Dream Time Astral Travel Work That Supports Your Life Purpose

Have you noticed that you have a night job that you perform while you’re asleep in your astral travels or dream state? I’ve become aware that I have been moonlighting as part of my light worker mission.  I’ve always known that I do a lot of work healing, teaching and learning in my astral travels.  Now, it’s clear that while I sleep and dream at night I’m busy helping living beings on the planet as part of my life purpose.  I’ve also discovered I’m not working alone.

In recent discussions I’ve had with others, I’ve noticed that more and more people are becoming aware of their functions during dream-time.  It’s like we act as guardian angels or psychic guides for our fellow humans on the opposite side of the planet or in the ethereal realm.  I find this fascinating that we are starting to remember this consciously and that we seem to be receiving specific information about places, timing and individuals that we’re helping.

Now my guides and dreams have led me to realize a specific function I serve in my work during sleep-time astral traveling.  I help living beings find safety before natural or human caused disasters.  I have memory of some of these night-time activities.  Mostly I sleep very deeply on nights when I’m fulfilling this psychic mission.

Upon waking I’ve had specific dream-time memories of helping out in my sleep.  Once I remembered calling whales to aPsychic Potentials beam of light in the ocean.  Pods of whales would come to the place I was.  I had this dream memory shortly before the Gulf oil spill.

More recently, I had the memory of being in an office like room.  A voice was telling me and at least one other person that an earthquake, tsunami, or volcano would happen within five minutes of my return to Colorado.  In the dream I knew I’d already done my work and the voice was just letting me know the timing.

I found out upon waking, that there was an earthquake and volcano within minutes of when I had this dream.  Thank you, Mitch Batros of Earth Changes Media for your timely updates on Earth activities.

Other times the memories are very vague or non-existent.  For big events like 9/11 and the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, I’ve slept very deeply.  I also happened to be visiting my sister in Sedona for both events.  I sleep like a rock when I’m there.

I have had conversations with other light workers who remember their night-time astral traveling  jobs that support their life purpose.  Here are some astral functions that people shared with me:

  • Guiding people who have left their bodies in a disaster and need help crossing over.
  • Counseling lost or troubled souls who’ve crossed over.
  • Helping out in war-torn areas.
  • Supporting earth functioning.
  • Clearing and rejuvenating the land.

I’m curious to find out if any of our readers have memories or awareness of performing light worker jobs in their sleep-time.  If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

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3 thoughts on “Dream Time Astral Travel Work That Supports Your Life Purpose

  1. Since there are more than one type of dream perhaps there is more than one reason for their occurrence…For instance it is knowns that some dreams are influenced by the physical situation the body is in while the story unfolds and so this would seem that the subconscious is making the conscious brain aware of this.An example of this could be the way that a telephone will ring in a dream even when it is totally inappropriate for this to happen. Then if the ringing continues you wake up realising that it is actually your real house phone that is making the noise and not the one in the ocean…..

  2. Something keeps trying to wake me up around 3am for several years. But last night, it shook me out of a deep sleep. I wonder if it is a spirit that wants healing or knows me, or a bad spirit. How do I find out? Sometimes I tell them to talk to me in my sleep, if they are bothering me when I’m awake, and I’m doing something.

    1. Hi Shipla,

      You can set up energetic protection by asking the Unknown Angels to protect you as you sleep. Remember to ask out loud. You can also just set the intention to know what is happening and if there is something you need to know trust that you will know. Ask for it as clearly as you can and then be open to ‘hearing’. I do not sense it is a bad spirit.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

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