3 Common Characteristics of People with Psychic Abilities

People with psychic ability come in various appearances from varied backgrounds, yet they all have some common characteristics.  Remember, we all have psychic ability.  In this article, I’m talking about the traits of people who live their lives fully tuned into and taking advantage of their innate psychic abilities.

Do You recognize these three characteristics and honor yourself for them?

1. Imagination. 

Imagination is a very important psychic trait.  Imagination stems from using the creative part of our brains.  Imagination opens the doorway to daydreams and visions, which both provide an abundance of soul-level guidance.

When You are imagining You are seeing pictures on your internal visual screen of your mind’s eye.  This is the same place where You see psychic visions.

The canvas of your mind’s eye is where your guides can paint psychic pictures for You.  They will create pictures that You can understand, that have some sort of personal meaning for You or someone You are reading psychically.

You also use imagination when using the psychic technique of projection.  By projecting yourself into the future with your imagination You can manifest your desires.

Allow yourself to imagine often.  It will strengthen your ability to see clearly on the screen of your mind’s eye.  You can even ask a question of your higher self or guides and notice the inner visions You have.

2.  Focus on inner perceptions.Psychic Potentials

The ability to turn in and look what’s going on inside of You and trust what you find over trusting what others are saying is another common trait of being psychic.

This confidence in your own inner awareness over what others around You seem to be conscious of is often developed by trial and error.  After a few lessons from not trusting your own inner knowing, that’s when the inner confidence comes in.  What it comes down to, is understanding that your inner sensations are telling You something about the unseen in your life or the lives of those around You and fully trusting that information.

This ability to turn within and trust your inner world is what helps distinguish between psychic guidance and your inner musings of your imagination.  Until the confidence of distinguishing guidance from your imagination develops, people often have the inclination to think they are making things up.

It just takes a little practice to fully cultivate the confidence in the psychic information and trust that it isn’t just the imagination. If You are seeking answers, usually, the first thing that pops into mind is the intuitive information.  After that your logical mind takes over.

3. Sensitivity

Most psychically aware people are very sensitive to the energy around them, whether it be thoughts, feeling, emotions.  Psychic people are always picking up on what’s going on for those around them.

Some psychic people are more sensitive in a certain sense, such as touch, vision, hearing, smell or taste.  In fact, many who are keenly aware above the norm may shut down their psychic sense to their own detriment.  Then they don’t have full access to their innate psychic ability and it can show up in their physiology and physical body.

Unless You have the proper tools which enable You to run your own energy, You could be uncomfortable or over-stimulated in larger groups of people.  You may not even be able to tell which emotions and thoughts are your own.  You might think You feel one way, then get away from others and find out that You feel completely different.

For example, I might be with a few people who are sad about something.  I can experience feeling sad and even cry.  I could get home and realize that I don’t really feel sad at all.  I was just energetically feeling their sadness in my energy body.

If You recognize these characteristics in yourself, are uncomfortable with any of these traits or are looking to further develop your psychic ability, Psychic Potentials has programs specifically designed for You.

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  1. if i say i feel any of d above things n i also shut my abilities
    please help me ….can these b generated again

    who helps me to tell if all tht was true n not illusion

    1. You raise a very important question Meeti. I believe that You can re-establish your connection with your psychic abilities. As You do this your clarity and confidence about where your information is coming from will come with it. How much of your psychic information You rely on and use to benefit You will be completely individual to You. We are always creating, some of us use linear data to make decisions and some of us use our psychic impressions to make decisions. It is beneficial when we can learn to use a combination of these. Using a journal to record psychic impressions and watching to see what happens and how things evolve can be helpful. You can increase your understanding about how You ‘see’ and the ways You relate to what You see by keeping track of it on an on going basis. It really is another way to approach the process of ‘knowing one self’.

