5 Things to do When You Recognize a Soul Mate

I know I am connected to my soul mate psychically in this life and in another life too. I actually have past/concurrent life recognition. I can see scenes from when we have interacted together from what seems from another time on Earth. Now what?

First off, how do I know? Well the short answer is that as soon as I connected with this person it was as if I had known them forever and the first meeting was like reconnecting with my closest dearest friend. This person knew me better than any other individual has in this life time so far, without time to get to know me in this life time. And I believe the reverse was true as well. We were both asking the question, “What gives?”

I have known some soul mates that have found one another to do things like finish one another’s sentences immediately or be able to offer deep comfort first meeting. Upon finding this person You will probably feel compelled to know them better and to find out what makes him or her seem so familiar.

Not every coming together of two spirits is as enjoyable as reconnecting souls that have loved somewhere else in another space-time continuum. Sometimes You are drawn to a person and there is an instant dislike and You are just like a moth drawn to the light. This type of attraction is more likely about karmic debt (karmic debt can also show up in enjoyable connections as well), that one or both of You are in need of tending to. It probably does not indicate that the two of You are just two souls that have played and danced together and continue to come together in more than one lifetime for the pure joy of it.

The challenge comes when I ask myself what to do with this information and this intimately desired connection. Are we to be friends, lovers, partners in life, or just passing by one another to remind us of the joy that can be experienced in dancing with another. Is there another way soul mates can support one another on our respective paths?

Meet a soul mateIn my mind I know, I do not know this person on an Earth level in this life time and yet I have come into contact with them here, on Earth, in this life time.

Why did I meet my soul mate?

Am I supposed to create something with my soul mate in this lifetime? Is there a specific reason I came together with this person?

Is my soul mate here to cause me to re-evaluate my life and beliefs?

Do we have something we are supposed to do together or learn from one an other? Is it even an intentional thing?

What have I been focusing on creating in my life that would cause this connection to happen in my life at this time?

What if the person that showed up in my life, a soul mate is unwilling to recognize the connection and chalks it up as imagination?

If Your life has room to fit this person in the way You feel is right for You, easily, then the questions diminish greatly. It is when You have commitments to others, that are real to You, and things do not seem to jive, that it starts getting trickier if You are not grounded.

With out being really honest with yourself and the persons around You this kind of connection could even be destructive.

Here are five things to do when You recognize a soul mate:

1) Listen to your guides and move forward at a pace that works for You. Find ways to get to know one another in this life time just as You would any other soul in physical form.

2) Ask for spiritual guidance in releasing the energy of other life times, so You can be clear in this one. When You allow a past/concurrent life to bring a soul mate to You it has done what it was meant to do, help You recognize one another.

3) The next step might be for the two of You to decide individually (and possibly together) which way the connection is best going to serve You.  Listen for the inspired knowing and actions that come with this gift.

4) By listening to and integrating the reality of your life and the spiritual guidance that You receive, there will be a successful recognition of this gift across the dimensions and You will know what the two spirits in these physical bodies are meant to do with one another this time around. Be open to all the different ways You might be able to support one another in this life time.

5) What ever else comes of this re-connection use the feelings of joy, recognition, and excitement to create what You desire in your life.

This can be an amazing experience and one I hope everyone allows themselves sometime in each life time. It isn’t always easy to accept that which we can not measure, verify or even understand. It takes a level of trust in the mystery of life and in one’s self to allow this kind of connection to blossom.

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91 thoughts on “5 Things to do When You Recognize a Soul Mate

  1. That’s amazing… I’ve always wondered about past lives and how I got here ………..I moved then met this guy who showed me like a new religion and it’s feels like that was supposed to happen (can’t really describe it) because I was really depressed and stuff maybe he was here to show me the light

    1. Hi Rigby,
      Thank You for taking time to comment. I love when something happens and I just know it was meant to. I am also so glad that You have some light in your life and were willing to allow it to come to You through your experience with this person.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  2. I have meet my soul mate and we both recognized the connection almost immediately. Thank you for this article because I was not sure what to do with this situation. I feel I could marry him tomorrow. I will do some soul searching and be open to what the reason or purpose is for our reuniting.

  3. I am in a marriage that I am not happy in. I am not supported emotionally in marriage and is very unhappy. I have a 7 year old daughter. I recently met someone on a spiritual training workshop where I felt a deep connection. I felt so comfortable and ease with this person like I knew him already. I am experiencing alot of pain and longing to be witj tjis person and I know he feels attracted to me too, but he is kind of not reachable emotionally. What do I do. Please help. I cannot function properly and hav lost my job too because I could not focus.

  4. Thank you for this, it is so hard when you recognize someone and can’t be in contact with them.
    I have had this going on since August of 1996 when I saw this man for the first time.

    The worst part is he is famous, and so very difficult to approach from the regular world.

    So many times I have called my sanity into question, and anguished over what I was to do with these memories, some of them exquisitely painful. Losing him to a hopeless battle, finding him there, closing his eyes… every time I see him, the scene comes back to me. So clearly, I lose my sight of what’s in front of me. I want to be free of the pain, but my heart is relentless; I refuse to let them destroy our bond even though they killed our bodies. I will hold the bond high in Spirit even if it hurts, until I can reconcile with him.

    Thank you for the appetizer that this article is, I need more like this and to find the answers, WITH HIM. But I have no idea how, and whether I should try to force such an occurrence.

    So, I sigh, and leave this open letter to the Universe.
    Bring us into the same breathing space so we can be, at last….Vindicated.
    Love. P

    1. Thank You for sharing Pamela! I so hope that You can use this experience to help You remember that You are divine and that in witnessing for one another we can move more fully into the new energies where beliefs can be questions and revised and the concept of duality can be released.

      May You ask the questions that bring You the answers supporting clarity and joy while You live the fullness of what life has to offer!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  5. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if you could advise me on something that has troubled me deeply for many years. I believe I met my soulmate at 13 years old, and he is no longer in my life. We were best friends immediately, and tried the romantic thing out a couple times, but we never made it fit. I became misguided, and moved many miles away at age 19. However, I dreamed about him every week, and some weeks every night, from age 13 until now. He has been a constant dream companion for over a decade. I miss him like an ache, even though we haven’t known each other in 8 years, and we have kept in touch only in the minimalist sense(friends on Facebook) I know we were meant for each other in my core, and believe we spent past life time together as well.
    I believe he has some awareness of this connection too, as we share something that is hard to put into words – I reached out to him last year and he jumped at the chance to meet, but when I responded and tried to set something up, he ignored it and that week, became engaged. He is now married, and actually visits my dreams much less now. I know he must be unhappy in his marriage and I have no reason to believe it, but I just do. I know I’ll reconnect with him again after this life, but it is such a hard reality to be faced with – how many more years of missing him are ahead of me? Or should I try to make him remember?

    1. Hi Dreamer,

      Whatever You think that You will have by being with this person is what You are asked to find for yourself first. I can only imagine that it is difficult for You if You are this energetically connected and recognize the connection. Especially when You believe he does not recognize or value this connection. I have heard that although we can feel into another we really have to be honest about what we are picking up and what we are projecting onto another. I suggest that You ask your guides and the universe to support You in recognizing what is in the best interest and highest good for You. Can You trust that the universe has heard your every wish and desire and can put those together into life better than? That it is your job to move now into the mode of allowing those wishes and desires come to You without resisting. The most important thing You can do is prepare and know yourself in the most connected way that brings You joy so that if You are meant to be with this individual You will allow it to happen without any forcing.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  6. I have met my soulmate. I felr that instamt connection. Like i have known them forever. My feelings were so deep and strong. I do believe one day we will be together. It feels as thought things between us are not finished.

    1. Hi Lynda,
      It sounds like You are getting clear information around this. It is an interesting time we live in, taking baby steps towards living fully from love and leaving the fear behind. I hope You find wonderful ways to be love in your completion of the business between You and your soulmate!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  7. Help…I feel my soulmate is waiting for me. In college(1996-97) I met a guy who at first I could not stand. He is a Pisces and I am a Capricorn..so see the irritation from the first beginning? lol, anyway….He asked me out and we meshed very well as if we have always known each other. I remember having serious conversations, willingness to agree to disagree and having gut busting laughter. Infact we both decided on our official dateas a couple would be Thankksgiving day for being thankful that we found eachother! (I think about that every thanksgiving by the way) Till this day I have never been so somfortable around someone. We were really hitting if off, well during our time together, I moved away and I knew he was hurt I felt his pain, heard t in his voice, seen it in his eyes as if he was losing the best thing for him. As I too felt horrible when I moved away…About a year later he saw a mutual friend that had my info and called me up…I was ecstatic to hear from him, he was happy to hear my voice, once again we began talking like no time passed…But this is when he told me that he just had a baby girl. I was happy for him but broken hearted at the same time, could not understand why because we had been broken apart for 1yr and a few months(around 1999).After that conversation, I made a special trip to see him and his baby and then lost all contact…..Fast forward to now (14yrs later) thanks to FB and mutual friends. I sent him a friend request…Immediatly he got my phone number and called me up. This time I’m in a relationship that has been going on for the last 8yrs, I have a 4yrs son and ready to get out by the time my ex contacts me. We talk and he respects the fact that I am in a relationship so he keeps it short and quick. I have to be honest, the little time we spokeIt was once again like we never lost contact, we just picked up where we left of 14yrs before. Because I am in the process of getting out of my current relationship, I feel a serious pull to keep incontact with my ex-who I honsetly feel that the universe keeps trying to put us together. Should I let it be or rekindle a relationship with my old love? Do I slowly ask him about how he feels about our past interactions? He keeps asking me to come to his perfomances but timing once again never works? Will I have to just make a special trip just as I did before, oh and one time I sent him a text that said “I cant help but wonder lately where we would have ended up If I never moved away” his reply..”Lets Just Kiss” see funny but intriguing at the same dame time. HellllllllP

