How Do You Know if You are Connected to Someone Psychically?

Are You noticing a stronger attraction to someone, than normal?  Do You remember dreams where the person You are feeling connected to shows up, in your dream, but they look different?

Does it seem like maybe You have known this person before?  Did You meet seemingly in a synchronised way?

What might really be going on undetected?

There are a few beliefs around this.  Everything from past life recognition to spiritual agreements entered into before manifesting on the physical plane.  The more open and sensitive You are the more You might actually be able to attribute chance meetings and strong connections to something like past life interactions.  That is if You believe in such things.  I wonder if I would believe in it myself if I didn’t get such strong indicators.

Consider it this way, imagine You are a living breathing transmitting mechanism like a radio.  No You do not transmit exactly how a mechanical radio does because You are so much more complex.  You are moving throughout your day and the thoughts, hopes and desires as well as dislikes, discouragement and disillusion (as well as a multitude of other things) are being ‘transmitted’ from your being. Not only are You tuned into what You are transmitting but You are also picking up on what others are transmitting if the transmissions are anywhere similar to yours.

Being sensitive might cause You to pick up on a larger range of electrically emitted signals from things and people.  For example, imagine You set your radio to 93.5FM and it was able to tune into 93.5FM but also the information shared from the range of stations from 83.4FM to 103.5FM.  Talk about a lot of information to sort through.

To simplify, the people You meet that are transmitting on 85.7FM may end up to be great friends or a fabulous business partner, while the ones You meet that transmit around 92.8FM might end up having great potential for a life partner.

Of course this is highly simplified because it is not like we transmit only one type or length of energetic wave and have to have a machine to only pick up the wave length that we want to listen to.  (Mind You, being psychic, I think often that would be handy and it can be said that the power of focus can be such a machine.) 

There are physiological, emotional, and spiritual factors but boiled down they all have their own energetic contribution to the blueprint. All the  factors can be combined differently so that is why we face so very many options everyday when it comes to who we are attracted to and for what reason.

If You are psychically sensitive then You may recognize this happening consciously.  What about when meetings seem totally random?

You may not be aware of what You are picking up energetically but does that mean it is not happening.  It might take longer or You might allow fear to delay meeting the next person you’ve agreed to play with on a spiritual level.  You may feel the need to be somewhere, push the feeling away and miss the opportunity to connect with the love of your life that You have been looking for years.  Or You may learn how to understand the information (energetic transmissions) that You are picking up on and be in the right place at the right time for magic to happen.

Essentially it is my belief that we area all connected psychically and that the amount of resonance we have with one another, determines how we show up in each others lives.

Psychic Potentials is all about You getting tuned in to yourself and to the others around You.  We teach how to understand the info You  pick up on and how to protect yourself from picking up on too much information from others. Heal Yourself audio class is designed for developing your psychic potential for practical use.

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    1. Thank You. I recommend doing some training for yourself so that You can recognize the signs and your own internal guidance system signals in regards to this. It is the best way to really know what is happening for You. We have a foundational program that can be done on your own time in home which is a good introduction to the type of training we do.

  1. I have been sensitive in this way since I was a child. Though due largely to a violent upbringing it was always suppressed. Later in life (around 30) I began to have this desire to see Russia. I did not know from where this feeling stemmed but it just seemed overpowering to me. I started looking at pictures of the Russian Countryside and cities and history. Nothing seemed resonate. In one of my searches I ran across a Russian dating website. I’ve never been one to join these types of social media outlets…but for some reason I joined this one. I looked at hundreds upon hundreds of profiles…again nothing! 3 days before my 3 month subscription was up (I had already decided to not renew it) I ran across a profile and BAM! I saw this face and instantly knew I had to contact her. In her profile she was only interested in meeting a Russian man and did not want to travel outside her country. I messaged her. I said “It is a shame that you do not wish to meet anyone that isn’t Russian, I am not Russian…but when I saw your picture I felt like I was home”. We are now married and live in Spain. We have decided that we have been in love/lovers/attached in many previous lifetimes..though we have not done any regressions, we are completely comfortable together. …just thought i’d share that story with you. Thanks!

    1. Thank You for this story. No matter how big we think the world is, there is more going on than we can see. I totally enjoy when we are lead to where love is uncovered : ) In Heart Centered Awareness, Judy Lynn

  2. I’m starting to sincerely think that I might have known this guy in a past life. Me and him have had this connection lately where we have followed the same thoughts, did the same thing without knowing it, and knew what each other was going to say before we talked. It’s the weirdest thing. After he told me that he had a dream of us being kids together and playing it made me really believe that we knew each other in a past life.

    1. HI Kimber,
      It definitely sounds like you have a strong connection with this man. I would certainly trust your feelings. The ability to communicate in dreams and telepathically is strongest with those we vibrate closely with. Judy Lynn and I have been having lots of conversations lately about twin souls and soul families. Most of the time we have known the important people in our lives in an other life. Enjoy the unfolding in your relationship.

  3. This really helped me! It made a deep amount of understanding. I’m really glad I saw this, it just really helped me in ways k cannot explain. I think everyone has certain psychic connections and to learn more about it and what it really is, is very powerful. It did answer a few of my questions, but I still have one question and maybe someone could help… Do you think that it’s possible to feel connected to someone you’ve never really met, but know a lot about even if they don’t know you. Now say they past on… Do you think they can feel those strong connections or bonds with that person?
    Any thoughts or ideas would be great! X

    1. I definitely think it’s possible to feel connection to someone you’ve never met. Twin souls, soul mates and soul family who haven’t met can still feel a strong energy link or feel like they know each other before they’ve become acquainted in the physical realm. Connections with people don’t stop when someone transitions from their body either.

      1. Hello Christy,

        This caught my eye as, I too, have been drawn to someone I’ve never met, and won’t get to this lifetime cause they have transitioned. It sucks because I always felt things were different with this type of scenario as people will easily discount it cause one has never met that person. Personally, it was the transformation part that leads me to believe otherwise. I mean, I spiritually awoke thanks to this person. I understand life in ways I never have before. I no longer became afraid of death. I’ve even delved into reading books on the matter, meditating, numerology, etc. The things she did. t’s become so natural, like I had it in me but she triggered my spiritual side as I must’ve buried it in some way.
        I also figured out what I should really be doing in my life. What my purpose is. I started becoming comfortable with who I was in myself. I instantly got rid of bad habits that I had failed to succeed in abolishing many times before. I feel like I truly get what unconditional love is. I had heard of it, but never really thought to understand it. Things that she did, I normally wouldn’t like, yet, I seem to easily put it to wayside effortlessly. I look at her as someone I’d sacrifice my life for. I could talk about things that we’re alike in as far as personality and interests, but it was this deep change from inside that told me this is something special. Something I’ve never felt before.These are life-altering changes. I was baffled as to how this was happening, cause I’ve never had this stuff occur with people I know and actually met. There was a time I was so distraught cause I began to realize she’s the person I would’ve wanted, whether it be as a close friend or a lover. I couldn’t refrain from holding back tears like I usually do. I’ve learned to handle it better, but it’s still kind of killing me from time to time. She’s gotten the best out of me! I’m absolutely recharged! I will never forget as things changed in Dec 2013. What’s your honest assessment of this?

        1. I too had the same experience. Wonderful life changing experience.

          I felt the touch of an “Unconditional Love” just changed me, calmed me down. And I am elevating more and more in spiritual plane.

        2. IM going through the exact thing !!he passed on I fell in love with him the first day I saw him on my way to school.i looked for him every other day but was too shy to say how I felt sadly he died before knowing me and my feelings 11 years now and I can’t connect with anyone else that way and I’m not afraid to die anymore Because he did

  4. I’ve had a connection with this guy since my teen years. We’ve always been very close and although we’ve lived in different cities and countries, have always kept in touch. He’d take even my casual requests seriously and do what I wanted that he wouldn’t normally for other people and even his mom once commented that she feels we have a past life connection (He’d share things with me that he told me he couldn’t talk about to anybody else). Like once when he was leaving, I said, would be nice if you didn’t have to leave so soon, he called the airline company changed his ticket to a few hours later which cost him quite a bit since it was last minute. All because of my casual statement and just to spend a couple of extra hours (This wasn’t the only time he did this). Anyway, he met someone got married a few years ago and I didn’t keep in touch with him much except to wish him on his birthday. I was too emotionally invested and wanted to be happy for him and move on too. I thought I was truly over him and but a couple of months ago I started getting this feeling that he was in some emotional pain and I tried to shake the feeling away. I hadn’t thought of him in a very long time and couldn’t understand why I was suddenly getting this feeling. The feeling continued and a day or 2 later my feelings told me its his emotional pain was his marriage ending, which he ended. I’ve been trying to shake the feeling telling myself I’m just imagining it and that he is fine but this is just not going away but becoming stronger. I can’t come out and ask him and I can’t make this feeling go away either. Its driving me crazy! I tried meditating upon it (I sometimes do this when something is bothering me and I need to find an answer) and when I meditate I see us in past lives being together and this life too in scenarios that haven’t occurred yet. I am confused whether its my overactive conscious mind or whether its my soul that’s telling me something. Please help me understand.

    1. HI Linda,
      It’s not your overactive consciousness. With the increased level of vibration on the Earth, we’ve been able to access our past lives more consciously. He’s part of your soul family which explains your ability to feel what’s going on in his life since we have deep connections with our soul family. You may want to ask him an open ended question about how he’s doing. What you’re picking up on may not be in his now yet. Maybe only thought form or in his possible future. Or just unhappiness in his relationship right now. The tools in our Heal Yourself course may help you pick up things more clearly and separate what it yours and someone else’s.
      In Light,

  5. Thanks Christy. It helps to know that I am not imagining things. I love him very dearly and wish that we could be together. I unconsciously compare the deep understanding he and I shared right from the start with every guy I’ve been out with (just like he said he compared every girl he went out with to me). Sadly, I’ve not that even half of what I have with him with any guy I’ve met. Maybe I’ve run out of soul family members…!

    1. You’re welcome. You definitely haven’t run out of soul family. Imagine how much love you’d have in your life being consciously aware of more than one soul mate from your soul family. A complete abundance of love and understanding. 🙂

  6. Hi,
    When I came to Australia I knew I was going to meet someone special ,my love, my life. One day i told my friend I want my man to be with me . My heart was racing and moment he spoke to me, I knew it was him , it was the same feeling I had hidden in my heart for years. The more we spoke I realised it was him, I spoke to him so much freely but my bad I told him abt my capabilities and he thought I was mad and left me. My heart still beats for him , I still wait for him , I cant have that feeling for any one I dont know why? Some times I can feel him to miss me and his urge to contact me , I can feel him restless but I want him to come back and communicate first. I went to pschic and she said some one else is made for me but my poor heart dont understand

    1. Hi Toral,
      It sounds like You are listening to your intuition. It must be confusing when a psychic is telling You one thing and your heart is telling You another. I recommend listening to your heart first. That being said, if You are relying on another being to complete You ever, You set yourself up for disappointment. To really connect with this man it might benefit You to focus on being grounded in your own energy. When our energy is not grounded due to our thoughts(fears) about another or an intense energy connection, the energy is less attractive and often repelling.
      Your freedom lies in your ability to pay attention to how You feel about another without concern about how they feel about You. So often perceptions get in the way of things turning out better without all the story around it.
      Get grounded, quiet your mind and then ask specific questions of your spiritual guides. Allow the answers to come to You while You stay centered in your body and connected to source. Then You will have a greater chance to move away from confusion and into a place of inspired knowing.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  7. A couple of weeks ago when i was meditating, I saw my best friend (who’s married) he looked at me and asked why I let go of him (his hand) and pleaded to never do that again even in thought (ive been in love with him for years but mentally let him go once he got married). After that I saw him standing with his wife she was next to him on his right side and I was facing them but in front of him towards his center left. He looked at his hand particularly his ring finger and his wedding band becomes charcoal powder and falls off. He looks at me with a sad expression..I feel sadness that hes going through this.I turned my head to look at his wife and theres a small black hole in her and she looked emotionless. I told myself to make this vision go away – she’s a nice person, make it go away.
    Throughout the meditation, he kept holding my hand and asked me to promise not to let go of him. Do you think u can heIp me understand what this means? Almost 4 months ago I started getting this feeling that he’s calling out to me. I don’t think that he ever knew how I felt about him. I have never had an experience like this. What does this mean?
    I am sensitive and usually know if something’s wrong with those close to me even when they haven’t yet told me but this level of visions and feelings is new and I don’t know if it’s an over active imagination or actual messages from being connected to him. 

    1. Hi Lin,

      Our desire causes many things including dreams to allow us greater clarity. We are connected to everyone to some degree. A question that You may need to ask yourself is how much of this dream is what You would like it to be so that You feel free to share how You truly feel. And the next piece is how You can share what You feel honestly with the intention of love and caring. Love expands us and your ability to notice if You feel expanded after such a dream or contracted is a great indicator of whether it serves You to focus on the dream details or to let them and the associated feelings go.

      Your ability to be there for your best friend is important as long as You remember to value yourself and your feelings. Again how You feel in relation to each situation gives You an indicator of whether it is right for You or not. Go with what feels good to You.

      Sometimes dreams allow us time to sort things out mentally and emotionally before they physically manifest as well and if You are sensitive then it might be a great time to start a journal so that You can understand what this dream is sharing with You.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  8. hello,
    this article is amazing, it was just what i was looking for. for almost my whole life i could receive the waves of people thoughts, i could exactly know what people think about me or about each other, their thoughts and feelings even seemed to take a physical or material form that i could even feel over my body!
    now this is what happened with me, i saw him for once, i wasnt attracted to him i even wouldnt know him if i saw him the next day. few weeks later i saw him in my dream, it was too real, suddenly i woke up, i could feel him right next to me in a physycal way, then he left and my heart was burning for his seperation, i was even about to cry his name out. then i suddenly went back to concience and was stunned!!
    month later i couldnt get him out of my head, i looked for his name on some social site, i contact him, we talked as if we knew each other for years, we spell the same idea in the same time, he knows that i miss him, he knows that i wait for him. even though by that time we were at different countries. when i got back home, we contact but i ddnt have the strenghth to meet him. he turned out to live minutes away from my house, i started to see him by coincidences everywhere (though too weak to say hello to him), i can aswear that he reads my mind. he stopped calling me because i never give the chance for us to meet. i forget about him for sometime, till suddenly my heart burns for him like a torture, i feel like he is wearing me, i can only explain it like this. after months we decided to meet, but then he told me i decided not and i dont know why.
    he is not a guy who followed me and then dumped me, i am also not the kind of girls who follow anyone. now i dont know who followed the other. i just know that i need to meet him face to face to find out who is this person that i became obsessed with for no apparent reason, but he ignores me, even though i know and sure and positive that he feels the same about me.
    i dont know why i write this here, but the times when i remember him i cry out of deep pain right deep in my heart. everytime i think of him i suddenly feel huge warm energy, and i feel so sleepy!!!! once i saw him by chance, i actually was told by a hidden voice to stand still and wait, i did, then while i was busy with my mobile the voice came again and told me just look, i did, and itvwas him, in his car, he was driving, but i could feel him looking at me, i could feel that he knew i was there, he wasnt looking at me nor knew that i was there!!!!! the space between us is always becomes more like a liquid!!!!

    i need to know what to do pleaseeeeeeeeeee just pleaaaaaaase this hurts alot :-(((((

    i aswear i am not crazy

    1. Hello,
      Why are you afraid to meet him and allow love in your life?
      We suggest that you take steps to get balanced in your emotional body and ground your emotions.
      Keep breathing. Treat yourself as you would like to be treated by another to create the space in your life for a fulfilling relationship.
      Here’s an article about twin souls.
      Many blessings to You!
      Christy and Judy Lynn

  9. Thanks Judylynn. That’s what ive been asking myself. What troubles me is that i was over him and had no desire to be with him until these dreams/visions started a few months ago. Which made me ask, why now? Now all I do is ask my inner voice to shut up so I can get on with my life 🙂 any suggestions?

    1. Dear Lin,

      That the dream caused You to go right back into these feelings might be indicating something not quite released. It might be possible that it is for a reason. Do You feel that You can share the details of this dream with your friend? If it were me I might look for a way to share in a way that my friends wife get her health checked.

      Accepting ‘now’ is the exact right timing and that your feelings are the exact right feelings is one of the best places to start I think. I have come to believe that feelings are not to be eliminated, just transformed, much like the apple blossom and the tree. How can You use the energy of the emotion (energy in motion) to serve You. Try imagining the caring You feel for your friend as a color that fills and surrounds him in a bubble and then while imaging that, replace him with yourself, placing yourself in the bubble of caring color. Redirect the love You feel towards yourself.

