emotions that come to the surface.

Accepting that your extra sensory perceptions may increase.

Breathing full deep breaths whenever you feel any discomfort.


Reiki and energy healing techniques.

Ask your spiritual guides and angels for support and guidance.

It’s also a good week for…

…avoiding the negative predictions of the future.

Do what you know to be right for you to feel good about handling future events and then get present and live.

Live expanded and open, listening to Spirit for direction and guidance.

The answers are always available to you!

Just ask specific questions, get quiet and honestly listen.

In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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4 Good Reasons for Premonitions About Death and Dying

Have You ever heard the words, “If I had only known, I would have________.”  I have a few times.  I wonder if that may be part of the reason that I receive premonitions.  That I did not deep down, really ever want to be saying those words myself.

I did not always accept that this was part of my psychic experience though.  I started this leg of my psychic journey being quite upset and angry that I would be given this information in regards to death and dying about someone I knew and not be given any information that allowed me to do something about it.  After experiencing it enough times I can only ask  to be able to handle it with as much grace as I can uncover, in the situation.

Remember that premonitions that show a death or dying do not always mean that there will be an actual physical death.  They can also indicate an extreme change in an individuals belief system, the completion of a relationship, the loss of a career or job, or the loss of something of great meaning to the individual concerned.

There is a difference between an actual premonition of death and another.  Some are for the sole purpose of preventing a death.

4 reasons for premonitions of death:Swan by the Lake

1) Accepting the reality of the loss. Knowing that there is a possibility of  letting another go physically causes deep understanding about what that person means to You and how it could affect your life.  This one is summed up for me with acceptance and, ‘It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’

2) Adapting to a new environment without whoever has died.   A gentle reminder to look after your own physical business and gradually fill your life with activities and others, that are independent of who You have had a premonition about.

3) Reinvesting emotional energy in new areas.    Is your happiness tied up in another or are You being responsible for your own emotional requirements to be fulfilled and joyful?

4) Rediscovering meaning in life. A big old reminder that when we fear death we may be missing out on some or all of what life has to offer.  Especially because death is part of living the full experience of the cycle of life.   By facing death we can then get really clear with ourselves about what honestly deserves our attention in this life.

Although it may be challenging, there is an opportunity to see the kind of premonitions that contain no information about how to prevent another individual passing, as a kindness to the receiver.  To allow the shock factor to be less and the whole process of grieving and release to happen more gently.

It becomes a perfect opportunity for appreciation, in the now, for the individual leaving this plane of existence. A way to ensure that You can choose to leave no words unsaid and no love held back.  That You may have an opportunity to celebrate their life more fully, before they change from physical.

If You do feel You are having premonitions about an actual death around You, please do find someone who is open to this possibility and supportive of You to talk to.

A last note: Premonitions of this sort fall under the golden rules of being psychic.  The information came to You, if You are not receiving a really loud clear message to share it with the person in the premonition, please avoid sharing it with them directly.  Use compassion and if possible allow space for discussions that may let them become more clear about what is valuable to them, in this life time, to say and do.

I now accept that these premonitions serve me and I hope if You experience this type of ‘seeing’ psychically, then You will find the silver lining as well.

7 Symptoms of Shutting Down Your Psychic Abilities

How might You tell if You are resisting and shutting yourself down to receiving psychic information. This is more common than You might think.  Not everyone wants to know something and not have a clear sense of where the information came from.  Especially in our culture, where the word psychic still brings up the thoughts of parlor tricks and the discomforting unexplainable.

I can not speak for everyone because each individual is different and  experiences are personally perceived.

The following are symptoms that I experienced earlier in life and also have discussed with others dealing with the same symptoms, doing the same kind of resisting.


1.  Head aches are prominent in psychic resistance but You might have any number of physical aches and pains due to physical tightening to literally try to close chakras (energy centers on the physical body).  These energy centers are where most psychic information comes into the body.  Chakra healing and balancing DVD

2.  Lack of deep relaxing sleep because psychic information comes to You at night when You are more (this one is double edged, because if You are very psychically sensitive then sleep can be disturbed by information coming in as well).


