4 Good Reasons for Premonitions About Death and Dying

Have You ever heard the words, “If I had only known, I would have________.”  I have a few times.  I wonder if that may be part of the reason that I receive premonitions.  That I did not deep down, really ever want to be saying those words myself.

I did not always accept that this was part of my psychic experience though.  I started this leg of my psychic journey being quite upset and angry that I would be given this information in regards to death and dying about someone I knew and not be given any information that allowed me to do something about it.  After experiencing it enough times I can only ask  to be able to handle it with as much grace as I can uncover, in the situation.

Remember that premonitions that show a death or dying do not always mean that there will be an actual physical death.  They can also indicate an extreme change in an individuals belief system, the completion of a relationship, the loss of a career or job, or the loss of something of great meaning to the individual concerned.

There is a difference between an actual premonition of death and another.  Some are for the sole purpose of preventing a death.

4 reasons for premonitions of death:Swan by the Lake

1) Accepting the reality of the loss. Knowing that there is a possibility of  letting another go physically causes deep understanding about what that person means to You and how it could affect your life.  This one is summed up for me with acceptance and, ‘It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’

2) Adapting to a new environment without whoever has died.   A gentle reminder to look after your own physical business and gradually fill your life with activities and others, that are independent of who You have had a premonition about.

3) Reinvesting emotional energy in new areas.    Is your happiness tied up in another or are You being responsible for your own emotional requirements to be fulfilled and joyful?

4) Rediscovering meaning in life. A big old reminder that when we fear death we may be missing out on some or all of what life has to offer.  Especially because death is part of living the full experience of the cycle of life.   By facing death we can then get really clear with ourselves about what honestly deserves our attention in this life.

Although it may be challenging, there is an opportunity to see the kind of premonitions that contain no information about how to prevent another individual passing, as a kindness to the receiver.  To allow the shock factor to be less and the whole process of grieving and release to happen more gently.

It becomes a perfect opportunity for appreciation, in the now, for the individual leaving this plane of existence. A way to ensure that You can choose to leave no words unsaid and no love held back.  That You may have an opportunity to celebrate their life more fully, before they change from physical.

If You do feel You are having premonitions about an actual death around You, please do find someone who is open to this possibility and supportive of You to talk to.

A last note: Premonitions of this sort fall under the golden rules of being psychic.  The information came to You, if You are not receiving a really loud clear message to share it with the person in the premonition, please avoid sharing it with them directly.  Use compassion and if possible allow space for discussions that may let them become more clear about what is valuable to them, in this life time, to say and do.

I now accept that these premonitions serve me and I hope if You experience this type of ‘seeing’ psychically, then You will find the silver lining as well.

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  1. What a beautiful post Judy! So full of grace and wisdom about life. Psychic abilities cover all aspects of living. Thanks for sharing on a topic that we don’t always like to address. Much Love and Light to You!

  2. i had a dream, i am guessing that it mioght be a promonition, that my brother died, that is the long dream short. And I told him he said it was just a dream and not even 2 months later he died. So i know that they are real, it is just nice to know that there are other people like me. That is not the only one i have had though.

    1. Thank You for sharing Jennifer. I hope that knowing served You in some way. Each premonition/precognition I experience gives me greater learning about how to love more fully if I let it.

  3. So maybe about 2 months back i had a very real dream that my husband had died. I shrugged it off. Yesterday as i was doing laundry it was like it flashed back and i saw it all again just like in my dream. I had such a strong emotion and shock hit me right afterwords. I have never in my life experienced anything like this before. I cannot shake this. It was like a ton of bricks hit me. I am hoping that this will not come true but for as long as i have known my husband i have a had a feeling he would die. Then i had a dream 5 years later about it and then yesterday that happened.

    1. Hannah my heart is open and my thoughts are with You. I recently have found that by recognizing the 4 reasons this might happen and acknowledging them in my life, that I can ease the feelings some. They never really go though. I ask my guides everyday and often all through out the day to protect me from the thoughts I would have that would prevent me from experiencing my fullest potential for joy. It helps me. It serves me to stay in the moment and that we will all choose to leave these bodies someday. That today is a day to fully stay invested in experiencing all that I can with another and for myself. There is so much more that we know than we even are often willing to acknowledge and the trick is to find the value in the knowing.

  4. I need help I got a premonition on death my first on death I am scared what does this mean I haven’t told anyone and I feel like I need to stop it from happening please help me

    1. Hi Fiona,
      I would recommend journalling the details and feelings You remember about the premonition. Then take some time and journal all the thoughts You have around the fear You feel in having this premonition. Notice how You feel in your body when You think about it and journal those too.
      Our thoughts about the future are most often what cause us to feel fear and since You are not in the future yet and nothing is ever set in stone, it is yours to find ways to release yourself from what causes You to feel stress. In doing this the information You receive and if there is something You are to do with it will be clearer.
      I believe that there has been a huge disconnect around releasing to non physical and how we see this transition. I get that it is a gigantic change and means difference yet when we open up to the energetic/spiritual parts of ourself then we can recognize that we can continue to interact whether physical of non physical.
      Be easy with yourself Fiona and slow down enough so that You can know how best to handle this and if You are meant to cause a different outcome, trust that You will be given the information and inspiration to do just that.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

      1. Hi , My 11 year old son went to bed last night and 10 minuts later came back crying, saying my husband and I had died in a car accident and everybody was saying they don’t know how he survived. He described the black suit he was wearing and how he saw pictures of the accident, Even saw tomb stones.

        Please help, I also have premonitions, and most of the time they are a message.

        1. Hi Rochelle,
          Often premonitions are messages. They can also be a way for us to recognize our greatest fears. And deal with them. I always ask my guides to give me specific information if there is something I am able to do. Then unreasonably I listen. If nothing I can do, I ask for the strength to deal with my fears and handle whatever my life includes. I did not get that this was set in stone. I encourage you to support him in learning to ground himself and using his breath to settle his nervous/psychic system. By breathing and getting back into his body he will be able to hear more clearly any information that will serve him. Might benefit you as well.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

    2. Hi Fiona,
      The premonitions on death of others, may or may not actually happen, or at least not when we think. I believe the premonitions can be a gift to encourage us to clear things up with the other person. If your premonition came in a dream, there’s a chance that it could symbolize a rebirth in that person’s life as well. As far as stopping it from happening, it’s up to the individual about when they pass. You may be able to effect when the person passes or maybe not. Again, like Judy said, trust your guidance.
      In Light,

    3. I was scared at first too, when it happened to me at age 15.
      Premonition is biblical, it goes along with intercessory prayer. Pray and warn the person if you can, even if they think you are crazy. My husband thought I was crazy when I told him God got me up at 3am and told me to worn him that he was in danger. He laughed and shrugged it off. Then he told me to go back to bed. He called me 20 minutes later and a man came into the convenient store where he worked and pull a knife out. God gives this gift to certain people. Consider it with great Joy! I had another premonition over our son that he was going to get hit by a car. My premonitions use to only give me feelings deep inside. Now, I can see glimpse of what is going to happen. My premonitions are very strong for my husband and children. My son and daughter, more so my son have the gift as well.

  5. I had a dream late Saturday night early sunday morning that someone close to me had passed but i couldn’t see who it was and the dream came 3 x’s in a row. And little did i know it was my nana. The same exact night.

  6. I am a 45yr old mother of 5. I’ve been having “moving pictures” that just appear at different times of the day. I’m always awake, usually trying to relax. I see myself in vivid detail getting in a wreck at an intersection and I die. I see the intersection and I feel as though I’m right there and I watch myself on inpact. It started a month of so ago but the other day it was more of a “wake up stupid”. What does this mean? While I see this I sometimes will get a slight pain on side of my head (just for a second) then I am numb as if everything is glowing in slow motion. I feel I’ve seen myself so many times that it’s becoming the norm. I’m not afraid and don’t dwell. It will happen due to someone trying to beat a light and I am hit on my driver’s side. I won’t know it’s coming but when it happens I know it will be familiar to me. Does this make ANY sense to any of you?

    1. Hi Janell,
      When I touch into this I am moved by your willingness to share. Firstly, I have read for many people over the years and the first thing I let them know is that nothing is ever written in stone. What if You are being given this information so that You may change this outcome? It can be as simple as You checking in more fully with yourself before You get into your car to drive. So much of what we do is on automatic and life can be so much more.
      Secondly, if You continued to feel this was premonitory what would You do in preparation for it? Sounds like You have already dealt with the fear so what else would You choose to do, if You were allowing this premonition to be for guidance.
      Thirdly, is there anything else this picture could be telling You? That You choose to stay and raise the children in your care possibly? Love the way information is shared in pieces, feelings and symbolism. More than I have ever experienced we are being asked to recommit to living in our physical forms and this is coming up in so many different ways.

      I also experience premonitions and in turn I ask for specific guidance for the information I get. Christy and I have put together this site and the programs for anyone that is experiencing these things and finding it uncomfortable. There are specific things You can do to run your own energy, get information that serves You and stay grounded when the information seems ‘big to handle’.
      I encourage You to stay connected to your body by breathing whenever these moving pictures happen and ask for more information, being patient about how and when it arrives.
      We are always supported and we do have to ask!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  7. My last preminition really freaked me out.. It’s been two years since it happened… One night I was on social networking site, and was viewing pictures of a couple that I slightly knew.. At the time he had recently left for Afganistan and while i was viewing their photos, something came across me telling me that he wasn’t coming back… I immediately clicked off their photo rubbed my eyes and said no, this can’t be happening… I wanted right away to tell my husband about what just had happened to me, but I kept it inside… About a month later I had heard some noises outside of our home, and I noticed that our back yard was covered in black crows. We never have crows in our yard….. 2 weeks later my husband came home and told me that this guy had been killed in action… I felt like there was something that I should have done, but not really sure what I could have done… And not too many people actually believe that preminitions happened… It took 6 months after the guys death for me to open up to my husband about what I had experienced…. I cannot and will not tell the widow about this… I don’t know what to do..

    1. HI Mary,
      Thanks for sharing your premonition. In sharing with psychically aware people you’ll become more comfortable with your awareness. Yes, sometimes we pick up on things that most people aren’t at ease with, like death. Just trust your intuition on what to do with information you’ve been given. Many times there’s nothing to do. I’m sure in this case, you didn’t hold the power to stop his death. And his wife knew he was going to a dangerous place, so I’m sure she communicated her love to her husband.
      Perhaps this information came to you so you could start developing and trusting your intuition more and see it as a friend.
      Sometimes death premonitions come as a way for you to emotionally prepare. If you were close to this friend, you had some time to prepare and not be so shocked, which perhaps would help you in being a support for others.
      It really doesn’t matter what other people believe either. You know what’s true for you. Keep trusting and believing in yourself and your own guidance.
      In light,

    2. Hi Mary,
      I agree with Christy, often there is nothing we are ‘supposed’ to do with the information we pick up on. I have consciously asked that if I am to share something I pick up on that I am clearly directed too.
      One thing I sense might serve You is to question your beliefs around death and dying. We often pick up on emotionally intense happenings because we have intense energy around them. By allowing yourself to open up to the idea of birthing into physical AND also birthing into non physical You might find that You react differently next time You sense something as transformational as death.
      I was very sensitive to death as a child and yet took it in stride until I started translating the idea of death as negative. When I started studying quantum physics and was able to understand the idea of energy continuing to live via transformation, my beliefs around death changed. I now find it easier to be in touch and communicate with non physical/spiritual energies because of my expanded beliefs around death.
      I encourage You to journal and ask for specific information around what You pick up on spontaneously.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  8. Hi,

    A few years ago, my husband saw my death in a vision. I was to die in a car accident. He described what he saw to me and I was very careful and alert. Then, a guy in a car skipped a robot that was already red for him, but because of my husband’s vision, I waited to make sure no one is going to be skipping the robot. The robot was at a bridge, and if I did drive off onto the onramp, I might have been pushed over the bridge due to the speed of the other driver. I thought that everything was okay now, but later things started going wrong for us – we were sequestrated and lost everything. We tried to rebuild our lives, bought another car, had it fixed up – and due to personal issues, decided to relocate to the coast. Just before we left, my dad had a bad feeling about us going, my husband only wanted to leave the next day, but I was feeling okay, so we left anyway. We went with two cars and two trailers. My husband had a feeling that he has to drive behind me, and my dad suggested the same thing. But, things did not work out that way. His car gave problems and we had to pull off the road a couple of times and he had to drive ahead of me. While we were driving, I felt a big jolt and my car started going all over the road. When it finally came to a stop, my husband came running towards me from his car and asked if I was okay. It transpired that a mini-bus driver drove into my car at high speed while I was driving along on the highway. The trailer broke off my car, but not before jack-knifing and damaging my car. My car and the trailer was written off. The guy who rammed into me disappeared. Now, I have started to have constant feelings of doom, feelings that I am not actually here and that I need to look at everything very closely, because I am not going to be around much longer. I even dreamed that I was dead, but then came to after awhile. I have seriously started to think of getting my stuff sorted out because I feel that I might not be around anymore. I have also had a terrible feeling in my stomach since the accident which I cannot shake off and I have become quite depressed. It also feels that I cannot enjoy anything anymore because it is as if I know that I am not going to be around much longer. I now feel that I should have died in the first car accident, and probably would have, if my husband did not warn me about it, and this time was supposed to have been it. People said that if I was in a different, softer car, I would not have survived. Could someone please let me know if I am just being silly, or if there is perhaps a reason for these feelings? My husband has been having the same feelings. Thank you.