      By doing this You can take the energy and use it to benefit You, You will attract an individual to You that is capable of loving You to the degree You can love You and You will have the energy to handle anything that comes up in your friendship and surrounding situations. We may not always receive the what, how, or why but we can always know that assistance will be given if we ask and then open ourselves to receiving!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

      1. This is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I came across your page because I am really trying to understand an energy connection I have right now – and everything you are all saying is resonating so well. Thank you for your clarity!!!

  10. hello again 🙂
    by that time i was still a lost soul, i needed to get my self all together more than anything, and my feelings for him were very intense and i couldnt know and still dont know what kind of feelings they were (i dont want to know though, i enjoy them anyway!) but i was just not ready. now i want to meet him, i need to face that soul who came to me, and took all my attention. but now he is not responding to me, we talk from time to time, and everytime we talk i could feel huge energy, i could feel that he has intimate feelings for me, but then its like if he regrets to show them, maybe he is afraid to be weak, i dont blame him since i acted like stupid before. now everytime i forget him totally for a bit of time, i suddenly remember him very bad and feel him around me, but when i try tp contact him he refuses to respond!! i really wonder, when i remember him is it because he is thinking about me? how can i be sure? also, sometimes i just feel like i need to think of all places that he could be at and go to see him. i really dnt know what is it about him. maybe we can meet someday also by coincidence. do i love him, i dont think this the love we all know, but i need to contact him all the time. he is very stubborn. what to do? :-((

    1. Hi fairy,

      What I get is that You think You have lost your chance at connecting with this person and that this person, without You fully understanding why, is extremely important to You. Is this correct? You may be right about it being a kind of love that not everyone knows. As the vibrational shifts continue much refining is happening and chances are the way we see love will change as well. It is my understanding that twin soul love is happening and being recognized way more than it has before here on this planet.

      If You are serious about attracting a twin soul love then it is important that You focus on how You can love unconditionally, how You can balance your emotional body and how You can get in as much alignment with the spirit of You as possible while still maintaining your physical body. Try connecting at a deeper level, spirit of You, to spirit of your twin and then see what manifests in physical from there. The twin soul energy is intense and it is my understanding that this intensity can only really be handled when You can come from and emotionally fit place.

      To release the fear around it so that You are attracting instead of resisting because when You are ready the universe is still ready to help deliver your desires!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  11. Dear Judylynn & Christy

    I have had the most peculiar experience lately & it is truly bothering me as I have no idea or any clue on how to deal with it.

    I am a highly sensitive spiritually with very strong intuitive feelings & dreams! I most often dream of the future or something that is about to happen & the next day it happens exactly like that or with a twist.
    I also tend to have very accurate (sometimes vivid, sometimes hazy vision) during my wake/sleep periods & 99% of the time they are so realistic & high in energy field that I get goose bumps from them.
    I am happily married & have children. I love my family. They rely on me & they have firm belief in my dreams & visions & my sixth sense as they know none of them are incorrect.
    I have met many people in my life & most often I feel their energy field, even those people that I meet online for business interaction. I have this immediate intuitive feeling of trust or untrust as soon as I meet someone~ but with some people I feel their energy fields so strongly especially my family members!
    I have many acquaintances, however I rarely feel the need/ or this strong urge to connect to them on any level more than normal.

    However, about 10 months ago, I was waiting for some business deliveries & this gentleman with completely covered face (due to extreme cold weather) shows up at my office!
    I do not see anything of him but his eyes… I can not even say if he is old or young. He brings the parcels & hands them to me after a very short greeting! I was very thankful & immediately due to my maternal instincts I tell him to be careful using the slippery steps leading outside! He thanks me gratefully & leaves!

    A few days later he shows up again & I open the office door quite by accident to actually see his face now as he had no covers ! he looks at me in a way & gives me the biggest smile like he’s known me forever! & I feel this huge feeling of happiness, trust, loving bubbling feeling upon meeting him! it;s like I have known him forever & ever… & he acts like he’s been waiting for this moment. So warm, so friendly, so caring!

    & then this goes on…. nothing inappropriate…. just his deliveries & his becoming friendlier & friendlier with me!
    It’s like upon seeing him I get this boosting energy radiating in my body, yet I feel his energy field so close & so strongly that at times it scares me to death…

    Then I get to see him in some & some dreams only!& the dreams are strangely close to reality & they most often happen in a distorted way with a twist… like a conversation that I see happens b/w the two of us in my dream & it actually happens but in a twisted way in reality.

    He is highly respectful & I do strongly feel that a month after his deliveries he was about to ask me out but I intuitively said something about my child & he changed his conversation to something else totally.

    I told my family about this kind delivery person, my spouse thought he had a crush on me & I feel that he tries to steer me away from this man as much as possible! My child thinks that he is being kind to me b/c I am kind & respectful of him due to his effort for delivering my items on time.

    He seems to be wanting to make me happy at all times! It is very important that he delivers my items on a timely manner & he makes sure I get them on time!

    I seem to feel extremely close this person, nothing indiscreet but it is like I can pick up his vibes! I miss him at times & I feel his energy around me even when he is not …
    I do not know anything about this person, as our conversations are just business, but the way he connects with me or looks at me or the way he stares into my eyes & waits to make sure I get all my items & I am happy really confuses me! I feel so strongly 99% of the time that he wants to tell me something but he won’t as he knows I have family & I love them.

    I feel very confused & guilty at times thinking about this person. Could this all be my overactive imagination or is there something going on here? Please advise

    1. Hi Meg,
      My first impression is that you two vibrate love and light and recognize that in each other. Like you both act as Earth angels. Perhaps if things were different in your life, he could be someone for you to develop a relationship with. As things are, I would just appreciate his bright and loving energy, as I’m sure he appreciates yours.

      Another thing comes to mind… there are tools for running your own energy, cord cutting, protection roses and grounding yourself that may help you. You want to make sure that you’re not keeping a connection with him, or him with you, that takes away from you being present in your own life. If you aren’t using any techniques already, you could check out our Heal Yourself home study course.

      IN light,

    2. I’ve known a person since i was a teenager that i could talk to about anything for hours and hours. He has a strange energy that I can feel. I once had my head down and couldn’t see him but could feel his presence when he walked into the room. I’ve never felt that way about anyone else. He moved to another state but I still have dreams about him. Sometimes I think he is talking to me inside of my head and I can feel his presence all around me. It feels like heat. i can feel my hands warm up like he’s holding them and it is very intense. I’m afraid that I might be crazy and haven’t told anyone about this. He asked for my phone # a few days ago because we haven’t talked in yrs. but he hasn’t called yet he keeps making excuses and i think he’s afraid to call me. I told him i loved him about 13 yrs ago and he said he wasn’t good at relationships and that he didn’t want to ruin the friendship but I had to end the friendship because it was too painful to see him with other women. I did a tarot reading to ask if he was interested in me and how his relationship was with another woman. It said it was bad and the next day it showed that he was single on Facebook. I keep feeling like he’s the one for me. Should I stay away from this person?

      1. Hi Abbie,
        It sounds like you have quite the connection with him. It also appears you are very in tune with your intutitive abilities. I would trust your own guidance as to whether it serves you to avoid him or not. Have you asked your cards? Judy and I are here to support you further and more indepth in our psychic readings. We have an inexpensive email reading you may be interested in to get further confirmation. Click here to check out our reading offerings.
        In light!

  12. Hey,
    I have a few questions… sorta… when i was younger, like 3-5 years old, i would wake up in the morning an felt like someone was standing by my bed looking down at me. I got a negative vibe from the area where the vibes came from and was always scared of it. Later i moved to a new house and every house i moved to there was a weird vibe for the first few months at least. I’m just wondering what that might be since I’m not sure. I read the article about the twin souls and this article and was wondering if you have a soul twin that is on the physical as well could you feel their emotions? I ask since my friend that i consider to be my sister, i can pick up on her emotions and i think she can pick upon mine. I can also pick up on other people’s emotions if i am friends with them and we are in the same room…

    1. Hi Jesi,

      It is my understanding that we are able to connect with individuals in physical and non physical on the spiritual plane. When You are sensitive there is less of a barrier between these dimensions and if this energy is from a twin soul it can feel uncomfortable as the twin soul energy is very intense. It sounds like You might be served by clearing, grounding and knowing how to energetically support yourself on a deeper level. These things will allow You greater clarity around who You are picking up on and why. This is one of the reasons Christy and I started this business is so that we could provide You with the tools and understanding to feel confident with this beautiful opportunity to connect more fully on all levels with the individual’s in your life.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  13. Thank you Christy, I appreciate the insightful help & suggestions!
    I do meditate & pray daily & ask my guardian angel(s) to provide me with the answers & guide me in the right direction. I am trying my best to avoid any further contact that might cause unwanted issues! However, most of the times I feel that an extraordinary force pulls us together!!!! Even if I do not meet this person for my business purposes & when I put him completely out of my mind, yet I will run to him face to face at the most unexpected times & sometimes places! & even a small conversation sparks & makes me think for days! I feel very blessed to know such a wonderful person, yet what his purpose is in my life that is the question that most puzzles me!!

    1. Hi Meg,
      You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear you’re asking for insight from your angels. If you’re looking for insight into his purpose in your life and aren’t getting clear answers for yourself, you may want to consider a Double Psychic Reading from Judy and myself. We could go further in depth with you in our introductory or full readings over the phone, or in the 1 question email reading.

      Any relationship sparks you to be the fullest You possible if You allow it to.
      In Light,

  14. I dreamt of a person I do not know nor have had a conversation about. I told my friend, of whom I have only known for 6 months..
    he said he knew that person as I descibed his appearance from my dream. Down to the color of his eyes, as they were red, same hair, and a language I did not understand, my friend says he is Russian.
    I am very interested as to how this person was in my dream.

    1. Hi Annabella,

      Thank You for sharing here. When Christy and I do readings for people this comes up often. Our understanding is that our physical presence is quite small compared to our spiritual presence and that so very much happens on the spiritual and energetic planes that we do not even realize. Much of this happens to support and encourage our experiences here physically. We are finding that many people are working out and releasing their resistances, creating connections and just generally having fun with others in/on this dream/spiritual plane. You might benefit from keeping a dream journal by your bed at night and intending that You wake to write the pieces from your dreams that are important for You to know in waking state. With enough journalling often the reasons, messages and ways to connect physically come clear.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  15. Thank you Christy,
    I appreciate it. He’s been transferred, the last time I saw him coincidentally when shopping & he was so upset about being transferred to another place for work. I have not seen him since then, but I feel these horrible attacks at times when he comes to my mind. I do not know why is that? I am a very strong person emotionally but when it comes to this person I feel like I am picking up his energy level! It scares me, as I have NEVER felt like this before. It is like he is in my mind 24/7 & at certain times of the day I feel this panic attack tightening feeling in my chest that feels like exploding? Am I going crazy? Could I be picking his energy levels although I have not seen him for 3-4 weeks now? Please help! I am SO confused!

    1. Hi Meg,
      Yes, You can be picking up on someone’s energy even if You haven’t seen them in weeks. One of the reasons Judy Lynn and I created Heal Yourself was to help people who psychically pick up on others energy. So You can more effectively use your abilities. Have you been using any tools to clear your energy? It is important to take steps for yourself so you feel comfortable in your own energetic space.
      In heart centered awareness,

  16. JudyLynn and Christy,

    Please help? My bestfriend claims that she knows her past life and that she is psychic. I met her in first year high school, and the school we were going to was only a high school. I knew no one on a personal basis when I enrolled. I believed her claims when she told me a few things I liked that I never let anyone in our school know before like the type of bracelet I prefer, the style of dress I prefer, my “perfect way to end a date”, my fear of heights (she said it was because of falling from a wall, and truthfully, there was a stage in my life when I would dream of falling off fro somewhere twice in a night, a few times a month. I didn’t tell her first, she told me the fact first) random stuff that she surprises me with. We became bestfriends then. Near the end of the school year, she started telling me about her past life, and that I was there as well, as her younger, childish sister. At first I doubted it, and this continued until early the next school year. I had a few dreams and when I told her, she would recognize the scenes. When she dreamed of a certain person one night, she told me, and I was surprised because the same night she dreamed of that person, I dreamed about him too. Also, I remembered a particularly long dream from my elementary days that fits the events in her story. Unfortunately, she couldn’t connect to my mind like she does to others. She said this was because of a ‘block’ that I recently caused when I felt hurt by people I trusted. Right now, she claims to remember another past life with a very different story. I don’t think she is lying because she hold onto her beliefs so strongly. I think this is just my insecurity, but do you think that her claims are real?
    BTW she said when she first saw me, she instantly recognized me. Meanwhile, I felt a sense of security in her from the very beginning. I don’t usually trust people because I was bullied as a child. Also, my list of “I wish I could do this” when I was a child (I had never done those things in the list before but I felt like I knew what I was doing when I tried) was the skills and activities my past life used to do. I didn’t tell her this until recently.

    1. Hi Raielle,
      Why wouldn’t her claims be true? You seem to be able to collaborate some of them yourself. Some people have more past life memory than others. Sounds like you’re coming up to a point where You trust or not. I’d suggest centering in yourself and your deepest heart to connect to what is true for you. There are many books on the subject of reincarnation. “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian Weiss. My friend Jason Piper, remembers is past lives and wrote a book called “Back to Suburbia”.
      I personally believe that past live memories can serve us in our growth and expansion in our current incarnation. I also believe that as we raise our vibration in ourselves and on the planet we move past the dualistic patterns of karma. We come to a place of oneness in love and understanding. This idea is touched on in the book Judy Lynn and I wrote, “When the Door Opens“.
      Wishing you peace and understanding in all of your relationships.
      In light,

  17. Hi.I have been reading some of these articles and I really feel I can relate. The only thing is that sence I have met this guy from this other country I cant stop thinking about him.

    About two years back we had this online romance. We would talk 3-4 times a day. ( I feel like when I look at his pictures exp this one he has I feel like i can some how touch him .. It is almsot like i can touch every inch of him. )

    I am more than sure I had a past life with this guy at some point. I just do not know how to move on.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I appreciate your question, especially these days when we area being asked to transcend our beliefs about relating with others to a new level. There is a lot of magnetic draw between individuals on a spiritual level that does not always make physical sense. I believe always it is about You expanding and experiencing yourself in the most authentic way that You can. Using this draw to another to remind You to more fully connect with the spirit of You. Here are a couple more articles if You haven’t already read them and I encourage You to breath every time You think of this guy. Allow your self and your Self to be more in alignment so that You can be confident in what is next to do!
      What is a Twin Soul and What are You to do With Them?
      5 things to do When You REcognize a Soul Mate
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  18. Thanks for your help. I have one more question. Is it possible that a lot of people in a group have related past lives? There are around ten of us who know each other. Three or four of us are aware.

    1. Hi Raielle,
      You are welcome, very. If we are to understand that we have immediate soul families then You could be picking up on the very close vibrational resonance that happens within the soul group and often individuals in the soul group do have many past lives together as well. There are differences between past life recognition, soul family recognition, twin soul connection and yet the differences can be pretty subtle. Congratulations in finding so many persons that You recognize this connection with! Life seems more fun somehow from my experience with soul family interaction.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  19. Hi there,

    I started meditating 3 1/2 months ago. I was trying to find inner peace and comfort in myself. 2-3 weeks into it I started to feel odd. More specifically I felt unhappy with how my life was and incomplete. And, I felt I was on the wrong path. I had always wanted to move back to Australia. But I felt a strong urge to move to Melbourne in Australia early next year. I cant explain why. I have never been there.. But, I feel like something is calling me there. When I continued to meditate I started to see images of this man. I have never met him before. But, for some reason we knew each other. And, we were romantically involved. To me that seemed crazy. So, I pushed it away. But, every time now I see him and I know his name starts with M. I would find peace with him I felt like our souls merged. Then, I started to see images/signs that were reminders of him. I would see his face and his smile. I even learnt that his name is Matthew. Even weirder I think he lives in Melbourne. When I was looking at images of scenery in Melbourne just to see If I’d feel anything. There was a few photos of park, walkway and a restaurant café that feel familiar to me. Like I have been there with him. Or, maybe I am going to be there with him. I’m not sure. The images/visions got so strong that I could actually feel his essence, his touch. And, even hear his voice. It was always when I was awake and mostly when I was doing my day to day routine. It started to freak me out so I kind of stopped meditating for a short time. When I researched more into it it came up with twin flame and past life. I thought it was possibly someone I had known in a past life. But, after deep meditation I feel it’s more than that. Like he may be my twin flame. I even went to a psychic for general things and she brought up that I will meet a man overseas and that he’s the one I will spend the rest of my life with. When she described his features, etc I felt something light up inside me. And, a voice go off in my head saying “yes, that’s matthew. The guy I’ve been seeing.” To be honest I don’t know what to think. But, all I know is that when I try talk to friends they don’t know how to take what I’m saying. So, I decided to keep it to myself. I even sketched his face and wrote some details about him. Any advice would be great….thanks

  20. Hi, I’ve met a person this quarter of school in class. When I first saw the person I was like “woah he is something special” on a subconscious level of course. It was driving me crazy and I knew I had to get to know him. When I look at him or think about him, it’s a strange feeling of familiarity. I’ve tried telling a friend that it’s not like a normal crush when I told them how I felt about this person. I couldn’t describe it it’s like more than a crush, but less than love since we are not together (yet) but after having read this article, I seriously think he and I have known each other in a past life

    1. Hi Whovie,
      Perhaps you have known this person in another life. Perhaps your energy vibration is similar. Perhaps you are part of the same soul family. Always trust your inner feelings and guidance.
      Bright Blessings to you!