    1. Hi Lovingme1st,
      Love, love, love your user name! Your paths keep crossing and only You can know what your true path is. When You get quiet inside and You think about going to see him, how do You feel? How You feel points You in the right direction. It takes more courage to be honest with someone about how You feel and what You have experienced than most anything else. Can You do that without concern of reciprocation? Are You loving yourself first in rekindling this flame? Is just the thought of a relationship with this person causing You to value yourself more than You would normally? Last question, what do You have to lose?
      Normally it isn’t questions I offer to answer questions and this time I am encouraged to let You know that by answering these questions honestly from a heart centered place, You will have your answer and You will better be able to trust it.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  8. I never believe in the notion of soul mate etc because I though people use the term to try convince others that their connection is special or outside of the world,until I met someone. When I first met this person there were no spark flying nor instant attraction until we went out one night .I wasnt too eager to hang with him because he was already involved with someone overseas. We were just talking about life and personal issues when I suddenly got a mental picture of the universe in which our souls had a connection.I never ever had that happening to me and I questioned myself many times whether or not I created this image in my head.He told me that he has also felt that connection that he cannot describe from our first meeting.We tend to think the same thing simultaneously even when we are miles apart , there is a comfort level between us,like we have known each other all our lives , a closeness and friendship to die for , and out of this world sexually experience.But all this means nothing if he unable to
    commit fully to me and that is the issue.I have tried on many occasions to walk away but we keep going back but walk away I must

    1. Hey DestinyIHearUCalling,
      Isn’t it interesting how things can sneak up on You even if You don’t really believe. I hope on your journey with this one that You are so connected to that You can remember that sometimes it is about being opened to something and allowing that opening in yourself. I agree that without full commitment it is difficult to have a relationship and You must do what feels right for You to do. I do encourage You to consider what it might look like for the two of You to consider transforming the way You come together. Not all of the individuals in our lives that we feel a ‘coming home’ with are meant to be our primary partners. Sometimes they come into our lives to remind us to find a deeper commitment and connection with ourselves. When we do that then the level of commitment and connection deepening with another is possible as well. I hope that this connection has opened You to the possibilities that are within as well as out there for You.
      In heart Centered Awareness,

  9. Doesn’t it bother you that every time you are reborn, every memory you hold most dear of somebody you love is stripped away from you? I’d rather not lose memories of my current husband. I am scared of learning more about my past lives because I don’t think I can handle remembering precious memories that I fought to keep yet still lost.

    How could I forget somebody I pledge eternity to?
    A daughter that I risked my life for?

    The worst part being you can pass them on the street and not even recognize who they are…

    1. Hi Stacy,

      Thank You for sharing here. I strongly believe that remembering or not remembering is a choice, for a reason, and/or agreement. I always intend that what serves me to be conscious of, I am. Imagine if the last act of a play was just stuck in the middle somewhere and did nothing to bring all the rest of the acts to completion.
      This one is a little challenging as well since the concept of time is not linear for me. Past lives/concurrent lives, pledging eternity all suggests that there are many things from a physical perspective we might not have full understanding of. It is the reason Christy and I teach people to more fully connect to the larger part of themselves, the spirit of You. The part of You that understands and is expanding all the time. The part of You that has the capacity for it all and is flowing into your physical existence to the degree that You are willing in any moment. I encourage You to find silence in your physical self and then ask the questions that You feel will most serve You. Watch around in your life for the answers to come while You continue to focus on breathing through any emotion that comes up.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  10. It’s just so uncanny. I met this guy in a game chat room. And I felt this incredibly strong connection instantly. I know him. I feel his presence with me all the time. When I close my eyes at night, I can almost feel his presence. We have both marveled at this. I have never believed in reincarnation. I always thought you lived and then you died – end of story. This is all so new to me. But I can’t argue away that bond. And the strangest of it all is that I constantly feel the need to be hugged by him. Like his arms are my safe haven. A place that I belong. All so strange and new, but utterly mind blowing!

  11. Hi ,I am happily married with a loving family.6 months back I met someone who I feel a deep connection with, I feel I know him for ages but I don’t know how he feels.We met at a class for only 6days,after that its been 4 months since I last saw him ,we do talk occasionally on the phone but I feel a connection ,I don’t think he does.Its like if he is sad ,I am sad.If he is travelling somewhere I know that he is .I feel it when he is happy, sad,not well,I can feel him,see him when I close my eyes,even with open eyes he stands in front of me without being there.
    I sleep I think of him,am awake am with him,I work I feel him ,sometimes I breath I feel him.Its taking over my life,all I do is think about him and wonder if it is happening to him too.I don’t know if I should tell him.
    We share a weird relationship ,sometimes when I call he talks to me, sometimes he just doesn’t take my call.sometimes I just feel like I need to hear his voice just to know that he is fine,when I need him most to know all is well with him he just disappears ,so am emotionally drained out thinking and praying that he is fine.
    In the past 6months I have realised that 1st I was in denial ,then I accepted the fact that he definitely is someone who I have a past life connection.
    I sometimes want to tell him but am not sure whether I should ,I wonder if he will feel it too.
    Someone pls help me ,it’s too difficult for me to handle.I feel am slipping away.My life has come to a stand still.Am neglecting my family n work.
    Another thing is that someone told me he is gay,though he did not say it to me personally, when I asked him he did not comment.
    And he is also single.i don’t know why my heart goes out to him .Like he is looking for something or someone I feel i know that he is looking for me.
    He is like a magnet that pulls me emotionally .
    Can anyone pls help me.

    1. Hi SEbamm,
      Sounds like you’ve met someone you resonates with you on a very deep level. I would do your best to integrate the energy he stirs up and try to ground it. The Heal Yourself program has tools and techniques that could help you with this. I’m sure he feels it too. True soul level love would honor your physical agreements you have going with your family. Do your best to center yourself in this energy. Trust that if it serves you, you’ll find the opportunity to discuss it with him at some point.

      1. Hi Christy,
        Thank you for replying.
        Can you tell me what if he doesn’t feel the connection ,what am i to do?
        Can it be possible that one person feels connected the other doesn’t ?
        Also I always see him hugging me with both of us not saying a word to each other,there is no other physical contact apart from a hug and tears ?what does this mean?
        Sometimes when I close my eyes tears keep rolling out continuously but am not crying ,I don’t understand this.

        When you say that he is someone who resonates with me on a deep level ,r u saying he has been a part of my past life in a big way ,that I owe him something or vice versa?
        Warm Regards,

        1. Hi Christy,
          I wrote to u first in Aug 2013 ,I did not understand at that time what u meant ,I didn’t understand why all this was happening to me but today after nearly four yrs of going through this ,I have to share my experience with all .
          Also first of all thank u for the advice,that u gave me.And yes I did get a chance to share all this with him.

          I donot know how to start but today I feel blessed for having gone through this journey and still going through it.My life has changed.
          From the pain that I carried with me ,the shame ,the guilt,the desire ,the want,the need,the fear ,the anger,the pride, the ego to the courage,the willingness for acceptance,to reason to unconditional love to joy…..my journey continues…..

          I went through depression,I cried for hours ,I didnot know why?why was I crying?why did I remember things that made no sense,memories of another place,memories of this one particular person ,someone I knew and yet I didn’t.Someone who would shake me so powerfully that it shook the earth beneath my feet.
          Another lifetime? I kept looking for answers,and every answer led to another question but I was able to find the answers,when I looked within.
          I had blockages,so I was carrying heavy baggage on my shoulders,I would cry ,I went through cleansing,I went through healing.I broke patterns,I did inner child healing,I started practising forgiveness.
          From a non religious person to the spiritual person that I have become,I have experienced the power of prayer,I have seen the power of chanting a mantra.
          From the person who thought who was weak ,that I was loosing it ,I survived .I went through remembering my past lives(yes lives),and healing the pain ,I meditated ,I prayed, I chanted .I raised my vibration.
          First I did all this for him then I realised that self love is very important .So along with praying for him ,I started to pray for myself too.
          We tend to forget that we need to take care of ourselves too ,I had forgotten that I even existed .
          It was his decision to go away ,it will be his decision to come back.Whenever he is ready.
          Today I am a healer but still healing and learning,going on my journey.
          He came into my life to remind me that I have more to do than what I was doing.He taught me the difference between love and unconditional love.He taught me to have trust and faith and believe in myself.
          And today I think God has sent him as a blessing in my life.
          Some come in our lives to teach us something.
          I have learnt that It is not between them and me but it is between Him and me.Just Him and me.

          Warm regards,

  12. Hi,
    I am married to a great man, whom i love and loves me, but i know he is a life partner rather than a soulmate. I have known someone for years, whom is also married, and with whom I did have this certain click with from the beginning. He has recently come into my life, and I cant help talking to him everyday about everything and nothing. We finish eachothers sentences, I know what he is thinking, I feel him and he scares me to what extent he knows me . Sometimes more than myself, I have described him as the male me. We are too similar its so weird. I have been wondering for so long why this is happening now, and what i should make of this relationship, and I thought I would google it (as you do ) . I believe we met eachother to help eachother. But is this wrong? Even though nothing has happened between us , I feel guilty. How can I clear my mind and know what this is?