    1. Hi Vonita,

      Thank You for sharing what is going on for You. Do You feel that what You are picking up on is about an actual death? Remember that often feelings, premonitions and dreams about death are about making choices about what is important to us.
      I get the sense that what You are experiencing has a lot to do with You facing the fears You have that You know of and the fears that You are unaware that You have running in your system.
      If You are willing to do this then You will get clearer information in regards to living and dying and from this clarity You will make the best decisions for You in regards to this. Many individuals are being asked to make a decision about staying or going to assist in the transformation that accompanies a vibrational shift. If we look at the bigger picture and remember that we are spiritual beings then our perceptions about physical and non physical change.
      Look for as many ways to get and stay grounded energetically. Walk in the grass in your bare feet, focus on your breath when You are feeling uncomfortable, and know that You are being supported by spirit always…even when You are not aware of it.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  9. I had a dream several times of state troopers coming to my house, in my dream my husband youngest daughter and I are having dinner and they come to my door, but I knew it was bad news in my dream but I never heard who it was, I always thought it was going to happen to my husband for some reason. But last Thursday my nightmare came true. As in the dream the three of us were having dinner and they came to my door, it was my 18 year old daughter was killed instantly when she was waiting for a light to change someone hit a ditch and went airborne and landed on my car. I feel so guilty, could I have prevented it?
    Heart broken mom

    1. Hi Eva,

      You are dealing with something that brings us into advanced awareness. Unless You had of been given specific information, like who, when, how (which happens), how could You have possibly prevented this happening?
      I can only imagine how difficult it is to lose a child physically and I can only hope that You can believe that the spirit of us does not die.
      I believe that we are here in physical form to experience expansion and all that goes with that. That death is a birthing back to non physical and ultimate expansion and that our perceptions shape our experiences in relation to these life changing events.
      I do not believe that without specifics any of us are meant to prevent what another is in vibrational alignment with and I hope that any dreams You have going forward bring You great clarity and a remembrance of the wholeness that is in arms reach for each and everyone always, when it is right individually.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  10. It’s very hard dealing with the loss of my beautiful child, I do believe that our spirits are alive and I talk to her everyday, I’m just trying to make some sense of my premonition, I loved her with unconditional love and she knew that so that brings me some comfort. But I just wish I could have helped her. Thanks for your reply

    1. Eva, Sometimes premonitions do not make sense and other times it is up to us to ask that we be given understanding to their purpose. I know for myself, often if I have experienced something via spiritual ‘seeing’ it makes it easier for me to handle the manifested situation when it comes along. I am then able to stay in the present and grounded when something happens that would cause me to be highly emotionally charged. Essentially it helps to take the edge off on both ends of the spectrum of experience. If You are comfortable with communicating with your spiritual guides, they are there for You to ask questions of. Be clear about what You would like to know and then do your best to quiet yourself so You can ‘hear’ and recognize the answers. The deal is that You need to ask thou.
      I hope that You are able to sense all the care and support You have in the guides that are with You now.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  11. Thank you, Judy. It’s nice to find out other people who are experiencing the same that I have experienced all my life. In my case, it is not a visual but a “knowing” and a “feeling” that gets in the pit of my stomach or solar plexus. I also become overwhelmed with a sadness that seem to have no reason to spring up. I have been able to predict someone’s death and, often time, the death of someone close to or related to someone I know. I have also been able to sense this with animals in my life.

    I have experienced the same frustration that you have about the knowing but not knowing exactly the how. Although, sometimes I have known. … However, this ability is not something that I can call upon at will. It just happens. Because of the feelings of sadness and impotence that it produces within me, I tried to “turn it off” as a teenager. It worked for a while but lately, I have realized that all of my abilities seem to be back with a renewed force and much stronger. I hope to reach the state of acceptance at this point in my life that you have. Thank you.

    BTW, my beliefs about death is that it is the gate to a new existence of our essence. The body is nothing but a shell that we use to function in this physical world, much like our garments. Death is an illusion. We return to our pure energy state and our body to its elements. Death is our “other birth”. We are energy. Energy never dies, it only transmutes or transforms. Thus, life, existence is eternal. We can easily prove this to ourselves when we think about how we relate to those around us. We relate to their energy. When they are gone, we remember their energy in our life, how our energies related to each other, the impact their energy and interaction had on us or our life. Most of us, seldom remember how the person actually looked like. The memory of their physical body slowly begins to fade away while their energy remains in our memory of them.

    1. Hi Bee,

      Sounds like You are well on your way to accepting fully what You have going on. It was many years before I understood that we all sense these things to the degree we are willing. If I hold perceptions that cause me fear I am much less inviting to the knowledge that is all around us always. My intention everyday is to recognize and release any resistance to allowing life to be fully lived through me. Nice to meet You and here is to continued conversation!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  12. Hi Vonita,

    We are living at the dawn of a new era, a new shift in our consciousness. In a way, it is a form of death as our awareness heightens and our spirit evolves. We are transmutating to a new plane of existence with higher vibrations than we have ever experienced before. Thus, your old self is feeling the effects of this transmutation and your mind interprets it as “I’m going to die”. It is not your physical body what is going to die. Your previous perceptions of life and reality are dying to give place to a higher reality. This, of course, causes anxiety. Any shift from what we consider “normal” causes us to be anxious and fearful, at first.

    I have been experiencing much the same feelings that you have. I have also been feeling that I won’t be around much longer, even feelings as if I am going to “dissolve”! Yet, I am not fearful. There is a certain calmness about it. Through meditation and allowing myself to receive, I have come to understand the cause of those feelings as I explained to you above. Think of yourself in your present state as the caterpillar about to burst out of her cacoon as a wonderful butterfly. You can never go back to being a caterpillar and living in your familiar cacoon. Yet, as a butterfly, you are able to expand your wings and fly to places you could never imagine that existed in your caterpillar state. Your world, then, was limited, reduced to what you could perceive with your body and physical senses, as a caterpillar. Now, you and your world are expanding and becoming truly free to meet and fulfill your destiny.

    As Judy so eloquently said, “Many individuals are being asked to make a decision about staying or going to assist in the transformation that accompanies a vibrational shift.” Do not be afraid to break free from the cacoon and embrace this vibrational shift.

    Hope this helps.

    In the Light of the Universal Spirit, Our Source. Welcome!


  13. Hi Judy,

    Thank you for you kind words and spirit. Your guidance is fundamental for helping make this transition as smooth as possible for others. Thank your guides on my behalf for giving you the wonderful insight that you have regarding the changes that we are all experiencing in one way or another. Thank you for your wilingness to receive that guidance and to share it with others through this awesome blog. Spirit guided me to find you and, as long as I am welcomed here, I intend to visit often for a continued friendship in conversation.

    In the spirit of LOVE, our Source,


  14. hi my name is david and im 16 years old and im dealing with something very stressful, last year i never had a death premonition but for some reason i do now. when i was 4 years old my bro died in a moorcycle accident, and about 2 years ago my neice was born, now around that time i felt normal about it, and i was excited, now about a year after she was born i got jealous cuz shes young, and shes gona be experiencing kindergartin and all that stuff, me i reminice alot about that i miss my younger childhood days, but the thing is idk if its cuz since im in between childhood and adulthood, and cuz of my puberty it has an effect on my thoughts, now its gotten better but the thing is, im a hypcontriac and i worry about death, like now theres times ill think and visiualize me dying in a car accident, at a young age, or times ill see myself getting shot at a young age, sometimes depending on my mood the stress goes away and ill have the energy to see myself living old like in my 70s, or like somehow i get these persistant thoughts i pray like ill say please let me live to be older in my 80s not in my 20s, and somehow the age 24 pops in my head, like idk if ill live past it to be an old man in my 90s or die around there and its worry me and causes stress its a persistant thought thats runs in my head 24 hours and gives me small headaches i hope its a phase im going through as part of growing up, idk wana die young i want to live old, theres times that i worry weather it is a death premonition, for me, idk weather its a part of my puberty thats normally going through the anexity stage or if its an actual death premontion for me, please give me ur opinion, this stresses me out everyday.

    1. Hi David,
      I believe we enter this world with alternate death dates or prearranged exit strategies. I also believe it our complete free will when we leave this planet. The law of attraction says what we focus on grows stronger. Sounds like you’ve been focusing on death and perhaps fear of death. I would suggest turning your focus towards what you enjoy about living in your physical body. It can be small things like the feel of your bed at night or the excitement you have about an upcoming event, the smell of a flower or the joy of a video game. Anything that draws your life force towards living will attract a long life.
      Best wishes!

    2. Hi David,

      I agree with Christy in that your focus is definitely something You will be served to work with. I am guessing that there are many individuals your age that feel the same kind of anxiety. Imagine if we were all to be aware of how many years we have to live. How many people would choose to enjoy each day until their time and how many people would allow the fear to paralyze them each day? Whether it is a premonition or not it is still up to You how You handle each moment, how balanced You are and how willing You are to experience all life has to offer You. I encourage You to discuss this with a supportive adult in your life that will also encourage You to be responsible for yourself. Something You deserve is to understand that You are spirit experiencing things here in physical ways but to see yourself as only physical is to only see a small part of the masterpiece! Go walking on the Earth, focus on how your breath keeps You alive, focus on nourishing your body in ways that promote health in what You watch, listen to, eat and have in your environment. Remember that You choose to be here spiritually and that You can choose how to be here now!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  15. Dear David,

    What Judy and Christy have said is so true. Yet, I have to butt in and give you my own take on this.

    Like you, when I was your age, I was convinced I was going to die young in my mid twenties. Well, I am still around past the half century mark. My teen friends shared this feeling about themselves. I think that as we approach adulthood, most of us harbor those “I am going to die young” feeling because in a way every transition we have in life is a type of death. As an adult, you will not be 100% the same person that you are today. I use the example of the butterfly process a lot because I think it is a perfect example. As a caterpillar, the soon-to-be butterfly knows that its current form will die once she is out of the cocoon. Perhaps, she doesn’t know that when she’s out, she’ll continue living as a butterfly. However, if the caterpillar holds on to the feelings or thoughts of death and clings to the shell in fear, she most certainly might die as she is unable to free herself and finish the transmutation into a butterfly.

    We are living in a very scary world right now with a lot of negative messages and fear mongering running rampant on the Internet and other media. That also has an effect on your fears. Moreover, as teens, our body is getting ready for that transmutation into adulthood by releasing various hormones and having a bit of chaos going on. That also affects your thinking and perception. Your brain is still developing and going through changes. It will continue to do so until your early twenties (21).

    However, as Judy and Christy so wisely stated, what you think and believe, you attract into your life. That has even been proven scientifically. It is important for you to understand that you are an spiritual being having a human experience. Your spirit self is pure energy. Your body is a vessel – like a dress – for your energy to interact with the material/physical world. You are here as a physical being because you have much to offer and learn to others in this world. We all do. We are all teachers and students of one another. You are an essential link in the scheme of life, in the chain of life. Your life is no less important than anyone else.

    This is part of a “poem” that I was inspired to write many years ago while I was going through a very difficult time in my life. However, this “poem” is not just for me but for everyone. Now, it is for you too:

    Discover the purpose
    behind the situations
    and events in your life,
    Your role, your lessons . . .
    whether it brings you
    joy or sorrow,
    is an opportunity
    for your growth.

    Learn to discover how
    everything in your life
    is linked
    in the scheme of things.
    Realize that
    we are all part of
    The Whole.

    Appreciate the big picture
    to which your life belongs.