  21. Okay, let me just say that what I’m about to say makes me sound crazy, but I swear it’s all true. I was a late bloomer with boys, and didn’t have my first boyfriend til I was 18 years old. The boy in question I had felt a strong connection to ever since the first time I saw him (and I was interested in no one else at school) But this was when I was about 13, so it was a full five years before I ever dated him. In that time, my parents divorced and I moved with my Mom out of state for a few years, finally going back home at around 15 almost 16. When I started back at my old school i was as awkward as ever, and no one really knew I liked this boy (except for my best, and only friend) He never suspected a thing. Then finally I got sick and was in the hospital for over a month. When I came out, and went back to school, this boy suddenly loved me. He asked would talk to me all the time, follow me around the school, and find excuses for me to need to drive him home. I was flattered, but shy and uncomfortable with all the attention. However, we did end up dating for a the last three months of school. But just like most kids, when graduation happpend, a few weeks later, we parted ways. He went to Texas, and I to Florida for school. I didn’t speak to him after he left, but many months later, after no contact, I had a dream of him, and about 2 days later, a phone call. This happened repeatedly for over a year. Then suddenly, the calls stopped altogether (I would later learn this boy was in a commited relationship with 2 kids) Now, fast forward a few years, and I’m married and have not thought of this guy in ages. In fact, its a few months before our 10 year class reunion. And I have a dream with him in it, and just like before, out of nowhere, out of years of no contact, he messeges me online and wants my number so he can call. We talked for a while on the phone, no big deal, and I hear he’s having problems with his long term girlfriend. Many months later, after no dreams I’ve learned he’s married a lovely girl. But the dreams don’t end there for me. I have a very good friend who is not from my country, and I don’t get to speak to him as often as I would like. We go several months without speaking. Just before Valentines Day last year (it might have been Valentines Night acutally) I have a dream with him in it…and I remember feeling very upset for him. I get online the next day and he is there, though I’ve not heard from him in months since he’s been happy with his girlfriend at that time. He tells me that he proposed to this girl and she refused. I told him I had a feeling something was wrong and thats why I looked to see if he was online. Recently I’ve had a dream about this same man, after not speaking to him for months and he tells me the same thing…he and his current girlfriend are having problems. I don’t know why this keeps happening to me, but it sort of freaks me out. Why does my mind do this sort of thing???

    1. Hi Christina,

      I would be the last one to say anything about crazy. It sounds like your life is flowing along and that your desires are being listened to and delivered on by the universe. We talk a lot about expanding awareness and being able to ‘know’ what it serves us to know. I wonder what You might do with all this knowing if You were to accept that what is happening is normal for You? Always the answers come to You out of the questions You are asking whether You are conscious to the questions or not. I suggest focusing on being grounded when these things happen by just focusing on your breath, taking deep full breaths and You will know what to do with the situation better.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  22. Hi Judy,
    I was wondering if you could answer some questions that have been burning a hole inside my head. I have been dreaming about this man for more than 15 times the past year. I do not know him personally. We have never gone beyond hi, hello, how are u? The moment I saw him from pictures his brother showed me I had this weird feeling of knowing him from somewhere. The first dream I ever had of him came out of the blue. I was clearly not thinking about him as I was in a relationship that time. But try as I had, I could never dream of the man I was with. Almost as if my subconscious was rejecting him. In these dreams he is always taking care of me. Holding my hand, telling jokes to make me smile,, helping me make hard decisions, sleeping beside me. I know his scent, his touch, his eyes, his voice, his aura. When I broke up with my boyfriend I was utterly confused and devastated. Then I suddenly thought of this man and I cried my self to sleep. Surely enough he was in my dream comforting me. And the next day he messaged me asking how I was doing. The dreams continued. Last Saturday, I dreamed about him again. He was sick and delirious. I could literally feel his pain as I rushed to his side and took care of him. Then he kissed me and he disappeared. I couldn’t find him. I looked for him everywhere shouting and crying for his name. The pain and confusion seemed so real. Two nights later, he was in my dream again. Although I couldn’t see his face, I could feel him there. I couldn’t remember much from that dream save for this masculine voice saying, “Your souls are intertwined”.
    This is driving me crazy. I am beginning to think he is the man I have been writing about in my stories since I was 14. In the story I write about a man that moves at the speed of light that nothing can be seen but a distinct red glow like a sunset/sunrise. I named him R. This man of my dreams name means Red and Sun in Sanskrit and he looks exactly like how I envisioned the character. Maybe I am just making up these coincidences or maybe not. There are many more similarities in our families and personal lives (as his brother once told me). I really don’t know how he ends up in my dreams… Can you tell me what’s happening? And I have no contact with him whatsoever. He has gone back to India, which, coincidentally, is a country I have always wanted to visit since I was like 7 years old. As though something is summoning me. everytime I think of him I would get this ripping sensation in my chest. Am I crazy or what?
    This ended up longer than I planned. But I would really appreciate it if you could tell me anything. Or at least rule out insanity. Thanks.

    In love and light
    P.S this man’s last name means lion in Sanskrit. My family name is Leon, Spanish for lion. If that helps. I believe there’s something in names that affects people’s energies.

    1. Hi Mara,
      Thank You for sharing here. We are hearing from many about recognition of immediate soul family and twin soul connection. It is my understanding that these recognitions help to propel us forward in raising our own personal vibration to more closely match the shifting vibration of our planet as a whole. The challenge is to see these relationships as mirrors to our own souls versus having an idea of what they should look like in our physical lives.
      I sense that You are being reminded of the connection that we share with everyone on some level. The connection resonates more closely with immediate soul family and most closely with twin souls. I have most clearly experienced this deeply moving connection as ‘coming home’ and been rendered speechless at times. Not all these encounters have been on a physical level. As we have these beautiful filters called egos that allow us to slow down divine energy enough to experience via a physical body, sometimes it can seem like non physical is less real than our physical experience. It is beneficial to accept both and find ways to integrate where You can with integrity. Might want to check out another article I wrote on the site here about twin souls. You deserve to be uplifted by the connections You recognize!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  23. I was in desperate straits with my feelings and I stumbled upon this. I am not one for believing in anything like this, but my Auntie is, so she told me to look up ”past lives” is i decided to and I think I know what’s wrong with me now! For the past year I have had strong feelings for a man who is not my partner. The first time this man (Joe) and I met, we just stared at each other until I got embarrassed and looked away and he was still staring. We have since talked a lot him and me, and found we have lots in common. He looks at me with such …fondness and some sadness in his eyes, and yet I don’t know if this is because he fancies me. This seems like something else to me. It feels different, its not lust. It is not lust for me either. I have had guys lust after me and its not like this. He doesn’t live in the same town as me, he lives somewhere I have never been, yet when i saw a picture of the place, I knew it like I had been there before. All his friends have been very sweet to me too, which baffles me as they don’t really know me that well. I knew what his middle name was before I even asked it, and I knew lots more too. I don’t know how to handle this, I love my fiance, but something keeps pulling me so close to this man….Could he be my husband or lover from a past life?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, you definitely could have known him in a past life. You may be from the same soul family or even twin souls. Click here to read an article about twin souls and see if it resonates with You. Twin souls always respect the agreements and commitments we have with others.

      If you’d like Judy and I too look into this more deeply for You, please check out our readings page. We have a 1 Question Reading You may be interested in.

      In heart centered awareness,

  24. Hello,
    10 years ago, I dated a warm human being, who loved me unconditionally. But as i was just recoverring from another heartbreak, I never could love him as much and after nearly 2 years, I left him. Its 8 years now. I never saw him again and I never missed him or thought of him much. We both are married and I even have a daughternow. Suddenly last month, out of the blue, I started thinking of him soo much and i miss him soo much. I have been crying, feeling guilty over the way I treated him and wanted to be back with him. I even mailed him, but he said he has forgotten me. Why has this happened? Like I said, I never gave much thought to him all these years. Why soo much of pain now?

    1. Hi San,
      Perhaps you are doing a life review of sorts. Connecting with the way you treated others. He gave you a good example of how you treated someone in your less than ideal way. I like to call on Archangel Jeremiel for reviewing my life.

      Perhaps you have a soul level connection with him as well. As for the pain, if we accept that everything happened exactly as it did in divine perfect order, then we release the idea of it should have happned differently. We understand we did the best we could and so did everyone else. There is nothing to forgive. Only love and acceptance.
      In heart centered awareness,

      1. Thanks Christy,
        That was very soothing. I suppose everything happenedd the way it had to happen. I just find it difficult to accept that I was so blind to him that time and rejected that pure love and hurt him so badly. I realized it a bit too late. I suppose now he is with someone better and is happier and it worked out well for him. I too am in a brink of completing my studies which I resumed lately and its going to change my career and life.

        Yeah, I love him as of today and I miss him. But I am also happy that he has found his true love and happiness. I also appreciate the kindness I receive around me and my husband’s love. I have learnt not to take love for granted.

        I am going to look up to Archangel Jeremiel for help to heal my self inflicted wounds.

        Thanks a lot.

  25. I feel very weird explaining my current situation because it is quite new to me but the feelings are rather intense, and I hope I don’t come off sounding like a total whack job. But, I wanted some advice on a spiritual level.
    In the past month I began listening to the music of Gram Parsons and his voice and words touched me right in the heart. I have listened to great music before that I have really loved, but this is the first time that I can remember where I have felt the emotion so strongly and felt such an intense connection. It makes it more heart wrenching when I think about the fact that he died so young at 26 because of addiction, so many years before I was born.
    I was born with a heart condition and without going into oh so much detail that it entails, I will just say a few points. Because of my heart condition, I pass out, and when I did, I would have seizures because my heart would stop beating. I finally had a pacemaker implanted when I was 11. I am now 27 and am on my fourth pacemaker. I have gone through so much medical crap that I have a different outlook on life and have always felt that I could have died at any time when I was younger but I am still here, and I have to believe I am here for a reason. Recently my life has felt like I was in a sort of limbo, not knowing what to do or how to do it because I am not where I want to be. I feel like now that I discovered Gram and his music, that “he” is pushing me to get off my ass and really go for my dreams and live this life that was given to me, through all the obstacles I have overcome. I want to leave an amazing legacy like he did and so I feel like he is pushing me to do it.
    Is that some kind of spiritual connection or is it just me wishing something to be? I only ask because it is something so intense and different that I don’t really understand it. Sorry if this sounds like a lot of rambling, but I am just trying to get it all out. Thank you so much for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Jessica,
      Yes it certainly sounds like you have a spiritual connection with Gram. Once we return to non-physical we express ourselves in areas that were of interest to us while we were in the physical. Gram would certainly be able to having a living connection with you through his music. Especially since you resonate with his music so strongly.

      Please feel free to check out the readings page for an introductory reading or 1 Question email reading if You would like in depth insight about your life direction.

      Yes, You are still here for a reason. I do believe that we choose from a soul level when to die. I’m sure you have passed up more than one opportunity to leave the physical.

      Wishing you all the best in expressing your passions in this life!

      1. Thank you, Christy. It helps me feel better to know that I am not alone and that there are things in this world beyond what we can see and fully explain. I need to become more spiritual to help with daily stresses.
        I just didn’t know if it was possible to have a spiritual connection with someone you never met and who died years before you were born. I just know there is some special “connection” or something going on because I hear his voice singing and I get teary eyed. It is so bizarre to me, so I feel like it has to mean something more.

        1. Hi Jessica,

          Can You imagine how beautiful and bright life can be when You give more meaning to the things around You. One of the main reasons Christy and I started Psychic Potentials is to assist others in understanding the language of spirit that is all around us all the time. I encourage You to pay attention to where and what You feel in your body when You are listen to the music and the words at same time. Messages come in all manner of ways to us, when we listen.
          In Heart Centered Awareness,

          1. Both of you ladies are amazing and really helped me to open up more to the spiritual side of myself. I will definitely pay more attention to the words and feelings with the music.
            Thank you so much!

  26. I never had an experience as I have had with Al. The first time I saw him I was so overwhelmed with his presence I couldn’t see straight, I walked int a wall, and he chuckled. I am a generally cautious person when it comes dating men and relationships in general, however this instantaneous combustion that I experienced made me even more so. The experiences continued with very little dialogue on our parts. I had dreams of us having sex that were so real I wasn’t sure whether I was dreaming or awake. Another psychic occurrence happened when I ran into him and I had the impression that fireworks were going off all around us. Simultaneously, I saw slightly doubled over.The relationship didn’t go far. However, after a period of not having seen him for a month I was so depressed coming out the metro I suddenly had this intense feeling that Al was right there, and there he was crossing the street. I tried to meet him at a club one time, and the experience was not materially significant but psychically so. I felt his presence before he entered into the club, he presence was so intense. I think it also to do with the fact that he is a Taurus and I am leo, he felt like animal. Or a final example is I think I gave him the equivalent of a psychic slap when I was really mad at him, I could see myself pulling for some kind of chord and released it hard in order to give him a slap. Or another time when we tried to communicate with each other and i just blew up on because of my frustration. I came back and extended myself to him and it felt like I was giving him a back rub. I was so fumbling in this relationship. I don’t know what the purpose of this relationship was..If I wasn’t ready why did it happen and who was he to me?

    1. Hi Anita,
      Thank You for sharing here. You bring up a very important piece that Christy and I share with many that we do readings for…that relationships happen on a spiritual level before, during and after they are played out physically. We live in a time where relationships are showing up for the purpose for our personal and spiritual growth like maybe never before. You and he have touched one another and asked something of one another. In your process it will serve for You to recognize that everything that happened int he is relationship was for You. So that You could bring to the surface that in You that was ready to be healed, released and shared. If we are meant to be or not to be ‘with’ someone there can be a catalyzing effect with coming into contact and connection. Your ability to take what You have learned about yourself and bring yourself to a new level of acceptance and happiness will make it all worth it and make room for the ‘ready’ You talk about here.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  27. I had a girl in my class, I saw her in the second semester when I say saw it was I paid attention. Until then I never thought about any relationship when I saw her I thought how did I miss her till now even though we were in same class. I don’t know if I can say my childhood was rough but that only resulted in me not wanting to be in any relationship. But I was ready to enter into any relationship with this girl. Having her around was like being close to another part of me. I know it sounds strange but yes I believe I’m in parts. I thought when I get a job I’ll try to persuade her and the biggest question I wanted to ask was if she felt the magic that I feel when she is around things were never beautiful.

    But looks like she didn’t she hardly returned any of my calls and via FB I came to know about her marriage, I was depressed that’s not the only factor which contributed to that tough, I’m jobless since almost 1 and half year I quit a good paying job. Not sure if I get anyone soon.. even later. I can’t still stop thinking about her.. I somehow still feel connected to me…

    1. Hello Soull12,

      It sounds like it is time for You to find some support. When You are sensitive, life can get pretty overwhelming. I believe that we are of much more influence than most people in my experience accept. That the influence we have starts with us and how disciplined we choose to be about what we think and how we feel. I once had a friend tell me that I had to value myself enough to be selfish in my thinking, choosing the thoughts that made me feel good. It makes a difference.
      Sometimes we connect with Soul Mates, the individuals that it feels like we have known before and brighten up our lives, in order to remind us that in order for things to go well around us we need to get right ‘in’side ourselves. They give us a glimpse of what it could be and they move on because that is what they agreed to do. I hope You can allow yourself to see options when it comes to being connected to a soul mate as our man made ideas around romantic life partners and soul mates can set us up for a ton of disappointment.
      I trust that when You are ready You will adjust what You focus on and things around You will adjust along side You.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

      1. hmmm thanks for that. Yes you are right but I never believed in romance that man made. I hope I’ll meet someone with whom I can feel so connected.