    2. Hi there Meeti ,don’t worry ,i am a psychic medium and i had these periods also that i had to block this ability because i was not strong or experienced enough to deal with that ,but when you are ready for your own psychic development for example ,you can’t grow when you have a lot of things on your mind or when you are not feeling good in sync with your own body and mind but when you are ready to start working with your psychic ability then you will see that it is still there and the more you practice and work with it the sharper you will get ,have a look at my website ,contact me anytime Layla angelheart http://www.live-consult.com Good luck bless you

    3. Hi,

      My name is Kyle, I have also shut my powers out before, there is an easy way to access them again, all you need to do, is find the thing inside you that inspires you, for me, it’s all the good in my soul and the world, somehow, I am connected this and that gives me control (a lot of meditation and practice), if you know inside that you have hidden abilities and have accessed them before, you can do it again, it is not an illusion.

      Good Luck

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    1. Both Christy and I think that there are many different reasons for daydreams. Sometimes the veil is thin and we are actually seeing the future not yet materialized. Sometimes it is a visual way to work out an issue that is bothering and the daydream becomes helpful so that You can know what You want. Daydreaming can also be used to create the future via psychic projection. Sometimes daydreams are just a mental break or for pure pleasure. By watching what else comes up for us around the day dream in body sensation or feelings we are able to distinguish which daydreams are which.

  3. this is really good stuff i did not think there where more like me on the web as Judy i have lost or forgotten
    how to use a psychic ability, for example knowing when bell or timers or when a person is coming to or out of a door.

  4. hi i am 13 years old, me and my friend think we are Psychic. we met 2 years ago and these things have been happening quite often, is it considered a good thing that we experience this at this young of age? It personally is starting to scare me, should I embrace it? Being psychic does that follow the same path as a psychic medium? if it does how can i learn to use it?

    1. Hi Nicole,
      Judy and I both were aware that we were psychic as children. What has been scaring you? Being psychic really is a natural ability, although many in our society don’t use their inner awareness. I personally would nurture your intuitive abilities and learn what you can from trusted sources. We have some helpful tools in our Heal Yourself audio course. The techniques help you ground and run your own energy. It’s really important to ground and have a loving boundary around yourself as your working with your psychic abilities. A psychic medium talks to spirits. It’s really doesn’t have to be scary. Judy and I both can speak to the departed. Make sure you’re creating sacred space around yourself. Just like you wouldn’t talk to someone in a body who’s rude to you, only talk to kind and considerate spirit beings and beings of the highest light.
      I’m glad you have a friend to share your experiences with. You’re always welcome to share with Judy and me.
      In Light,

    2. Hi Nicole,
      When I was young, I didn’t think I had people around me to help me understand what I thought I was experiencing. When I grew up I found that what I was experiencing was like what many others were experiencing also. Christy and I have come to believe that everyone has some level of psychic ability and acceptance is one of the main keys to developing our skills of awareness. I encourage You to share what You are experiencing with the supportive people (including adults : ) in your life as well as start a journal to help You make sense of what is happening for You. Using psychic abilities and awarenesses can add so much depth and richness to life and I hope that what we share here on the site will help You to move forward in discovering the best way for You. As Christy shared with You, being grounded serves on all levels so it is a great place to start!

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    3. When you are young an your energy is around others you say to your self ” I know I’m different. I can feel it!” You just don’t understand yet till the time comes!!!

  5. Thank you for this article. I recognize so much of what you said in me. Being sensative can sometimes be difficult.

  6. Hello,
    I am grateful for this article. I’m 51 and have been sensitive all of my life. It scared my parents and I suppressed things until I was in my 40’s. Now, at 51, I am beginning to embrace. The problem, I think, is that the “knowings” that come that are negative…….. I don’t know how to be ok with what I know. Until I am, I don’t know if I can experience the positive side.