    If you’d like to read the whole message of this poem, you can find it at http://muses.soulfulwriter.net/2012/05/path-to-happiness.html

    When those thoughts of dying young come to your mind and torment you, you have the power within you to either accept them or reject them. I suggest that you reject them forcefully so they won’t manifest in your life. Just know that you have the power to make of your life whatever you choose to make of it. You determine your own destiny through your thoughts and actions. Don’t let your fears make you a broken link.

    Much love to you and in spirit,


  16. thank you bee, i feel soooo much better knowing that im not the only whos experiencing this stage, i agree 100 percent wht u say :). it does make sense that it is our brains developing, during this adolesence age decade, where our bodies are developing, thank u for your advice, and personal experience u shared, with me, 🙂

  17. I am 42yrs old,nine years ago I started having premonitions of death.I had a premonition of my nephew drowning in the pool,but that morning I got a call that my brother had drowned.and every since then I had been having them ever since then and every time I do someone in my family ends up dying,but It’s never the one I see dying ,its someone else in the family.can someone please explain what is going on with me!!Someone please help me!!!

    1. Hi Jacqueline,
      Perhaps you’re willing to receive the premonitions, but don’t want to know exactly who they’re about. Perhaps that’s your next step.
      Or perhaps the person you see dying is heavily affected by the death. You can always ask your guides to help you have clear and accurate premonitions, if you’re willing and open to having them.
      In Light,

    2. Hi Jacqueline,

      I agree with Christy. Often we accept pieces and yet are challenged about getting information that is direct and clear. Especially if it is something we are not able to do anything about. I find myself dreaming about something as it is happening and often wonder if it is because I was able to be there supporting on the spiritual plane while sleeping. There are so many aspects to being spiritual that we forget about when we are focused heavily on just the physical. Be gentle with yourself and ask for specific information from your guides, if You are willing and if there is something that You are able to do to change such an outcome. It might serve You to question your ideas and beliefs around death, so that You can allow it to be only what it is.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  18. My 2 1/2 year old daughter was taking a bath – sat straight up and said “I don’t want to die going to school.” She starts preschool on Monday. What’s this about? It makes me very uneasy.

    1. Hi Deb,
      Going to school brings up fear. The ultimate fear is of death. Another thing comes to mind is she may be picking up on stories in the news if she’s pretty open psychically. I would call on Archangel Michael to help release fears.
      In light,

    2. Hi Deb,
      Being a mother of sensitive and aware children I look for gems like this to listen to. There is something to be said for slowing down enough to listen- to your inner guidance, to her inner guidance and to indicators that are always around us. First thing I encourage You to do is to get grounded, maybe even through your breath so that You can ‘hear’ and ‘see’ more clearly when it counts. I am also reminded of what a wise teacher shared with me about my children and being honest enough to recognize that they have their own agenda in life. I get that this is a very strong opportunity for the two of You to listen more deeply to one another.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  19. I had a dream about me playing high school football a few months ago . I dream that got a hard hit i was dizzy and i was hearing the coaches talking to me. Later, i relize i was in the hospital i die there. And people start to cry. A two days ago i played and i got hit hard i it was like excatly like dream.expect the hospital part.

    1. Thank You Jose for sharing here. What do You imagine was being shared with You in your dream? I sounds like You think part of your dream came true and the other part didn’t. Death in a dream does not always mean actual death and could represent turning over a new leaf, gaining a greater understanding, being reborn, having a second chance. It all depends on the other details of the dream. I would never talk another out a premonition and also know that we have the ability to adjust the energies and do that often by just witnessing something like a life like dream.
      Great time to possibly change your vibration around getting hit hard and really hope You are okay after a hard hit!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  20. Hello, I am new to this. Not really sure how to explain it.

    A few days ago I had a dream of calm waters which means tears for an illness. (According to my grandmother). In the past when I have had a dream of water, extended family members have passed.

    Just now my 4 year old daughter was getting ready for bed. And she started crying saying I don’t want my grandma to die. I then asked her what grandma. She said my mother. I asked who told her that and just shook her head no. I told her nothing was going to happen and everyone was going to be okay.

    But, now I am worried since having my dream and my daughter crying out of nowhere. Does anyone have information for this?

    1. Hi Jessica,
      I believe anytime You get any sort of premonition about someone passing, it can be a gift to You. Is there anything You would want to say to your mother? A premonition can give you the motivation and opportunity to express your love and clear any unresolved matters. Sometimes the premonitions don’t come to fruition. Why not live everyday as if it’s your last, or another’s last day? This leads to being truly present with each other.

      I notice an opportunity to connect with your daughter to talk about death and inner knowing. We at Psychic Potentials believe that death is a transition to spirit and we can still connect with our loved ones in the non-physical realm. I’m sure your daughter would benefit from your calm and expanded awareness around death. As you come to deeper understanding of your own guidance, You can support her in her own intuition.

      Dreams speak to you in symbols you’ll understand. I love that you’ve come to recognize calm water as ‘spirit’.


  21. First of all – thank you for setting up this web site. I’m already receiving some helpful insights.

    I am currently struggling with premonitions I am having about my wife’s death. My wife has been having significant health issues for over 2 years, and from a medical standpoint, what she is going through is only life threatening in rare cases. One of her symptoms is that she experiences periods of high fatigue. One day back in May, I noticed that she had spent 11 hours in bed, and then an impression formed in my mind that she was going to die soon. By “soon”, I had a feeling that the time frame would be between 1 month and one year. This impression in my mind persisted over the next several days, and I realized that this was more than just worry or a bad feeling.

    It may be helpful to know a bit about my background. I am a devout Christian, and have found incredible fulfillment in my faith since I found God many years ago. In my faith tradition, we see this type of impression in our minds as a prompting from the Holy Spirit. I have followed these promptings for many years, and they have always led me on a fulfilling path. Promptings led me to my wife in the first place, and they have guided my career and other life choices. Many years ago, I also experimented with some New Age philosophies, even doing guided meditations to chat with my guardian angel. I ultimately came to the belief that the voice of my guardian angel was either the same as the voice of the Holy Spirit, or that they simply spoke the same Truths to me.

    As I will explain, the dilemma I’m having now cannot be fully explained by my Christianity.

    In the months since this initial prompting, I have received many apparent confirmations in the form of dreams and coincidences. One very powerful dream that I have had since we were first married takes me back to my college years. While the secondary details vary, in each dream I am at my current age, back in college, seeking a mate, and my wife is absent. My college years were a very intense time for me, filled with personal growth challenges and an intense search for someone to ultimately marry. I didn’t actually meet my wife until after graduation. Each time I have it, the dream is extremely intense – causing me to briefly forget who and where I am in my life. It has perplexed me ever since we were first married. When combined with the prompting about my wife’s death, I felt like I found its meaning – that I’m seeing my future self seeing out a mate after losing my wife, and the reason I see myself back in college is because that is where I was when I was last looking for someone. I have no interest in ever physically going back to college again.

    Since the initial prompting in May, I have had other apparent confirmations as well. I have had dreams in which all of my teeth are falling out. When researching the meaning of this dream, I discovered that many people believe this a premonition that someone close to you will die. I also had a dream premonition that came true the very next day. My wife had been going through a period in which her energy levels were closer to normal. Then, one night I had a dream that she would be very tired the next day, and as predicted she ended up having one of the worst fatigue spells I have seen. I have had other signs as well – too many to list here.

    During the past five months, the feeling I have and the impression in my mind has remained strong. I have asked myself over and over again if this could be my mind playing tricks on me rather than a genuine premonition or prompting. My wife and I have a wonderful marriage. Like all marriages, it is imperfect and I have wondered if the few weaknesses we do have could have triggered this – perhaps out of a desire for some changes in our life. The truth, though, is that I love my wife. What I really want is to work on the few challenges we have together and for her medical issues to go away. The confirmations and coincidences that are outside my control seem to validate that her death is genuinely coming and that I need to be prepared to face this.

    Now, here’s the dilemma: In the past couple of months I believe that I have received promptings that the actual death would occur in mid-October. I haven’t received dreams or other visions confirming the date – only a feeling. However, this appeared to be validated by a worsening of her symptoms that began at the beginning of the month. However, we are moving into “late” October and she is still very much alive. Medically speaking, while her symptoms have worsened no doctor would consider her to be terminally ill. While I’m happy she’s still with me, I am feeling confused. It’s like some divine force is toying with my emotions.

    In your experience, does anyone with a death premonition ever get specific dates as to when it will actually occur? It is in my nature to want specifics for promptings like this. Is it possible that I could be right about the death itself, but guilty of trying to fill in more details (like the date) than I have actually received?

    1. Hi Doug,
      We’re happy that you found Psychic Potentials. We are happy to provide a platform for sharing in our comment section. Seems like you are very clear in your internal guidance and express a strong understanding of your perceptions. Almost like you’re answering your own questions. As far as exact dates go, my personal belief is that so many unseen factors affect the timing, that exact dates are hard to predict. Perhaps you picked up on one of many possible dates? Keep living life to the fullest expression of love with the time you do have with your wife.

    2. Hi Doug,

      Thank You for your heart share here. One of the beautiful things that I am finding is that this site reminds me that we are not alone and that some things go by many names. To experience these type of awarenesses is an opportunity for complete honesty in each moment. It seems like when I know something is happening soon I put more effort into being here and now. From experience I have found that it is much harder to take someone for granted when I sense they are here for a set amount of time. And yes some are given specific dates as to when events will happen. I find that this often happens when the person is less emotionally involved with the event.

      I sense that it is hard for You to see your wife hurting and although some cultures are somewhat funny about death, it takes courage to be willing to let go out of love. You might want to ask yourself what benefit You personally might find in having more specifics?

      I understand there are many factors at work all the time and these factors coming together are dependent on the co creative forces of all involved so specific times and dates can be available yet can shift in a second. And the shifting does not make what You are sensing any less real, just asks You to stay present with each moment not basing the moment You are in on the moments past.

      I can understand your confusion only from my perspective and I am thankful for my premonitions, if only, because they allow me to stay in a more loving place in the moment when events like letting go of a physical body happens for someone close to me. The premonitions I have experienced have allowed me to move through the process of change much more gently.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  22. Christy and Judy,

    Thank you so much for your valuable insights. I’m letting go of the need to know the date, and trusting that things will happen at the right time. As a Christian, I trust that God has a plan and that He shares with me just the right amount of information – enough to keep me on His path for my life, but not an excess that could cause interference. An amazing irony is that during this time I have actually felt prompted to draw closer to my wife, rather than distance myself in anticipation of her passing. The past few months have actually been very good for our relationship.

  23. Hi, my name is Cindy. Thanks for posting this article. I am so glad I am not alone! I have had dream premonitions ever since I was in my teens (I am 46 now). I have also dreamt about family deaths in advance on several occassions. In the past 2 or 3 weeks I have been dreaming every night that an illness/or death/loss of a family member or dear friend is going to affect my life soon. I “feel’ that it is my husband (we are not legally married but he is my partner and best friend). He is an alcoholic and lately, he has been dropping wieght without trying and has no appetite–he has told me he has to force himself to eat. He has also told me he will never stop drinking. A doctor told him he was malnurished but he wont do anything about it and quit going to the doctor. I am so worried he is about to find out he has cancer or worse..pass away. I also have a feeling its all going to come about within the next week or two. I have been praying every day I am wrong. I have been trying to tell myself I could be mis interpretating my dream symbols (but I havent been wrong in the past). I keep trying to tell myself not worry and ignore my feelings. I often wonder why I know things like this in advance when there’s nothing I can do or say to fix it…no matter how much these dreams are trying to prepare me emotionally…it will stil turn my world upside down 🙁

    1. Hi Cindy,

      You are definitely not alone and Thank You for sharing here. The challenge is staying present with each moment…especially when You have had experiences in the past that were so clear. I find that the closer I am and more emotionally involved the less clear the information is. I am given the gift of having strong information and then reminded that only what affects me within an arms distance is my business and the rest is reflection that I might know myself better. For as much as it doesn’t make sense to me why people do what they do sometimes, it really is for them to know and that is it. I hope You can find a way to pray that when and what will bring You understanding and You are able to find what serves, in each situation, for your greatest good.
      In Heart Centered Awareness and Compassionate Understanding,
      Judy Lynn

  24. Thanks Judy for your response. I have been through several traumatic events over the past 20-30 years (my brother’s suicide, my mother dying of liver disease, COPD, uncle dying of lung cancer…to name just a few) and I know God wont give me more than I can handle. My husb and I have been together almost 10 years and it hurts me to watch him destroy his body with alcohol but all I can do is pray for him because he is stubborn and wont listen to anyone, not even me. He also has an old broken (yes broken!) lower back injury and yet he still keeps working–yes he is a work -aholic(custom home builder) as well. Anywho, thanks again and I will sure to keep you posted.