  28. Hello- I feel like I recognized my soul twin 2 years ago. He came into my radar at the gym, where and when I was feeling at my lowest and I was really trying to hard to get in shape and get healthy. I had major post-pardum depression and was not happy about how my life was going.
    When he came into my view, I feel like I was energized and I was so happy to see him. Our interaction since than has been a hypnotizing, magnetic interaction. We both are not shy about our eye-contact and its very intense. He makes every effort to be near me and I feel so strongly for him. He makes my heart flutter. I feel wrong for this, because I am married and have two children. But I also feel frustrated because I feel so strongly about him and I cant do anything about it! We have common friends, I know because he comes up as a mutual friend on FB but I have not friended him…but I am sure if I were to contact him he would know who I am.
    I think of him everyday, I also feel like he thinks of me…I feel waves of warm, fuzzy energy at times and he makes me happy when I see him periodically.
    I want to cut ties with him, I am miserable not having him in my life and want to live in the moment but I am also grateful that he came into my path, because I feel like he woke me up and gave me the right type of attention to feel beautiful and confident…even when I didnt feel it.
    How do I forget about him? I cant love him in this life time, I am committed and so is he. It’s a sad situation…

    1. Hi Mon,

      It took me awhile to respond to your comment as I can only respond from my perspective on this one as the concepts are greater than I know how to verbalize. I spend time talking to my non physical guides about the twin soul understandings and constructs that are part of our environment more each day.
      Do You have a belief that says You can not love more than one individual at a time? That being married shuts down your feelings for others.
      It is our ability to make choices that gives us freedom. For You to recognize this individual so clearly has obviously caused You both pleasure and pain. I wonder what would happen if You were to recognize that it was your thoughts about You, reflected from an other, that caused You to feel right in yourself and worked forward from there.
      I have heard that there are many sets of twin souls that choose to work and connect on the spiritual planes while accepting and honoring their man made commitments and choices.
      Your ability to choose the thoughts and adjust your perceptions takes discipline and a desire to know one self more deeply.
      I believe that twin souls are showing up to one another more as catalysts to encourage personal soul remembering. Some of the showing up is meant to bring the two together reflecting the returning recognition and valuing of masculine and feminine with in each being. Some of the showing up is to motivate an awakening and remembrance that indeed You are a spiritual soul choosing to be in a physical body in a physical way.
      I encourage You to get quiet within yourself and listen for what is right for You because only You can know that.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

      1. Hi Judy
        Thank you for your time to reply. I truly believe that we exchanged energy and since our recognition two years ago, I have been a better, stronger and energized person. I feel more connected spiritually and I feel unstoppable. I understand our work together spiritually, and I accept that. My heart aches to see him and to be with him in person, but I have to trust and let time heal the longing. I dont necessarly have a belief system (religion) that tells me that I cant love more than one person, its the social boundries of being a good wife and mother that does not allow for me to accept this energy from my twin soul. I accept that its my own soul that I should nurture and its a work in progress…but there still not a day that goes by and he is on my mind…like he is saying hello to me all the time. It drives me nuts. 🙂

        1. I appreciate that. I have worked with some individuals that recognize their twin souls on the spiritual plane, not incarnated. Sometimes think that might be easier to work it out on the physical.

          Do You know what You agreed to on a soul level for this lifetime for You and with your twin soul?

          In Heart Centered Awareness,

          1. Hi Judy,
            I recognized him and it led to me research and confirming that he is my twin soul. I feel it in my gut, with not doubt. He comes in my dreams and I feel a constant, almost telepathic connection to him. Its very mixed signals from him. I am sure he is not as awake or enlightened as I am. I rejected the whole concept and the feelings I was having…but then I just let them come to me and I am enjoying the waves of love that is sent to me periodically.
            I have yet to pin point our agreement. His arrival, or his “appointment” with me came at times very appropriate for my ascension and I am grateful for him. We both had children with our significant other at the same time and maybe we are here to help eachother out and exchange energy. I dont know why yet. I have been told that we have karmic patterns as the dilemma of our recognition and that he is being blocked…that he is confused on what he is feeling about me. It’s very interesting stuff…sounds almost surreal 🙂

  29. Hello, I would like some feedback on a connection (or perceived connection) I think I may have with this guy I’ve never met. Several years ago I was watching TV one day when I stopped for a few minutes on a show. There was this guy who I always thought was very good looking, then he started describing the type of girlfriend he wanted, and all I could think of was “that’s me! That’s me!” Everything he described was me to a T and I thought I HAVE to meet this person! Never have I felt so strongly in the moment about “needing to do something”. The tricky part is he is in the public eye which is why I never told anyone how I felt because of course they would just say he is who he is and I’ll never meet him. I’m certainly not one to idolize people like that so I know it’s not that. Over the past few years I have dated other men and went about my life but ever since have had very vivid dreams and visions of him, and while meditating also. One dream in particular I was so in love with this person, it’s almost indescribable. Certainly not a love or intensity I have ever felt in waking life. In my dream when I looked into his eyes I felt it was him. After several of these dreams I thought it might be a good idea to at least “try” meeting him so I went to an event were I knew he was. The person who was with me even mentioned that he was staring at me, and I caught him looking at one point also. Not just a gaze over the room kind of look but really “looking”. Another person literally crossed my path and turned out we knew the same people, and diverted my attention for the rest of the time. I figured if it was meant to be it would happen. Needless to say I didn’t meet him. I remember getting a feeling the next morning that lasted a split second but was very intense. The feeling was a “knowing” but if I had to describe it in words “that my life could’ve changed forever last night….oh my god I’m not ready for that” then I thought to myself “what? Are you crazy? Why would you not be ready?!” I have tried several times since then with no luck. The really crazy thing is that when I meditate and he pops in my mind, or certain things in my life go on, or if I’m just simply thinking of something and happen to check his web site , there will be a post or a picture of the same thing. Almost like he can feel what I’m thinking or going through or vice versa. For example, my grandmother, who I was very close to passed away and the day of her funeral he posted a picture of his grandmother. Another time I was researching about twin souls and the next day he posted a picture that was a mirror image of him. The last time I was meditating about all this craziness and said “if this is real and I’m not crazy give a me sign” I had a vision of him doing something, and no less than 5 minutes later he posted a picture of the same thing I had a vision of. Sometimes even when I see a picture of him and look in his eyes for a split second I feel like I’m looking at myself. Its really strange and I’ve never felt that before. My question is, if this is real, and we ARE connected then why has it been so difficult for us to meet? I’m torn between letting it be and if it’s meant to be it will happen vs. going after what I feel despite things seeming to work against it.

    1. Hi sj3714,

      Thank You for being willing to share here.
      When I first started learning about twin flames it was because I was experiencing very strong twin flame activations. I was torn between wanting to find some peace of mind and seriously wanting to connect in my daily travels like I was in my astral travels. The feeling of being home in myself was, above all, what I have always desired.
      I have come to learn that there is strong planetary energy for twin flame recognition and reunion. Not always physically. It is up to You always whether to allow or to move forward. I hope that your moving forward and your allowing comes from a connected inspired place. That is all that matters and makes the difference in your results.

      I have come to understand that the more I recognize my twin soul the more I can recognize myself as a divine being. That being willing to know myself more fully and connect to the soul of me is the ultimate reason for coming together with or even recognizing my twin soul.

      When You feel called to do something from a centered connected place, go for it with an intention for the most benevolent outcome!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  30. hi
    i and a guy are working in the same office for the past five years.from the first day he used to talk to me nicely.even i felt like i know him for years.for the past 1 year iam feeling his presence.even if he is 100 meters away iam recognising his presence.but nowdays he is avoiding me what is happening between to solve this problem.

    1. Hi Deepik,

      I have a sense that if You focus on how You feel about this individual, not how this individual might be feeling about You, your perception about what is happening will change. It seems he might not be feeling comfortable with the way You two are connected spiritually and he may not even be able to explain it. Your ability to understand it and find ways for You to connect more to yourself, the larger spiritual part of You will give You answers.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  31. Hello,

    I’ve had a boyfriend for 8 years and for the past 2-3 years in the relationship I feel like we have become just friends and I do not think that I am as attracted to him any more. This year, I randomly started texting this guy in a totally different continent and for some reason find myself extremely attracted to this guy even though communication is solely through text. We’ve talked on the phone once or twice and he often drunk texts me but I dont think he feels anything like i do. I find it extremely strange that I feel this way and what makes it even weirder is that I saw a psychic this year and she asked me whether I was keeping in touch with somebody over seas. When I said yes she told me that we were going to grow closer and closer and make each other happy. I feel like the fact that the psychic said this is provoking me to hold onto this relationship. If you could please provide me with your thoughts on this situation I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Sounds like You are at a cross road. If what the psychic said resonates for You then it makes your decisions easier. It is powerful to remember that he more You are connected to You, the more connected You can be to others. I intend each day to decrease the gap between my physical ‘self’ and the larger part of me the non-physical fully expanded ‘Self’. It is why the subtle yet profound language of spirit is so important.
      Many relationships at this time are fully catalysts for that greater connection with ‘Self’. In turn the greater connection with ‘Self’ causes beautiful fulfilling connections to happen easily with outdated pieces falling away with grace and ease.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  32. Hello!

    I would like some insights here with my current situation if you will. I met a man about three years ago but we didn’t get close or intimate until the end of the first year, entering the second year. The beginning of the first year, I never saw him more than just a regular customer at my store. I was also a busy new mom and very much in love with my boyfriend at the time. I recognized him as he was a regular customer and became acquaintance rather quickly but that was really it.

    Then suddenly, towards the end of that first year as we would exchange small talks when he’d come in, I started having an overbearing feeling that bubbled up inside of me that I would not be able to contain myself. I have never felt this uneasy feeling or way about anyone else ever. I felt I could love this man, perhaps I’ve loved this man before in the past lives. The energy was powerful every time he walks in the room. I would even dream of him. The people at work noticed my friendly crush without me even telling them about how I felt. Captain Obvious over here, apparently. Haha! It was strange and I felt guilty of it because I’ve never felt that way before and it was unfair to my boyfriend for feeling this way. Of course, he never found out.

    I have people telling me to just email him and let him know how I feel but I feel that he’s in a mess right now; head is filled with too much to handle so I wasn’t going to fuel the fire. I could wait until his fire fires down a little bit and perhaps try again or wait until he realizes that he misses me. I did, however emailed him recently letting him know that I miss him and that I care about him a lot. I got no response so I’m leaving it to that.

    Sorry, most parts of my story I could’ve skipped out but I guess I wanted to share how he and I could connect spiritually somehow and I guess I want affirmation. What do you think?

    1. Hello Elvie,

      I have edited your comment of many of the details of your story as it was clear that You and he have a spiritual connection, that it seems You are very aware of. I would encourage You to use the connection as a catalyst in doing any personal work that would allow You to move forward in integrity and in alignment with your truth. So often the spiritual connection gets translated as partnership/sexual energy and attraction. It is up to us to refine our understanding and create new ways of relating that serve us. When there is this on/off again relating, often it is an indicator of personal work necessary on both parts. Even just your ability and willingness to connect more fully to your Higher ‘Self’ will support You in navigating this connection in a way that will serve everyone involved.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  33. I was so glad to find this! I thought I was going insane. I learned first hand in highschool that this can happen. I felt exceptionally connected to this girl and all throughout there was the overwhelming energy. Later on down the road one day while I was in class I suddenly had this feeling that something was wrong. Sure enough I found out later she had gotten into some trouble on the road. I felt this way about many different people since I was a child. Now I am at a crossroads because I feel almost scared at the idea of what I am capable of. Someone I used to feel this way about eight years ago suddenly started popping up in my dreams which took me by surprise. I hadn’t thought about him or felt this connection in years. Then the other day I felt this consuming sadness at the thought of not being able to see or talk to him anymore. I can’t seem to shake him out of my head and I can’t help but wonder if I concentrate hard enough could he feel me back? Help! Am I crazy?

    1. Hi Jen,
      Thanks for writing. No, You’re not crazy! Just connected to the infinite stream of wisdom that connects us all. You can work on grounding yourself to stay centered when you receive this information. Have You tried contacting the people who pop into your head to see what they are up to? Perhaps there is some mutually beneficial reason to reconnect. You can also work on running your own energy and putting up energetic boundaries if You find picking up these feelings are bothersome. The Heal Yourself program may interest you.
      Again, Glad you found our site. We offer free distant healing days to those on our email list, if you’d like to keep in touch with us.
      Best wishes,

      1. Thank you for replying! I wish I could contact him but the thing is, when I first met him it was through the music scene. Today he is now quite famous and therefore untouchable. If I really wanted to I could send him a message but it wouldn’t be private and he would probably think I was insane. I wish I could just shake this whole thing off but it’s consuming and powerful. I don’t understand why this is happening but there has to be a purpose. Doesn’t there? I’m afraid if I try and ignore it it will only continue in anyway necessary (usually dreams) until it has run it’s course. I just wish I understood the reason or purpose for all of this right now. It’s emotionally exhausting.

        1. Hi Jen,
          I see in your conversation with Christy that You feel this individual is out of reach. I encourage You to be centered in yourself first and foremost. When You do this, the things that seem out of reach, when for your benefit can be much easier to access. If You can find ways to feel the joy now that You believe You would experience in being reconnected to this person then the Universe can help You. I have also experienced that the clearer and more specific the questions are that I put out to the Universe, the clearer and more specific information is delivered to me in return. Your guides are always available to help You if You ask!
          In Heart Centered Awareness,

          1. Hi,

            Have just been reading this article and some of the responses and it’s so good to read that I’m not losing my marbles with some mad infatuation. My heart, my mind and my soul is always focused on someone who I have never met, but he is in the public eye. Not exactly someone you would say is attractive but to me he is beautiful and has a beautiful soul. I find myself engulfed in a scene of us together, sometimes just doing mundane things like cooking together, it comes through so clearly and powerfully. Almost as though it’s more of a memory than a fantasy. The problem is I feel awful as I am married to a lovely man and I shouldn’t be fantasising about being with another but I just can’t get him out of my mind. This has been going on for about a year now and I just want to be with him so badly and I dream about our lives together and were always laughing and totally in love. It’s almost as if I already know him so well and we would just fit together so perfectly.

  34. There was a woman about a year and a half ago that I randomly went to sleep one night and dreamed about. I was happily in a relationship at the time.

    I thouoght nothing of it. A few weeks later, I see a baby, wrapped in a white blanket. Again, i think nothing of it. Months later, I am getting out of a friends car, and as i reach the handle, I see my girlfriend with another man. later on, in July of last year, this happens. two weeks after they get together, I see an old man, in flannel, a straw hat, and a red truck. he sticks his head out of the truck and says thank you, before driving away. I then see this child, and it has blue eyes and black hair, which i have blue eyes, and she (the girl i dreamed of) has black hair. When we met i kissed her, and held her, and it freaked her out, because she saw a guy with blue eyes and dark hair that would hold her when she was little. I’ve tried three other relationships and even pushed her away 3 times, and something is always pulling me back to her. We aren’t talking, but i still dream of her strongly. What is this?

  35. Good Morning Judy,

    For almost a month and a half I’ve been feeling this pull from an individual I have never meet. I was on facebook about 3mths ago and I’ve never once looked at his page..then out of no where he posted a question about love that immediately caught my undivided attention which prompted my response. Ever since then I’ve been unable to shake this person. I’ve have viewed his page and from certain things that he post or pic we seem to be in sync with each other. Ever since then I’ve been implementing the “laws of attraction” and I’ve been picking up these bouts of energy from him. I feel his energy so strong sometimes it feels like flutters in my stomach. I constantly have these visions over and over of us meeting, having dinner and hanging out. Is it possible that he is aware of me and feels the same energy and spiritual connection. Every time I see us together or I reach him in my mind I see this light around us…its a soft bright white light. I would close my eyes and feel and see the light from inside me and I release it onto him through the air. Is it possible that he is receiving my energy and we have connected? Sometimes I would feel this strong energy it would be so strong that it make me queasy and I can hear him calling my name or feel his thoughts . I would read or watch some of his video post and its so surreal like if he is reaching out to me. It feel like what I wanted has manifested and the universe is answering and I’m on the receiving end. Have my energy already manifested his (mind, body, soul and heart)?. I’ve been meditating on him calling me. I see him in my mind several times standing looking at his phone as if to call and I can almost hear him talking to me. What do you make of this?

    1. Hi Regan,

      It definitely sounds like twin flame connection. It is happening so often these days for so many. What I have come to understand though is that this connection is not necessarily about physical partnership to begin with. Often it is more about remembering the wholeness of self. I find that for most individuals I have worked with in this that meditating on all parts of oneself merging and stabilizing causes such a deep level of connection and understanding that any agreements in physical then have room to manifest with your twin.
      The twin flame reunion is a very strong catalyst for unconditionally loving self and releasing any resistance to that. It might be hard to imagine but Christy and I both teach that everyone is connected and communicating with one another on the spiritual plane all the time. Twin Flame connections are definitely stronger and easier to recognize. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he is picking up on You as well, even if he is not sure what it is that he is picking up on.