    1. Hello,
      Sounds like you’ve met a soulmate, or perphaps a twin soul. We can tell you that twin souls always repsect each other’s physical agreements, even when the spiritual connection is so strong. Please do your best to know that you deserve loving relationships and release your guilt. You sound like you’ve been in integrity. If you feel more communication between you and your husband is called for please follow your guidance. As often, connections outside the marriage come to remind us what is possible, not only with others, but in our current relationships.
      Many blessings,

  13. Hi,

    I believe a man I met 6 months ago through work is a soul mate from a past life. When we first met there was an instant spark as strong as a lightning bolt between us, but only for an instant. I remember walking away from our first meeting and thinking to myself “what just happened?!”.

    He is in a relationship with another woman and has been for the past 6 years however I don’t believe he is truly happy with her but she is safe for him and he is comfortable. I know that we have a deep connection to one another because we are not able to completely distance ourselves from each other.

    I can also sense when he is stressed or unwell. When I see him I feel in complete comfort with him as though he keeps me safe. He makes me feel extremely feminine as he is very much a gentleman and I am very much a lady.

    I get the feeling that we were together in a past life in an Elizabethan era. I don’t feel like we had children however we had lots of land and he had a very successful business.

    In present day, he has a very successful family business that his dad started thirty years ago and he will soon manage. I also have a very successful business and I know that if we ever got together that we could accomplish great things.

    The most important thing for me is that he’s happy. I don’t feel jealous of her, although I would like to be with him as I feel like the universe will dissolve their relationship and bring us together naturally if that is what’s meant to happen.

    All I care about is his happiness and if he is happy with her then so be it. We have never really spoken about the connection as I don’t feel I can with him because he is committed to her. When we catch up for work coffee’s it’s almost like I wish we weren’t in public so we could have this private conversation but I’m not sure if he feels it too.

    Has anyone else experienced something like this before? What is the best thing for me to do? Do I continue going on as we are and see what the universe decides or do I completely distance myself from him and let him live his life free of me?

    1. Hi Oli,
      Thanks for writing. I love that you are so aware and conscious of the past life connection. I would ask your guides to show you the most benevolant course of action for how to handle your relaitonship with him. Then listen. If it’s the most benevolant outcome for all concerned you may have your chance with him. Or perhaps he showed up to remind you of the kind of love you wish to allow in your life next. Judy and I would love to look into this in a reading for you, if you’d like. In either case, your spiritual awareness shows through and your love for him as you are willing to let his current commitment play itself out without interfering.
      In light!

  14. When i saw my professor, let’s call him Mark, it was like he took my breath away. I can’t believe a seemingly mature girl like me could get into this immature kinda thing! And i have a gut feeling that somehow he feels different about me too. Like the other day when he was handing the paper to the whole class, then when he looked at me, the look on his face was kinda awkward, which i find quite surprised. Or maybe i’m having a crush on him so I just become paranoid and imagine impossible things! But anyway, i know nothing could ever happen between us. I just wanna forget him ASAP. But whenever he’s around, i can still feel like he feels something about me too. I know it makes no sense because there’s no way he ever has a crush on one of his students! That’s unethical. I just feel it. It’s hard to explain. And I just walked past him in the street the other day when i was walking to the subway station, he didn’t see me and i didn’t realize it was him until we had already passed each other. He’s the first professor i’ve ever walked past on the street and he doesn’t even live near there. I hope it means something.

    1. Hi Amanda,
      It sounds like You are sensitive to the energetic connections that we all have to others. As we all know there is a stronger connection with some people than others. We have moved into a time when connections come to our attention more than ever. It is challenging to understand why this person or that one sometimes. Often people we connect with are a reminder to reconnect on a deeper level with ourselves first and foremost. From that greater connection with the larger part of ourselves comes a clear path to what serves in connection with another. Connect with your self first, providing for yourself what You think would be the positive outcomes of connecting with another, and then see what is next. Your ability to imagine the happiness of connection is more important than societal beliefs, as long as what You imagine is in alignment with what You believe.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  15. Well as many, I met a man that I feel is my soulmate. We had been working on a job site and one day our eyes connected and itwas as if we were reuniting…What a strange feeling it was. I kept the thought in my mind for several weeks until one day I walked into the office and there he was. As if my long lost love had shown up at my doorstep. We shared a few minutes of conversation, then he continued with his meeting. As soon as he left I asked my fellow workmate about him. He was married… Oh well I thought, I suppose my feeling was wrong. Several days later I receive a call, it was him. Asking for advise on a work related issue. We spoke for over an hour, we have been connected ever since. I am older than him, but know that we have been guided to share a moment in our lives together. What this moment will bring I do not know. We can feel each other from a distance, we share so many common likes and share so much passion for the beauty that surrounds us. We talked today about our relationship, we so love each other it is much more than passion, it is deep within our souls, I mentioned to him that I know that we have had a passionate love for one another in another life time. He agreed, we were adventurers together. I asked him to think about this and the next time we meet to share our thoughts of our past life together (we called it our story), he said that he had so many memories of us, he was older than I, he mentioned much older. We shared a love for nature, rode horseback everywhere, I mentioned that I felt like there was an amazing river where we would share many times together. I have contemplated our relationship for so many months, there was this underlying guilt in my thoughts, it is there every once and a while, I often wonder if he and his spouse share emotions as deep as ours. I have never ask him about his relationship with his wife. I know that have a wonderful friendship and they will share the rest of this life together. This saddens me, but the joy of our moments is too precious to let go of. I feel I should let go, but I know in my heart and soul that we have only begun this journey, I feel we are meant to learn something very valuable from one another, and if I let go, my journey will not be complete.
    Please advise

    1. Hi Daydmtucson,

      You, as so many are experiencing these days, have a connection. It sounds like a very strong spiritual/energetic connection. There is so much value in recognizing these connections. Often they are a strong catalyst in our own personal, emotional, spiritual growth. Something that I hold strong too is the understanding that spiritual connections have high integrity and always recognize and respect man made agreements. I do wish more of humanity was willing to also recognize spiritual agreements and believe that as we all remember our spiritual origins that this will change. If You find ways to feel good about this connection and stay in integrity with your agreements I can see the fulfillment of the value You see in this connection/friendship. It may not always be in physical and your openness to experience this connection on all levels will also serve greatly.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  16. I wanted to jump in and state that I am with my soulmate. We are going on 20 years and we met when we were 15. I felt sparks the first time we met and I looked into his eyes. We’ve had things in life happen to us that caused short separations and we’ve learned to forgive and move past any negativity that resides in the past. Even with the knowledge of who we were, which was not very respectful of each other as we were learning how to mature, we still both admit that we would do it all over again because each of us was worth it. To be where we are now and to have the future we have in front of us creates great enjoyment.

    I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. I couldn’t imagine what the trials and tribulations of my past would have been like in my life had he not been in it.

    I enjoy seeing him each and every day. I enjoy the sparkle in his eyes when he looks at me with love. I enjoy the words of others when they say, “I have to meet the man that makes your eyes light up like that.”

    I don’t fear that he will leave or we will split when we argue; it’s just a spat that needed to happen at that moment from stress or whatever outside source is impacting us at that moment. I enjoy the idea that the argument that just happened will be the only one for approximately 4-6 months.

    I enjoy his presence around me that makes me feel safe, secure, grounded. I enjoy that he says I do the same for him by just being there. I enjoy him being the complete opposite person to who I am. I enjoy that if I’m overreacting, he is my voice of reason and if he is being too firm on a subject, I am his break from his norm.

    I was going to say I was sorry for writing so much, but I am not sorry at all. I have enjoyed my time with my love. I am enjoying my present with my love. I look forward to and envision the greatness he and I together will tackle the future with.

    I would hope in life that everyone would get to experience the magnitude of what I have experienced so far.

    Thank you for letting me share.

    1. Hi Christine,

      I really appreciate your sharing here. It is always wonderful to hear someone is living their dreams and experiencing joy!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  17. I really like what you say about spiritual agreements and past lives. My current partner, I feel, like we made an agreement before we came to the planet to have a child together. We weren’t really involved together and do not have an emotional connection, hence why our wedding got cancelled. After the wedding was cancelled I ended up pregnant. We do not agree on a lot but we do agree on everything to do with raising a child. I’m not afraid of doing this “mission” together although I don’t feel like this is my soul mate.
    I recently did my tarot cards and it strongly signaled that a higher power was at work and that it is all for the best.

    Recently before this, I also met a man who is like the male version of me. He knew the connection too and I drove him home and this song called “Past lives” comes on the radio and he just takes my hand and looks me in the eyes and practically said that’s me. And I didn’t think it was crazy. We are both involved in whatever business we have to attend to right now but it strongly feels like we have unfinished business. Even though we can’t be together it feels like we will always be together. I do need to tell him that I recognize the connection too. I guess I wasn’t wanting to admit it to myself because I was set to be married. It feels like we’re from the same planet. Even his family. It is so strange. I guess I will find out what this all means in due time.

  18. I met my soulmate at a young age, I fell in love with his art before I ever actually met him. He is older than me, so I was very immature about our connection, I didnt know how to express myself and I was battling some inner demons at the time. Although time has pasted, I still feel the same connection. He’s probably my twin soulmate. We separated for awhile, and I experienced alot of spiritual growth when we were separated. I moved away since then, and I miss him. I’m not sure if he recognizes me.. Although, I know in my soul, if/when it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Until then I’ll build myself a life we can enjoy together.