3.  An individual that is uncomfortable with and not wanting to be   psychic may choose to be alone, avoiding people, especially large groups.  There is just to much information to shut out when around large groups of people.  This can be challenging for those people accepting of their psychic skills unless they are familiar with protective and grounding techniques.

4.  Acknowledged or not there is a sense of being dis-connected from self and others when You shut down to picking up the extra sensory information that is always there whether You take advantage of it or not.

5.  If You are depressing any part of yourself, like your ability to sense things on a deeper level, then it is inevitable that You will experience some level of depression in all of your systems, sometimes a lot.  So psychic suppression can show up as some degree of depression.

6.  Repetitive nightmares that are not coherent.  What is there to say about this?  It is a toss up between accepting yourself as psychic and the discomfort in experiencing this type of psychic holding regularly.  Your choice every time.


7.  Many things will just not resonate.  You may be part of a religious group and the ideas they are sharing may just not feel or seem right to You but You will not be able to explain why.  Or You may just find yourself knowing and having faith in something without being able to understand why.

I have found over the years as I have gone from semi resistant to my psychic skills to openly accepting them, that these symptoms have abated.  I also noticed that when I spent energy resisting the information that I was receiving, that some of the darker denser energies that were bothersome or scary would be the toughest ones to block.  When I started opening up to the skills I had, I noticed that the information was more balanced.  I still often receive some darker energies but I also am much more aware of the lighter less dense energies that are a joy to receive and share.

It is hard to let go of beliefs sometimes.  If You believe that the experience of psychic skills and abilities is wrong or bad for You then You may have to learn to live with your symptoms. If  You are ready to acknowledge the abilities that come from extra sensory perception then go slow, open up to the idea of being psychic and see what happens to You and what symptoms just disappear.

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Talk of the End of The World; Is it Getting to You?

I get it, I hear it, I’ve been told, I see it with my own eyes.  I do not believe the world is going to endWhat is going to happen though?

Economically things can not continue as they have been.  Ecologically the environment works harder to stay in balance every day.  The fighting for peace continues at what cost?  (A bit oxymoronic, that one.)

What will your future look like months and years from now? Forward looking is not always easy at the best of times but tougher when it comes to the effects of bad or uninformed choices.  Ignorance is not a great choice if You want to thrive through the times.

I do not always see with precognition what is going to happen in the future for each person.  Psychic ability does not always work that way or even the way I’d like sometimes. I live each day as it comes, knowing that the information I need will be there for me if I keep listening.

It is like having a small child grouped in with a large amount of older children.  If You are not listening in a balanced way the smallest voice will probably not be heard, leading to possible issues if You are responsible for that small child’s needs.  As simple as not hearing when they need to use the washroom, oops.

Your psychic voice is like that small child surrounded by louder taller voices.  That is why it is important for You to learn how to listen to the subtle language of your psychic senses.  For You!!

So that You can relax into the knowledge that You will know what next best steps to take, one after another, as the occupants of this world make the shifts they need to, in order to find stability and sustainability.  Shifts happen!

If my spiritual guides let me know it is better for me to stay home today, I will.  I have been working with my guides long enough to know they are helping me to fulfill my deepest wants and desires. I stay home and hear later about an accident that happened on the route I was going to take about the time I would have been there.

Would I have been part of the accident?  Thank the heavens I do not have to find out.

The other side of it is, I stay home and hear about nothing that happened the day I listened and stayed home.  The point is, I listen.  If I keep listening then when I really am called to make a big move or change a plan then I will feel confident in doing that.  It may save me and my family if the earth makes a huge shift and where my home is becomes a was.  Or when one of the the systems created, collapses under the weight of the chaos of power that we see today and I have to provide for myself in ways we haven’t had to for many years.