      I wish You well in navigating all of this and send so much light to your situation!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  36. Hi Judy and Christy,

    I’ve been having spiritual issues lately which made me search the internet to look for answers on spiritual connections and I was brought to your page. When I was reading this post and some of the comments I realized what I was feeling was not unlike the others.
    Over the past few years my psychic intuition has been growing, especially when it comes to this one person that I feel strongly connected to. The past year I have felt like I’m crazy. He is a childhood friend of mine. We have been in and out of each other’s lives for years. The most recent time we were out of touch several strange things happened. After I got out of a rough relationship with a different man, I realized what I had lost with my friend, it hit me at once like a ton of bricks, and I felt torn apart. It felt almost as if my soul was crying as crazy as that sounds. I didn’t understand why I felt this way because we were always friends but I was always preoccupied with my relationship that I was so out of tune with myself I didn’t recognize my own intuitions and feelings. During our time apart I would have dreams of him, it was literally him letting me know he was ok. Then his father, who had passed when he was a child, visited me in a dream, which brought me back into contact with him (This wasn’t the first time that his father would put me back in contact with him, he’s visited me before). This time was different, for the past year I have felt this strong connection that I cannot get rid of. It makes me feel like I’m crazy. I can sense him. Anytime that I’m going to hear from him, I feel it in my chest and in my stomach beforehand. Sometimes I’ll even see him. For instance, I was babysitting one night and I looked up and he was there standing in the doorway and then he disappeared. I knew I wasn’t hallucinating, i knew it was his spirit. Sometimes he will randomly pop into my head. The more I resist these feelings the more the universe slaps me in the face with messages until I get into contact with him. I know when I’m going to see him before I see him. And when we hang out together the way he looks at me it’s almost penetrating. Sometimes it feels as though there is a tether coming from my stomach connecting to him. I’ll get random thoughts of him and when I do I’ll get this surge of energy that builds in my chest. (It’s scary but at the same time it lets me know it’s right). I’ll even have dreams of him of exactly how he is in real life, nothing that I wish, he’s just there. He doesn’t usually talk he’s just there. Some dreams with him I feel like are foretelling of the future and some just a symbol of our relationship. I try to resist these messages because it makes me have feelings for him, but when I resist them, they only come stronger and I feel him more. I just don’t understand why I can’t stop the connection. Anytime I think of stopping it, it’s like there’s something telling me not to. I want to accept it but at the same time I don’t because I don’t understand it and I don’t know why this “relationship” in whatever form it’s supposed to be, needs to happen. I feel crazy. He pops up everywhere and it’s a little annoying. I’ve never felt this before and it’s both intriguing and scary because it feels like it’s a force beyond my own. I just want to understand it and understand why it is what it is.
    Is there any insight that you might be able to give me?
    Thank you.

  37. ya ive met a guy the first time i met him i couldn’t be in the same room with him it was too much too weird, i was glad when they left couldn’t even make eye contact there was a strong pull didn’t even talk too him i was kind of rude ( it was a very small 6 people birthday party). when a mutual friend died i was sad to hear that this guy moved far away and he was not coming
    it was weird that i was sad cause we never spoke too each other , then my husband left me and a month later he shows up sending me a message we must spend time together, so we did his really not my type of guy but i cant shake him off i try really hard he tells me when he has dreams of me and i dont tell him but ya same time i did . im not in love , but i cant let this guy go his pushing for a relationship and i think it might be a very good one as we both feel this judge amount of trust. i try to stay away cause his really not my type then i get tired and feel sick , then hill send me a message stop pushing me away, i dont think most is spiritual things i think human behavior and some underlying conscientiousness makes us think things are spiritual . but then again … lmao

    1. Hi Melissa,
      Everything is spiritual, if you believe you are spirit in a physical body. Trust yourself and follow your inner guidance. Obviously you were feeling something for this man to have the reaction you did to him.

  38. I need some help with a situation.
    I met this girl in school and we started having a physical relationship. we weren’t a couple though. When school ended we went our different ways. But the entire time all I could think about was her. Then weird things started to happen. I moved to a different city. I shortly found out after I moved that she worked about two blocks from my house. We didn’t see each other at first. Months went by and again all I could think about was her. I also began to receive flyers for the dental office she worked for, with her picture on it. And I would see her car whenever I went to buy groceries.I got back into contact with her and we began to have another physical relationship. I wanted more she didn’t. And I also found she was in a relationship with someone else. So, I ended the sex we were having. It didn’t end too well that time around. I was really hurt finding out she was with someone else. We got into a small argument and stopped contact with each other.
    I still kept receiving flyers from her job, seeing her car, dreaming and thinking about her. Then one night I felt this strong pain and sadness. I actually cried and had pains in my chest. I knew it was her. I broke down and contacted her. And found out her relationship ended. We became friends again but we weren’t as close as before. We didn’t have sexual relations. I know i don’t love this person. But I feel we have some sort of connections.And she’s meant to be in my life but I can’t figure out why. It’s really hard to forget a person who is in my face constantly. What should I do?
    More important information about this woman. She told me she could read people. And could feel people that were close to me, through me. She can also stare at a person’s picture and feel or see things about them. She told me once that she “gets into people” and that her dad was called a brujo (witch) in Mexico.Is this a genuine connection or some sort of witchcraft? I really need help with this situation.

    1. Hello Ruth,

      I trust that things are evolving how they are meant to. It is always a genuine connection. It is hard for us to recognize this if we limit ourselves to the physical world. Witches front he beginning of time have been in touch with the environment around them and in my opinion have in latter years been portrayed as something scary and negative due to lack of understanding. Whether a witch or regular person we see the ripple effect if they are not in integrity. When You get quiet and allow yourself to know what to do…it may not make sense and are You willing to follow the advice that comes from within anyway? I appreciate You sharing here and encourage You, in your relations with this woman, to get really clear in yourself so that any relating You do reflects that back to You. let the whole situation help You to know more clearly what You want and desire and then allow yourself to have that.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  39. This post is about a possible psychic connection between a man and a woman. I’m 39, and have worked in the same nightclub for 7.5 years. One of my bosses, a woman who’s 5 years younger than me has been showing up in my dreams a lot. Because of this, I’ve gone from thinking she’s kinda cute, to being completely infatuated with her. The dreams are not sexual in nature, but have a very strong emotional tone. Sometimes in the dreams she is breathing or whispering in my ear.
    During work our eyes meet often, and when they do, she either looks away or down immediately. I sent her a message on Facebook telling her I think she’s everything a man would want in a woman. She confronted me at work and told me to cut it out, and treat her in more of a professional manner. Since she’s my boss, and she had a bad breakup with a guy she dated who had a similar position as me, I guess it’s not in the cards for us right now, but I’m frustrated about it. Since this development, I’ve have had only negative dreams of her where she’s with other men and I’m jealous, or that she’s a professor and gives me an exam which I cannot pass because I don’t know the answers.

    1. Hi Alan,
      I encourage You to get really quiet and check to see if what You are picking up on in your dreams are actually You running your own energy. Our “Heal Yourself” home study program helps with releasing others energy and cleaning things up. Often we pick up on energy that resonates closely to ours and through our dreams we process it. If You take time and honestly look at what it is that You believe You would attain by being with this woman and find ways to give that to yourself You will find the infatuation changing. If You are not happy with what You are experiencing in your current relationship it is time to deal, knowing that what You do not deal with in present will be recreated in any other relationship moving forward.

      1. Hi, I know this is an old topic but I have a similar issue. I’m 23 years old, female and met a guy who is 27 yrs old at college. He helped me out during class when I was feeling heat exhausted and since then we have been talking. We seem to have a lot in common and I feel that we have made a link or connection with each other. I am empathic, meaning I can easily soak up someone’s emotions and physical pain. I’ve noticed that since we have touched skin that I keep having a telepathic message being put in my mind in repeat, “love me”. He has a history of anxiety and depression and I also have anxiety. He admitted to having an interest in me since the first day of class but never noticed him looking my way. So I’m wondering if I’m going mad or if he and I have known each other from a past life. I feel like we have known each other for more than we actually have and we share a lot of similar interests. Please share with me your thoughts. If you need more information just ask and I’ll oblige.

        1. Hi Kayla,
          People always show up when we are ready ; ) I encourage You to understand what being grounded is and how to be grounded for yourself. It sounds like You and this guy have been connecting on the spiritual plane for some time. We all do, it is that You may be more sensitive to this than others. The grounding will help You to settle and enjoy this strong connection You have. The Heal Yourself Home Study is all about getting grounded and being able to understand the language of spirit.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  40. I need some help with a situation.I am 32 year old and married.I met this guy in my office.I feel very confused & guilty at times thinking about this person.I love my husband so much and feel like i am betraying him whenever i think about this guy.Since my childhood,I always have strong intuitions about things happens around.My friends say its a sixth sense.I do’t what it is.Many a times,it has happened I get very strong feeling of something bad/good with my friends or loved ones and they turned out to be true almost 90% times.I am a spiritual person believe in doing good deeds and taking blessings of people,has never imagined myself in a situation like this.I have never been attracted towards any guy like this in my life. Don’t know why its only him.I know this guy since he joined office and its been almost 2 years now.Initially i have never cared when he is around.I started noticing him since we started to get to see each other so frequently that i realized it cannot be a coincidence.I go for a walk-I see him there,I go for a meeting and I see him there,I go for a cup of coffee and i see him there too.I have tried going a different timings as well but got the same result.Any place i name in office,I see him there.How can he be at the same place as mine always.When he look at me,i always feel like he wants to say something. Also,I have observed,he behaves differently when I am around.I try ignoring him many a times but he tries to grab my attention by doing some or the other gesture like getting up from his desk,start talking a little louder and so on….

    Its been few months now,I am strongly feeling his presence and absence.Many a times his thoughts ended up giving me teary eyes and i don’t know why.Sometimes,I felt he is there and i turned around he was actually there.When he passes by,It feels like some sort of heat.There are times when i didn’t see him for 2-3 days and didn’t even have a thought of him and then suddenly someday his thoughts occupies me and i get to see him.This has happened so many times,whenever i miss him,may be i should say miss his presence,i get to see him.We know each other as colleagues and had chat over IM related to work. He is respectful,decent,professional and a shy guy who never talks to anybody unless required.Though,he is not introvert either. Every time we are meeting we have an eye contact,i feel it is very intense and we both look away.I had visions of him doing something or accidental meetings through common friends and they all happened.He never showed any interest on social networking sites but when a common friend of mine tags me he always comments on that.When we are face to face he behaves like a complete stranger but i have seen him getting conscious when i am around.I have seen him stealing glances of me and my friends also mentioned the same. In fact,i caught him several times too.I really don’t know what’s going around.Please help.

    1. Hi Trisha,
      I encourage You first to breathe. Your breath will help You reconnect with yourself in all of the energetic connection You are experiencing. Coming from a spiritual standpoint, attraction does not mean physical follow through. It has so much power in the ability to breath in a connection such as this and allow it to transform You while reminding You of your connection to all things. Admittedly some things we are more closely connected too yet the energy that is You is in all things as well. Attraction and recognition can stem from many things. Christy and I recognized one another immediately as we did energy healing together on the spirit plane way before we met on the physical plane. You can ask your spirit guides to give You clear information about what your role is in this connection and then accept nothing less. Your ability to stay grounded while dealing with the energy will help greatly as well. The Heal Yourself Home Study is all about getting grounded and being able to understand the language of spirit. It is always up to You and a spiritual connection always respects the agreements of man. Keep breathing and slow down to hear what is next for You.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  41. I hi I met somebody I thought never would being the way I am
    Empath, etc. I feel this person everyday she can read my mind
    I can read hers .I never had this happen before I barely know
    her but, there such familiarity with her . even with emails
    and phone calls I growing closer to her even though shes a state away from me the sad thing is we both basically broke .
    But, I feel in time when meet each other it matter as much.
    Can this connection be called a Twin flame connection?
    This feels like something so much more we there for
    each other when one of us is down. and this just started
    in August. This at times is alot for me to take in.

    1. Hi Jim, Thank You for sharing here. It sounds like a great connection. I know twin soul connections are increasing everyday. They are one of the most powerful opportunities for fully accepting one ‘Self’ and so valuable in bringing greater light to the world. It sounds like You and she need to do some individual personal work before anything ‘together’ would be really stable. If You can spend time in silence, after awhile You will start getting guidance spiritually about what is next to do moving forward with the twin soul energy.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Hi , I hear voices or who ever they are every once and while
        they come to me . I believe they came months before
        I ever knew of her they said she needs me
        and she is lucky to have you in her life.
        I never came into contact with somebody that gets me.
        while is she not perfect I accept even with her faults
        which really need’s work on. I see a person
        that is capable of alot .
        Oh, seen images of our future that is another thing I would never expected in my life. Your right about personel work.

        1. Hi Jim,
          The ability of the twin soul to reflect back to You clearly is a defining characteristic. If You allow this connection to serve You this way and look honestly at yourself, You will find that what You see is yours to work on personally. The beauty of twin soul is that the clearer one gets the easier it is for the other to get that clear as well. The ultimate is to reflect unconditional love to one another. The challenges on the way can be resisted or welcomed. I hope that when You look at look via the reflection You are gentle and accepting of You both.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  42. I found this post today by Googling. I believe I am connected to someone I have never met. I wrote them a letter when I was 19. They wrote back and said they “felt something from” my letter, and wished me well. Many years later I wrote again, and they wrote back. I’m now 34 years old. I think about this person often. I feel like I love them. Sometimes I think (or hope) they think the same about me, but like me, just accept that in this life we are living our lives separately.

    The other night I had a dream that someone came to me and told me the person died. But before they died, they said to get a message to me that they loved me. I cried in the dream, of course. I didn’t wake up which is odd for me for that kind of dream. But in the morning, I had one long white tear track down my face, which prompted me to remember the dream. Is that odd? I suppose it’s all a bit odd, isn’t it? This is the one place I feel like I can talk about this and not have someone think I’m looney tunes.

    Today I meditated, and when I thought of this person I just sent them love and light and envisioned them laughing a big laugh or smiling a big smile. 🙂 The hard part is, I do so wish we could be in each other’s lives.

    1. Hi Jenee Day,
      I am so glad You feel safe to share here. I once was told by a psychic friend of mine that what You would like to attract in another You would be served to cultivate in yourself. The type of connection You talk of is often beyond everyday love/relationship understanding. The more You can come to know unconditional love for ‘self’ and others the easier it is to let go of expectations of how You believe life and relationship make You most fulfilled. When You set your intention to be in one another’s lives, know the Universe has heard and that the most benevolent outcome is on its way. Your job is to focus on understanding the unconditional Love and letting go of the how.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Judy,

        You nailed it. Expectation is something I am working on releasing, in several areas of my life. Thank you for your thoughtful response. Thank you for saying the Universe has heard and will provide the outcome that is best. Comforting to hear and know.

  43. Hi Judy and Christy,

    Love this site, perfect for the question that I have. I’m a spiritual person, sensitive to peoples energies and practice shamanism.

    For years I have been wishing to meet a man one day that could be on the same spiritual page as myself and honor the medicine women that I and someone that we have a lot of common interests. All the men i have dated or seen exclusively could never understand that part of me and the relationships never lasted, i was always left heart broken.

    About 9 months ago I placed a stone on my altar that had randomly called to me when i bought it which was for finding your twin flame. I didn’t think I was ready for that because of my plans for travel and recent break up, but i did it anyway.

    Over this past summer, I had made the decision to visit a friend in canada who I promised months earlier that i would visit no matter what. When my spirit sisters and I arrived I met a man, a close friend of my friend, who just happen to be staying as well. I remembered him from Fb, we were acquaintances, but that was all.

    During a my time their which was only a week, i felt like i knew this person. Even though we hardly exchanged words, we had so much in common, just from what i observed about him and questions he asked. i was curious as to what that past might be. The night before i left, I asked my friend who is also a shaman, for a divination. The messages that came through was that yes we had a past and a tribal future. The spirits then asked me for a special request. To pray for this mans life during my travels to the jungles of Mexico the following the month. His life had been in danger which was why he was in canada at the same time as me.

    I told this man before i left about what spirit asked me to do for him on my travels, he was completely opened about it and even said he had seen that vision also about us working together in future ceremonies.

    After coming back to the states and before leaving for mexico, i had this strong feeling that I just met the man of my dreams. That he was going to be the father of my future children. I didnt know what to do with those visions and feelings, so i tried to let it go and focus on my trip.

    When i was in mexico, I did what spirit asked and prayed my heart and soul for this man’s life. I have never cried so much for someone who i barely knew in this lifetime but i had the strongest feeling that i wasn’t just praying for his soul but also for the man i would marry some day.

    I finally returned home, thinking that i had accomplished my mission and prepared for my permanent move to mexico. Me and this guy have stayed in contact, but its been very brief and I am always initiating the conversation. Anyway its been 6 months now and their has not been one day since I left canada that i dont think of him. This has been driving me crazy! I fantasies about him all the time, I vision my future with him, I dream about him more then i have ever dreamnt about anyone. He is in my head almost non stop.