  19. I have met mine. It’s very very hard for me.
    To see my best friend I had during 1920’s.
    It took me awhile to recognize her.
    Once I did the emotions came pouring out.
    I in turn remember my past life from that time.
    Something that has been behind my eyes for
    a very long time.
    For some reason we are meant to be together again.

  20. Hellloooo. I am nervous typing this. Well, where to start. I am a 37 year old, 11 year celibate gay male, and I met someone August 2013, itself an strange and AWESOME year for me. It took me weeks, maybe, to realize not just who, but what this person is. He is….something else. I am also a very, very strong believer in Christ Jesus. And I know for a fact, that God Himself does not (because He cannot) make a mistake in this physical world. This young man, “K”, was born April 3, 1995. I was conceived April 3, 1976. I have NEVER felt this way about another human being. I have had 2 romantic, mostly healthy relationships with females, and a long, lonely bro-mance, with a guy, also an Aries, like “K”. I have not seen “K” since December 16. I do not obsess over other humans and I live a completely normal, full-time, sober, active, thinking, participating life full of friends and family and Facebooking and prayer, but this young man will NOT leave me be in my thoughts. I feel so unusual about this. He has me SPUN. -Joshua (J before K)

    1. Hi Joshua,
      Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you’ve met someone who has you hoping. I’m sure the path will unfold in a way that serves both of your highest good.
      In light,

  21. Hi, here is my weird story. I grew up abused and when in high school met a boy who showed me love like I never new. I think we held hands but Iloved him. I know I had a lot of Isues and I messed up. He slept with my friend at the time and got her prepregnant. My heart broke in so many ways, I honestly closed it off. I used to sing and music was a personal thing we shared. I stopped singging. I hated music and became unemotional to it. This was back in 95.

    I grew up got married had seven children. I did not believe in God or life after death, I did not believe in love till I had my own child.

    In 2009 I gave birth to an angel. He had 2 rare forms of brain cancer and he led me to God, and I was shown the spiritual world and spiritual connections and gifts. Its now 2014 and I was contacted threw fb from all these childhood friends. It was the first time I though of the boy who held they key to my heart I was eager to find out how he was. I became obsessed for three days. I finally came across his picture and those spiritual gifts started to take over. His picture looked at me as if he was infront of me. I dropped my computer on the floor. I cried out what did you do. I feel to my knees and prayed. I began to sing Amazing Grace, I gave not sang. I felt the holy spirt in ftont of me, I said I will carry his cross. I will take up for his sins, I cried and talked about him as if I new him. I was willing to give up my pkace in heaven if it ment he would be safe and with his loved ones. As you read this please know this is all happening faster then my brain can processes it. I know things I really dont know. I said to him call out his name, take his hand and leave this place. Your chains are gone, you have been set free. I felt a love for him and a willingness to sacrifice my eternal place as long as he was safe. I have not thought of this boy since the 94.

    since this I have agreed to acept this gift or curse from God and told him if the spiritual relm is were he needed me to do his work show me what to do. Things started changing. He came to me. That day I set him free he asked me a question my ears did not hear him but I said yes. It has haunted me what he asked me.

    so I find myself meditating, and he comes forward. I ask god to confirm tjis is real and not my head making this up. We talked, he reveled to me that when he took his own life he was shown his past. He told me he new I was ment to save him, he just did not know to how it would happen. He told me he looked into my past things I never told him or anyone and he was so sorry for us not working out. He asked me if I wanted to know what he asked me that I had agreed to. I said of course. He said it was revieled to him that we were soulmates. He said he new I would save him the second he remember meeting me all tjose years ago. He was reminded of that connection. However he said he was blown away by the love of my spirit. That I freely told God I would live eternity in hell if he would be saved, because I new with gods love I could survive hell, but I could not watch him suffer. He needed to be were he would see his children again. He said that kind of love he wanted and waited to feel his whole life, and with me not knowing or understanding what was happening my obediance to do what god asked and have such a love, he was told I was his soulmate. He then asked me when I die will I spend eternity with him. He told me to l8ve my husband and to love life for he is always with me and when I die he is waiting for our life to start. He told me my love is a gift from God and he and some family I did not know even cared about me loved me and claimed me as theres. …. I feel more conceted and loved in the spirit world then I do in this one. Part of me knows my brain could not have made this up as it all happened so fast and in meditation. But I also know its a out there thing and I really have no experience in the spiritual world. Any one have experience with this?

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Sounds like you set your heart free. You’re open and loving heart is the connection and way to communicate with loved ones who’ve crossed over. You’ve surrendered your personal will to be an instrument of divine love and light. Always trust your own spiritual intuition and communication. Know that you’re not making it up. You are open and willing, so the information and messages can come through for you.
      In loving light,

  22. I believe that I might have actually found my soul mate, someone who I was connected to at one time. When I look at him, this overwhelming feeling of familiarity comes over me, as if I’ve been with him, as if I’ve touched his face before, as if we were connected. Everything about him, his mannerisms and his speech, the way he walks, everything is so familiar to me, as if he and I have spent years and years together.
    The only thing is, I have never even spoken to him, and in fact we are complete strangers to each other. I happen to see him every day, on my commute going to work. When I first noticed him I gave no thought to him, except I noticed how he was always looking at me, or choosing his seat to sit near me, or walking very near me upon exiting the train. Again, I didn’t think anything of it and thought that we were just simply attracted to each other until one day we came within very close proximity of each other while exiting the train and I felt…..some kind of real physical reaction. Like my stomach dropped, my heart was pounding so loud in my head and my knees shook. And any time after that, any time we are near each other, there’s like a magnetic pull. I can feel like a strange sensation of being pulled to him, and he tends to hover and lean into me and when I’m near him I feel, comfort and safe and secure. A feeling of “I belong here, standing next to this man.”
    I should mention that this has been going on almost every day for close to 10 years and that I’m a grown woman and not a lovesick teenager! And I should also mention that he is not my type at all. He’s not someone I probably would have ever considered dating when I was single. And I’m not his type either, that’s for sure. Yet, we are so very drawn to each other. I can tell he’s drawn to me as I am drawn to him. But we are both married, and I don’t want to ruin anything at home, and I’m sure he feels the same.
    But I do have this unquenchable insane desire to just be with him, or talk to him, or laugh with him or just hold his hand. And sometimes, we make eye contact and it has me reeling, his eyes almost change color when our eyes connect, it’s like they’re bursting with color. For too many years this has been going on and I’ve felt so confused for so long about WHY I felt so strongly about this person that I do not know. And so I’m writing here today because, I want to figure out a way to…maybe help HIM to also see that maybe we are connected. I’ve tried to reach out a few ways; a random smile, an attempt at conversation, but anytime we get into that kind of situation he is like a deer in headlights!! I feel that if maybe he and I just TALKED then we can both get some kind of closure, (or maybe I could get some kind of closure on these very strong feelings I have for him). Or maybe a beautiful friendship can come of it. I just know that I have very strong feelings for this person, and I wish I could know if he feels the same way so that I could quiet my soul!

    1. Hi Sofia,

      It sounds like You have a perfect inspiration for accepting your wholeness. For many when coming in contact with a strong clear mirror, they believe it is to be with them physically. When in reality for most it is a beautiful call back to ‘Self’. Watch for ways You can gain greater connection with the spiritual/larger part of You and trust in the evolution of any other connections that come from that.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness.

    2. After reading your post I’m in tears because it’s exactly my story with a coworker…I know now I didn’t imagine these things to be silly if at all meaningful. .but life is strange and the journey is full of signs. ..and not all of them just our imagination.

  23. I strongly feel I have met my soulmate. We have this deep, warm connection and I feel as though we could talk forever. I hope to get to know him better in the future and need guidance of what to do next.

    1. Hi Elle,
      I’m so happy for you. We would love to give You support by connecting with you in a reading and give you specific and practical guidance.
      Thanks for being in touch.

  24. The questions you ask in you blog have finally led me to an answer, to a deeper understanding. And I am very thankful for that. I
    I have met a man 1.5 years ago and we had an instant connection. He has been so important to me and my personal transformation although our relation is purely platonic. But I feel a deep love and connection, and yes I have clear visions of our past lives together. But every time I wanted to open up to him he stepped away, couldn’t deal with it. I think I feel his fear somehow. And still we are colleagues and love each others company.
    My love for him is huge! And it drives me crazy sometimes because I long to be with him. So in despair I found your website because I wanted to find out the meaning of our coming together. I had a meditation on it, asked my angels for help, and now I know: I have to help him to believe in himself, to connect him to his heart. i now Realize that he already asked me to do this…
    And there is my biggest fear, I have promised myself that I would never ever help a lover/boyfriend anymore. Because I have lost myself doing that while I was married to a narcissistic husband. So there it is, a beautiful learning experience for both of us.
    I don’t know how I will put this into action but the universe will help me with I guess 🙂 perhaps you have some tips.
    Already grateful,
    Love W

    1. Hi W,
      I loved hearing the answer You received. What if helping him to believe in himself and connect to his heart isn’t about helping him and completely about doing this for yourself? In order for him to find his way it might take You finding greater understanding for yourself and then sharing your journey with him. I know when someone asks me for help these days my job is to hold them in the greatest vision I can imagine and flow love to that vision. Of course if someone asks me to pick up something at the store I am willing 😉 When it comes to personal growth I am witness and a loyal disciple of the most benevolent outcome for them, that I can not really ever know for another. I believe as You increase your awareness around connecting to your heart and hold a trusting vision of things being exactly how they are meant to be You will find a new joy in the relating.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    2. That’s interesting how his soul called on to you but now he is scared. ..I’m going through the same. Just be patient and Love will not fear. The Love that exists radiates out of you unto him through the Universe….it’s the Truth.