  25. Around the beginning of this year i was meditating and i started hearing voices telling me i need to be there for my son’s father bc he will looses someone close to him around xmas. I forgot about it until just recently. on sunday i was meditating again. this time i was standing next to my sons father who was in a wheel chair. we were at his parent’s funeral at the cemetary. my son was not there…but i had a feeling that he was ok. I then heard car wreck and saw the date of december 21st. I have thought about telling jesse (my sons father) not to get into a car with his parents on that day…and better yet to tell his parents not to drive that day…but jesse is an atheist so im afraid that my warnings would go on deafs ears. dec 21 falls on a friday, which is when my ex has our son. I dont know what i should do. I have never gotten messages of death before during a meditation.

    1. Hi Amber,
      Trust your inner vision and guidance around this. Trust that everyone has their own inner guidance as well. If you’re guided to give a ‘heads up’, then do so. From what you wrote it sounds like a premonition to prepare you to be prepared to be a support for your son’s father.

  26. Ive had plenty of premonitions that have actually come true. But, just very recently I had one about someone very close to me passing away, but it actually happened to a very close friend of mine family member instead in the same way I saw it happening in my family. What does this mean, I dont want to share my vision with my friend.

    1. Hi Heather,
      Are you saying you had a premonition your friend would pass away and then someone in her family passed? Perhaps your premonition was giving coming to you so you’d experience what your friend is going through in order for you to support your friend in experiencing this death.
      In loving light,

  27. Greetings..
    I had a relatively short dream where I was led across a field to a columbarium niche by a woman who has appeared in my dreams on several occaisions. She led me to a plaque with my name on it, which read: 1968-2020. I looked at her to ask if this was my grave, and woke up before I could utter the words.

    If this is just a potential indication of a new period or path in my life, then cool. Regardless, I am now somewhat intrigued.

    1. Sounds very intriguing! Have You asked for more information since this dream? I have come to understand that most anything I have desire to ask, comes with answers, if I am willing for them.
      And that Inspiration comes in many forms!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  28. I had a premonition of my own death. I left home with someone one night. We get to our destination which was a hotel room. I’m 29 years old I had this vision two years ago. And since this month of December everyday looks so familiar. But back to my death. I was in a room wit a group of ppl and a group of guys came in robbed us, killed ppl. I hid in the bathroom and called my dad and told him to help me somebody trying to kill me…and I get shot. And now I’m wondering if I’m careful can I prevent it? But it seems as if I’m reliving these last few weeks like I’ve done them before. My friends say I’m paranoid. Please say I’m not but just aware.

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      I have experienced many premonitions. Some for the purpose of prevention and others for purpose of acceptance and adjustment. If the premonition is of a preventative nature I am given the information that allows a difference to be made.
      When it is about adjustment I am fully aware that I will only be given the information for that. One thing I have learned is that premonitions are not often literal and that death can mean so many things based on the surrounding details. Things such as relationship endings, the completion of a project or a change in a deeply held belief. It can even mean a change in residence.
      If You feel that You need to be aware after this experience then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks because only You can know the truth of the energy that You are experiencing.
      Please remember to find ways to stay grounded while You go through this as it so supports hearing, feeling, seeing, intuiting on a more subtle level when it serves.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  29. I am not really sure if this a premontion or not, but I have been having intense feelings that something bad is going to happen to my oldest son before it happens. The first time was 3 years ago when I had an overwhelming feeling that he was going to die. I couldn’t tell how, just had a feeling. I prayed and prayed for him to be safe for about 2 weeks and I did not feel a sense of peace from prayer. I then changed my prayer and started praying that when it happened that God would protect him in his hands. I got the phone call 3 nights later (my son was 16 at the time) that my son had been in a car accident with a friend. My son and his friend had been speeding and the car flipped several times and landed upside down in some trees. My son walked away with some cuts and bruises. Where he was sitting in the passengers seat, it was like a pocket was protected just for him. Since then I have had 4 other times when I am just overcome with such an emotional feeling for my son that it makes me cry. The other times my feelings have not been of death for him, but feelings that something is wrong. He is 19 now and going to school, not liviing at home, but I can wake up and just know when he is sick and call him and he will be sick. The past 2 days I have had that feeling about him that something was going to happen and my feelings of extreme love for him have brought me to tears because I know something wrong. This morning he called and told me that he had fallen off a ladder at work and was at the ER. Immediately the feelings I was having subsided. I wanted to tell him I was having bad feelings, but he tells me that it scares him when I do this and he doesn’t want to know. What is this called that I am having? I have another son who is younger and I have not had these feelings with him. I am sorry for the long story. I am just trying to make sense of things. Thanks.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      First of all, I personally believe that we incarnate with multiple, alternate death dates. I bet you picked up on one for your son. His soul level choice along with your protection prayers kept him safe when he was in the car accident.
      Secondly, You have a relationship cord that connects you with your children through your root chakras. This energetic cord falls away by the time they are adults. Even after that cord falls away, you still have energetic connections with those you love and think about.
      Thirdly, I would suggest that when you have premonitions about your son that you could think of him making healthy choices and being safe. That way you’d be putting energy toward his well being, rather than worrying and putting energy towards something happening. Sounds like you’ve done a good job of this in the past, by praying for his safety before his accident.

      I’m not sure if you have these feelings about anyone else in your life. Sometimes they can get distracting, especially when there’s not a lot to do besides focusing on their well-being and perhaps asking that person to pay special attention to their being safe and grounded. You may find the tools in the Heal Yourself home study course to help you feel comfortable when you have premonitions.

      In light,

    2. Hi Michelle,

      Making sense of things, is a life work in itself yes? It can be hard to understand from a broader perspective because we mostly live in our physical perspective most of the time. Your son has his own agenda and his own reasons for experiencing what he does. That You are picking up on it shows a vibrational resonance with your son. One of the thoughts I get a bit of flack for often is the idea that a lifetime or relationship need not be based on the length to be considered successful. And that physical/non physical does not dictate our involvement. I can only imagine that the connection that You and your son be as strong in whatever forms the two of You choose individually.
      That all being said, I do not sense that this is anything that You will have to deal with in the immediate future. The perceptual shift is what allows us to live more fully and express love without all the fear tying it up.
      When You experience those overwhelming feelings it can be your job to ground the energies to serve You more fully and to add light to the situation instead of darkness. We have all known times when we were grounded and able to find the exact right words to express something and the opposite is probably as true. How might your son react if the things You share came from a calm empowering place without the fear? And most importantly how will it affect You to have ways to see this that are less stressful!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  30. My parents were friends with the parents of my first boyfriend, “RM” (12-14 yeas old) and my bf beautiful free spirited older sister, “CM” had a bf whom my mother babysat as a child knowing his family as well. He and I lasted a year or so, his sister married “CS” and had a little boy. She divorced him as he just wasnt ready for this. She and I spen a lot of time partying and dancing. Fun times. “CM” told me one night, serious and straight forward, that “I should be with “CS” bc I would be good for him. And that she loved him, just not that way…” I thought it odd… But beer forgot. A while later he kept coming in my work and a light relationship started… He loved “CM”. I started going to see “RM” again and found out his sister told him “I wasn’t the one for him” he didn’t understand he said till just 2 days ago. She died. In a car wreck. After the shock “CS” and I became closer. I had a baby during the year after her death. And married. It ended within a year. “CS” so upset and married before I could come back. We stayed close. Unconditional love. He’d even gotten feelings to call me a couple times when something was really wrong. A connection of you will. We always felt we’d wind up together. And wanted to divorce. It wasnt a good marriage either, rushed like mine. He was afraid. He even told me if he died it wasn suicide. His current brother in law killed him. I said he was being paranoid. He’d built a successful buisness and wealthy.
    I had a dream 2 weeks before his death, a triangle. “CS” me and “RM”. I told him I was leaving him for “RM” and he shot me.
    I didn’t know what to do.
    Two weeks later. He was found dead. Shotgun to the chest. Only ppl in house was him, his wife and the brother in law. Ruled a suicide.
    I’m angry. I didn’t understand the old brother in law stood for the new one… I shoul had done something. I couldn’t reach him by phone during that time though. I was weird.
    So, if your not confused yet and you’ve read all this, why did CM tell me to be with her ex husband. Then die? And then I made a mistake, and left him, he remarried, had a premonition like dream ad he does!? Leaving their son without a parent!! 3 years later I still don’t know what to thing. The whole story is a guilt trip on me. I lied them both. And CS and I were soooo close.
    Now, I’m back dating RM and it’s pretty serious. It’s weird. To me. But I’m content here. It’s hard bc it forces those memories.
    Why did she ask me that and why did I have that dream? I failed all 3 of them! Even my current boyfriend in a way 🙁
    Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Beth,
      Sounds to me like there are some soul level agreements going on. And Sounds like CM was aware on some level that she was leaving and wanted her ex to be happy. Also, it sounds like you were having premonition dreams. I’m confused by why you would think you failed anyone. Just because you have a premonition, it doesn’t mean that you can do anything to change it. You tried to get through to him before he died, even if you did, it doesn’t mean anything would have been different.
      Let yourself off any hook you’ve got yourself on. Love yourself enough to come to terms that everything happens in divine perfect order.
      In Light,

  31. Thanks so much Christy! I’ve researched soul agreements, and it’s very interesting.
    I really loved CS. Even before CM passed he and I both had a pull to each other. The kind of relationship I could tell him the most awful thing in the world and he’d never walk away from me. I feel like I failed bc it seems CM had a small request. And I married on a whim! I never wanted to leave CS. And their son has neither of them. I think if I’d have stayed he wouldn’t have been out in a suspicious position in fear of his life. I did ask him to leave. He was too afraid. I’m almost 32 years old now and I was so close to him since I was 19. We had plans of a life. That just never seemed to be right timing to take it further.
    I felt connected to him in a way I’ve never felt with anyone before or even since. I do feel like I let the love I my life die. I can see how to fix it several times over the course of our time together so easily in hind sight… Knowing we were so foolish for so long when we could have had time together… Makes me question a lot of things like reasons, fate, choices, was I supposed to make these choices to lead to here or have learned early on to change it. It doesn’t change that I will probobly always visit his resting place and talk to him. And cry. And be angry. Lol! I miss him so much.
    I am so glad I came accross this site! Your very insightful Christy and its given me a new perspective.

    1. Hi Beth,

      I have a very good friend that lost someone she dearly loved. When she released herself from the emotion around it, she found that some of the conversations she had with him were as real to her as they had been before he fully expanded back to non physical. That the love was not lost at all. I agree with Christy and it seems that You have had a run of spiritual contracts to fulfill this physical lifetime. Thank You for sharing here and being a light to us all.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  32. I am beyond grief stricken…I had a vision of my son sinking down into the river, fully clothed boots and all…I wasn’t asleep, but laying down relaxed and it came to me out of no where and played in my head like a projector…I had never seen anything like that before and told my son about it, he was fine…21 years old. Although I had the overwhelming feeling that I needed to hug him more and let him know I loved him more. Two weeks later, he was in a boating accident and now he is forever gone. I am in so much pain, pain that I didn’t stop it, pain that I didn’t tell him even more how much I loved him, pain that I can’t talk to him anymore. It was less than a year ago this happend. But I did not know it was a sign of things to come, it was so strange to me…but I will say that in that short period of time we had grown closer than we had been in a long time, almost like he knew something was coming as well…Is it possible that this is an ability that i have, is it possible to develop it to speak with him…or am I crazy to even ask.

    1. Hi Elle, I believe that You can develop your ability to communicate with your son in non physical and that the love between You is never gone. When we are very close to someone and have to accept their full expansion back to non physical our emotions can get in the way of this communication. I know from experience that visions/premonition that You talk about having do not often come with enough information to prevent something. If they do it is usually pretty clear about who, what, where and how. For You to carry pain around not having stopped it, would be like never driving again because drivers can crash cars. I can not imagine how challenging it has been for You to lose your son in physical form. I am asked to remind You that a successful life is not always judged by the length of time here on Earth.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  33. Around 10-11 days before my father died I experienced death in a dream. What I experienced was the period between my body dying and my brain dying, it was beautiful and it seemed very, very real. In my dream I was both inside my body and outside. The ‘inside’ me didn’t realise what had happened at first and I tried to get up a couple of times. It was only because my limbs wouldn’t respond I realised I was dead and just sank back into relaxation. The ‘outside’ me watched my body twitch a couple of times and smiled as I knew that it was the ‘inside’ me trying to get up. My whole body was filled with the deepest, deep relaxation I had ever felt, which seemed to emanate from the solar plexus area. I had no pain, no fear, and no worry at all of leaving my family, it was just like a wonderful pleasurable journey and only for me. When I began to wake up I still had these feelings of calm, relaxation, and pleasure inside me and I really wanted to return to my dream, but instead I carried on waking up. It took about five minutes before I could collect my thoughts and my very first thought was that I never had to worry about death ever again. For a couple of days though I wondered if it it meant I was going to have an accident and drove extra carefully. Then I seemed to forget about the dream (…..but not the message!). When I had a call to say my dad was poorly during the next couple of days I didn’t even think about the dream, I was so busy fitting in work, home, and calling to see him. It was only after Dad had passed away that I realised the reason for the dream, and now I would love to know where it came from. Was it my subconscious, or was it a guardian angel easing the way?

