Feeling Ascension Energy Upgrades and Shifts Physically and Emotionally

Feeling energetic upgrades has come up in conversation so many times lately that we decided to address it.    Many aware people are noticing the effects of this shift of the vibration of energy on the planet. The challenge is that everyone feels the energy upgrades differently.

Some people refer to this as 'symptoms of ascension'.  It doesn't matter what you call it, the energy is vibrating at an ever-increasing rate. You can take comfort knowing you aren't alone in experiencing these energy shifts and side effects.

There is an integration process that happens when we are exposed to an energy level that is very different from where we are energetically functioning. If the energy of the environment is of a higher vibration and we are in constant contact with it, the energy level we are vibrating at will also rise. There is often a physical release and a recalibration that happens.  Although this brings a beneficial outcome the process is not always comfortable.

The following is a list of more common physical/emotional ascension symptoms*:Psychic Potentials

  • Headaches and more headaches.
  • Dizziness and a sense that the items around You are not as solid as You believed.
  • A feeling of fuzziness, fogginess or softening of thinking.
  • An unusual unyielding tiredness at any time of the day.
  • Difficulty staying asleep for more than one night in a row that switches over to very deep sleeping without dreams for a few days during integration.
  • Visual disturbances.
  • Smiling suddenly when not clearly thinking about something.
  • A sudden flooding of overall wellness.
  • Sudden increases of telepathy and other psychic abilities such as, psychic hearing, seeing, feeling or knowing.
  • Mixing up or forgetting words for things.
  • increased hunger (which is the body's way of helping ground the energy).
  • buzzing in the ears.
  • increased sensitivity to others, crowds and negativity.
  • desire to be at home in your personal sanctuary.
  • vivid dreams.
  • digestive disturbances.
  • heart flutters or a feeling of opening in the heart.

Because this list is far from comprehensive I invite You to comment with examples of the physical reality experiences You are having during these energy upgrades and shifts.

The better question might be, "What can You do about these happenings in your body?"

Recognize that your translation of what is happening, will define your experience of what is happening.  Is this a good thing?  Is it a frightening experience?  Are You able to look at what's happening and surrender to the physical adjustments that comes from an energy shift?

How you interpret what is happening will either speed up the process or slow it down.  Fear of what is happening will slow down the integration.  Acceptance and relaxing into the energy download will allow you to more quickly integrate the new light with greater ease and grace.

With higher frequency energy comes the need for greater grounding. Grounding is your connection to this earth.  The more connected you are to the earth the more energy you can run through your body.  Heal Yourself home study program contains helpful information and tools to help you ground fully.

We also would like to offer you this FREE grounding meditation.

We look forward to hearing how the energy shifts and upgrades are affecting you and how you're handling it.

In heart centered awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

*(Please note: If you are experiencing symptoms you may wish to see a doctor to rule out a medical cause.  You may also benefit and support yourself with nutritional and natural remedies.)

P.S. Distant Psychic Reiki Healing can help relieve ascension symptoms and help you more easily integrate new energy.

19 thoughts to “Feeling Ascension Energy Upgrades and Shifts Physically and Emotionally”

  1. Haha this was weird. Recently in the past three days, I have been getting headaches and disruptions in my vision. I also have cold like symptoms but I know I’m not sick.

    I never get headaches and I don’t think I am sick. If there really is an energy shift, I guess I would take it kindly in my life.

    Guess its time to return to the path

    1. Well you’re not alone Tyler. And yes, there’s been lots of energy upgrades lately. Thanks for the comment. Christy

  2. I have experienced many of these, as well as sore throats when I am working on clearing the energy around a limiting belief that is preventing me from speaking my truth. This is great information, thanks for sharing it! <3

    1. It has been an interesting ride for many, You are welcome! And Thank You for sharing about your throat around clearing. It is such an individual thing and having done Rolfing for so many years I find that often the greatest discomfort happens upon healing when the being is actively sorting things out. take care and keep speaking your truth!

