Psychic 101 Lesson Series- Home Study


How Do You Know if You are Not in Alignment Energetically and Spiritually?

  • If You are struggling in any aspect of your life, physically, financially, in relationship, or with your spiritual growth?
  • You go from dealing with one symptom of dis-ease to another.
  • If confusion or indecision are part of your life regularly.
  • Physical sickness and discomfort.
  • If You feel sluggish or a lack of motivation.
  • Your physical space around You is a mess.
  • You don't feel joy about your work, family, or friendships.
  • If You notice imbalance between your ability to give and receive.
  • Your spiritual growth feels stagnated.
  • You feel depressed, confused, or experience extreme mood swings.
  • You find yourself drained, overwhelmed or in a bad mood when at the office, at school, running errands,  or in a crowd.
  • And... 

How does Energetic Mis-Alignment Happen?

  • You can be affected by what has come before You physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • Your health can be impacted by the energy and emotions expressed by your family and friends.
  • Fears can be energetically passed on or picked up adding to energetic overwhelm.
  • Watching the news, listening to a friends sad story, or doing your taxes (if unenjoyable) can all contribute.
  • Your environment, the thoughts You think and the emotions You feel can cause You to be out of alignment.


Tanya Paulsen

“When I started using the meditations, that were delivery system for some great spiritual lessons, I recognized a new level of ease in my life and body. My intuition increased dramatically! I also found another level of confidence in myself and my psychic abilities the more I used this program.”

Will getting Aligned energetically really help me to enjoy life more?

  • You’ll find living in this ever shifting time easier and your abilities will help you stay balanced in stressful situations.
  • When the energy surrounding you (aura) is clear your relationships end up invigorated too.
  • Clear and functioning well energetically= greater health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (And financially!)
  • With greater alignment, you'll be left with more energy to live your life more fully, feeling alive and joyful, doing the things you love.

Here's Just A Sampling of What You'll Learn with the Psychic 101 Series:

-How to Get Grounded and Spiritually Aligned.

- How to Avoid Taking On Other Peoples Energy.

- Strategies to Increase Your Psychic Power.

- How to give yourself the gift of Greater Serenity.

- Learn How to Tap Into 'Spirit' Directly for Answers and Clarity.

- Get Advanced Tools for Manifesting Your Greatest Desires.

- How to Build  and Trust your Psychic Muscle.

- How to get Crystal Clear About Your Purpose.

The techniques we cover will empower You to cultivate and expand your inherent intuitive skills.

Don't wait until the energy mis-alignment shows up as sickness, sadness and fear, stagnant spiritual growth, lack of financials, broken relationships, depression or boredom.

By tapping into source and harnessing your Psychic Potential you can increase your personal energy and power, expand your business, create the relationships you want, be healthy and creative.

Join us for discovery and exploration of the incredible untapped support you have within.


We’re so confident that the ‘Psychic 101 Series‘ will support you, save you effort, and allow you to tap into your greater knowing, that if you’re not satisfied, you get a no-questions-asked-hassle-free refund.


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Full Program $45.00

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Being more connected to Source allows everything in life to be easier and more enjoyable.

You deserve to use all of the natural skills You were given!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."  

Albert Einstein