    1. HI Wendy,
      What a beautiful way to have a deeper understanding of ‘death’. You could describe it as your Higher Self, Source, guardian angel, or something from your subconscious that was ready to rise to your conscious awareness or even a message from your father’s soul to yours. What resonates with You the most? I don’t think it really matters where it came from, just the blessing of the understanding you gained was priceless and in perfect timing and Divine order.
      I hope your bright awareness around the death experience adds to a fuller life for You!
      In heart centered light,

  34. I have had premonitions of the deaths of several people I know. Usually at the time of the premonition it is merely a fleeting thought and once the person has died, I vividly recall the details (where, when, etc.) of when I had that fleeting thought of them dying. Here are a few of those premonitions.

    OOBE/Remote Viewing – Age 10, at a friend’s house on a sleepover: At 8pm I sat bolt upright in her bed and screamed as I saw my dog get hit by a red truck 5 miles away. The lady driver was crying as she carried my dog’s body to my house. I felt so bad for her, it wasn’t her fault. I went to school the next day and told everyone. That evening I returned home, where my folks met me at the door with the sad news. It happened exactly as I ‘saw’ it from the other side of town.

    Age 11, on the playground: I watched a girl, age 9, clumsily bouncing a kickball on the pavement during recess. She’s going to be murdered someday, I thought. She was murdered at age 38.

    High school: Premonitions of 2 guys who would each commit suicide many years later, both came true. These guys weren’t unhappy loners, they each had plenty of friends & loved ones.

    High school: Riding to school in a van with a mean boy who used to pick on me. I looked at him and thought to myself, “Yeah, well you’re going to lose your teenage daughter someday”. She tragically died in a car wreck at age 16. Ouch. He was nasty to me but nobody deserves this.

    All of the above people I wasn’t close to and I lost track of them after graduation.

    Thanksgiving, 4 years ago: I looked over at my brother-in-law and the words “brain tumor” popped into my head. Then I envisioned a dying man on a bed somewhere down south. I grabbed my camera and took a lot of pics of everyone that Thanksgiving. Six months later he had a major seizure and we found out he had an inoperable brain tumor. Treatment was at Duke, down south in North Carolina. He died the next year.

    I feel grateful to receive these premonitions, but they come so softly, like a slight breeze on the cheek, that it is hard to really ‘get the message’ vs. brushing it off as a terrible thought. Many years often transpire between the premonition and the death. How to respond to these? I certainly don’t want to run around like a madman announcing people’s doom. So what is my purpose in knowing? Close family I understand, and for the closest ones I would happily be that madman to chance avoiding their tragic fate.

    Also it troubles me to know that I may have had premonitions of others that I care about, but I won’t realize it and remember such thoughts unless those people die. How can I be more aware of premonition vs. bad thought?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    1. Hi Mel,
      Thank You for sharing here. I’ve asked this question myself many times in many versions. It sounds like You allowed it to inspire You in the case of your brother-in-law and taking pictures.
      What if these premonitions are part of a subtle language that is available to You and the pieces around death are the ones that stand out for You? Kind of like cuss words when learning a new language. Yet if You were to look around there was all of the times that the fleeting thoughts/spiritual awareness might have caused You to be inspired in other ways. I know for myself, having a clear intention ‘that if I am to do something or share with someone, that I will know what, how and who’. When You hear/see/feel these premonitions You are understanding the language of spirit that is always there, that everyone can choose to learn and understand. It really is up to us how much of the language we want to learn, what areas we want to focus on, as well as how we want to use it.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  35. Thanks JudyLynn, You have given me a bright new angle to view this from. Time to study up on this spiritual language. 🙂 Namaste.

  36. At the age of 41, lying in bed one morning I had what I can only describe as a strong awareness of death and when this would happen. A voice in my head says ’48’. In the past, particularly when in a very relaxed state or in the transition to sleep I hear random words and phrases that do not seem to mean anything that I am aware of. This incidence however has played on my mind off and on, probably quite understandably more so as I recently turned 48. I did once have an experience when on a garage forecourt looking to purchase a car, of suddenly visualizing the cream cloth interior covered in blood. I saw this as a warning and rejected the car. I have suffered with anxiety and depression periodically throughout my life and for some time now I have felt I am at my lowest ebb. I would like to think my life will get better, not finish shortly. I don’t know how to deal with this, any suggestions gratefully received…

    1. Hi Alice,
      Do You have anyone that You can share these thoughts with honestly? Someone that You feel will listen without judgement? I encourage You to find ways clean up your energetic house and run your own energy more freely. When our energetic spaces are cluttered and messy it shows up in our physical bodies and the lives we create around us. Christy and I both believe in alternate death dates. That we all have options and that your ability to influence these options is up to You.
      The Heal Yourself program we offer is for this and designed to assist anyone that is really interested in listening close enough to be on their true path.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  37. Hello. thanks for a great website. I am finding it helpful. About three weeks before my infant son died I found a series of dead, featherless baby birds on my balcony. Yes I have a cat, but there was no nest they could have fallen from and my cat doesn’t climb. Thinking it was a good opportunity I showed my older son (3.5) the dead birds and we buried them on separate occasions and said a little prayer. Around the same time I dreamt that my baby (14 months) was run over by a tractor. I remember waking up and running in to check on him, the dream was so vivid and disturbing. The night before my son died one of my chickens became sick, my partner was forced to ring its neck. The next night my son was accidentally asphyxiated. The following day another chicken drowned. He died on the 22/12/2012 the end of the Mayan calender in some countries. We are so saddened. I have been reading about soul contracts and wondering if this was on my path. Was the dream a prediction? What about the birds?

    1. HI Rebekah,
      Oh, I’m sorry about the loss of your son. No matter how clearly we know we are spirit in physical bodies it still hurts to lose someone we love. Sounds like you were getting clear messages about your son leaving. Spirit was even helping your older son prepare with the dead birds. We definitely have soul contracts with our children. I’m quite sure he came to propel your family’s soul level growth and understanding and feelings of love. For sure you are always connected across time and space.

      Funny, I’ve had dreams about ducks and chickens recently. Chickens represent sacrifice and fertility. To me birds in general represent divine energy reminding us to infuse our lives with spirit even in the mundane living.

      Wishing You lots of love during your readjustment period after losing your son.
      In warm and loving light,

      1. Hi Christy, thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes I feel like we were getting signs but it doesn’t make it any easier. Do you believe in reincarnation? For some reason I feel as though my wee boy is sad to have missed out on the wonderful relationship he should have had with his brother. I know ‘up there’ is a wonderful place full of joy and love but for some reason I still feel his sadness. Perhaps it is my own reflected, but I feel like he is coming back to us somehow.

        1. Hi Rebekah,
          Christy and I both believe that the energy of us continues even after the physical part of us is no longer part of our experience. We do our best to understand all of this from a physical limited perspective and that our understanding can be deepened by our willingness to be connected to the spirit of us. Each of us individually has an ability to influence how connected or not connected we are to ourselves, the spirit of ourselves. That the more connected we are to the spirit of ourselves the easier it is to be in connection to the spirit of another in physical or non physical. I am genuinely moved that You are willing to share here with us and feel compassion for the loss of your son in physical form.
          I believe that the non physical of your son is part of everywhere and still has the ability to be in relation with You all. It very well may be that You and the energy of your son have another agreement to fulfill and one of the best ways to really understand what that might be is to listen to the spirit that is You.
          In Heart Centered Awareness,

        2. Hi Rebekah,
          Yes, I believe in reincarnation. I also believe that relationships and love never die. We are always connected with those we love. We can even communicate with them once we move beyond our sadness and grief.

  38. Shortly after I met my boyfriend, he told me he knew he was going to die young and in a car accident. It stunned me, and I was really upset that he put something like this out there. I asked him to take it back, and he laughed at me and said he was just kidding. Several weeks before his death, he seemed as if he was in hyper-mode telling me and showing me anything and everything he could, When I reflect on it now, it felt like he was trying to take care of last minute business.His brother and father were having an issue at that time and hadn’t talked in a couple of years. He brought them back together shortly before his accident. The last phone conversation we had on the day of his tragedy was about his plans for a really special and romantic dinner that weekend. His family told me on the day of his funeral that he was going to propose to me. Instead of a romantic dinner with the love of my life, I was at my life’s funeral. They also asked me if he ever mentioned that he knew he was going to die at an early age. Apparently, he talked about it quite often with others.

    I can see now what he was trying to do by trying to get things in order before his accident, but, what I can’t seem to settle in my own heart is why he would pursue something so full of love and future by asking me to be his wife. It’s been quite a few years since he’s been gone. I’ve never stop wondering if he ever thought about the heartache and pain that I would feel without him being here. Not only in losing him, but all of our dreams and plans died with him that day. I know I will see and be with him again one day, but, I can’t get over him bringing me into the mix if he knew what was going to happen to him. I’m sure there is a reason, but, I still can’t figure it out. I am so grateful that I was the one he chose to spend his last days with and so thankful that he died being in love and happy. I wish that for everyone. But, I’m not certain I will understand why this happened to him or to me. I’m sure his family told me what his intentions were as their way of letting me how much he loved me…but, it’s been very hard to accept and try to resolve. He didn’t get to ask, I didn’t get to hear it, I didn’t get to say yes, he didn’t get to hear my yes, and I didn’t get to tell him how much I loved him before he was gone.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Thank You for sharing this with us here. It sounds like your love knew something that would serve us all to remember. We can not live our lives focused on the end. It is so important to live each day independent of what may happen tomorrow. Yes to make plans is fun and can propel us forward yet, not many of us are where we thought we would be five years forward, looking back. It is because our continued expansion in those five years that things are revised and adjusted.
      When You think about love and what it means, does it have more meaning for You if it lasts longer?
      Although it seems You will be gaining depth of understanding for a lifetime, ask yourself what the meaning is when everything that happens, happens for You. Most of us miss great joy in believing and understanding things happen to us and that this love of yours was making a choice to co create with You. There is so much more available when we understand that our greatest expression of ourselves often happens not in spite of but because of the events that bring us closer to our ‘Selves’, the larger spiritual part of us.
      I do not know what You believe or are willing to accept at this point AND I know that he knew how much You loved him and his love has not ended since he transitioned back to non physical. It is always up to us what kind of conversation we continue physical to non physical.
      I hope that You continue to ask because then the answers will come and integrated they will bring You great understanding.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

      1. Thanks, Judy….I know he’s always been with me. There’s been too many circumstances and people in my life that tell me it’s not a coincidence. We were pretty young when this happened…22. I’ve always tried to live my life based upon what he taught me and what we learned together. A few days before he passed away, we were going somewhere when a song came on the radio. He turned it up and said that Elton John wrote this song for him for me. Words are something like this….

        Don’t wish it away
        Don’t look at it like it’s forever
        Between you and me, I could honestly say
        That things can only get better

        And while I’m away
        Dust out the demons inside
        And it won’t be long before you and me run
        To the place in our hearts where we hide

        Just stare into space
        Picture my face in your hands
        Live for each second without hesitation
        And never forget I’m your man

        Wait on me, girl
        Cry in the night if it helps
        But more than ever
        I simply love you,
        More than I love life itself

        At 22, I didn’t understand what it meant….I just knew afterwards that my life was not going to be what we planned, and I didn’t know where to start or what to do. At 50, I listen to it now, and realize he was telling me good-bye for now.

        I’ve had a really good life, I won’t ever say it was what I thought it should be, but I have certainly tried. I keep pushing forward with trying to understand, but maybe that’s what keeps me going. I’ve never given up on trying to learn from it. He was/is an incredible man….sometimes it’s hard not to think of the what the could have been would have been like had this not happened to him.