    1. Hi Faith,

      I agree that unless we can accept all the information that comes to us we shut down across the board. I found myself dealing with the same issue years ago. When I was able to recognize that all information was just information and that I from my wonderful ego filter was the one that labeled it negative or positive then I started fully accepting the awarenesses.
      Try categorizing the information You receive as ‘dramatic’ and ‘daily’ instead and see what happens. I love that You are willing now to accept being sensitive…such a beautiful thing!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

      1. Dear Brenda,

        It’ll be okay. ^_^ Don’t be afraid of the spirits. They are just trying to help….
        Me and my niece have the same exact dreams at the same time. We were freaking out when we figured it out. ^^”””” but the point is, dont listen to people that think your crazy. -shrugs- sometimes you gotta do stuff on your own. Or figure it out on your own…I know how it feels….

  7. I don’t know where to begin….I have been called a daydreamer….and been told i’m crazy…Crazy is the word that hurts the most. I know i’m not crazy…I have so many questions and don’t know what way to go first.
    I have felt at times like I don’t fit in…Spirits have come to me …my mother after she passed would pull on the back of my shirt…my ex-boyfriends grandfather has put his hand on my shoulder( he was telling me everything will be ok)
    At times I feel like I am so alone….and not having anyone to talk to about this…I would love to just find someone that lives by me to talk to about it. I am not looking for a psychic reading…I am looking for a psychic friend for guidance…This may sound wierd…but I know I have one. He just won’t talk to me. He came to me…I felt a connection to his picture…like he was someone I knew…and at times I don’t know if the connection is between me and him or my daughter and his daughter. When my daughter was born for some reason I said she has the soul of my cousins daughter that had died. She was 4 when she died …and the story I heard is that when my cousin was pregant with her there were twins and one died and was absurbed by the other one. TWINS is a word that keeps repeating alot.
    Is there anyone out there that I can talk to………………….

    1. Hi Brenda,
      You’re definitely not crazy. You’re just more aware than many others. I know Judy Lynn and I both talk with people who’ve passed. There may be a psychic network in your area that meets in person. We do offer spiritual guidance in our readings. At some point we look forward to offering a forum of some sort on Psychic Potentials so like minded people can connect.
      Just keep following your guidance.
      Best wishes!

  8. I just came across this site – I can relate to all three of these traits! I am a singer and artist, and I am in my mid-40’s and in the last 10 years, I have learned to embrace trusting my inner “gut feeling.” It almost never fails me. Most of my knowledge starts internally, if that makes any sense. I don’t feel as if I need to look for the answer outside- it is already within me.

    When meeting people, whether for the first time or not, I feel I can easily read that person and know their feelings and thoughts right away – this helps me relate to them better.

    Many of my family members have passed away in these last 10 years have given me very specific messages, but usually through dreams. It is either written on paper and shown to me, or through a conversation with that person, right in my dream. The messages are always good news, or personal advice. These dreams are so vivid, and so detailed, sometimes I wonder if I’ve crossed into somewhere else. My conversations are not nonsensical, but very normal with that person. I am grateful for this connection.

    1. Hi Kat,
      I’m glad you found our site, nice to meet you. I love how open and willing you are to receive information psychically. Thanks for sharing. I too honor my connections with my relatives who’ve passed. I hope you enjoy our new and full moon readings.
      In Light,

  9. Well…I have all three of the above and in a magnitude that is overwhelming. I’m one of those people you never hear about; the one who gets “forgotten” by most people. I try to tell people certain things; but they do not listen. I recently created a blog and video detailing how over a course of 12+ years many of my premonitions have come true. But after publishing it nobody was interested. Over and over; it seems, my lot in life … well … it’s hard to explain. I’m one of the few who can truly see what is ahead in life as if listening in on echoes from the future. Thus far; I have lost count on how many times I “predicted” something and it actually happened. Everything from minor day-to-day details in life to big events like 9/11, the stock market at the 14,000, the death of William F. Buckley, Jr. and many major earthquakes. I have other premonitions but they are hard to tell in a short space.

    1. Hi Floyd,

      Are You finding a way that serves You to share all of these predictions? And are You finding it enjoyable to experience this level of connectedness?