If You feel fear about any of the bigger or smaller issues You face today, take action.  Learn how to listen to your psychic senses, your extra-sensory perceptions that You have for just that purpose.  To assist You in living your best most joyful life.

When You listen and take spirit sent and inspired action, You can put your fears aside and know that You will be guided about what is going to be ‘right for You’ to do in any moment.

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Feeling Connected Psychically – Part 1

What does it feel like when You are connected up psychically?  I can only speak for myself as the sensations and reactions are individual to each person. There is one thing in common for everyone and that is a feeling of expansion.

Practicing grounding and connecting techniques serve to allow someone developing their psychic ability to be able to recognize and become more comfortable with the actual sensations that they notice.

Physically I feel an aliveness, through vibration or a temperature change. Often a pulsing sensation can be felt in or around me, much like a heart beat.

Everything softens– the visuals, the physical sensations and the sounds in my environment.  So I feel somewhat detached from what is going on.

Yet when I am perceiving psychically one or more of these senses will sharpen in a focused way on something specific.  When I am seeing visually, visions seem to slow down and become very focused.  Receiving kinesthetically I feel an actual sensation in my own physical body.  When a knowing comes over me, I know the world around me is still moving yet it continues with out me.

From the outside looking in You might think I’ve faded out for a time.

If You haven’t experienced this kind of connection before it can be some what unnerving.

It serves to suspend perceptions because psychic information is just that, information.  It is the receiver that has to translate it through discernment and avoid giving it a good or bad label.

Generally, the good or bad feelings come when You start to decide how and what You feel/think/believe about the information.  And so does the contraction of your body, mind and emotions if You perceive the information as negative.

The more open You are to experiencing the feeling of being directly connected up psychically the the less noticeable the sensations become.  It is like learning to walk.  Each step adds to the last and before You know it the act of walking and the ability to use psychic abilities becomes natural with out having to think about it.

Confidentiality in the Psychic Profession

Should the services rendered by a psychic be confidential?

Unequivocally YES!

Both the content of the reading and who the psychic reading was done for.

The individual paying for the reading owns what came up  and what was said in any reading or consulting given by any delivering psychic.  As it is in any other profession.

If a celebrity, team manger, or corporate head hires a psychic to gain greater understanding about a situation in their life then it is up to celebrity, team manger, or corporate head to share that publicly if they choose.  Not the hired psychic.

The only exception is if the psychic has gained written permission from an individual for the purpose of business marketing or other such use.

Part of finding a good psychic is checking if they have a policy of confidentiality.

Even better, learn how to develop Your own extra-sensory abilities so You can tap in to the depth of resource available to You 24/7

How to Handle Psychic Skeptics

When it comes to being psychic there are all sorts of doubts to deal with.  Chances are, unless You were raised accepting Your ability even Your doubts will be coming to the surface.

It is understandable as questioning is a most valuable tool of intelligence.

How do You become comfortable with and confident in abilities that are not necessarily backed in factual information?

I have heard a lot of dismissive language while talking to others about being psychic.  Things like ‘how do You know it isn’t just Your imagination’, ‘being psychic is just too out there for me’, and ‘it is entertaining but I wouldn’t give it any value’.

For as many people disconnected to the strength of others extra-sensory abilities (and possibly their own), there are just as many interested and using psychic knowing to assist them in finding peace and understanding in their lives.  Let’s face it, getting inside information through psychic ability is pretty fascinating.

What to say to nay sayers?  To the doubts You present to Yourself, gently question the belief that would cause You to deny Your abilities.  To the challenges presented by loved ones in Your life You might do the same in a non conflictual way.

Psychic potentials

Words are powerful so to be able to say, ‘I understand that You do not believe in psychic ability and that is okay with me’.  While sharing this with them You might also share that You are good with Your beliefs as well. Let them have their beliefs knowing that You are not out to convert them.

For those that are not yet part of Your life in a significant way, let it go.  Unless You are called to somehow support their understanding, is it really important to You what others think and believe?