        I distanced myself from his family over time and have recently been reunited with his father. It was odd how it happened, but, I’m wondering if his plan was to bring me back to his dad before his time here is up.

        I ask too many questions and wonder too many things. But, I always try to pay attention and learn from the experience. Some lessons are harder to bear than others. I miss him terribly, and I think I always will. But, I do know I will be with him again, one day. Thank you for understanding and your words of encouragement and wisdom.

  39. I am a physic, I was a bit scared when I had my first vision of death. As it was of myself, thing was it took me by surprise. After all it was a vision about my own death.
    I was so scared as I saw myself quite young in a funeral casket and the thing was there was someone standing over my body. I still remember the moment, I stopped walking and all of a sudden I felt like I was transported to that place.
    Now I know who was standing over my body and now I know that I when I die I am going to die quite young. I’m really scared as I’m only twenty two, I don’t know when I am going to leave the world, help!

    1. Hi Lauren,

      Thank You for sharing here. Visions of death can be pretty scary. Christy and I both believe in choice and the ability to adjust agreements around death or the release back to non physical. If You feel this vision was of an actual death then it is up to You to decide whether You are aligned with it. If You are not, your beliefs will be a large part of the outcome. If You believe that You have the ability to adjust this outcome then there is a much greater chance of You doing just that.
      I encourage You to get quiet and ask the questions that will best serve You to understand what else this vision might be about and how it serves You to be in the life You are living now. If You have a strong enough desire for greater understanding, then greater understanding will come.
      Death dreams and visions can be translated in so very many ways. Especially that a part of You will fall away or be transformed. The details of the vision are so very important in recognizing the truest meanings of the vision.
      I hope You find a way to disengage from the emotion around this vision so that the meaning can be shown to You in a s clear a way as possible.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

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  41. Something happened to me today and upon searching for similar experiences I stumbled across your website and thought that it may be of interest. I should explain at this point that I have no religious or paranormal beliefs – in fact I would discribe myself as very sceptical of most things and nothing like this has ever happened to me before ( I’m 44 ).

    I woke this morning Sunday – a completely unspectacular and normal weekend day like any other. Approx five minutes after waking I had a horrible feeling of dread wash across my whole body. A really sad and all consuming feeling that lasted around 3 or 4 seconds. Hard to explain but like a mini deep, dark and depressing emotion that I had never felt before.

    Instantly the feeling disappeared and normality was returned. In bed I turned to my partner to explain what had just happened and that I had a feeling like someone had died. Nobody in the family was ill and nobody had had any recent illnesses.

    So strong was the feeling, I switched on my mobile phone to bring up the news to see if any world-wide events or disasters had occurred but nothing unusual reported. I waited 10 minutes and again switched on the phone convinced that something, somewhere was wrong but nothing.

    Around 30 minutes later the phone rang. Being early on a Sunday morning I allowed the call to go to messaging. My partner, a little alarmed I think that I had just explained this strange emotion instantly listened to the message. It was my mother. I spoke to her yesterday and we speak every couple of weeks and knew she wouldn’t be calling so early on a Sunday morning.

    I returned the call straight away – she had just had a call herself to say that her only sister had died. I have a small family and don’t remember anyone ever calling me to tell me someone had died. Although I remember my only Aunt fondly I hadn’t seen her for 10 years so we were not close.

    I’m convinced this wasn’t a coincidence I just knew for sure someone had died.

    Warm regards to you all


  42. Thank u so much. Iv just experienced a rather vivid premonition of my uncle passing. Tho other psychics have warned, the depth and intensity of my own experience has shocked me quite a bit. Your article definately put things in the right perspective. Love & Light ♥

    1. Thank You Aly for sharing here. I definitely have to focus on my breath to stay connected with some of the information that comes to me. My connection to source has become the most important thing to me and then all things in my life are easier to go with.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  43. Hello My name is Aya!! To my knowledge i had my first preminiton dream in 95 when i was pregnant with twins in the hospital. I had a dream that the famous singer Phyllis Hyman died of an overdose. Two weeks went by It really came true. I had another dream about the former President Ronald Reagan..I was looking at the news and below it said Ronald Reagan passed away. Once again a few weeks went by. I saw it the exact same way i saw it in my dreams. Some years later this gentlemen that was a memeber at the YMCA i attended came across my mind. I dont know this guy. I see him in the pool sometimes. Well later that day on the news. There was a picture of him saying he was lawyer that had a massive heartache as him where he died. Most of my dream has to do with death. And most of them come true. I did have an awesome dream about money. I was in some room where there was a bunch of $5s and $50 bills all over the floor. Maybe a week or so. I received a gift card for $50 and I also received a check from my insurance company for $550s. True story. My preminition dreams come and go. Two years ago i decided to make a journal about all my premitions and dreams. Its very interesting. If u have any imput that would be great

  44. Hi,

    I’ve “seen” my death at age 33. I am 29, and really frightened. I’ve “seen” things before, and I experience ridiculous strong de ja vu’s frequently, I’m praying that I can interpret this is another way, but so far it’s just really making me sad. My children are still babies, and I can’t stop thinking about this!

    Any help or advice would be very gratefully received.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      A reminder that by being aware of the energy You are running today, You have the ability to adjust your reality. Death can also represent more than just physical death. Often I have had to stay open to possibility in the premonitions I have, asking for clarification. Death can also be an adjustment in how You perceive life, a divorce, ending of a friendship, completion of a spiritual agreement, a strong indicator to make conscious choices or a refined meaning based on what death means to You. For me death in every form means a new beginning as well. I can feel your fear about leaving small children and really hope that You find a way to stay present with them for each day, facing the fears You experience. I live each day knowing that my children also have their own agreements and direction. In my heart I can never know what will help them reach the potential that they are choosing and somehow the intense pressure of being a parent is a bit easier. I believe that You will find a way to come to acceptance of this ‘seeing’ and recognize how powerful You are in influencing the outcome in the way that best serves everyone in your world. We have healing sessions available if You ever feel that would serve You.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

    2. Ruth, my name is Lori. I totally understand what you are going through. I had the feeling over myself back in 2007, it lasted for nearly 2 years. I have IBS and was having pain as ussual, so I ignored it and went on. I had been dating my boyfriend for a year at the time is was really bothering me. About 6 months later I had a really bad attack under my right rib. We later had testing done and found out my gall bladder could burst at any moment and it would have killed me. My boyfriend’s parents owned their own medical clinic. After the surgery, the feeling of death went away. I guess what I am saying is; go to the doctor and forget about the what if your doctor thinks your crazy, “This is your life.” look for me on facebook under infinity-sisto-watson

  45. I need help i am hugely concerned. 10 years ago i had a very vivid dream about my father dying of a heart attack by a local church of mine… I was running to be with him as he struggled on the floor and watched as the ambulance arrived before me and told me that he was dead i was so troubled by the dream that i called my dad the next morning to check he was ok. 8 years later this is what happened. My dad moved in to a house by this church and died of a heart attack i raced to be by his side only to be told by the ambulance attending that he had already passed…… My worry is that i have just had a very vivid dream about my child. My own daughter. The thought of this coming true is too much to bear and i am afraid. I need some advice

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Sometimes our dreams are premonitions to help us start processing before something actually happens. Other times our dreams are just a place to become aware of and work out our fears. Usually dreams of someone else dying are letting us know that person is starting a new cycle or phase of life. Worrying only drains your energy. Unless you are inspired to take some action based upon your dream, I would live like it was a dream to be aware of your fears. Keep loving your daughter and being fully present.

  46. What if its not someone else who dies but you how do you beat death i have lived life 3 times 2 times i have been murdered how do u survive the third time my time is near and i dont no what to do i need help i live in great yarmouth uk ive lived here for 2 years 2 years ago i moved from london my time is short now people need to no u live more then once i want to live not be killed i love my mum and brothers if i was to die i would be in pain for eternity my family is everything to me why must i be killed i am inocent and a loving person god bless u all u all will need it its to late for me now

    1. Hi Samuel,
      Yes, we do live many lives. Perhaps a healing session to clear out the patterns of the other lives would be helpful for you. Also, you could call on Archangel Jeremiel to help you be aware of patterns and release them. In loving light, Christy

  47. Most of my premonitions have to do with death. I haven’t had any lately. But there is a spirit in my room that likes to play. Last month the spirit pushed all of my clothes to the front of my closet. Sometimes it sits on my bed and turns my doorknob.

  48. I’m not sure if this board is still active and read but for the past two days I’ve had a weird sense that I am going to die soon. It’s worrying me and i don’t know if it’s a premonition or anxiety. The day it started after coming home from the store I felt like I was having a heart attack (I’m 23) and I went to the hospital but everything checked out fine. I had talked to my mom and she said my dad was having chest pains that day and promptly after hearing that the heart attack feeling came on… I don’t know what it means.

    1. Hi Jasmine,
      Sounds like you are doing all the right things. It serves to pay attention to physical sensations and act on them in appropriate ways for you. I know that a lot of people are experiencing a recalibration in the physical body as the energies adjust. If you have a solid technique for coming back to center, although it is harder, use it when you feel the physical sensations and the mental and emotional concern. Getting centered will allow you to ask what is happening and hear the answers giving you the best steps in moving forward. For myself personally, I clearly ask for information from the Universe if there is something I am able to do and then I work to trust in the rest. Christy and I put ‘The Heal Yourself’ home study together to help you understand the more subtle language and how to stay centered in your’Self’. Remember focusing on your breath will help you to be calmer and to listen more closely to what your body is trying to tell you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Thank you for the reply and I have started trying to try and go back to my centering. After a rough year I’ve lost it I haven’t even been able to conduct a session with my massage therapy. The energy starts to hit me really hard when I try and makes me feel sick. I was recently told to look into empath and it describes me to a T. Could this have been a feeling I picked up from someone I was around that just attached and fed off my fears?

        1. Hi Jasmine,
          Yes it could be that you picked up on someone else’s energy and then we’re not able to clear it properly. Often this indicates that you have something similar in yourself that needs attention. Running your own energy is something extremely important for an empath. The Heal Yourself home study program that Christy and I put together, with all the techniques that have worked for us and many others we have helped, is about being able to run your own energy and be centered in yourself. Your ability to acknowledge your tough year and then ask what is next is all we can do sometimes. Remember to ask and then be patient for the answer to come from within you.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  49. For the past two days ive had a vision that my daughter and grand baby were in a car accident and are both on life support and I have to make the decision to turn off the machines and let them go so I place the baby in my daughters arms and let their spirits go together and cremate their bodies as one…it is so very real and like I am virtually mentally and physically going thru this. I am ALWAYS awake and cant distract or stop the vision as I have tried. Im not afraid but unclear of the meaning.

    1. Hi Cj,
      Thank you for sharing here. I wish sometimes the meanings were more clear. The meaning for you is what is most important? Is there any information in the vision that it feels right to share in prevention? How do you feel in your body while seeing this vision? Is this vision allowing you to prepare yourself in time of trauma? Or could it be indicating the renewal they are both experiencing being back together in this physical lifetime. Death so very often represents expansion and is hard for us to comprehend as such. Either way your ability to detach gives you so much space for unconditionally loving.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  50. in the early stages of my daughters pregnancy, there were concerns that the baby may have downs syndrome – in the weeks to come this was ruled out. A week before the baby was to be born, I found myself wondering if it would still be born with downs despite it having been ruled out. While thinking about it, I heard a voice – not sure if in my head or out loud – say “its irrelevant because the baby is going to die” and I had a flash of a babies funeral.

    My precious granddaughter was born in a totally unexpected complicated birth and after a perfect pregnancy 10 days after I heard the voice. She died when she was six days old as a result of her birth. Her death was devastating and so confronting because I had never had precognition of death before. Some minor precognitive events but nothing significant. It is only two months since she died but in the last few weeks I have started seeing my sons death and funeral accompanied by a feeling of adrenaline rushing through my body – a feeling of fear. I am unable to shake the images or feeling and it is severely affecting me.

    After my first experience, I’m afraid that its another precognitive vision and at times I convince myself that its simply my mind playing tricks on me since the death of my grandchild.

