Do IPods Possess Psychic Ability

I know we usually talk about human psychic ability here at Psychic Potentials.  But have You ever noticed your iPod on shuffle setting is psychic?  I certainly have.

I doubt this is scientifically verified.  Perhaps someone at Apple knows about some technology involving crystals or some New Age science that makes iPods psychic. Or maybe it’s just law of attraction giving instant manifestation to your thoughts through music.

I experience this telepathic psychic phenomenon every time I listen to my iPod on the “shuffle” setting.  I’ll be drivingPsychic Potentials along and think about someone and the next song will be one that reminds me of that person.  Or say I’m in the mood for dancing, every song that plays on my iPod will be danceable.  If I’m in the mood for singing, my iPod will play a bunch of sing-a-long songs.

If I’m feeling loving thoughts about my husband it will play songs from our wedding mix.  Sometimes it plays songs from my wedding mix when I’m angry with him.  I don’t always appreciate my clairsentient iPod reminding me to love him no matter what.  In fact, I usually override my iPod’s psychic reminder by hitting the next button.

I’ve also noticed my iPod is very sensitive to other people’s energy.  If a friend or family member is in the car with me, my considerate iPod will play songs that they enjoy too.

My iPod also pays close attention to conversations I’m having as well.  It likes to show me this by playing songs along the same topic of the discussion.  By the way, it even listens to the silent chats in my head and plays relevant songs to my unspoken thoughts.

If You haven’t noticed this psychic ipod phenomenon, give it a try.  Put your ipod on shuffle and see how it responds to your thoughts, conversations, moods and musical tastes of your friends.

12 thoughts on “Do IPods Possess Psychic Ability

  1. Actually my ipod isnt on shuffle but seems to go there by its self?! Lol and yes it does change songs. Like once i was thinking “geez angels where are you? Havent seen u in a while” and the song i was listening to stopped, and a song caalled “im in heaven” started! Haha also once i was biking home, thinking “archangel Michael, how can i truely be happy, and meet my soulmate?” It stopped again and the song “freedom by george michael started. And this has happend a lot of times! And again my ipod is NOT on shuffle, it goes there by its self! Xxx

  2. So true haha, I was just freaked out by some noises and dogs barking and was thinking about whether a rolling pin or kitchen knife would be best to defend against any intruders. My ipod shuffle switched to “Weapon of Choice”. (False alarm by the way.) It does things like that all the time.

  3. Well I don’t think its some new technology in the ipods because the same thing happens while I listen to music on my PC’s itunes. Just happened a minute ago, in fact. I looked out the window of my apartment and saw my girlfriend coming back this way from the neighbor’s house. I thought about putting on a song that would make her happy when she got here, specifically the “sexy bitch” song we used to listen to in the beginning of our relationship. So I clicked next one time, and abracadabra there it was, “sexy bitch”. This happens to me all the time with shuffle, and definitely does not feel like coincidence. I think it may have something to do with brain waves affecting electronics, or possibly precognition. Glad I could find that other people have experienced this strange phenomena though, cool article 🙂

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