    I finally got the courage to tell him a few months ago that i have deep feelings for him, i never said i was in love with him, just that he is always in my thoughts. His answer was sweet and kind but he never said how he felt about me, just confirmed that he will always be there for me and that we will do medicine work in the future.

    I took this like a gentle rejection and was ok for a while. Then it started up again where there he was in my thoughts, mind and heart all the time. This is driving me insane! It gets in the way of me being present in my day to day projects. He’s the first person i think of when i wake up and the last when i got to sleep.. Im thinking i just need to mediate more, but is there something deeper that i dont know? why is he constantly on my mind. I dont think i have ever really been in love before. I have had crushes, but they have never lasted this long.

    As much as i would love for him to be the man of my dreams i know that we both our not ready for a relationship right now because we are both about to focus full time on our dreams and spiritual healing and we live in different countries. Spirit has told me that they do like us together but that I have to be patient with him, its a challenge when he has never expressed how he feels about me, right now that part is just a mystery.

    Please help me find a solution, I feel like im running out of ideas.

    1. Hello Ayesa,

      Your share is so genuine, thank you. There is no trick to twin soul happenings, they happen when and only when it is in the best interest of the twins and those around them. This lifetime or the next. It sounds like you would benefit from remembering that to have a twin come into your life does not necessarily mean a physical partnership. Often before that can happen there needs to be a reconnection with ‘Self’.
      Can you use this constant reminder to get centered in yourself in a new way? Do you embody the knowledge of yourself as Divine?
      You can also spend time with your twin on the spiritual plane getting aligned. Try intending that you are spiritually sitting facing one another while aligning and connecting up all of your chakras. Imagine that both your spiritual bodies and physical bodies are grounded to the center of the earth while they are also grounded to the center of the cosmos. Focus on your physical breath to stay grounded as well and see what shifts for you here on the earthly plane.
      In perfect time the Universe does a better job delivering to us than we could ever imagine!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  44. Hello Judy I have a question
    Every now and then I dream about my first love in whom I haven’t seen in over twenty years. A part of me feels that he has passed and this is his way of reconnecting. I don’t think about so I dont understand what the message is. I don’t know if this helps, we are both pisces. I wish I knew what all this means.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Pauline,
      When you really want to know what something means the ability shows up. Thank you for sharing here. Do you think it is possible for the energy of someone to show itself to us without passing? So often the understanding is just a story that we create in hindsight. What if you allowed yourself to just experience this past coming into your now and just allow it to evolve. There is nothing that comes into our lives that isn’t supposed to. And the things that do not come into our lives are not meant to. I encourage you to get very still in your body and your mind and the answers that you are looking for will come to you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  45. Hi I met this guy a year and a half ago. We’re both artists, and our themes overlap. We had run into each other once or twice over the last 8 years, and I thought he was a mess. About 3 years ago, I had a vision that someone who looked like him was very alone and huddled in a corner somewhere. The first time we spoke last year, we gave each other a long hug and it was like we knew each other in the past. We’re both very deep and creative, and were very attracted to each other. However, he is very challenged by drug addictions/psychological problems and our conversations always go awry, and he’s generally someone I need to stay away from. Over the last year I’ve realized we have a psychic/clairvoyant connection – Sometimes I’ll think something and then he will post that same very specific thought/word on twitter on the other side of the world. Or I will start feeling/ receiving his thoughts/emotions – whatever he is going through that day. It feels imposing/distracting sometimes, and I don’t know if it’s specifically targeted towards me or he just generally has this kind of sway/connection with many people, as he has a sizeable following as an artist. I’m not sure if he himself is aware of it. He did randomly blurt out that he wants to marry me or someone like me, though we had only met twice before that over 1 year. How do I set psychic boundaries? Should I bring it up directly with him? I initially felt very sympathetic towards him, and felt like taking him under my wing or collaborating with him. But it’s never a positive interaction. He’s very rude. I hardly run into him – maybe every few months. But I know what he’s thinking/feeling almost all day long – because I will then look at social media hours or days later, and he has posted his thoughts. It feels unhealthy. Thanks.

    1. Hi Shilpa,
      It sounds like you have a strong connection with this man. Also it sounds like you are getting strong inner messages to keep your distance. Always trust your inner guidance. You could also call on Archangel Michael to help you cut energetic cords with him. And cutting cords doesn’t mean you can’t interact with him. It just helps you stay more present to your own life and energy. Also you may find the Heal Yourself program to be helpful. It has tools to help you run your own energy, so you will be less effected by other’s energy and emotions. Also, it sounds like he is a reminder of what you truly want, a deep connection with someone who looks after their own well being. He seems to be lacking the latter, which is why your guidance is telling you to keep your distance.
      In loving light,

  46. Dear Christy, what do I make of this. I heard an eminent person at a seminar that I nearly did not go to but went anyway . I heard him speak, was not even able to see him as the view was partly obstructed. Since he was eminent, I looked him up on google and thought—not another pretty boy. But when he started speaking, I felt an immense connection and have not been able to get him off my mind. I have a great compulsion to find out anything and everything about him. We are both single and he has often stated that he has left off having a family due to the pressures of his job and he finds it hard. I have written to him(he probably gets letters by the tonne) and even sent him something that I wrote but have got no reply. But he looks like me and talks like me, even certain things about his upbringing are eerily familiar. I would dearly love to just meet him at least once face to face. Why is my message to him not getting through. I have tried to communicate with him telepathically–obviously hasn’t worked. But I feel that he is the only one for me and he has only to meet me to love me. What do I do

    1. Dear Prabhjot,
      It really would be nice if the Universe was all about our timing. It is clearly no the most benevolent outcome for you, until it is. Have you spent time connecting with this person on the spiritual plane? It is when you are clear about your connection with yourself and find yourself peaceful about what best serves you, then you will know from a place inside you whether writing again, meeting on the spiritual plane or just trusting in what the Universe has in store for you is next.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  47. Hey just a quick question .. I broke up with my x girlfriend 2 years ago .. She moved on and has had a child .. I moved on still single but wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s just lately I can’t really explain it but I can feel her energy it’s like there’s something wrong or she’s unhappy or something but I can feel it. It’s a strange feeling in my chest..and It’s strange to say the least . Can u help me out or am I just going crazy

    1. Hi Danny,
      Have you been in touch with her, do you want to be? Your ability to feel her does not make you crazy. Seems like it is an opportunity for you to get clear in what is next for you. Once connected to another there is always a connection and it is up to you how much you recognize this. Cord cutting is a technique we use to decrease conscious connection created by unfinished business, caring and concern or even just thinking about that other. will help you if you would like to decrease the connection. I find that when this type of connection happens for me, when I feel someone I am no longer in contact with, I give it recognition and send back thoughts of support and love. That is it. It is up to you how you would like to handle this connection and what it brings up about you for you.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  48. I had to comment on this, just recently I kept feeling this strong pull to a girl at a social event I was attending.
    I kept catching her staring at me and I felt like I should talk to her but never did due to being worried that people would think I was doing wrong by my partner.
    There was such a strong pull toward this girl and I had plenty of opportunity’s to speak to her but didn’t.
    I regret it now because I wonder why I felt such a strong pull to her, I’m sure she felt it too.
    What do you think?

  49. I found this post very interesting, I’m very sensitive to other peoples “energies” so much that in crowd i feel a bit overwhelmed by it all at times.

    I had the exact feeling of “in tune” with someone i didn’t even talk to the other night at a social gathering, as soon as i seen this young lady i felt like i knew her from somewhere and i kept catching her staring at me across the room. I felt a strong pull towards her but ignored it as I am in a relationship and was worried people might think wrongly of me talking to her.

    It wasn’t a typical attraction, it felt deeper and now i regret not talking to her to find out why i felt that pull.

    I find this stuff really interesting.

    What are your thoughts on my situation?

    1. Hello ptrue26,
      What if this attraction was just to help you start noticing where you deny yourself connection. What other people think is sometimes hard to reconcile with what is true for us. In our quest to be human it is something we have to face. Your truth may not make any sense to anyone else ever. Can you still find ways to live it? There is an energetic shift happening for us all these days more than normal and it will cause us to look with more understanding at the the connections we choose and the ones we are not in alignment with. Can you believe that we are more than the physical body and that energy connects us all, some more than others? I hope that if it is in your most benevolent outcome that you will have an opportunity to connect with this young lady again and that you will listen to your inner self about what is right for you to do.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  50. I had something happen to me that I cannot explain. In October 2014 , I was listening to music on youtube, and I came across this tribute video of this girl. It was titled, “Remembering Laura”. I did not know who this girl was, but I had to click on the video. The song was the Christopher Cross song, “Think of Laura” . I ended up watching this video four times…and cried each time I saw it. Here is the thing, I see tribute videos all the time on facebook and youtube and yes, they are sad, but nothing has affected me like this. This girl Laura is from Vancouver and was murdered in 2010 and was only 15 years old. Ever since then, I had to know everything about this girl (i.e. where she was from, the person she was, her family, how she died, etc). In 2013, Laura murder case was solved. A month or two later, I started having dreams about her. She is always on my mind, and I have no idea why.

    Fast forward to last week. On April 2, 2015, it would of been Laura’s 20th birthday. On that day, I woke up. I get a notification on my phone for a match request on a dating site that i am on. The weird thing is, the profile picture was of Laura. Obviously, it was a fake profile, but how did a pic of her end up on a dating profile that I get? For one, I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and Laura was from Vancouver, BC. Later that day, I had my phone in my pocket…I take it out to lay it on the table, and the tribute video of Laura is playing on my phone…I had no Apps open or anything. A few hours later, I set my phone down to charge it. Again, I have no Apps open. I come back 20 minutes later and that video pops up again on my phone. Now, I do not know what to think? Is she trying to contact me or is this all in my head?

    A couple days later, I spoke to a friends wife who would understand about about the experiences I have been having. We were going back and forth on why these things with Laura are happening to me. I told my friends wife, that I was going to donate to her memorial sports scholarship. I have a background in charities and I wanted to give back to her in some way. My friend suggested that maybe Laura is contacting you to get back involved in charities and that line of work. I said, I dont know…maybe?

    Within 2 minutes of having this talk, I get an email on that same dating site again. The email was a fake profile, but the username was Laura2222. The email talked about charities and giving back. Then at the end of the email she signed it, “Laura Michelle”. A few things creeped me out about this email. 1.) it was from Laura 22222. Laura soccer number was #2, 2.) My friends wife and I were talking about charities and within minutes I get this email about donating. 3.) She signed the email, “Laura Michelle”. Laura’s middle name was Michelle…spelled the same way.

    The only people that know about my experiences with Laura are: my dad, sister, and my best friends wife (who I told for the first time that night). So, the fake profiles couldnt be from friends playing a joke, because nobody else know about her or what dating site I am on. So, I am just curious, what is the connection between her and I? Also, why the connection 5 years after her death? – Thanks, Mike

    1. Hello Mike,
      I think this situation might even cause me to sit up and take notice and my days are full of these kind of messages and connections. Have you ever looked into twin soul and soul mate connections? You may find yourself expanding the meaning as to this connection for you. When we are ready (5 yrs after her death) the messages come clear. We are always able to call on spiritual beings for guidance and often they are sending us messages to our desire for direction and support. It sounds like to me that if you get quiet and suspend belief for just a short time the messages and their meanings are very clearly available to you. That you were willing to leave a comment here tells me that you are ready to understand more about your connection to all and your own divinity. I feel there is only unconditionally loving energy in this connection. If it was me I would personally take a look at is any way you might present yourself in fake ways or that you are involved in fake interactions. Thank you for sharing here.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  51. I’ve been finding myself in tune with things from my past aligning to where I am right now in my life. I’m finally in a place where I have found my purpose and how the signs were always there and because of that awareness I find myself noticing things sooner now. I’ve always just had a sense of people when I was younger like I could just tell if there as something not right with someone or a situation and then down the line something happens and proves my intuition was right.

    Lately I’ve been finding myself having a strong attraction to a guy that I feel is totally out of my reach but I can’t ignore the signs of what got me to even notice him in the first place. Ever since I’ve noticed him I can’t get him out of my mind, and he doesn’t even know me. I’m very single and I’ve never experienced love. I don’t want to make something out of nothing just because I’m single and looking. I just wish this strong feeling would go away if it’s just a figment of my imagination. I came across this page just by doing a google search. Maybe this isn’t just wishful thinking maybe it really is something. But even if it is how do I keep myself from acting on this sense of urgency to meet him? I feel that if he’s the one it should just happen right?

    1. Hi Nic,
      Everything just happens whether we think it does or not ; )
      I spent most of my life trying to explain away what I experienced for so many reasons. Yes we can create a picture of another and it be based on only what we know. What we know can come from experiences that are very subtle. It will be important for you to slow down and listen to what Universal source is giving you direction to do. It takes time to bring what we know under the surface to the reality we live. All you can do is be willing and keep listening, while you let go of the thoughts that would hold you back in your life.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  52. There is this person who is new in when i did my job training.
    i feel him staring at me but i never look.
    i then got a call from the manager which happens to be him.
    asking how i like the job training.
    (i asked myself why couldnt he approach me, if he knew i was in the room.)

    months went buy and i start seeing his name everywhere on billboards, movies, books etc
    i even see him in town every late 20th of the month.

    (the second day i saw him i felt like i have known him.before, during the night a white owl stared straight at me and was surrounded by white mist.
    the weird thing is after that night my friends house got broken into plus my cyz gave birth and my friend lost her partner in an accident, prior to that i feel like that guy from work must have something to do with the owl.

    does it mean hes bad news??????

    1. Hi zara1980,

      Thank you for sharing here. Owls are strong symbolism. They can forewarn of death and deception. And they very clearly represent wisdom and truth. When you get quiet is there a message that this owl has for you? Arch Angel Michael can be called on to help protect you if you feel there is a negative energy related to this gentleman.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  53. I have a very strange connection to a guy I’ve known for 15 years. We lost contact for about 10 years but during that time things happened in my life that I believe was linked to him. I know when he drinks, it makes me very sick. I know his emotions and I know when he’s asleep and when he’s awake. I know when he takes his medicine. I’ve never understood this connection because I’m the only one in this friendship who feels it. He doesn’t feel my emotions and etc like I do his.

  54. I am really happy I found this site, because I really need to share that with someone. I don’t know even if that is possible, so please I want someone to answer me. So 2 years ago I don’t remember how I went on this dating website, but I know myself – I would never register on dating websites, I just don’t like them, but something made me visit it. I kept visiting it and then I registered. It was really unusual for me. One day I saw this girl’s profile there, sadly she just stopped visiting this site soon, because it showed when she logged last time. I felt strong attraction when I looked at her pictures, but not that strong like now. I ignored that attraction at first, but I just couldn’t forget her. I started to think about her often times. One year passed, but I couldn’t get her off my mind. It is not physical/sexual attraction only. We have never talked, but I was feeling different about her. I liked girls before, dated them, but it is noothing compared to that. Seriously! And that’s happening with a girl that I don’t know or met before. Until today I can’t forget her. I even started thinking about her almost all day. I have never dreamed of her, but actually I can’t dream. Or I forget my dreams just even before I wake up haha. Now this year I feel strong spiritual connection with that girl. I am single, but even If I had a girlfriend now I would think about the “unknown” girl again until I meet her, I hope to meet her one day. I can’t forget… her eyes, her hair, her smile. I even thought I am crazy. I started feeling painful/euphoric feeling in my chest and heart area. I think that would be in the heart chakra. Sometimes it’s painful and euphoric or painful only. And during this feeling I think about her constantly. I even can’t sleep at times I just want to meet her and hug her and kiss her, but how that would ever happen . Right now, while writing that I think about her again and I have this painful and intense feeling in my chest. I don’t have any physical problems or heart issues. One time I even thought I am having heart attack and I was about to call ambulance. I believe I feel her somehow. I believe we are soulmates my intuition says that. My intuition would not lie me. I feel that feeling only at day time, I don’t feel it at night. Possibly it’s because she is sleeping . I can’t forget her, I tried numerous times. I thought of everything… lust, normal attraction, but that’s just stronger. I can keep writing about that, but it would take me two pages, so I stop here haha. Now about my questions.

    I am sure in my feelings and intuition, but I still ask myself if this is possible, we even have never met each other?

    While I feel this intense feeling in my chest when thinking about her, does it mean she thinks about me? I don’t know how would that be possible, but I believe it’s soul connection. Ia she feeling the same?

    Are we ever going to meet? Are we destined to meet at certain time of our lives. I really want to meet her.

