Solstice Psychic Energy Reading December 2011

Change is inevitable!  We all know and live this everyday on some level.  We are being asked to mentally get clearer than we have been, for a very long time.

Much internal movement and development, as what we see  around us in manifested form seems to be lacking foundation and stability.  So many of us are ready for something different and have recognized that this difference starts within us.

More than ever it is time to ask yourself over the next few months if what You are seeing and hearing from others is real for You and if it resonates with what You are experiencing.Psychic Potentials

There is so much value in listening to what resonates for You and honoring that another may see it differently, while staying focused on what You choose moving forward.  By having clear and compassionate boundaries we can maintain our standing and allow them to have their own experience according to what they are creating vibrationally.  It is really a personal initiative.

There will be much opportunity to use your insight in creative ways to recognize the best places and ways to make adjustments in your world.  Remember to stay focused within your circle of influence.

Many of us are still working through, personally, what our directions are going forward through this shift in paradigm, so loving patience with yourself and others will also serve.

That being said, watch what You think and how You perceive what You are seeing and hearing.  A negative spin may not be the best way to propel You forward and cause You to find support.  Where You bring your attention will be what causes You to feel either supported or fearful.  If all You are seeing around You is not where You want to be, then it is up to You to envision something of your desire on the horizon.

How can You get into a place of feeling good about the future and maintain strong boundaries around that feeling of wellness?

It is a time of polarities being accentuated, so we are able to see more clearly what we have been resisting and how to release that resistance.  And there are many that will be less excited about the changes that this shift is bringing on.  We can trust that they will work that out for themselves and focus on staying solid on what our beliefs are and keeping our hearts open.

Remember that when there is chaos there is a lot of energy available to work with.  What will You choose?

So now would be a good time to appreciate the solid foundations that we have been spending time creating the last year because all this released energy can be used in any way we wish.  What will You do today to express this life filled passionate energy that You always have access too.

Action:  During this three month period the ability to regulate how You perceive what comes into your space and what You express outwardly will be of importance.

Staying in the flow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually will bring about creative solutions and expansive ways to see all situations.  A great way to do this is to look for all that You can feel appreciation for, while You also look around for the beauty that is always present.  While some of You may not really notice much storming, for any of You that do, remember, even in the worst storm the sun still shines.

In Heart Centered Awareness!

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S. Choose what You would contribute too this year. In 2012 we each individually hold great potential to make a difference.  Check out the 2012 page for insight and upcoming energies,  READ MORE.  

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3 thoughts on “Solstice Psychic Energy Reading December 2011

  1. I has a question…
    I know that when someone passes, they are no longer in their physical bodies, but I’ve been reading alot latly on how past loved ones present themselves as other things. Sometimes they will present themselves as a certian animal like a butterfly and others will just appear as how they looked in their life. So my question is, how exaclly does this work? How can they appear as what try want? Does this have to do with reincarnation because I dont really believe in that, but how do they show themselves to certain people as animals or others?
    Thank you deeply. X

    1. So is we start with the idea that all things are energy and that energy never dies, we are prone to wonder what happens to the energy attached to the body when it passes. Here in this, we come to understand the potential for physical and non physical beings.

      Imagine that non physical is able to communicate with us as we are non physical energy attached to a physical vehicle in which to play here on this earth. Essentially through creation and perception everything around us can be seen differently through many sets of eyes and this gives non physical space to show up how it does, co created by the viewer and the one appearing. When a non physical being communicates with someone in physical, I would wonder if maybe they are showing up in a form that would be most acceptable to the physical being (being of lighter awareness), they are trying to be in touch with. Whatever way that being in non physical feels it will best serve the physical being and deliver the message intended would be indicated in the majority of situations I have had my awareness brought to.

      And sometimes believing proceeds seeing!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  2. The way I look at it is that everything is energy. So the departed spirit can show itself to us as clouds, butterflies, rainbows etc…
    I’m not certain of the mechanics of it, just that the departed have access to so much that is beyond our reach in the physical. I imagine it’s a bit like astral projection. Where ever the person’s consciousness wants to go it can, even projecting into animals and such.

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