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  10. I know that I have some traits of being sensitive and have been able to see some spirits and predict things through sleep. I can tell you about a movie without it ever being released. I remember being very young and hearing people talking to me and thinking it was the devil or something evil. I pick up on others emotions even in movies or true TV programs.For no reason I just feel very shaky and sometimes get sick to my stomach and cry uncontrollably. I guess I would really like to do is learn how to develop my gifts and know how to help others.

    1. Hi Myrna,
      Sounds like you’re very open. You’re not the only one. My husband just mentioned yesterday that he was standing at a counter in a restaurant and a woman was approaching. He heard “napkins” in his head. He grabbed some and handed them to her and she didn’t even speak a word.

      You can use your awareness to benefit you and others. You also can take care to protect your space and be clear on what information serves you personally. Grounding is a powerful technique that can help you. Have you checked out our Heal Yourself home study course? It has some effective methods that are easy to integrate into your life.

      Many blessings!

    1. Hi Roger,
      I’ve often seen the future in my dreams. It’s a nice way to get prepared and seems like you’re reliving something that already happened when you dreamed it first. Dreams are also a way to see what you’re moving towards. Is it something you want? If not, you can make some shifts in yourself and your energy to attract something different. My dreams when I was a child let me know I would loose my parents when I was still young. I think this was something I didn’t have the power to change as it was agreed to on a soul level. The dreams helped me adjust when it actually happened in real life. I was more prepared. Other dreams, I know I’m working something out that is a possible future. I ask myself what steps I can take to alter the future more toward my liking.
      I hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.

  11. I have all of the above and more but it sucks cause i keep having these dreams and its a spirit telling me something but its like they are on mute. I can leave my body awake or asleep and also can see and sense bad or good. I want to get stronger but not having anyone to talk to about this stuff makes it harder for me cause i need someone that can relate thats y im writing this comment hoping maybe someone out there wont think or say im “crazy”

    1. Hi Kari,
      You’re just more aware of the non-physical than most people. Not crazy. Thanks for leaving a comment. I do hope You are nurturing your abilities. One of the reasons Judy and I were guided to start Psychic Potentials was to support others in consciously using their abilities in a practical way.
      Bright Blessings to You!

    2. Hi Kari,
      Do You ever wonder how many other people keep to themselves what they are experiencing for fear of being called ‘crazy’? I do. Very few people knew what I experienced energetically before Christy and I started this work. I now know that it is how I see myself and my inner talk about what is going on for me that is most important. In order for me to get to this point I let go of the idea of special, different, or strange and started to realize how many other people experience the same things I do psychically. I do hope You find some support in what we have shared and that You can know that others to differing degrees are picking up on more subtle information too! How can You embrace what is happening for You?
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  12. I have all these symptoms, I decided to look up this subject because all my friends come to me with there problems because I can easily cheer them up because for some reason I can put my self in there shoes, my dog jumped in my lap this morning and I knew she was sad for some reason and in pain, turns out she is pregnant, and even though I can’t physically see oras I could almost describe emotions in colors, I’m usually a huge skeptic but I’m stumped on this one :/. Sometimes I can tell people are sad even being on the phone with them or texting them

    1. Hi Nick,
      Sounds like your very empathetic. I’m sure you’re friends love knowing they have someone who can truly understand how they are feeling. And Yes, feelings can be sensed from a distance through email and phone. If you haven’t integrated some personal tools into your life, You could check out our Heal Yourself home study course. It contains techniques to help you run your own energy and protect you from picking up other people’s energy.
      Bright Blessings to You!

  13. I have been leaving my physical body when I sleep since I was a child. Have never had much control over it. Even though I am almost always flying in my dreams they were random and insignificant. In my early thirties I could tell when people were pregnant and started having more significant dreams and was even able to tell people things that scared them …and me. The information usually came from my dreams and sometimes reading cards helped me to channel and organize my thoughts. I think I turned it off because I don’t feel much lately. Last major event was when I left my body while sleeping ( had to really work at it) and a voice told me to go back. I feel totally lost and without my intuition. Should I work at it or is now just not the time?