  3. It’s 2am, I am in so much discomfort ( and have been for two months) I decided to look for a metaphysical reason for why I should be feeling this bad. I typed in “Physical symotoms of SHIFT”, as I knew this couldn’t just be a virus. I am releived to have my suspiscions confirmed. As well as continuous head cold/flu symptoms, the soar throat mentioned above, my ears and glands, sinus and head are in a vice-like grip. No sneezing or runny nose, though, which is what seemed weird. I am going to roll with it now and try to adjust my focus away from the discomfort, in the knowledge that it is relatively normal. Thank you, for that!

    1. Hi Alison,
      Recently we have been working with a few things that really serve in relation to all of these symptoms that You shared.
      1. Make sure You have done some grounding both upward and down into the earth.
      2. Bring your focus to the ability to actually physically expand making space where ever You feel the pressure.
      3. Rest into what You are feeling, with an attitude of surrender (opening to source).
      4. If You are familiar with twin soul concept, a grounding cord from each of You and your twin to the center of the earth-the realm of possibility.

      Let us know if You try any or all of these and let us know how they work for You!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  4. I have wondered why I have been so tired. I get tired after I eat and when I come home from work I fall asleep for 2-3 hours. I am scheduled for an annual exam and will check to make sure, but it is something I know is different than any other feeling I have ever had. And my vision is extremely changing. I recently got reading glasses and it seems to come and go. I have also experienced some vibrations in different areas of my body. These are strong enough that they awaken me from a deep sleep and I sleep like a bear. Again, these are like no other experiences I have ever had. Oh! I forgot to mention the digestive difficulties. My digestive system has made extremely loud noises and there is a lot of release going on in there. Thanks for your messages, you are wonderful.

    1. You’re so welcome. Certainly pay attention to what your body is telling you. Sleep and rest helps to integrate the new energy. Getting yourself checked out is a nice way to put the mind at ease that you’re healthy while absorbing all the new energy as well.
      Thanks for being in contact.

    2. When we really pay attention to what is happening with in, we are given such a powerful perspective and understanding. It sounds like You are listening and doing what You feel is best for You. It really is all we can ever do. And You are welcome!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    1. Hi Misty,

      Definitely noticing a difference! A great time to get clear and allow the energy to do what it is designed to…assist us in raising vibration. Enjoy and breath in the recalibration!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  5. i feel all of the above information exept d headaches i get come at random an on;ly last 15-20 seconds its quick/random an unexplainable,

    1. Not specifically head aches. Random pains that mostly quickly leave my body. I used to get lots of headaches, but not so much right now. Thanks for your comment. Glad you connected with the article. Part of why Judy and I created Psychic Potentials was to create a way for others to connect about our larger spiritual awarenesses and the higher vibrating energy that is coming to the Earth.

  6. i believe im also psycic,im very good with feeling other ppls feelings den they faid away when im home an den i stop carring,but i also get visions an can see d future at times,im ok with all of these abilities exept d fact dat i get alot of random de-ja vuus aalll d time,but jst before like 10seconds before i get a de jA VU MOMENT ile jst click an wonder why am i paying attention 2 dis moment,den 10 seconds after at dat same moment watever happens feels like its already happend before bt it cant be cause d moment is only happening right now,..what can i do about these de ja vu moments an it happens alot with me dat at times i jst dont even feel like telling ppl,plzzzzz give me some advice ide realy appreciate…thanks

    1. Hi Abel,
      I get that you’re energy picks up on what’s about to happen. A couple of things that may help are making sure your aura is centered around you and not pushed out ahead of you. You can work with your healing guides to help with this in our Advanced Heal Yourself program. Another technique I feel would be helpful for You, would be paying attention to your grounding, your connection with the Earth energy. We teach grounding methods and tools to run your own energy in the Heal Yourself program. I also get that focusing on taking deep breaths when it’s happening will serve You.

  7. Pretty well all of these symptoms have been happening to me. But the most disconcerting thing has been the STRONG ELECTRIC complete-body BUZZZZZ, ALL night long.. every night for over a year. This last half-year it has calmed down quite a bit, but man, it’s been hard to get used to. I am very sensitive to feeling energy, so i’m wondering if this is why i’m feeling this so strongly? I don’t know, because this buzz is in ‘some’ of the “ascension symptom” lists, but not a lot… Yet this is by far, MY strongest symptom. Has anyone here experienced this as well?

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