    Can anyone offer me some insight into these visions, thoughts and feelings


    1. Hi Desiree,
      I send healing energy to you and your family in the passing of your granddaughter.
      I can completely respect the experience that you are having. I have experienced premonitions that were very exact and then I have experienced ‘visions’ that I sincerely thought were premonitions. Were they premonitions and the energy shifted so the premonition no longer could be called one. Or were they visions of my fears and concerns come to help me get clear. I can not tell you for sure. I can tell you that whether vision or premonition, they are for your benefit. Ask for spiritual guidance and let your guidance know that if there is a way you can do anything to change what happens in your premonition that you be given the information in a very clear understandable way.
      Another thing I do with premonitions is get really quiet, looking back at it and see if there are any details I might have missed. If someone dies from a heart attack, I might encourage them to go get their heart checked in a preventative way. Without mentioning the premonition or death to them.
      Use your breath to settle your system as much as you can.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  51. I had a dream about two years ago that I was going to die at 32, I’m 30 now… In the dream I was talking to my younger brother (who passed away when I was 24). I first asked him how he was. He said he felt blank in sorts… and confused with time, like he could blink and a whole year would go by… Later in the dream I started bugging him to tell me when I’m going to see him again… he didn’t want to tell me and kept avoiding the question, then finally told me at 32.
    Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing sings in my everyday life that confirm that dream, but can’t exactly tell if that’s what they actually are.
    Does this make any sense?whenever I share this with anyone, they tell me not to think about it and that it can’t be true. But somehow I can’t shake it off, I miss him so much and I think part of me just wants to be together with him again, in whatever way possible. Yet another part of me is dreading the end…

    1. Hi Emma,
      It sounds a little unnerving and like you are at odds about what you want. The energy of your brother did not die. If you get quiet in body and mind you can connect with that energy anytime you would like. It is not commonly accepted yet experienced often by many. Expect communication to happen differently and keep your mind open to hearing with your whole being.
      Some say we have alternate death dates when we are born and that based on desires and free will we can influence which one is taken. I encourage you to research what other meanings are shared about death in dreams. Death can be a new skill developed, a rebirth of being, a birth of belief, divorce or even just a significant change. I have had death premonitions of others and some of them came true and some of them did not. Even a premonition is not set in stone. Dynamic divine beings that we all are.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  52. I don’t kno if this is still open but I need help understanding why I had a dream of my 5 year old had died and his father was the one to tell me in my dream. We were in a hospital. I had no idea how he died or what had happen. I woke up bawling. 2 weeks later he died in a car accident. But his father was driving so he was hurt badly as well and was not the one to tell me. The hospital looked very similar to the one in my dream. This was 3 months ago now and I jus don’t get what I could have done if anything. Why did I have that dream. I haven’t dreamt about him either since. I want to. I miss him so much and even want to talk with a median. But I don’t have the funds now. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hello My vinney,

      How hard it must be to even share this. And how to make sense of it would be even more challenging. Every thing is energy. Often when we check in we are capable of being fully aware of what is in process of manifesting around us. It all happens energetically first. Prayers to you and your family. Often the type of dream you had is just in preparation. Often that is all they can be. If you were supposed to do something trust that you would have been given the direction and the ability to follow through. With time and clearing around the situation you will be able to communicate through dreams. Remember to focus on your breath as often as you can when feeling upset or experiencing strong emotions. One of the hardest things to remember in any situation where you lose a loved one is that the Universe is on our side even when we can not understand how.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  53. Hi everyone,
    my name is Erica after reading all of these post I wanted to join this conversation and see what advice I can take from this. Since I was young I’ve always had very strong and vivid premonitions some I still remember now as an adult and at the time I was to young to put things together to understand what it was ied see, My dad has always told me my grandmother was the same way she knew things before they would happen and she always made Decisions based off that she passed away in 1996 the premanonisions stayed with me. It’s been a gift and a curse in my life mostly because I’m not sure how to deal with it. For instance: I dreamt that my uncle was going to pass from a drug overdose I seen him and how he was laying and how he would be found it was so clear and I told my partner what I had seen I haven’t spoke to my uncle In years and it was so vivid almost like I watched it as it happened a few days later I received a call from my aunt and she told me he passed and it was exactly how I seen. Another instance: my cousin and I up close in age after we became adults we all went different places so didn’t stay in contact much I had premonition that he was going to take an attempt on his life I told my mom and she passed it on to my aunt (his mother) a week later my sister called me and told me he was in the hospital on a 72 hour hold for trying to take his life…. These are some of the things that happen related to death and I also get premonisions of things that are going to happen I seen myself in a car accident and I refused to drive for that whole week a few days later my sister let out brother n law use her car and he was in an accident. Please at this point any advise will help so I can better understand these things. Thank you all for sharing

    1. Dear Erica,
      It sounds like when you can share you do. Energy happens before the reality and you are seeing snapshots of the energy before the ‘thing’ happens. Most people experience some understanding of the energy and decide on life based on feelings, messages, or pictures. You could ask your guides to give you very clear messages if there is something you can do. You might also ask for the courage to share or do what is asked. Many wish they could have a heads up in order to brace or prepare themselves for what will happen. They have not lived it as clearly as you. Your breath is a helpful tool in keeping you in the moment and allowing whatever you see to move through your system in a beneficial way. Trust that this is serving you somehow and ask the unknown angels out loud for greater understanding.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  54. Hi, I had the most vivid dream about my own death about 8wks ago. I don’t know if I was the driver or passenger, but I was involved in a car accident at night. I remember the sound of glass breaking as I went through the windshield, and remember the thud of my bodyhitting the road. Butthe most prevelant memory is the smell of the rain-soaked that I was laying on, unable to move. I recall the arrival of emergency services, the lights reflecting on the road and the vision of blackrubber boots running up to me as I lay there. I remember telling myself that I must be dreaming, and to wake up, wake up, WAKE UP, but I was trapped on the tarmac, unable to return to conscious reality. I lay there for what felt like 2hours, listening to paramedics say that I was a ‘Black Tag’ case (likely to die) as they ran away to assist another casualty. It took all of my resolve, spirit and determination to finally pull my subconscionce from that dream, and I am still haunted by it.

  55. I had several premonitions that someone was about to die, never really a clear picture in my dream. Thoughts of my deceased pets came to mind. The universe was telling me something.
    Now 2 weeks later the person closest to me died. I fear for my future because i cannot go on with my life without her

    1. Dear Ariel,
      So thankful you were able to share here. The Universe is always telling us something. I hope you find yourself getting quiet and still listening. The more quiet you are able to find yourself, the more you will find yourself able to still connect with this beautiful person that no longer resides in physical. Hope will be the most valuable tool in you recognizing this connection still exists.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  56. Hello, when i was 34 yrs old i dreamt of a woman she was shocked when she saw me im alive, i asked her why and then she told me im already dead..still in my dream, i asked her what was my age when i died.. She said 37. Im worried and depressed because im still 36 yrs old now and next year i will be turning 37 years old. Please help enlighten my mind. Thank you.

    1. Hello Bing,

      You are addressing one of the the most difficult pieces that we as humans encounter. Life and Death are just what they are, until we as humans judge them to be good and/or bad. Christy and I believe that each individual comes in with more than one exit date. This could be one of yours and it will be up to you. Or it could be a very strong symbolic indicator and message to evaluate your life and see where you may not be fully living. See if you can allow yourself to get quiet enough to hear what is being asked of you.
      Myself personally having experience with situations such as this I have made sure all my paperwork was in order, desires were written and then found any and all pieces of me holding back from living life full on.
      Remember that depression can be a beneficial experience in itself as it slows us down enough to really see, if you accept and allow.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  57. What if I need to know when I die? because it would be comforting to me to know when I can return to my soulmate and love of my life who passed away. Also to stop worrying about if I keep living without her. We where both only 33.

    1. Dear Luke,

      It hurts my heart to hear of your loss. It is such a gift to know such a love. Do you sense your love still with you?
      All answers are available to you in the quiet in your heart. I hope you find peace in living and recognize that the energy of your love never dies. That if you listen to the subtle messages know that you are not alone.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  58. My husband died unexpectedly. He was a disabled spec Opps Vetran.

    He passed in February, he was the 9th person who died in my family since around thanksgiving. It was that previous summer I began being told he would die.

    First off, I actually was clinically dead when I was 4, and have since coming back been very sensitive. People come and say goodbye to me after death, and my Angel of death who helped me crossover when I was for then sent me back, is always in my death premonition dreams.

    It was Labor Day weekend and often when I get a premonition dream, I fall asleep very fast and deep but only for about 15 – 30 minutes.

    I dreamt I was standing in Arlington with a casket covered in a flag was in front of me. I knew it was my husband. My uncle whom was a soldier in WWI was standing in the field saluting. I heard and smelled the 21 gun salute and was startled. The Angel of death was on my left side and she hugged me from behind. She asked if I understood. I would wake up feeling nothing. It was like this was going to happen and I couldn’t do anything.

    2 or 3 times a week, I had that dream until John died.
    The night before he died we were in the grand room and he had developed a giant patch of grey hair. I saw my angel behind him for just a moment.

    I started crying I told him about my dreams. He confessed that he had been feeling very anxious and nervous. But he said he believed I was overwhelmed because I lost so many people in the last couple months. I said NO! It’s you, it’s Arlington!

    John died the next day. I didn’t know for a couple days.his mother had burried him in private property and left our family and his dad’s family out. We went to court.

    As we ( my parents and his father and stepmother) began talking, they all admitted that everyone had the same dream I did, but all from their vantage point. Either my back to them, or my profile to them at Arlington standing solo at John’s casket.

    Now 18 months later, we won an appeal and we are based on his will and awards ( he was invited to be buried their) exhuming him and burying him in Arlington.

    I in my dream was in my body, however everyone else saw me in their dream. John was an officer and I asked his former chief what was appropriate to wear as an officers wife at an Arlington service. I was told black tie, and sunglasses so if I cried no one saw.

    John’s favorite color is a dark ocean blue, we both have a rare genetic eye condition that makes our eyes almost turquoise. 1.2% of people have it. We met because we had never seen anyone else with our eye color. So I will forgo the sunglasses and I had bought a black satin corseted mermaid dress, but at the last minute I saw it in his favorite color and ordered it in dark bleu. I texted my mom and His Stepmother a picture of my dress and immediately both texted back that in their dreams I was in fact wearing a dark blue corseted dress.

    When we won in court I started crying because I got to lay him to rest next to his brothers as he wished. Then I asked my dad to stand beside me, because his military buddies would not. My dad declined, he was never in the military and couldn’t. I asked John’s best friend whom John had asked to stand by me ( they had both served together) he declined, it was too emotional for him. John’s stepmother’s eyes welled up with tears, she told me that we had aloped alone, I had fought the Feds on John’s behalf alone, I alone took care off him, and in everyone’s dream I alone accepted his flag and set his spirit free.

    So next spring, I alone walk the path to my husband’s redressed remains, at Arlington in my dark bleu corseted mermaid dress and accept his flag under a 21 gun salute, as it was allways meant to be. 😕
    But, I’m planning just as my dream played out that although no one else can see her or feel her my most beloved Angel stands behind me for comfort and strength and then takes John’s soul home.

    1. Incedently, John isnt at rest and makes frequent visits to all of us in our dreams, and a couple times as a solid real life person. His estranged mother who buried him and left us his familly out has been plaqued by nightmares and her sister claims that John acts out in a rage at his estranged mothers home, useing poltergeist type activities.

      In the opposite spectrum, sometimes I wake up to his voice ” Satine, I’m home; go back to sleep” he would nudge me awake and whisper that in my ear when returning home from deployments. My mom sees him in our kitchen drinking coffee, his Step mother has seen him in her hallway and standing at the foot of her bed.

      Sadly John’s Dad is now in a hospice. I never met him in person he is a famouse surgeon and was always off lecturing. We even missed each other in court.

      Recently, I started having death dreams about him, before he told our family how sick he was.

      I’m home for Christmas and I’m in Chicago waiting to cath the train home from the airport and its obviously Christmas. It’s freezing outside and I’m alone, I notice a man reading a paper in a trench coat on a bench. I recognize him as John’s dad. I make small talk and point at some buildings and the river. Then a train circa 1940 pulls up and he tells me he wishes he would have met me. I say “we just met” he says “no, in life. It’s ok we both get to be home with our family this Christmas” and he gets on the train.

      And their once again is my Angel standing far away on the train platform.