    1. Hi Shannon, Thank You for sharing here. Having been sensitive all of my life I can relate to what You are sharing here. I know for myself, I could not imagine ‘not’ having my intuition and my nightly travels recharge me like nothing else. There is something to be said about having a solid foundation to use these awarenesses from. I know my guides have encouraged me to slow down with some of the skills I’ve developed until I had the understanding and stability to move forward. The thing that comes to mind for You is the piece around grounding, especially down to the Earth if You travel easily. The Psychic 101 Program is designed to support a strong stable foundation and You will find grounding techniques are part of that. Allow your skills to be a normal part of You maintaining the intention that You will move forward in the ways that best serve You always!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    2. Hi Shannon,
      I have astral traveled since I was a child. I became very adept at going where I wanted and talking with people on the astral plane. Over the past few years my memory of astral travelling has decreased. I’m sure I’m still travelling, yet I know my opportunity for greatest spiritual expansion is being fully present in my body. I don’t feel my intuition has decreased at all over this time of being more grounded in the physical, in fact, it has increased. I’d love to hear from you how your intuition works for you when you focus on grounding. I know I get more information while grounded.
      In Light,

  14. JudyLynn,

    Thank you so much for answering and so quickly too! I think you are dead on. I had just spoken to my daughter about how I needed to work on focusing on the peace that surrounds me and not the hostility. I feel that the world is very uneasy lately and I think I have fed into it. I need to ground myself no matter what havoc may surround me. I will start working on getting a stable foundation. Thanks again!~ Shannon

    1. Hi Sonya,

      I find that I can only channel the emotions that I am willing to feel and accept in myself. When we are willing to accept all of the emotions for just what they are…energy in motion, translated by us then letting them move through us without blocking them, channeling them gets easier. I still find that some of the more intense negative emotions can be tiring to channel and yet as long as I am willing to be clear about where these energies come from and what they are for I can be honest about letting them come through and not holding them. I always start with ‘I am a clear and open channel and my ego steps aside.’ And remember the more grounded You are and the level of security You feel in channeling the more You will allow to come through You.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  15. Hi, My name is Kristy and I’m 27 years old…I’ve had psychic abilities for awile.
    They first started developing when I was 10 years old. I remember the day it “Began” for me, as it were, it was on a day I was going to school. I remember sitting on the bus on the ride to the school, when I got this horrible feeling. Like something was wrong, like something was going to happen. The feeling persisted all day long, it drove me crazy, I didn’t dare mention it to anyone, though, thinking people would make fun of me. Or label me insane.
    Later on, after school was over, I was riding home on the bus when we heard over the bus scanner that a house was on fire, just up the road. The same road my house was on.
    Than a friend of my parent’s came, and stopped the bus, she said she had permission from my parents to pick me and my two sisters up. So we went with her, we stayed at her house for a few minutes, and than my mom showed up. She said that the house had caught on fire, and that our grandmother hadn’t made it out. She died. I remember being stunned, in shock. I never told anyone that I had known anything about it beforehand. Or about the events that occurred while I was on the bus still. See, something happened during the time the fire was occurring still just down the street. I felt the sudden surge of heat on my body, and I swear for a few moments I could literally smell the smoke from the flames. I am not joking about this, I swear. And there was no way I could smell any of the smoke, the bus’ windows were all shut tight, and we were still far enough away from the fire that I shouldn’t be able to feel any heat at all. Yet I could. Right before the feelings ended, I also caught this very quick flash of feelings, emotions, and they weren’t mine. There was a feeling of pain, anguish, and despair. The feelings were so strong that I started to cry. I think those were the feelings of my grandmother at the time, I think maybe somehow I picked up on them. What do you think of my story, do you think I’m crazy?
    There is a reason I don’t talk about this in my family, even though I’m not the only Psychic member of my family, there are others…the reason is my family is also religious, and we kind of have a hard time balancing out the paranormal with the spiritual, I guess. I suppose it all boils down to the fact that I was raised and taught by Christianity that people who can see the future and talk to spirits, which I can do too, by the way. I found that out years later… Anyway, I was taught that people who could do these things were evil, that there was something wrong with them. So you could say it’s like I’m being pulled in two different directions here. It’s very confusing, not to mention frustrating. Could you please help me? Am I evil? Or is Christianity wrong in their beliefs about Psychics?