    Please answer. Thanks in advance. I would be very happy if someone clearly explain to me these things. ☺

    1. Thank you for sharing Eddie2015,
      Christy and I do readings if you want your specific questions answered.
      What I can share with you is that you are not the only one this is happening to. Twin soul and soul mate energy is intensifying all over the planet. Both of these connections have the potential to speed up personal growth. How it is possible to actually physically meet these people and whether they also recognize a connection? The same way we meet anyone if it is meant to happen it will. The details are not our business. Neither is whether the other person recognizes the connection. It is important to focus on your connection to yourself and allow yourself to communicate with this individual on the spiritual plane. By doing this, clarity will increase and you can start to recognize the ways that you are fully connected.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  55. 12-13 years ago I met a guy at work and was sure the universe was trying to tempt me, as I was in a relationship at the time. We became fast friends and spent most of our waking time together although we were both in other relationships. We were very close. I was insanely attracted to him but didn’t act on it. A year or two later we lost contact for awhile. The relationships we were in ultimately failed and I looked him up. I was too late he was in another relationship (which he wasn’t totally honest about), and for the short period we had a few sexual encounters. When I realized that he was actually with someone else I let him go save for one letter to tell him how I felt and promise to never contact him again. We both went on to marry other people. In the last few months he has been on my mind, to the point that I feel like I’m going insane. I’ve tried to look him up again just to see if he’s alive and ok and all I can come up with is that he is recently divorced. The thoughts of him come and go in waves, sometimes I can barely function or think. I don’t know if it’s me, him thinking of me, or what but any insight would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Atum,
      It sounds like you are finding challenge in this connection. I know this kind of connection has intensified for many at this time. If you can remember that energetic connections do not always mean a physical relationship. The more you are grounded and running your own energy the less this connection will cause you to feel unstable. Let this connection support you in being as fully connected to Spirit as possible and that will allow the most benevolent outcome for you!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  56. hi my name is devika i am an aquarius and i feel a very diffrent kind of an attraction to a man who is a leo and is 8 years elder to me diffrent kind of an attraction in a way that we really dont know each other we live a same colony whenever we meet we just say hi and hello thats it i dont even know how to start a conversation with him

    i want to talk to him but whenever he’s around and tries to come up to me i just start avoid him and when he’s going i look at him and he keeps on looking at me and at times things occur where he’s coming from front and what ever i am doing i just slow down dont know why and whenever we

    greet each other i normally dont see into his eyes and talk not that i dont want to but i am not able to do it

    do u think he know’s whats going inside my head
    whenever he looks at me smiling i am not able to see his face
    i am just able to do so (hope u know ) what i am trying to say

    this has been happning since 6 years

    he’s not very good looking or something like that but, dont know i feel something and this has been going on and of

    we both are just opposites there is nothing common between us

    he’s a leo man and i am an aquarius women

    1. Hello Devika,
      Sometimes when our energies match another’s very closley In Heart Centered Awareness, resonance it is hard to physically be in contact with them. I know that often it is because this individual would cause intense personal growth. So many are looking for a love partner and sometimes that is what they are able to be for one another. I encourage you to let go of any expectations and notice how you can find ways to be more connected to yourself when you come in contact with him. Let it be a catalyst for you to develop your awareness. From there, the exact right direction will reveal itself.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  57. For many years now, everywhere I go Iv’e had strangers tell me, don’t I know you from somewhere? Or didn’t we used to work together one time? or, you look familiar, and especially, you look like someone I used to know. I know this is common for many of us, but this is a big repeating pattern for me, and now, im beginning to wonder what the ???????? I need a little input here…

    1. Hello David,
      Thank you for sharing here. I think the idea that we are mostly or only physical is getting old. The energy of the planet has been shifting for quite some time and causing so many to more fully recognize the energetic/spiritual of who we are. Imagine that everyone you ever meet has conversed or agreed to something spiritually before you meet them physically. And that more people are becoming aware of this every day. So they may not remember exactly where they have met you and yet they recognize your energy signature. Hope that helps.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

          1. well, everybody seems to like me after getting to know me, but until then, it’s like who the h_ _ _ is he?? then after a period of time, it’s well, you are an ok person, glad to know you….It’s an Aquarian life I live, with Uranus as my ruling planet!! Get the picture sister? seems as though I could have picked another ruling planet, but it’s all’s all good….

  58. Hi Judy I also wanted to ask something.
    Well sometimes when I see some celebrity in my dream who is not even my favourite I start to get this strong feeling in my heart as if I know that person, and also I love this person and he does not even know me but still sometimes I feel he knows me I get these vibes…what is this?

    1. Hi Ruby,
      Sounds like you are aware of more than what is physical. Before we connect with anyone in physical we have worked out many details on the spiritual plane. Twin soul or twin flame? Both of these relationships even if not in physical can be as real spiritually. The love you feel can be directed towards yourself and used to open you further to who you really are. Twin soul article here
      Have fun with it whatever you do!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  59. I’m the type of person who is always very observan . I can tell if what someone said bothered someone else. I can tell if an argument is going to break out. I can usually tell how someone is really feeling by observing their “vibe” as I call it and going about my conclusions from there. Whenever I get into a serious relationship I tend to feel their emotions. Sometimes I can feel their pain if it is really heightened or consistent. I can feel their angry emotions . sometimes I can even feel their strong sexual desires. I often have to text a list of friends asking various people .. If they are hurting in a particular area. Sometimes it even seems as if there is a group of us connected because we almost always tend to feel the same emotions or pain in the same area at the same time. I didn’t have this ability until I had my daughter. The reason I commented was because I wanted to understand how this relates to the dreams I have been having. Lately I’ve met a person and we have a really strong connection . it is very uncontrollable . everyone can see it but I dont have her pains or bad emotions . I have her dreams. Most mornings after we exchange greetings it is customary for us to go into detail about our dreams. We tend to have the same dreams or dreams with the same contents. Like if we both miss each other we may both dream of being in bed cuddling . also we have been having arguments to the point where I wanted no contact with her. I had a dream of not being willing for her to touch me or to let her through . I also have a feeling as if I shut off our connection somehow or in a sense blocked it. She also had the dream where she would try to kiss me or hold me and I would be blocking her and rejecting her…… I have no understandings of what all of this means and I would like to know if it means anything at all or am I just imagining these things.

  60. Hi. I met someone recently whose energy has the tendency to overwhelm me. We lived together for a time as friends only and I would wake in the night to feel as though I was floating in a sea of love. And on one occasion, I visualised yellow orange love energy pulsating between us. He also commented on similar experiences where he felt he was connecting with me. He became very unhappy as suffers from depression. I continued to send him love light but was warned by a healer that I should not do this as it was too much for him. He became so distressed that I had to move out. Can you provide any guidance as to what was going on?

    1. Hi Mary,
      There is so much more than just the connection we think exists. Energetically and spiritually connection is happening all the time and before there is even a physical connection. Not sure about not sending light and love as if he chooses not to receive he won’t. Always send love and light with the intention of most benevolent outcome. We can never know what is best after all. It sounds like there was a strong resonance between your energy and his. This can often cause intense awareness and personal growth. A person that feels unworthy will have difficulty receiving such incredible light of resonance.
      It is most important to take the love you felt and use it for you. Greater love and connection is available through Energetic connection even if the physical aspect is not.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  61. Thanks Judy.

    What you have writtenmakes sense and others have since essentially say the same. That is continue to send the love, and learn from the experience and energy created. I have also since realised he has Aspergers which helps to make more sense of what went on. If you have any insight re. Aspergers, I would be very grateful to learn more from you.

    1. Hi Mary,
      Aspergers may be caused by such a combination of conditions in the physical body and mind wrapped up in the emotions. One’s ability to trust in the bodies ability to heal is powerful. There is also a correlation to mental conditions and heavy metal toxicity. Look for the Medical Medium book by Anthony William for great healing and insight to physical healing around diseases and sickness less understood. When one heals in all aspects of one’s life even the DNA can be healed or adjusted. We really are divine beings with Spirit moving through us.Everything a person can do to collapse the resistance to that serves in recognizing the truth of being Divine!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  62. Hi Judy,

    Back in April of 2015, I wrote to you about a girl named Laura who passed away in 2010. I did not know Laura in anyway (she lived in Vancouver, Canada and I am from outside of Philadelphia) , but I came upon a tribute video of her on youtube and felt a connection with her. At the time, I didn’t quite understand why would I have a connection with someone I didn’t even know or have ever met. However, I needed to know everything about this girl…where she was from, who her family was, how she died, etc. It actually scared me, because I never did anything like that before. In our last discussion we had, I told you about some of the stories that happened to me in relation to Laura. It seems, the numbers 222 or 2222 relate to her in some way. For example, after you wrote to me and told me to look into twins souls or soul mates. I began having dreams about laura. In the majority of those dreams, the numbers 222 have come up. Either in the dream itself, or when I wake up its 2:22am. Just the other day, I had a dream about her and when I woke up, I saw that the date was 2/22. In a year and a half of knowing about Laura, I have had 14 dreams about her, which I document in my journal. Some dreams make sense, some don’t. Usually, I have 1 dream a month, sometimes 2 about her. She is in my head everyday. The more I try to push it away, the more it comes back to me. I am really confused, because I have no idea what she is trying to tell me…or this is just all in my head. I try to dismiss it as “I feel sorry for a girl that has passed away”. However, when people ask me about what kind of feelings I have for her, I best describe it as getting all different kinds of colored play dough (the kind you use to play with as a kid) each color represents an emotion. You take a little bit of color play dough from each can and make it into a multi colored ball of emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, guilt, etc) …and that what I feel. Bottom line is, I want to believe there is something between us, but I am afraid that if I do, and then find out there is no connection, I will be really embarrassed lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 😉 Thanks – Mike

    1. Hi Mike,
      It is an interesting thing to wonder about a connection such as this. And what to do with it. There are persons that have connections with people still walking the Earth and have as much confusion, so you are not alone. Can you trust that there is a connection? Can you find acceptance in communicating with someone that has passed? One thing to remember is that twin souls are never separated from one another spiritually. That they help one another to ascend and evolve. Either way it seems you have a spiritual guide and it is an incredible opportunity to see yourself more clearly. Keep journalling your dreams and revisit the writings to see what is shared in hindsight. This will support you recognizing what is being shared in the moment. See if you can find a way to just relax and settle into the rainbow of emotions trusting that they will help you clear and heal anywhere in any way that is needed or desired.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

    2. Hi Mike,

      Start with that you have a connection to this being. It seems the connection causes you to experience life more fully so how could it be anything but amazing. Once you settle into a connection maybe you will be able to communicate more clearly. One of the best things I’ve found to do is to stay conscious of breath when waking from a dream or thinking of someone. Breath in the energy of what you are experiencing and allow it to fill you. Sense how this might allow greater clarity and connection. Although I senses that all of this is beneficial for you, remember to cut cords often stating that only the energetic cords that serve at this time be intact. It will serve you to have a little less input while you travel your path.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  63. Hello i have a question the other day i had a dream with this girl i never met and in the dream we were together as a couple. i only know her on social media and when i woke up all day i had this feeling like i needed to meet her like something was telling me you need to meet her message her, talk to her and i felt it the day after too so im kinda confused to what does it mean becuase i never felt this urge before.

    1. Hi Jimmy,

      Thank you for sharing. So often it seems unusual when strong urges show up. Sounds like you might be best served to just listen and have a bit of unreasonable courage to just do what you are being encouraged to do!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  64. In 2012 I had a strong encounter with a man that I would see often at the gym. The eye contact was hypnotic. I’ve never felt so strong for a stranger. We connected online but it was the wrong timing and wrong circumstance. I have thought of him everyday for years and he’s a perfect stranger that I get flushed when I think of him. How is it that I have such strong loving feelings to a stranger? It hurts my heart that he can’t be in my life… I really wish I can move on and never think of him again. How do I know what kind of connection that is and how do I detach? Thank you for your thoughts in advance.

    1. Hi Mon,
      Do your best to use this connection to recognize divine connection to yourself. Let yourself feel what you feel and then replace the picture of the other with a picture of yourself. Let it be a catalyst in clearing and healing for you. This kind of connection can still be realized on a spiritual plane and can be a comfort for you in recognizing the wholeness of you. Ask out loud for the unknown angels to support you in greater understanding and the most benevolent ways to connect. They are there for you always and by asking out loud you bring your request out of the chatter of the mind into the light.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  65. I’m in a great loving relationship equal in alot of ways but during the past 8 years although I have no contact with a former lover I can’t stop thinking about him. So I’m here thinking i found my soulmate or is it my twin flame? One more thing to add last month I was visiting a friend and this person whom I’ve never met walks in and the vibrations where so overwhelming I could hear it and then this person stops in his tracks and began to turn to leave after looking at me. So tell me who’s who what’s their purpose or am I a lesson for all of them?

    1. Thank you for sharing here Jessica,
      The easy answer…you are in their path for them and they are in your pathway for you. Each of these individuals are reflective surfaces for you and you can learn more about yourself with each of them. It is about you though. If it is love you are wondering about, use each individual to find greater love for yourself and they will all have served their purpose. Be easy with yourself and remember to bring your attention back to your breath whenever what you are thinking about bring you any kind of stress!
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  66. I recognize that I have always been very open psychically. Just recently, a very favorite actor of mine was killed in a freak accident. I’ve experienced the death of my idols and such before, but never to this degree of sadness, where it feels as if I’ve lost a close personal friend. And the thing is, the day he died, I was looking up his history and watching movies of his, seemingly at random. I literally never rewatch movies, but the day he died, I watched his all the way through, and then couldn’t stop trying to find info about him and then the same day he died. Could that be anything like psychic connection, or a premonition of some kind?


    1. Dear Hemmlock,

      It definitely sounds like a spiritual synchronicity. All over the Earth we are becoming more aware of the connections and resonances that are a part of us. In appreciation and love we can recognize that we do not end and the connection is not severed by physical death.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  67. Hello, I am writing to hopefully find some peace with this very strange occurrence that started way back in 2003. I began having very intense dreams of the sister of a famous person who was sick at the time. We would just meet up and mostly just talk and hang out. I felt as if I was caring for her.Sometimes in the dreams she was a baby the dreams continued almost nightly, to the point that I began thinking maybe I was losing my mind, or maybe I needed professional help! I thought perhaps if I write to this person maybe the dreams will subside,

    I didn’t know how to get a hold of her but as I said she had a famous brother so I wrote to her via him via his agent. I don’t know if she ever received the letters but the dreams seemed to subside a bit for a while,

    Then I began having dreams of him! Same thing at first, hanging out and talking etc, Not only the dreams but suddenly he was everywhere I turned! On tv when I turned it on, movies, interviews whatever but it was always him everywhere.Went to the drive in with my then boyfriend and there was a preview of an upcoming movie of his and just as my boyfriend was leaning over to kiss me his face came on the screen and it was like the air got knocked out of me for a moment.That has never happened to me! Ever! And not since! ( I knew of his work but didn’t even think he was a great actor or anything, I wasn’t obsessed with him or his movies in other words) I was with a friend once who knew what was happening and he said look and pointed out a license plate in front of me spelling out his name, I traveled out of the country to the Dominican republic, a long trip with a couple of layovers and plane changes, Got to my hotel room, switched on the tv and it was him in an interview!

    The dreams became more intense, one dream I saw him from afar and finally met him in person, there were tables in a restaurant and some rickety looking stairs, he was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and we began dancing to Frank Sinatra type music only it felt like gliding or floating and the joy I felt was overwhelming!

    A week or so later I had another dream, I was at the same place, only this time we were together in a treehouse like room with some sort of day bed, we were sitting on the bed, there were a line of people waiting to greet us as I think we had just gotten married. I remember thinking I can’t wait for my sister and my Mom to meet him! (My sister mostly because she is the only one who believes me about this), Again I felt unbelievable joy!

    I remember searching on the internet trying to find a “tree house” like restaurant throughout the world, I found a couple, one in China etc. but nothing that resonated so I finally gave up. Then a couple months later I opened my computer to my home page at the time of AOL and it said 10 castles you must visit before you die, I clicked on it and it opened to Amberley Castle in the UK. It opened on a picture of the room! The exact treehouse room with the day bed etc, that I had seen in my dream!

    What is this? what is happening? And why after all these years have I still not net him? I ache for him, I still have many dreams of him and I feel like I can feel him. It honestly drives me a bit crazy at times.I got angry some years ago but obviously that wasn’t good, I have learned to live with it and I try not to talk about it to others any more as they all look at me like I am crazy.

    It seems an impossibility that we will ever meet as he is uber famous and most people would assume I am just another obsessed fan which I am not and would not want him to think that of me either. Sometimes i feel kind of frenzied and I have to talk myself down. I just want to feel happy and peaceful. I started looking up “haunting” when I found this website because I would liken the feeling of this to that.