      I did past life regression because I wanted to remember my NDE. I only remember a little. I was told I’m a very old soul and I was able to see 11 lives but finally I reached “the source” and I was with my angel I finally asked if she was the Angel of death, she actually told me that she was my guardian and that she had always been their for my transitions birth death and rebirth. She told me that she was always with me and had stood by my side to support and comfort me since the begining of time, she said she knew my soul better than anyone and because I had an NDE and was living my last life I am just perceptive because I’m on the cusp and even though I died in this life and was brought back, I would always have one foot in the spiritual world, one in ours. I asked when I died if she would come for me. See said yes then told me not until 2054. I asked to follow her to remember what I saw, she said no. I wasn’t supposed to remember. This was all telepathic mind you. Her face was about an inch from mine, she said I had to go back, but this time it wouldn’t hurt. I do remember from my NDE, how bad it hurt being brought back! I had an anaphylaxis reaction to a shot, the had to de-fib me and in doing CPR had broken ribs and my xyphoid process. Also the anaphylactic shock felt like my body was on fire and I had broken glass in my lungs, my last memory of the other side was her face close to mine with a very sad exspresion and she told me telepathically ” I’m sorry, this is going hurt” it was awefull coming back to life! At my past life regression I sat up in the middle of shaman chants and singing bowls and had been gone for almost 3 hours. They were surprised at how fast I fell under hypnosis and said I had a jade green and gold Aura surrounding me the whole time. I think spirits and celestial beings care for us and send us dreams to prepare us. Being a widow at 37 has been so awefull, but I was able to tell John everything I had to. Not many people get that chance.

    2. I am honestly moved Rebecca. Thank you for sharing here. The account of your experiences are a beautiful honoring. I trust that the spirit of your husband John will settle and that he will still be in communication with those of you that are willing. We always stand alone even when surrounded by others AND we are never really alone. I appreciate that you know this. May the rest of this life bring you much connection.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  59. Last week I was on a boat with my husband and my kids when I had a sudden very overwhelming feeling aura of a death. I began crying because I worried one of my children would die. I became very anxious. The feeling stayed with me until I got a call from my sister in Tennessee who told me our father died suddenly. My father was not Ill that we knew he was very healthy or at least seemed so. This is the third time in my life thst I have sensed something before it happened and the first time I sensed death. I am 52 yrs old and am trying to make sense of this. Can anyone help me make sense of this? During the episode I couldn’t make out who was going to die but the anxiety and feelings of death did not stop until after I heard thst my father had passed. I am not sure if it stoppedal because his life ended or because I was relieved it wasn’t wine of my kids. It was the worst feeling of my life for the two days I was sensing a death.

    1. Hello Glenda,

      Death is one of the more challenging things to pick up on. Condolences on your father passing. Thank you for sharing here. The degree of anxiety we feel when picking up on something happening relates to the beliefs we hold and our ability to allow energy to flow through us. I encourage you to practice focusing on your breath when you sense things that are uncomfortable and let things move through. The lessons presented in the http://psychicpotentials.com/offerings/101-audio/ home study course are to help you gain confidence in your ability to sense things unseen. You deserve to experience all that there is! Be willing to see how the Universe is always in service to the expansion of you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  60. February of this year my cousin who was only 46 died of breast cancer. Three weeks after her death I had a dream about her. We bumped into each other walking down the street. I couldn’t believe she was alive. She looked healthy and fit before she got sick. We hugged one another. She took my hand and dropped a set of keys in it. As she started to walk away. Her body begin to shrink and then she disappeared. I’m still trying to figure out what the keys meant…

    1. Hi Aisha,
      You have shown us here an example of how spirit never dies and can continue to communicate with us after the body passes. Thank you. Keys generally represent solutions and/or opportunities. My first hit is that your cousin is sharing where much more information is available to you on the spiritual level even while still walking the Earth with your physical body. Know that if you sincerely want to communicate with your cousin again you can ask her questions and continue to share the energy of caring and love.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  61. Hi Judy. Just found this article while searching for examples of something I experienced a few days ago (to no avail). So my question to you is have you heard of this before:
    Saturday night I was getting dressed at about 4.45pm and felt a very tight painful feeling in the centre of my chest and a bit between my shoulder blades to the extent that i wasn’t sure that I could lift my arms over my head to put my shirt on and started to worry whether I’d be able to go to work that night. It dulled enough that I lifted my arms up got dressed and was all good to go to work 15 minutes later.
    That night my uncle (not blood related or particularly close to me) died of a massive heart attack out of nowhere. I haven’t told my auntie about my chest pain but she did describe that he had chest pain a little earlier that night as they were walking and thought it was reflux. He got her to massage between his shoulder blades to help with the pain.
    Do you think I may have had a premonition with my own chest pain?
    Please let me know, I’ve only told one person and she didn’t think it had any significance but I do wonder..

    1. Hi Zoe,

      I have experienced physical pain that did not belong to me before just like this. It is a lesson in discernment to identify whether it is something to get checked out or that it is a psychic hit. I usually just ask outright and out loud, ‘Is this my pain?’ If it isn’t then often the pain will subside physically and just the impression is left. Were you close to your Aunt? Often that is what is happening and we are picking up on what is happening around the one we are connected to. I find that everything we experience serves us in waking up to our connection to Spirit and for me that is enough of a meaning with everything!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  62. Please Help Me. I Have A Dream That Somebody Is Planning To Bury Me While I Am Alive. A Woman Told Me In My Dream When I Asked Her, She Said Somebody Told Her That He Is Bringing My Deadbody For Burial .I Also Saw Choristers In My Dream Because I Am A Choirmaster In Real Life. Please What Is The Meaning.

    1. I Dreamt Last Week That I Bury My Late Uncle With Hoe. I Also Dreamt Yesterday That I Killed A Mad Dog That Wants To Bite Me. I Killed It With My Bare Hands. I Strangled The Dog To Death. Please What Is The Meaning?

      1. Hello Emmanuel,

        It looks like you are being affected by the energy of the planet in a significant way. Right now everyone is being asked to process any old emotions and energy patterns that would prevent them from vibrating in alignment with the Earth as it ascends. Find time to spend time sitting directly on the Earth and time to be in nature. In awareness watch what these dreams cause you to feel and give it back to Spirit with honor.
        In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  63. Dear Judy,

    A friend just confided in me today something she has never told anyone else. Both of us share being gifted with having those on the other side visit us – so I believe that’s why she trusted me with this. She has a 7 year old daughter and ever since her daughter was an infant she has had a strong ‘feeling’ or premonition that she will not be with her daughter when the daughter grows up. As if…. when she is in a store buying something ‘for later’ that she should not, that she should only live just in the ‘here and now’ with her daughter. She has 2 older sons and never had this feeling with them. She does not want to make plans far ahead with her. She doesn’t know if it is her or the daughter that this premonition is about but it frightens her because, naturally, she loves her daughter so much.

    I’ve had words of comfort for others dealing with psychic issues but had nothing to say to her but to thank her for sharing and give her a huge hug (and tissue)…. and sit with her. Am not sure what I might be able to offer her as think we will be discussing this again. Your post here is truly wonderful…. do you have any ideas?

    Thank you. Bless you.

    1. Dear Leigh,
      Thank you, so wonderful that your friend has you. I encourage you to ask the Unknown Angels out loud to give the right words to you. Helping her to stay in the present moment where her daughter is will be powerful for her and allow her to take advantage of all the time available. The more she is able to just process the love and fear the more incredible their relationship will be. It may be beneficial for her to teach her daughter to also be comfortable with communicating with individuals no longer in physical body. Not all premonitions will come to be yet our ability to recognize that if they do there is always a benevolent force at work.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Judy,
        Thank you. This helps. Assisting her daughter in this area makes much sense. Will use prayer before talking to my friend….. it all feels right. 😉
        Bless you,

  64. In 2013 I reconnected with family that I haven’t spoken to for about 15 years. I was taken away when I was 5 years old and put in foster care. My dad was a alcoholic and my mother was a drug addict. I have two older sisters in which myself and the middle sister share the same father. When I started to talk to her again after so long, she told me our father was really sick. In and out of the hospital. Things got so bad that she even lost her job from going to the hospital to be by his side so often. His organs were starting to fail. One night I was dreaming, and in my dream, it got interrupted. I was dreaming about something and then it switched to me being at the beach watching the waves and I seen two huge beautiful angels. They didn’t speak but as I’m at the shore of the ocean I started to hear voices and I had a vision of my dad. He was on the hospital bed with a oxygen mask on and his whole body was swollen. I couldn’t see the nurses, I can only hear their voices saying ” no call her now, he’s not going to make it, no this is it “. I woke up and was crying to my husband about it. I knew it wasn’t just a dream. I can feel it. And I’ve had things in my past happen where I’ve dreamt about something happening and it would happen. My husband told me not to tell my sister because she was going through so much already and what if I was wrong. This was on a Thursday. Saturday morning my sister texted me that Thursday our father had passed and she rushed to the hospital but didn’t make it on time. And I told her I knew. Told her about the dream. She said she didn’t tell me rite away because she was such a mess. They were very close. I never got to have a relationship with him though I’ve forgiven him for not being in my life. I feel god sent those angels to me to have some type of closure with him, to at least know he’s okay.

  65. Hi I had a premonition of my partners funeral. It wasn’t a dream I was at work and all of a sudden I could see his funeral happening. Sometimes I have visions but they happen later on in life and end up feeling like deja vu, but I’ve never had a vision like this before, it really upset me and now I can’t seem to shake it off. What do you think this could mean

  66. I almost cried reading this. You took the words right ou of my mouth. Recently experienced my 3rd death premonition. My first love and a man I will always be in love with. I didn’t want to believe it was happening again. I denied it to myself. Couldn’t accept it. For months I was tortured at night with visions of his funeral. This is the first time I asked questions and received answers I didn’t understand. Felt like I was in a crowded room and no one could hear me. I’d ask what happen to him in a panic no one would tell me. Then I’d be in his room and I’d see him in his bed unconscious. Then I would be there alone still wondering who to call and why I have the feeling we haven’t spoken or made it across states to see each other. At the time we had spent many months dreaming and Planning on our reunion. Which caused even more pain in my premonitions. I didn’t want to accept it. I would wake up in denial literally saying no I’m gonna see him. As fate would have it when I got to Florida we didn’t see each other I spent my trip heartbroken but feeling defeated by shit timing. We had a push pull relationship due to our long distance circumstances. Made it painful talking everyday and being unable to be there. I haven’t heard from him since that trip dec 29 2015. He told me he met someone and our timing will never be right. My night mare came true. The reason I have no idea what going on in his life is answered. Just like in my dream I can’t get ahold of his family. And feel desperate for answers. The reason no one tells me what happened to him is because we don’t know yet. Waiting on the autopsy results been on vet 2 weeks now. The reason I wake up before I get to his casket is because I couldn’t make it to his funeral. Couldn’t afford the plane ticket. My previous 2 premonitions were of family members. I have felt like a curse and jinx. This gift often leaves me with more grief as though I could have changed it. And I failed. No one in my life can understand what I’m feeling. Nor has the patience to listen to me. Just makes me feel like I scare them. I never asked for this. Finally I accept this won’t be the last time. I want to be ready to handle it when it comes again.

  67. Hello,ever since I was young whenever someone i know were about to pass away I would get ice cold shivers through my whole body and I’d turn white and would cry for about 5 minutes then within 1 week I’d get a phone call saying that someone had passed.

  68. Well, my latest think is too “new” and raw still to go into detail but my biggest thing is I don’t know what it is. I often “dream” or “vision” or even just “thought in head” that happens later in life (could be weeks, months, years, decade). Sometimes on more than one occasion sometimes different part of the vision/thought. I don’t remember until it happens that I had “knew It was.” most of the time they were not bad things and sometimes even good. Then I tried to push it away as it was too much, so any time since it was like oh “its just this or that” but this most recent one was one of the most painful ever experienced. To make it more confusing, is I know the person looks like and been “In there presence” but NEVER actually met them (at least not in this lifetime)

  69. I have had this feeling my husband is gonna die. I have had it for almost 3 yrs. It scares me. I’m don’t know if he dies from cancer, motorcycle accident hunting but the feeling don’t go away. My husband is 53 I’m 45 been together 28 yrs. Can someone sheed some light please

  70. last night i had a dream of my friend died. in my dream, i felt as if i was expecting someone has already died but i have no idea who it was until i saw a person carrying my friend. i broke down and cried and cried. i didnt see her face but i recognized her red slipper she constantly wore. her body was wrapped in a cloth and i only saw her feet. as i was watching her, i repeatedly uttered in my dream “what will happen to your daughter?”. what should i do about this? should i warn her? i had previous dreams about someone died in my dream and it really happened in just a span of days after dreaming about it. the feeling i had in my dream last night was so real and i was really scared.

  71. I had a dream that my 7 month old baby brother died. Nobody knew why but he was in his walker thingy and just died. We planned a funeral and after school I walked there by myself, when I turned up they said that my mum couldn’t afford to bury him so they just handed him to me. My dream ended there because my mum woke me up. Does this mean anything in particular? We aren’t exactly well off or anything but nor are we poor, it really confused me!

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