  25. I don’t what happened since last year .
    But just recently I met somebody online
    we are so connected she says feels me I feel her.
    we are both psychic. I can’t stop thinking her about my heart
    wants jumps out my chest. She’s wee bit younger than me
    But in some way it doesn’t bother me nor her we haven’t met yet?
    There is child theme I keep seeing with us.
    I see it over and over again.
    This is really unknown by even by standards

    1. Hi Cary,
      It sounds like a twin soul dynamic to me. So often twin soul dynamic gets confused with the way we relate in relationship. The twin soul dynamic will always be most valuable if each individual remembers that the other is there to be a clear reflection of self. It is the coming home to self that the twin gives us the greatest opportunity for. When You and she balance and fully own the masculine and feminine energies within yourselves any physical connection can be stable. I celebrate the two of You and trust that if You listen to the voice of spirit and be grounded in the source that You are then the path will be full of life and understandings.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  26. Me and this one guy have had a connection since we were 8. I am 38 and he is 40. To this day there is a sense of familiarity, uncanny feeling. How do I communicate through spirit world that if he is my soul mate then please unite us? I know he feels the same but life took us in different directions. Thanks-

    1. Hi Donna,
      It seems You just have communicated to spirit in your words. Both Christy and I send with any words the concept that we trust source to know how to bring about the most benevolent outcome and the best situation for us. It is the times when You get quiet that it is easiest to hear the other side of the conversation. Source is always speaking to us and when we are clear and willing then we can hear what serves us most in our direction and ability to manifest what it is we choose. Remember the Universe hears everything You want and has the ability to streamline and combine in ways we could never imagine. Here is to your most benevolent outcome!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  27. About a month ago I saw this guy at a meeting (we work under the same company). I didn’t even see all of him or his face really because there were a lot of people there and I was at a distance; but that moment I caught a glimpse of him, in my mind I asked myself “who’s that?” Later during the meeting he introduced himself and there was an instant attraction and recognition. There have been many times since then where we’ve exchanged looks and locked eyes. Every time I see him and leave the meeting without talking to him (we haven’t spoken to eachother yet) I feel disappointed and a little frustrated and empty inside; time is just making these feelings worse. Sometimes I get the goosebumps thinking about him and at those times I feel him thinking about me. What does all this mean to you?

    1. Hi Sara,
      It sounds like you have a connection with him. Stay open and allow yourself to be guided. Sometimes it is meant to turn into a relationship. Other times, a meeting like this is meant to awaken soul level magic within you.

  28. Hi,
    About 16 years ago I had an instant overwhelming feeling at the first site of this man. A few months later I saw him again and it felt like my heart hit the floor! Well after that we ended up starting a relationship and of course it had its struggles we were young and forced to grow up to soon because of our family surroundings. For the next 7 years after our initial meeting no matter what happened, no matter how much time passed he always came back to me, it was always like a strong magnetic pull between us! I seriously thought that one day our hearts would be in the same place at the same time, and there would be nothing to stop us!
    Well, he fought the connection between us and couldn’t commit. He ended up getting someone pregnant and tried to do the family thing! my life had to move on without him. These last few years I have felt myself go into these weird lost dark places. You know when you wake up in the morning and see yourself in a mirror and say WTF, who is that and how did they get here!!! So instead of facing myself I found distractions, I distracted myself by trying to help, fix, and carry the burdens of loved ones in trouble!
    It’s been about 9 1/2 years since I’ve seen or heard from the man mentioned earlier, in that time i always had super vivid dreams of him, every time i would wake up with heartache and furious of his decision! THEN a couple weeks ago he confided in a mutually known person between us, which of course got back to me! I had to reach out to him and freak out about what was said! Since then we have been messaging a bit. Ugh, I feel like my heart is whole again when we talk, but the hurt begins all over again when I can’t! Since he has reappeared i have been forced to face myself more than i have EVER allowed in the last 5 years! Honestly that part is starting to feel great because I’m starting to put the pieces of my puzzle back together again, and visualize what I need to do in order to get where I am supposed to be! The pain of the separation between us never seems to go away!

    1. Thank you for sharing here. This is something many are dealing with during this increased energy and awareness over the last couple years. It is so important to remember that every time it is a call to come ‘home’ to ‘Self’. It is wonderful to think about sharing this fabulous connection in an everyday way. AND unless you are willing to really know yourself as divine and release anything that resists that, the connection would be diminished as well in an everyday way. It sounds like you have already come to understand this!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  29. The strangest thing happened today and I really don’t know what to think about it. To be honest I really have never believed in the soul mate thing and I mean no disrespect to those who do. There has been a man working at our house a couple of times. My first impression was that he seemed very friendly and kind and that was about it. Today he came to the door to tell me he was finishing work for the day. He started to chat and asked me if I was born in July, he had a feeling that I had a loving, kind heart but kept some secrets around me. He asked when my husband was born and I told him in August. He then said that my husband is very stubborn … well that is completely true and I started to become a bit intrigued. He then told me that he felt an instant sort of connection to me, that he was a bit embarrassed telling me but did I feel it as well ? Had I dreamt about him ?
    Then he told me his heart was beating really fast and asked me to feel his heartbeat, it was so surreal, so I did and his heart was really racing. He asked to feel my heartbeat, at this point, I thought he was just trying to cop a feel of a boob and was trying to hit on me and I said No. He then literally ran out of the front door and seemed really embarrassed. What on earth was that all about. I have been married 27 years and wouldn’t recognise someone coming on to me, I just think they are being friendly 🙂

    1. Hi Alison,
      It becomes confusing if a person adds a whole bunch of meaning to a connection that they are experiencing. A strong spiritual connection does not have to mean primary or sexual relationship. When individuals that feel the kind of connection you experience let it be innocent and develop naturally then budding friendships and spiritual connections get to blossom in ways that serve everyone. Practical advice is to pay attention to your breathing when you are trying to sort this connection out so that it can happen in a grounded serving way.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  30. Hi and Happy New Year. It’s now Jan 2nd, 2015 and I have been on this mission to figure out this almost dreamlike roller coaster of soulmate mystery since Dec 18th, 2014, a date that doesn’t leave my mind. Anyway, hoping to get my point across in the shortest way possible might be hard to do.

    So, there is a man which I suddenly feel a much stronger connection with. He is my doctor. Ten years ago I needed a certain specialized doctor and was new to the area and decided with so many doctor choices that I would make a make a decision based on good looks and location. Lol
    Well there were several cute doctors and this man wasn’t the cutest but still handsome for his age I guess. When I looked at his picture posted on websites I seemed to be more drawn to him, to his eyes as though maybe I was looking for trust. I read the abouts & reviews on several docs, looked at each of their pics a few times but just kept going back to this guys photo more and more. There was some kind of attraction that seemed soothing so I picked him. So now it gets a little weird.

    Since my first visit with him in person (10yrs ago) and each time after, in his presence I have always felt trust, confidence and a sense of safety which is a great thing but at the same time a shyness as if he could feel or know what I was thinking. Because of this I always try not to look at him very long and just stay on topic of discussion; why I am there. But then every time I left his office I would be so mad at myself that I didn’t say more. It felt like I was being rude or snobby because I wouldn’t entertain any small talk. His bedside manner is perfect and he’s a very well known, well liked award winning doctor in his field. So now let’s skip forward.

    On Dec 18,14 something changed. I decided in haste, with my heart just pounding away, to finally “speak” more than just the simple “Hi, I’m good” static answer I routinely give. Being that I am always so inspired and in awe by his gorgeously eclectic choice in decor for his practice and beautiful feminine large artwork, I used that as my “topic” of discussion the moment he walked through the door even before he could say a word.
    I complemented him on his choice of office decor throughout and asked “Who shops and decorates for you?” With delight, he grinned and replied, “No one shops for me and I do this myself.” I continued with “Omg, really? I love it all!” He responded with Thank you. Would you like a tour? (lol, which we obviously didn’t have time for) Of course I said YES, but not now.. I’m sure he could see delight in my eyes but my heart was racing and that close connection or attraction I’ve always known just went from like a 10 score to over 9000!!! He’s not my regular kind of cute but for some reason I am so certain that he is someone I am supposed to be with and here’s why… Every time I have left his office for the past 10yrs, I feel incomplete for the next few weeks until the feeling fades. I will literally miss him. Each time I am in his presence, in his practice, I feel so many positive emotions; happiness, creative, proud, refreshed and so much more, but also strong enough to take on anything. Whether it be an emergency visit or not, I just can not speak when he looks at me. There is something else to tell you as well which i know is very odd… A very bold but honest thing to mention to you is; somehow there is some way that he makes me feel so deep inside and real that the next day after seeing him, like clock work, I begin my menstrual cycle in 24 hours. It doesn’t matter if it’s not time for my period to start or not. I swear this man indirectly does something to me. That is the weirdest thing but it’s true and on all my calendars. These dates will coinside with my visits and of course that makes them irregular but lasting a shorter time by 2 to 3 days. But how do you explain that he makes me tick? (lol) He peaks my female hood, but how?
    So I wonder within him if he feels anything different too. My soul must feel a very strong connection if I can be this extreme about him. What kind of mate could he be? I can’t stop thinking about him and that my time is running out!