Keeping a journal filled with information received and the translations You have come to along the way will allow You to look back with greater understanding.

It will go along way towards increasing Your own confidence in Your growing psychic abilities.

I See Warnings Everywhere!

Be careful of this, be careful of that, don’t do this warnings, but definitely do that.  They can be helpful, yes.  Have they gotten out of control?  Maybe.

psychic potentials

I just was reading an article about a psychic show in London where there was controversy over there not being enough of a disclaimer.

Stating that the performance was just that, a show and not to be seen as anything other than entertainment.  I found this to be entertaining in itself.

I have had psychic readings done for me in the past and was able to make up my own mind whether the information shared and the psychic I employed was solid or not.  Were those people any less able to discern for themselves whether what they were seeing was real for them or really entertaining or both.

After the fact, if they didn’t like what was presented, they can decide to follow up and ask for a refund.  (Possibly the reason for the disclaimer in the first place?)

And can they choose to not go to this show again.  As it is with any service.

If You do not like what You have received, find another provider.

How can we know that psychic ability and extra-sensory perception is viable when we are paying for services?

  • Ask for references.
  • Take advantage of trials and free offerings.
  • Look for ways that You can find out about the person/s doing the reading.
  • Check in with Your own extra-sensory abilities.
  • What are the results?  Decide accordingly.

When I am looking for a new service provider for anything, I consciously set an intention that, ‘I will find a company or individual that is going to serve my highest good’.  It really is up to me to decide for myself and use my decision making muscle often so that it gets stronger. Whether it be plumbing, insurance provider or psychic reading that I am looking for.

What Can I Expect from a Psychic Reading?

The most memorable psychic reading I ever participated in was years ago when I was studying in Brazil.  A fellow student that spoke portuguese and limited english, (while I spoke only english and limited portuguese) offered to do a tarot reading for me.

psychic potentials

Needless to say we both wondered how we might share any information that we received.  Starting off she shared with me how she received information and I was enlightened.

Many people in my own language and culture had tried to explain this process and I had found the explanations to be unimaginable.  Her explanation was shared simply in a limited way with words both portuguese and english and hand gestures, yet I got it clear as day.

Simply stated: The energy surrounding a person is a language and the reader only has to read it using the extra-sensory perception they are strong in.   Then give it back to the one being read, in the spoken or gestured language they can understand.  In this case she used tarot cards to support her in finding the pictures and words I would understand.

I was gifted that evening with insight I never imagined despite the perceived language barrier.  I was shown again that the language of energy is universal.

A Psychic Reading can give You:

  • Clarity
  • Understanding
  • Reminders of things You already know
  • Conformation of those things You have already recognized for Yourself
  • Greater connection
  • Insight into Yourself and situations
  • Support in understanding the language of energy
  • And add a little fun to the process

All this can deepen with successive readings and to the degree You feel comfort with who is doing the reading for You.

Next time You are going to have a reading done, check in with Yourself before the psychic reading and then again after and see how many benefits from the list above You notice.

How Do I Use Psychic Intuition in the Garden?

Years of experience allow for an accumulation of knowledge in any area of study.  For me gardening is one of those areas of study I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge.

The interesting thing is that when I am questioned about ‘why’ I do what I do, I do not always have an answer.

Is it possible that I am ‘listening’ to the plants I cultivate and nourish?Psychic Potentials

Let’s face it, plants do not really talk so how could I be ‘listening’. (Unless Your psychic abilities are strong auditory.)

The fun part is Everything is Energy. The same way we can psychically pick up on people, we can use our extra-sensory perceptions to pick up on plants, animals, objects and places.

When I am gardening I find myself looking for the place to plant that is going to best match the energy of the plant from both my knowledge of gardening and what I pick up energetically.

As in my life, as in my gardens,listening’ with my psychic abilities makes for a happier environment with lots of colorful blooms.

Would You like to learn more about the energy around You full of information to serve You?

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