Spiritual Healing Using Psychic Abilities and Spirit Guides

I’ve been using psychic abilities for spiritual healing for so long that it’s almost second nature to me.  As a child I learned how my mental state affected my health.  I discovered I could make myself sick to my advantage to stay home from school or make myself better to do fun activities.

As an adult I’ve really honed my skills, I help others return to their state of well-being using energy healing techniques such as Reiki, reflexology, chakras, and working with spirit guides and angels.  I’ve experienced first-hand how working with unseen energy around us can have a dramatic effect on health and overall wellness.

Even before I learned Reiki, I actively used my psychic abilities to send healing energy to loved ones who were ill. I must say, it’s a lot easier to accomplish the healings with Reiki, but don’t let not being attuned to Reiki stop You from using your connection with the life force around you to cause healing.

A very general way healing psychically is holding the person in your mind’s eye and seeing them whole. You can look at their energy in chakras, aura and their organs.  If You notice anything blocking free-flowing energy, You can see the blocks being removed and filled with light.  This is a very basic overview of a topic that could be covered in-depth in a series of psychic, energy healing classes.  It is important to have basic understanding of grounding and running your own energy to perform psychic healing.

You don’t have to work alone either.  You can work with your spirit guides and angels while psychicallyPsychic Potentials healing. Once you’ve made connection with the angel or spirit guide You most resonate with, You have instant access to assistance and healing advice.

Working with angels is simple, you only need to ask.  I work with Archangel Raphael all the time.  His primary function is working with healers.  Raphael means ‘God’ ‘heals’.  In fact Raphael has been one of my biggest teachers on the subject of healing with energy.  You only need to invite him in and request his assistance in healing.

You can also connect with healing masters and spiritual surgeons in meditation or in the Advanced Heal Yourself program. Spiritual surgeons work in the etheric blueprint of the body.  Most spiritual surgeons were incarnated as humans and choose to remain in service to humanity working as spiritual healers partnering with willing incarnated healers.

Healing Masters partner with You to heal in the energy field such as chakras and aura.  Your healing master will help You hold your healing space and can be sent to others to assist in healing.

Allow and ask your spirit guides to teach and guide You in healing psychically.  They will work with You to become a more effective healer.    Working with angels and guides expands your knowledge and healing ability since they have a broader perspective not being in the physical realm.  For me it’s comforting knowing I have spiritual help when I’m assisting someone return to their state of well-being, health and wholeness.

Here’s to free-flowing and radiant energy!


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10 thoughts on “Spiritual Healing Using Psychic Abilities and Spirit Guides

  1. I am suffering terribly with Meniere’s disease……I would be grateful for any healing sent my way… Blessings to everyone.

    1. Hi Craig,

      Reiki and most benevolent outcome to You! If You are on our mailing list, You will receive healing energy on the new moon each month. The Heal Yourself program and the Advanced Heal Yourself program are really all about getting back in connection with the spirit of You. The larger part of You that makes sense of what You are experiencing. In the Advanced Heal Yourself we encourage and teach You how to work with your spiritual Healing Master and Spiritual Surgeon.
      You can find them both here http://psychicpotentials.com/healing/
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  2. Can any one help me my aura is servery contaminated my bright yellow part of my aura is black with spots of gray it’s effecting my life so much every one is asking for money to help me and I’ve got nothing I can’t keep on living like this anything is worth a try. Alot of people have been negative to me in lifeand I attract spirits but I didn’t understand enough to keep negative things from a trackingy aura wat can I do thanks terri x

    1. Hi Terri,

      Ask the unknown angels out loud to help you in healing your aura. Share with them as if you were sharing with a most trusted friend and then listen for the bits and pieces that you are being guided to do or not do. You can also ask the angels to increase the light that surrounds in protection from negativity.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Thanks for getting back to me about this .I’m being told of people sending me emails to pay them and they will clean my aura for me but it is so bad in effecting me I’ve got nothing to pay with . I was so worried about it being contaminated very much and your the only one who has tried to give me an answer with out asking for money.. I’m grateful and appreciate any help i can get i didnt no your aura could become contaminated i am very phsycic bt im afraid of it still i get lots of spirits around me alot but im still scared about it a little not as much as i usef to be tho . Please could you send your healing thoughts to me if you can so I can try and sort myself out for now. if you can thanks ever so much terri xx

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