Feeling Energetic Downloads

Judy: We've been asked, "How does one know when they are receiving energetic downloads?"

It is unique for each person. Normally, individuals feel it physically. If you're extremely kinesthetic and you feel it, you're going to notice way more head aches, imbalances, digestive upsets.

Some people are going to be energized. But for the most part, it's something that you're not used to feeling, so there could be discomfort involved. It's really encouraged that you just relax with it. Just keep breathing, stay grounded and keep moving forward.

Christy: For each person it's a little different. You may notice physical discomforts such as headaches, digestive issues, feeling more tired, feeling more hungry, feeling less hungry, feeling like you need to sleep a lot, or you can's sleep at night. Various symptoms like that may happen during energetic downloads. You might just feel super energized.

If you're really sensitive you may feel energy coming down through your crown more than normal. It's always a good time to ground yourself, so you can integrate the energy more fully.

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