    I have done so much reading & research to find answers since then. Before my visit was over its like instinctively my gut knew what to do without crossing my boundaries of our patient/doctor relationship to make him notice me. Then the first four days were spent turning my thoughts & emotion into art. While I try to enjoy every moment he is on my mind, I am also searching for clues & answers. It feels like I have short window of time to complete this mission so I am rushed to be quick and confident. By doing my own homework, I have felt much like a stalker (lol) but learning more and more that this work with us IF I don’t scare him away or he doesn’t tell me that’s just creepy to stay away. I have researched our biorhythms, numerologies, psychometrics, horoscopes, etc to recheck my intuitions… but I will never tell him that. (At least not for now It’s a very strange feeling to be obsessing over someone who you know nothing about. And even stranger to have a stranger approach you about some fantasized destiny the two of you may share. So I am really hoping to do this right the 1st time. If I screw this up then I could even lose him as my doctor if he chooses. He knows more about me than I do him physically but spiritually I feel like I know him more. I’ve researched his full name & birthdate.in comparing our biorythyms shows that we have identical emotional biorhythms and on a compatibility level all of our other br’s are increased by each other when they are low and vice versa. Plus everything else I have done comparisons on are all positive results. So 95% of me knows he feels this too but what if I am wrong? I have never ever felt something this crazy with anyone. To believe in love at 1st sight, twin flames or soul mates seems extremely rare to me. However, I do have natural spiritual & emotional intellect, I believe in law of attraction and havnate outstanding gift of empathy. I have found our religions and heritages are different but also much a like in beliefs. He could easily have been praying that the right soul to be brought to him and for a sign that this person is for him.
    Despite his age, which is 13yrs older, and despite he’s not my typical boyfriend material, I feel so deeply connected. His cell rang during my appt (which was supposed to be on silent, he said it never happened before) ..but he paused first, then answered. I never paid any attention the the words after “Hello, who is this?” because I was in awe for a few moments falling in love with the facts that I had just learned. That he had my taste in exquisite arts & antiques and now music too!? His slight pause were moments my heart spent in pitter-patter because his choice of ring tone matched mine; Frank Sinatra! -Omg, so are our guides trying to bring us together?.. I don’t know for sure. But he still owes me a tour. (lol) At this point I don’t even know how long he was on the phn or what he spoke about but it was clearly a mistake he says that never happens to have his phn ring during the day. (•_•)

    When I left that day, time just stood still. I was in my own world for hours. I just replayed every short episode of events that took place in my mind several times. And beyond that, all I could think about was creating a big beautiful watercolor painting to give to him that expresses how much he inspires me in so many ways. But it needs to be a secret gift, a delivery soon with no sender info so that he has no clue where it came from. I want him to first fall in love with my artistic ability and fantasize who could do this.
    I will express in an unsigned letter attached to the back of the painting that this is a gift created with a spiritual passion. How unstoppable & creative he makes me feel and that I appreciate him on a another whole level etc.. I have not signed my art with anything more than my initials and a date. He will most likely hang it in his office because it’s the only place left to hang any artwork. And hopefully each day he will admire, wonder & appreciate it like I do him.

    I have several more appts coming up between now and my surgery date. And I think on that morning before surgery as he holds my hand I will ask him if understands my art. This should surely bring a shocking grin and answer his question, and hopefully mine too! Doctors are never allowed to pursue a patient so he does not have to act on anything but at least he will know how I feel. It will be somewhat romantic and private between the two of us, and just maybe his heart will beat with mine. If it was meant to be then more can flourish from there. That would count as me pursuing him, which is okay, not the other way around. Before any other surgery I’ve always told him, “I trust you. Just take care of me and don’t let it hurt.” His answer is “I promise!” ….only this time he will learn just a little bit more.

    I am very anxious to hear back from anyone who wishes to share their thoughts in the matter.
    Thank you in advance! <3 (and I hope no typos)

    (((well I guess to get the full picture there really is no short version but I wanted to share this somewhere and to someone who can appreciate it with understanding.))

    1. Hello Leisa,
      Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you are listening very closely. A reminder that your breath is always a good thing to focus on, to stay centered, while you navigate through what you are choosing to do.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  31. Hello, I first crossed paths with this guy around 8 months ago . From the minute , we met he felt so familiar to me . And I felt so drawn to him . It was so overwhelming .We locked eyes and stared at each other so many times and we both know we have some sort of connection . I have felt embarassed about it as this is not how I behave normally .Even though , we barely said a few words to each other , we have this mutual understanding and respect for each other . We keep crossing paths with each other . I find that so funny and weird but it makes my day whenever that happens . However he is in a relationship . Obviously , I would rather forget about him . I have requested the universe to make our paths stop crossing so that I can move on . But my prayers haven’t been answered and this has been going on for 8 months now …Thanks.

    1. Hello Sandy,

      It is hard when you recognize this connection and feel it is not something you can act on. You can act though in letting the connection remind you to come back to yourself. We are always being reminded that we are whole and often soul mate connections are for just this reason. You do not need anyone to complete you. So when you are able to see your path crossings as a blessing, you will know that you are moving closer to recognizing yourself as whole.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  32. I’ve been in a relationship for nine years, he’s a wonderful man and I couldn’t ask for anyone to be kinder to me or love me more. Unfortunately I’m just not in love with him and never have been. There’s no attraction there for me, only friendship. I know this is not how he feels about me, so the relationship is very unbalanced.

    At the end of last year I met someone online and I felt this instant connection, it went beyond music and films and books right down into who we are. I’ve had friends online and even been attracted to them, but never felt anything like this. We started writing letters, but I’d delay mine in an effort to not give him the wrong impression. But over the past few weeks the longing has just become unbearable and I’ve had to give in. I think about him constantly. I’m in my early thirties and have never experienced anything like this before, the need to be speaking to him, writing to him or hearing from him is a constant pain inside me. I have butterflies and I feel dizzy, I can’t eat or concentrate. I feel like we’ve finally been reunited and every moment when we aren’t communicating is like losing him all over again. He just knows the oddest things about me and the level of honesty between us within the shortest space of time is just incredibly strange. A few things are leading me to believe that he may have been a sister that I loved dearly in one of the lives that I’ve recalled, and for whose happiness I died at a young age. Our connection often centres around childhood and we are both only children in this life, as if we were missing a sibling!

    I can’t say if he feels exactly the same way (because who would admit to what I’ve just written!), but he’s told me how much he’s attracted to me and that he thinks about me throughout the day and feels the same rare connection. I once read that you may have crossed paths with your soul mate before, but weren’t ready to meet them and, despite living at opposite ends of the country, we’ve realised we were stood within a few feet of each other about twelve years ago. And the strange thing is that somehow I already knew. I knew he’d been in that room, but I was scared to ask because I knew how much having this confirmed would affect me.

    He knows I’m not free and he has some level of commitment himself, but we’ve agreed to keep writing and to meet up in a few months and see how we feel in person and to see if the whole world tilts on its axis. The guilt is tearing me up, and being with him would mean sacrificing the majority of my friends, but I do try to keep telling myself that I’ve made no promises to my current partner, we aren’t engaged and we don’t even live together, I’ve held off commitments because I know he’s not The One, even though I love him dearly. The thought of hurting him is unbearable (even though I’ve had brief thoughts about leaving for a very long), but I feel like I can’t let the chance of being with my soulmate slip through my fingers, so I’ve had to allow myself this daydream. Is it wrong, do you think? If we take things slowly and try to figure out our connection without hurting anyone unnecessarily? Does it sound like it could be a soulmate connection to you?Thank you so much for being there.

    1. Hello Jean,

      This definitely sounds like a soul mate connection, maybe even a twin soul. Is there a reason that you would put your happiness and connection after another’s? You say yourself that you are not in love with your current relationship. Whether or not this soul connection is one you would like to move forward with it sounds like you are being encouraged to further your connection with yourself. That is always the most important piece to any connection. Look for the connections that remind you that you are whole, divine and connected. Whether you are in relationship or not. If you further develop your relationship with yourself then any relationship that supports that will blossom and the relationships that no longer serve fall away with love. Listen to yourself and trust in the direction in takes you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Judy,

        Thank you so very much for your reply, it has been a great comfort to me and your advice is extremely helpful.

        Since I wrote my first comment it has become clear that the man I believe to be my soul mate is experiencing similar feelings and memories. To the point of saying that he feels a “sibling” connection (as I said, I think he may have been my sister) as well as an attraction to me. He told me he feels we have a shared past that never existed, that he gets a safe and homely feeling when he thinks of me and even asked if I ever wondered if we’d been married in another life! He’s hoping, as I do, that when we meet some of these questions might be answered.

        We are meeting for the first time in a week, after writing and speaking on Skype for a few months. I feel that by knowing him my life has been put on the right track again, I’m braver and bolder and more confident in everything I do. I’ve rekindled friendships I regretted losing and my life feels so much more fulfilling.

        Thank you again, I’m following my heart and my intuition on this and most of all my sense of self. I truly believe this is the path I meant to take.