  68. this article has been part of the answer I’ve been looking for more as in i don’t feel alone and article explains exactly how i feel. i feel such a strong connection towards this guy that has a 5% chance of me ever being with him. for a while i thought that these feelings where just a crush i’ll get over it (deep down I’ve always knew this i just felt i was crazy for thinking this) but the harder i tried to forget about it the more i felt my body sort of screaming at me trying to tell me something about this guy and i hadn’t caught on until early may of this year that he is going to be coming into my life I’m not sure how but everything in me is telling me that its true but i have a hard time believing it because I’ve never met him and he’s so out of my reach but the connection i feel towards him is so much more than a crush and i keep getting signs that are just not a coincidence. but then again i am young (16 years old) and i could be completely crazy but I’ve never felt this way before and I’ve had crushes before and major ones too but not like this. I’ve never said this to anyone either, in fear of people thinking I’m absolutely insane. I realized the more i give myself a chance speak the more i find out but like i said i have a hard time believing it because also like i said he’s so out of my reach and my league (lol) but it feels good to finally get this out.

    1. i forgot to mention i do know of this person, i do not know him personally but he is an up coming celebrity (singer) not crazy famous but people know who he is and it probably looks like I’m some obsessed fan thats all this is but i promise, the way i feel towards him so confusing like he overwhelms me but way more than a usual celebrity would?? like i said I’ve never felt this way. the thing is i feel like i know him on a personal level and in some odd way he knows about me? i get these vibes a lot. i hate saying this because i really don’t want people to think its just a celebrity and kind of ignore me. But the main thing is since I’m being so honest I’m getting this STRONG feeling he’s coming into my life, i have no idea when but i feel soon and it really confuses me why i feel this way and so strongly about it.

  69. It all started when I was scrolling through google and I seen a tumblr picture of a guy who worked as a male model. He was pretty popular on there. All I remember was me thinking this guy thinks he’s so cool and what not. A few months later, I had a dream about this stranger that I hadn’t met before. In my dream I was leaving my old elementary school and the more I walked everything started to look different and before I knew it I was in a different place. I was desperately trying to find my way back to where I was before so I asked this girl for directions. I stood at the bus shelter and I seen the guy but it seemed like he was pretending as if he was just seeing me for the first time. The odd thing about this dream was I seen a celebrity who’s from the 5SOS band and there were other people that I hadn’t met before. I was trying to figure out who could it have possibly been and then it just clicked. I’ll just call him C. I thought this was pretty weird since I didn’t know him.After the dream ended, I went on his twitter and told him I had a dream about him ( I know most people would think this was a bad idea but I didn’t care at the time.) He seen my tweet and he liked it so I’m pretty sure he knows he did. Then I tweeted to him asking if he had the same and he didn’t reply. So I just knew the things he was saying had to do with me. I ended up just leaving it for a while. Then I had another dream where he was at my house and we were sitting beside each other drawing and his friends were there but they were trying to get us to be alone and they did but he seemed like he was showing that he liked me but didn’t want to say anything. He replied to my hey message like a week later too bad i don’t know what to talk to him about. What could this mean?

    1. Hey diggysimmons,

      We strongly believe in more than just what can be seen on the physical plane. Spiritually we are often working things out with others before we ever come in contact with them for ‘real’ : ) It doesn’t even take a physical meeting sometimes for us to be motivated in a new direction. Find your way back to you and know that things always evolve just how they are agreed upon!

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  70. I’m on the process of my divorce at the moment from my husband’s request. I never want divorce as family is everything to me and I thought I could fix our marriage but it’s impossible. Last couple of weeks a friend of mind ask to me to check this dating apps. Out curiously and killing time I check and make a funny profile that I don’t even think anyone would take me seriously as I stated in sarcastic way my intentions. I spoken to loads of men but non of them interest me until I decided to log out and delete the apps when someone send me a series greetings of I don’t know how many times. Then we started talking spontaneously like we have known for each other’s. We both have kids and he is divorce so we just talk about life until he ask straight for a private chat via phone apps and we chat more there. Until after few days I build some intense feelings that I never felt before and every time he send message I can feel the cold chill all over my body and that feelings continue each day and until now that we spoken for almost 2 weeks. After few days he told me that we are spiritually connected. At first I didn’t understand that what it means until he told me how he really felt every time we chat which is exactly the same the way I felt too. Now we admitted our feelings but I’m still not quite convince though, I’m still on hesitate or maybe denial that I’ve fallen for him big time and now I am willingly want the divorce to be over very soon. I feel like I have move on in one glimpse. However I’m still not sure if we really are spiritually connected or whatever that connections called.

  71. I’ve been in a toxic relationship with my husband for almost 20 years, I think I met my twin flame in 2003. We were very close, basically dating, but we never discussed our connection or defined our relationship. In 2005, after a few months of estrangement from both him and my husband I tried to reconcile and define the relationship. He had moved on and chose to cut contact with me, without closing the door so to speak. I dont really blame him, I was a total trainwreck. 8 rezntered my toxic relationship For nearly 2 years this man has been on my mind, daily.

    1. (Oops, that cut off) Sometimes overwhelmingly. I’ve gone for reiki, tried severing cords, meditating, repeating mantras, really trying to focus my own energy. I’m really struggling with this as I’m fairly certain that there won’t be a relationship on the physical plane. I’m questioning if he even is my twin flame or if I’m just assigning this value to him, because in our *mostly platonic relationship he made me feel things I never have before or since. Looking back there were definitely signs of affection, connection, and attachment that I overlooked and neither of us were able to face head on. I am always praying/asking that if we are twins that we are reconnected or if not the pathway be closed or muted, but to no avail. I don’t understand this.

      1. Hi a,

        None of the twin flame effects really make sense to us from human understanding. The only thing I could recommend is that no matter what relationship you find yourself in or wanting notice how when you take the love you feel or would like to feel and bring it back to you and your connection with Spirit things shift. A twin flame relationship is not a lifetime relationship it transcends time and never ends so to get caught in it has to happen this lifetime is tough to deal with. Use any idea of twin flame to catalyze releasing all resistance to love moving through you and overflowing from you. It never really comes form another it is only ever reflected so bring your vibration up and see what evolves from there. Try to enjoy the ever evolving reveal that is life!
        In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  72. Hi, I have a major crush on this boy at school He stares at me with a blank, emotionless expression for more than 10 seconds. It feels like he’s looking into my soul, kind of creeps me out. Does he hate me or like me? Nobody stares at me that. At home, I feel as if he was standing right next to me, and it feels like he’s touching me. I sometimes hear his voice. I hear his voice inside my head as if we are talking to each other. Are we connected and are we soul mates? I’m very anxious to speak to him at school and I try my best to overcome that anxiety. We were good friends last year. He asked who I like, have a dated before, and have I had a boyfriend before. He kept bothering during class. One time, He scooted so close to me to the point where we could’ve kissed or cuddled. I scooter over and he went back to his area mumbling like he’s mad. I wasn’t sure at the time if I wanted to be in a relationship with him. Was he trying to get with me? I’m so confused and I want to be with him. Is it okay if you email me?

  73. recently i met someone that interest me and i feel the strong connections for three days during the seminar. Yet we are in the different country. We still keep in touch few days but recently there is something wrong. Few days ago, i can feel and sense her and have visions she next to me and talk to me. Even the vibes when at the first time she looked at me and i can sense it. I can feel the feelings deep down. However, recently, i feel disconnected. I don’t know why. How can i have this connections thou we are distant?

    1. Hi Az,
      It is incredible to become aware of how we are connected spiritually. Sounds like you have connected with someone that resonates energetically in a way that you are aware of the connection on more than one level. It is to be enjoyed and allowed if you can find a way. Using this kind of connection to recognize greater connection to self is one of the keys.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  74. I started having a dreams about a person, whose name was mentioned around me quite often, but someone I have never met. The mention of this persons name never phased me-didn’t think it a single thought. Then a few months later, I started having dreams about this person. Intense and very detailed dreams about them. I have become attracted this person- but on an emotional level. Is it possible that this particular person has been thinking about me or dreaming about me so frequently that they are transmitting their energy or vibrations to me, and causing me to have these dreams and feelings? I can’t help but to think that this is happening for a reason. I am confused as to why I had heard this persons name and never gave a shred of thought, and then out of the blue, I start having dreams about them almost every night (for the last 3 months) and making me feel like were connected in some way?

    1. Hi Mika,

      Thank you for sharing here. We always connect with people on the spiritual plane before we meet them in person. Nice that you get to be aware of the connection before it happens. I encourage you to notice the ways you can be connected to Spirit, without this person in the physical, so that when and if a connection on the physical happens it can be clear and able to fulfill it’s reason.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. Since, my first post. We have met in person. We seem to run into each other randomly but frequently. The attraction has definitely intensified on my end.

  75. What about feeling energy on my head in different places when people think/talk about you. It feels like butterfly’s flying around in my hair and tickling my skin. I have felt my grandmas energy, and my current boyfriend of 1 year for the past 11 months once we got connected to each other. The very first time was soooo intense and tickled a lot for a long time. My boyfriend used to come in the same place so I knew by instinct it was him and we were able to confirm times of conversation or thought later on or right when it happened. But now it’s hard for me to tell if I feel my grandma or boyfriend because he switches sides ( back left, top and bottom, sometimes back right, top and bottom. I feel my grandma around my head on the left sometimes front or back. Do different sides and placements of where the energy comes in, change because of different reasons for them sending. Or do the different parts of our brain accept certain vibrations from people sending based off there thoughts or feelings. I have felt my grandma once (we were in the same house) she was very stressed, I felt 20 times energetically and couldn’t tell the difference between the physical sensation of energy wether bad or good. Just knew it was bad because we were talking. How to know if the felt energy is from someone stressed or happy.

  76. I met this boy in school years ago. But we were never close, like, at all. I barely even knew him. He was just a friend of a friend. I don’t even know if he and I could be considered friends, he was a good kid, though. Anyway, during high school everyone went their separate ways, and I never saw him again. I do know that he is still alive.
    And I don’t know if it’s maybe because I felt that he was a bit broken or sad, but over the past few years I’ve had about three to four dreams about him. It’s never really too specific, but we’re always in a dim, sometimes foggy place, and he doesn’t ever talk to me in my dreams, we just wonder around together. Sometimes it’s almost like an abandoned store or amusement park, and just as I also get a creepy vibe, I also feel a bit sad. He looks sad, and desperate because he’s looking for something, but I can never get him to tell me what.
    It just always makes me feel bad when I wake up because I feel like he need some sort of help and I can’t do anything about it.
    I don’t even know what any of this means because I never had a close relationship with him and we never really showed interest in each other.

  77. I have a friend. We both share the same birthday. As much as random it may seem. Similar things happen to us. For example, if a certain thing happens to her, then it definitely happens to me in the next two to three days. If she’s sad about a particular reason, I myself feel the same way a day or two later. You might call this being in such company as the reason of these things. But how can it be possible that we both go through the same things, just a matter of time.
    Another thing which strikes me is that since things happen with her first, on our birthday, she was born first and I was born later. Maybe it’s the reason for things happening to her first and then to me? I don’t believe in anything spiritual or psychic, but this makes me. I sincerely request you to help me out if you know things related to it and help me reach to a conclusion. A lost thought: do previous and after life exist?

    1. Hi Charvi,
      I can tell you Judy and I have lived parallel lives with similar experiences. Same thing with me and my sister. I think when you are close to someone and share similar vibrations you share like experiences. I certainly believe we incarnate in different lives.
      Warmly, Christy

  78. I’ve known this guy for a little over 2 years now. I would have to say that every encounter I’ve had with him was synchronized right from the beginning. I developed an interest in him, and I’m pretty sure he did in me. We never acted on it though, and eventually fell out of touch. This past fall, I reconnected with him, and everything is starting up again!

    For starters, I’ve had so many dreams with him. The dreams are always different, but he’d always be a key player to what goes on in the dream. I believe it’s really him there, because there are dreams I’ve had of him in it and I could tell it was just a projection of him. The dreams are always positive (sometimes I’m really excited to go to sleep just for the chance to see him again lol). Some of the dreams include touch, and they always feel so real! Like I had actually held his hand and felt his skin on mine.

    The first few months they began, it’d be consecutively for more than 3 nights at a time! It began when we were on break from school the first winter after we met. The second time I was dreaming of him consecutively, which was during the break as well. It was irritating me, so I finally texted him. That seemed to make the dreams stop for the time being. Now they usually come around when I’m going to bump into him again, usually within 3 days of having it. I’d like to think that he’s at least also thinking about me, at the most having the same dreams as me!

    Up until recently when I reconnected with him, the dreams were dwindling in frequency as well as our coincedental encounters. I figured that perhaps his role in my life was to learn how to let go of people, because I really wanted to tell him I liked him, to at least be closer to him if it didn’t turn romantic, but I never got a chance to because he always seemed too busy to hang out with me (and I wanted to tell him in person, not over text). But now that things are picking up again, I’m not really sure anymore. The last dream I had of him was a few days ago. In it, we were finally super close! Like we had conveyed the fact we liked each other, and started dating. This encompassed holding hands, locking arms, pillow talking, kissing. This is the closest I’ve been to him in a dream, the next most being just hugging him. The coincedental encounters started up again as well. I think I had 5 or 6 with him this last semester, where I only had 2 very brief ones the semester before.

    Another thing, he used to stare at me all the time. I started staring back, more as a game, but then it became something more like I was having a deep connection with him.

    I wish I could just find out why he’s in my life because he’s the first person I’ve had this much connection with through dreams and synchronicity, but yet we aren’t even close (although I want to be & tried to). Do you have any insight that could help me get to the answer?

    TL;DR – I have dreams with this guy and a lot of synchronicity events happen, and I just want to know why he’s in my life is because he’s the only one I’ve had this experience with, but we’re not even close but I did have some interest in him.

  79. The thing is I don’t know it, or at least I’m not really sure. That’s the answers I’m looking for, to know if it’s something that is actually happening or I’m just confusing the feeling. It’s an odd sensation like I know this individual. He results me strangely familiar and I feel somehow close to him. It feels like a sudden rush of energy vibrating through my body, specially the head, the abdomen and the feet soles. There’s times when this feeling intensifies and gets me feeling dreamy, nervous, sometimes it gives me headaches, or sometimes it makes me feel completely unreal. It tends to happen randomly, and I can’t control it. I tried meditating for it to go away, but it doesn’t work. And when I’m feeling it, I know it’s because of this individual because I feel his presence. It’s just somehow of a feeling of premonition, something I just know, unexplainable. And I feel this individual feels the same, but he doesn’t notice or know what it means. I asked the universe or god or whatever, and I keep on getting coincidences that can be interpreted as an answer, but I doubt if it is just a pattern I myself am following to pressure a specifical answer? But really every conversation I have, everywhere I go, everything just redirects me back to this feeling and to this person, it is even beginning to sickening me in some way hahah. It’s not a negative energy since it gets me confident, but it still confuses me. It also makes me feel stupid because since I don’t know this individual, I can’t get the full frame of it, or find out if it is bilateral. It feels just like a connection, I’ve dreamt about him a few times in the same scenario, and somehow I just know I’m gonna meet him in this life, like its just a natural knowledge I have. And when I’m feeling it it’s like I’m floating? Or levitating somehow, but not physically, it’s like I’m literally trying to leave my body. It’s just odd, I don’t really know how to explain it, I just know it is related to this person. I’m certain of the way he can feel my emotions and I can feel his, and I even happened to meet someone who has similar feelings for another person that is really close to this individual I’m describing. So now it is just the two of us, feeding on how we feel about this people, trying to get to an answer, sharing our knowledge of this feelings and finding out how similar the two of us are in our personalities. Is it a coincidence? Because I don’t think the way I feel about this guy is just love. Of course, I’ve come to admit I do like him because of his charming manners and his way of being, but I am completely aware of the fact that I don’t know him, so I’m not sure about his identity. I just think about him and it brings me peace, its such a warm vibration in the body, so beautiful to feel… But I can’t trigger it myself, it comes whenever it wants to come, and it leaves when it wants to leave. I’ve stayed up for nights just wandering about it, if it is true that we will cross paths, or I’m just imagining. It is not a crush because even in their flaws, I know I would love him. He’s not even specially my «ideal type» but still, I feel pulled towards him, I fall everytime he appears in my head. I’m so fixated in this feeling (not in him, but in the feeling he gets me) that I’ve even try to do astrological synastry to know what the heck, but since I don’t know much about it I can’t find the solid answers. Anyway, I wish I could just know if the contact is gonna happen. For even more insignificant, even just the slightest gaze at each other or a chance to be in the same space with him for a second, I feel I would be full.

  80. These past couple of months I’ve been experiencing a connection with a person I don’t really know
    I’m very attracted to this person and I just know because I feel it that there on the same level as me
    Strange things happen for example
    I know certain things about them
    And we hardly ever talk
    I feel when this person has sexual thoughts of me
    Its mind blowing
    Sometimes I think
    Maybe I’m tripping or it’s all in my head but again something else will always happen and it really leaves me speechless
    How the hell is it possible for me to know such things about this person
    I feel that I’m falling in love
    Someone please give me some advise
    Only if it’s happen to you or it’s happening as we speak will anyone understand
    Please I need some answers to put my mind at ease
    I really need it and

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