        1. Just wanted to give you one last update, and to give hope to anyone experiencing doubt about their feelings. Eight days after meeting our connection was so strong that we ended up signing the lease for a house! We’ll be moving in together in a couple of weeks, 200 miles away from my current home! I’m hopeful for the future for the first time in forever. Thanks again for your support. x

  33. So…I don’t even know where to begin. about 4 months ago, i met someone on a dating app. it’s silly to think that one can have such a connection over messaging. I felt like i could be myself for the first time, like i didn’t have anything to hide. we continued to message each other and the attracted kept growing. i had this thought that i could see myself marrying him one day. i also never really believed in soul mates because i have never been in love, more did i really believe in love. that was until i met him. suddenly i found myself wanting to be in a relationship with him, i felt completely naked with him. i told him things i’ve never really told anyone. it’s strange no matter how much i try to fight it, i find myself telling him things i would have never told anyone. i find myself sharing my thoughts and feeling which i never share. we often have the same, or similar thoughts that have him saying “great minds” of the 4 months, we’ve only met twice. we talked a lot everyday. but the one day he took me on a little road work trip…i was feeling nervous thinking that things might get awkward if things got quiet. i had butterflies at first, but then i found myself so at peace sitting next to him, so in the moment. i felt so calm and that sharing the silence and listening to music as he drove…it was something i’ve never felt before. even when we were eating lunch that day, we usually have so much to talk about when we text or talk on the phone, but siting face to face, all i could do was smile and stair at him…looking into each others eyes and having the best conversations ever. it felt almost like i couldn’t think, and even if i wanted to talk to him, i couldn’t my mind was just blank. i think we both felt something that kept us from talking…all we could do was look at each other. of course we did say some things here any there. it was nice. i started to believe that he was my soul mate. how else would i have felt like i have known him for years. now my questions is…how do I know he felt the same? i drove him away one weekend because i was so emotionally overwhelmed and acted on it because i have never felt this way about anyone, never felt such an intense attraction, and had such feelings for anyone. i told a friend that it felt like i’ve waited my whole life to meet him. then i screwed up and he pulled away and has since ignored me. he’s been on my mind a lot, and when i started to feel content and ready to work on myself to be happy, i would get feelings of sadness that would creep up on me, and then it makes me think of him all over again, and my heart will start pounding…i’m so confuse as to what is going on. how can I get him back or ask the universe to lead us back to each other?

    sorry, about this long message.

    1. oh, and sometimes when i text him first, he would sometimes tell me that he was just about to text me…as if we both picked up the phone at the same time…just that i was faster then he was. it’s hard to explain, and it makes me sound a bit crazy for feeling or thinking this way. but i feel like he’s the one….and the one that got away. how can i lead him back to me when he’s not answering any of my text or answering my calls. we’ve never fought so, his disappearing like this is painful. i remember crying my heart out and feeling like my heart was going to burst. what do i do?

    2. Hello Pauline,

      Can you trust that the Universe already has this all worked out? If you are overwhelmed then it might be possible that he is also overwhelmed. We have these crazy expectations of relationships and what they are supposed to look like and how they are to play out. By allowing yourself to be happy and staying in the present you have a greater chance of allowing something to evolve with this someone. Every relationship we partake in is for us to see where we are are in allowing and receiving in life. Joy and happiness are always available and now it looks like it is time for you to recognize how you might be keeping yourself from seeing that. When your heart feels like it might burst, focus on your breath and the feeling that you believe a good outcome would bring you. Keep doing this until it is a natural reaction and then see if you can allow the Universe to bring you that feeling in the details of your life. It is not our job to work out the details or even what those details are to be, just to remove the barriers that we have to love coming to us.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Hi Judy,

        I have since asked that the universe lead us back to each other. as of lately, I don’t know if it’s just a coincident…but every movie, or show i’ve been watching lately has to do with his field of work….or some kind of mentioning of it. he wears a suit to work everyday and just recently, i get a notification on a social media site letting me know that a user is following me. i go and check that page out and its a page of guys in suits….basically its a suits instagram! (now why would an fashion blogger that caters to men’s fashion (strictly suits only) be following me). I keep thinking, “is this some kind of a sign?” what’s even more strange was the other day as i was on my way to an appointment, i see a street name called prospect. i take this route almost everyday but never notice the street sign till that day. prospect reminded me of sons of anarchy because it was our nightly thing (if you watch SOA you know prospect). i’ve never noticed it till yesterday! right around the time the things i mentioned above is happening, same with 11:11, i used to see it often when we would text, i would pick up my phone it would say 11:11 day or night (i would even text him “11:11”, last night, i went to get my phone and when i picked it up and looked at it was 11:11!…..now, i am curious as why am i suddenly seeing all this…what does this all mean? or am I looking too much into this? i feel like he could either be my twin soul…or my soul mate. the connection i felt was something i’ve never felt with any guy…and I was able to be my complete self with him…never has happened before. I am hoping that it’s some kind of sign that he will be returning…i don’t know. any ideas?

        1. Hi Pauline,

          Every sign you talk about here sounds like a reminder to come back to ‘Self’. Which incidentally is the fastest way back to a connection with someone we believe we want and desire, if it is for our most benevolent outcome.
          If you get quiet and listen the answers are always there for proceeding in the most beneficial way. We also offer readings on this site if you are looking to get really clear about what you can do to get in alignment with what is next for you.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

        2. Hi Pauline,
          What do you think the messages are telling you? Maybe about a reunion or even just telling you that life is meant to feel as good and connected as you were around him, all the time. Or maybe both! I encourage you to keep listening and asking specific questions so ‘source’ can answer more specifically.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  34. So I met this man couple years ago. We were working in the same office. At first I felt nothing.. for about 5 months. We did not communicate much or I did not even think of him much or feel attracted to him a lot. However, I had a big success with respect to a report that I researched on. It was adapted as a policy framework on an international scale by an international organisation on May 30, 2013. At the next staff meeting on June 3, 2013 – a monday.. I am presenting the report to the everyone at the office and the way it would shape development around the world, I happened to glance into this colleagues eyes for a second. After that I was transfixed, I could not take my eyes off his eyes for at least two minutes and he stared right back into my eyes for those two minutes. I remeber i kept talking for those two minutes – unconsciously – and all i could feel and think is that I know this person…. I felt like I knew everything about him and that I cared deeply for him. My boss sensing something was wrong moved his chair and we both lost our eye contact at that noise. I managed to complete the presentation, but ended up spending the rest of the day going in and out of the restroom and drinking lots of water and hyperventing. I just couldn;t face him that day… as I was so nervous that I could barely manage a smile on my face.

    I managed to talk to him in the next few days, however just a couple of times. He was very warm and forthcoming and infact told me again and again how proud he was of my accomplishments. It always felt like I had longed to be with man forever .. whenever I was with him. Yet, we missed each other at atleast two social events.. whne i thought I could get to know him more personally.

    But in two weeks time he had to go out of office to do some field work, and so he was gone. Before he could return I was moved out of that office to another office across the world.

    Its been two years, I still feel strongly about him, but nothing has happened between us. He has not tried to communicate with me. I wrote him a mail once, only to realise that he has also been moved out of our previous common office into another duty station.

    I cannot forget his eyes. Even today when I look into his eyes in a picture I have of his, I feel the same deep connection. But I am dying to know if he feels the same way about me or if this is just something in my mind alone.

    Its been two years but I haven’t been able to meet him again. We are serving the same organisation on two different continents… I am not sure how to deal with this and what to do about this. I often dream of being with him… in places I have never visited in this life. I am not sure what any of this means!

  35. I feel weird writing this out but I cannot seem to get it off my mind. I feel like I have met someone I have a deep connection with. I don’t know if they are necessarily romantic feelings. If it doesn’t feel like strong romantic attraction, is this a soul mate? There is a professional boundary in place. Trust me when I say it cannot be crossed. Every time I leave work, my thoughts are preoccupied with them until I go back to work. I can not get them off my mind. I feel like I instantly clicked with them. I care so much about their well-being. I can hardly focus at work because all I want to do is be around them. I go home and all I do is think about going back to work so I can see them again. It hurts because I won’t be able to keep them in my life due to the professional boundary. I guess I need some guidance in trusting that this is part of the greater plan for me. Is it normal that we could meet someone and feel such a deep connection with them but that we will have to split up eventually? How do I cope when we eventually do split up? There is absolutely no way I can keep this individual in my life, I really need some advice on this and to know that sometimes that is a path we cross. I have never felt this way about someone before and I really feel that it is a deep-down to my soul connection. I feel like I am going to feel incomplete when I no longer have them around.

  36. I know I’m commenting on a post several years oldd, but I was doing a search about soulmates and found your blog. I met this man online in January this year & met him in person a few months later. I have NEVER had the unexplainable physical, spiritual, emotional connection that I had with him. We both felt so comfortable with each other. a few days after meeting him I reached out to him to tell him that I enjoyed meeting him. He replied the next day via text saying ditto. Then days later he tells me that he just can’t do this. He says he is really attracted to me and that the night he met me he was way to attracted to me & that he wasn’t sure if it was a good or a bad thing. He said he could have stayed out with mme all night. I was hurt & confused. He said that you know I am a quality woman and that he’s sure he’s missing out on something great but he just can’t do this. I initially thought he was a jerk like a lot of men online can be. I kept telling myself I know I’m not crazy. there was something there between us, because I have never felt like that with someone! I kept asking and praying for answers as to why he would like me so much but then write me off. well few days later I had a dream and in a dream i hear a word said to me. I woke up and all I could remember was that one word the person said. Had never heard of the word mentioned so I looked it up and its an actual medical condition. there is no way I would have come up with that name of a medical condition. then I realized the person in the dream was telling me that the man had this condition and that’s why he was pulling away from me. then as I begin to read the signs and symptoms then I realized those were the quirks and peculiar behavior that I noticed. Long story short I still liked him and I didn’t care and I’m a compassionate person so I told him you know even though he said he couldn’t do this that you know I still want to get to know him as a person, at his own pace. he doesn’t know that I had that dream and that I know what he has. I’m not even sure he knows he has the condition. I continue to try and get to know him but he was just not physically available or emotionally available. he then all of a sudden after our last seeing each other and I saw more of his quirks & he just never spoke to me again. my thing is is I can’t stop thinking about him everywhere I go something reminds me about him and I am trying to forget him so bad. but I know there was some kind of connection there. through my entire time of trying to get to know him I never said anything about his quirks or anything I just let him be him and just love him as a person and was trying to get to know him, but he just wouldn’t let me and disappeared. there were so many synchrocities. I’d be thinking about him and then he call or text & vice versa. I could feel his deepest hurts and emotions when I wasn’t even around him. he also had a lot of mannerisms like my dad which was so weird. we had a lot in common in our lives as well… coincidence? we both considered ourself old souls. sometimes I wonder if his condition as well as his spiritual level was what was hindering us from being anything more.

    1. Hello Loving Soul,
      thank you for sharing your story. The greatest thing we can ever receive from another is unconditional love. I believe the next best gift is the opportunity to experience the unexplainable physical, spiritual, emotional connection. The piece that eludes some is the understanding that the connection does not come from them and they are a reflection of what a personal connection with Spirit is all about. It is up to us as individuals to get right in ourselves and our connection to Spirit and then if there is to be a connection with the person, trust that it will happen in right timing for the most benevolent outcome for all.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Thank you so much for replying. I understand and agree with your explanation. I do believe whatever is supposed to be…in life…be it wth an individual or situation, will manifest in it’s own way & timing.

  37. I’ve had a question that I have been wanting to ask; I’ve had this very weird dream that i was at this fountain with a boy that i knew but he looked different he reach down and held my hand in the dream and i felt tingles which woke me up but i still felt them continuing i have never had a dream like this before. Does it mean anything?

    1. Hello Lilly,

      It sounds like a strong connection. There is such a thing as remote touch. It is like telepathy over distance just via touch. We are always in contact spiritually with individuals we are in contact with in waking life. What does it mean to you? Even if you feel a connection to another it is always about you. About you and your openness to experience more.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  38. I met my soul mate when I was 15 and we have been married and in a deep loving connection for 14 years. We knew the moment we met there was somthing very special and within a couple weeks fell madly in love. Nothing has changed with that. I also know that my best friend who looks alot like me but is almost polar opposite to me is my twin flame. We are very connected yet it is difficult for us at time to even get along. We are intuitive with each other in a way when we know immediately when something is wrong with the other. It was been stated by more than one pshycic that we were “twins in a past life”. No I have a new and very puzzeling situation. There is a guy I met through work who I only see on rare contract job occasions. He was immediately drawn to me which made me a little taken back and at first I found a little off putting. We eventually became work friends. There is this undeniable magnetic feeling between us. Not in a way where we are supposed to be together per say because that doesn’t feel right and that would never happen but the feeling is so strong that I feel it for weeks after we have an interaction. What could this posibly be? We are just friends and we only really hang out in a group setting. This feeling is so strong, visceral, magnetic. Im so confused? He cant be my soul mate or twin flame than what could he be? We have never discussed this but he clearly feels it too.

    1. Hi Rayne,
      Thank you for sharing what is happening for you. It sounds like you are pretty aware of the ways we are connected energetically. I do get that you and your best friend were twins in another life, although not twins through all life times which is what a twin flame is. Much appreciation for recognizing that this new energetic connection does not have to mean ‘together in partnership’. The connection is meant for your remembering. It is an opportunity for you to further understand your divinity and increase your self love in expression and receiving.
      By getting quiet in your mind and body the best way to remember and live these things will come to you. Ask out loud for the Angels and your guides to help you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  39. I recently saw someone who I believe is my soulmate. This was an incredible experience. I’ve never felt that way about anybody. It was not physical attraction nor was it chemistry. When I saw her I would either get extremely happy and laugh or other times I would have some kind of emotional breakdown and be gasping for air and almost close to crying. Instead of wanting to say I love her I would automatically say “I miss her.” I decided to get some metaphysical help. I did some Tarot work and the Tarot confirmed that this woman is indeed my soulmate 3 times in a row over 2 days. I also asked some of my friends and they also had good feelings about this person. Here’s the problem. She’s married and has kids. Also she is very successful and has a career. I on the other hand, have been single for 17 years and have failed in life. I don’t know what to do! Regardless if she’s my ancient true love I have no intentions of ruining her marriage. Still my feelings for her can’t be contained. I may recognize her but what if she doesn’t recognize me? What I want is to at least get her to recognize and remember me for who I truly am and just to know I’m around in this life and whatever happens from there is fine. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello Jason,
      What an incredible gift to recognize a soul mate. Challenging in what we in human form would like to experience with someone we feel that connected to. Soul mates are for one reason no matter how we play it out physically. They are a catalyst for our remembering. Remembering who we really are as divine beings. Remembering ourselves as LOVE. In life we are given so many opportunities to see ourselves as love and as many opportunity to release resistance to clearer expression of that.
      I encourage you to allow use what you feel about this connection to find greater connection in yourself.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  40. Hi, I have been with my husband for 8 years and married for almost 4 years. He is a good man. However, I feel that we do not have a deep connection, most of the time he just doesn’t get me.. We both have very different interests and most of the time I feel alone! I am afraid our relationship has become “comfortable”.
    One night I went out with my friends for dinner and a drink and at our table was a man who caught my eye ever since we got there. We couldn’t take our eyes off eachother.. It was a very strange feeling. As if l had known him forever, yet we had never met before. We started chatting and I felt completely at ease with him, I could talk to him about anything. Even though we had not met before, I knew I could completely trust him. We were finishing each other’s sentences, and answering each other’s questions, before we even got a chance to ask them. It was a feeling I had never encountered before in my life. We have so much in common. It is almost 3 weeks later and we talk to eachother every day via Facebook or text messages.. Every time he sends me a message, my heart leaps for joy. Have I met my soul mate? Please help me.. What do you think I should do? Should I stay married to my husband and miss out on this opportunity to be truly happy? Or should I grab it?

    1. AngelGirl,
      I hope you have sorted through the quandary you shared about. Only you can know what serves you. Even the readings that we do are about confirming and bringing to light what you already know. Get quiet and allow the answers to come to you. If you honestly want to know the truth it shall not long be hidden.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  41. Hi Jason! Where did you guys meet? I met this guy at work who I feel like I’ve known forever, such an amazing feeling.. He shocked me so badly with his presence, that I still can’t believe he is here. I recognized him for sure. I have this urge to tell him about this and hopefully I’ll be able to tell him soon.. I think you should too.. Just let her know that you’re not here to interfere anything but that you want her to know.. I’ve got kids myself.. Hope all goes well for both.

  42. I met my soul mate, when we were roommates. A few years ago. We become lovers , almost two years later…..I went through a spiritual awakening. When our eyes first met. I felt like I knew him. I’ve never felt this with anyone. Strange things, began to happen. Our hearts , felt like magnets…I could felt this energetic bond with him. He left on arch 13th of this year….And I still feel this bond. He was like a male version of myself. I think our connection scared him. My mind, says we are over …But my heart, still longs for him. There has been no contact. He stopped, answering my calls, texts…I don’t try to reach out anymore. I saw a recent picture of him. He was smiling, but his face looked unhappy. I’m still wondering, if he is my other half. We would sit in silence sometimes..And know what the other was thinking. Why, can’t I stop thinking about him. When he touched me that first time , I felt electric shocks throughout, my body. No man, has ever made me feel this way…I am a medium, psychic. But the answer s , I seek ..have not came…I trust that one day,that they will..Who is this man to me? We were like friends, lovers, family all in one. Thanks for listening…I have no one to talk to. My family, tells me that I should just move on. And let it go….I’m trying, my best. But it is hard. I’ve never been in love, truly. Until now.

    1. Hello Cynthia,

      It seems you already know who this man is to you. So many are dealing with the same issues right now. If you are willing to allow what is going on to be for the purpose of knowing yourself then it will be less stressful. Each person that comes into our life is for that purpose. Allow the situation to reflect for you what is yours to do. If you are truly ready for this type of love then now is the time to release any blockages you have to welcoming it to you. Know that to know yourself and that you are love will serve forever.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  43. I met I think a soul mate. He activated my heart charka and I activated his. All through eye contact. No conversation just constantly steering at eachother, we couldnt take our eyes off eachother. We still cant but know for what ever reason we are on different paths. Well I know, so I chose to walk away. I fell madly in love with him and could feel he felt the exact same way I did. Its taken sometime for me to understand this, well I dont understand yet but I will. And just feel walking away is the best I can do for me. Are we twin souls or soul mates? I dont know. Did I learn something? Yes. All this time since I met him iv been trying to become a person im not. When all along I was perfect just the way I was. I did lose all my anger, hate, jealousy and spiteful ness and now see the true essence in people. I have discovered that I am an empath with psychic abilities. All with thanks to meeting him. Walking away is not easy espically when I work with him and can feel hes angry with me. But in order for me to progress walking away is the best thing I need to do for me. I dont put my thoughts on to “we will be together in the future” I put my thoughts into “im going to be happy, im going to get myself through this” even though its painful. I know and thank you to my guides and angels that my discovery of ME is whats going to keep me happy.

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