    1. Hi Kristy,

      I am sorry to hear about your grandmother it sounds like You were very close energetically. I am very glad You have found us here. The question that I think is very important for You to ask yourself is ‘what is true for You’? Is there any way for You to believe that You both can be right from your own perspectives? It can be very hard to recognize and understand from an others perspective especially if that perspective comes from the depths of a system or organization. I believe that there is only love, source, universal energy, God OR the absence of love, source, universal energy, God. Just like there is nothing that powers the darkness in a room when You shut the light off. There is light and the absence of light, interestingly enough I see myself as co creative in turning on the light. I see your ability to connect and be aware on a deeper level as very connected to love, source, universal energy, God. If You believed that to have psychic skills was normal and enriched lives might You find anything in Christianity to support that? I believe some of the bible was written based on prophesy and the gift of ‘sight’. I wish You so much ease in working out the conflict in your beliefs.

      We can help You to become comfortable with the information You pick up on and with the ability to be grounded while You integrate the information that You pick up on via the articles, products and programs we offer here. I hope that one day You will have the opportunity to experience what comes after the anguish and despair without having to go there yourself personally; the expansion, relief and pure joy of returning to source.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  16. Well I’m 33…ever since i was in grade school I could feel emotional energy. My mother was in the psychic thing and even ended her marriege cause a psychic told her too. She lived by what pyschics told her? I don’t beleive in all that. She killed herself in 99. I knew it was going to happen…I felt it. I am able to connect with animals as well. Just last month I was able to play with a dragonfly. It would fly off and come back to my finger. For a 1/2 an hour we played. Before my inlaws died. I knew something was going to happen and i’ve always been able to sence things. Like owning the house next door…years before, a certain swing on my porch…got when the inlaws died. I get pictures in my head. I’ve been told to paint them. This morning my mother inlaw woke me up dancing like a monkey in my dream to a song playing on my alarm clock. She had a monkey she had the grandchildren dress up. The song…. “Sitting here on the dock of the bay watching the time roll away”….my father inlaw died yesterday and my mother inlaw would have tomorrow. The died 24 hours apart last year. I feel like I’m crazy…I know i’m not…I was told to paint about my lifes lessen because I am a pure soul?! A soul without just one religion …I had a 30 second vision about a painting…good…bad…religion …and the grey line…the next week the canvas was given to me at a yard sale. The perfect extra large sized canvas. I’ve been doing research lately to get it done cause my paintings talk to me. I’m painting inspiration messeges. I beleive these messeges come from my passed loved ones and God. Sometimes it’s really hard to express this to my friends cause they won’t understand my esp connection however I have to because I’m an inspiration artist. I even had a psychic tell me I would be an artist like piccasso…I laughed…i didn’t beleive it…I was 11 years old…Sometimes this is all way too much and I don’t want to beleive it….then I get swarmed by insects in large groups or dradonflies come and play with me….I have a picture of it. when I met my husband a large swarm of love bugs hit the beach shores…it was soo bad they had to hose them down so the stores could have customers come in….I can’t explan it …but it happens all the time!?

    1. Thank You for sharing here Lindsay. I know that it isn’t easy to be sensitive sometimes, it sounds like You are experiencing clairsentience. Animals are very sensitive to energies and great messengers of the vibrations being experienced. This is something I understand and have spent a lot of my life getting grounded and gaining definition and understanding around. I have had many days when I have asked myself if I am picking up on someone or if I am actually feeling it myself. Super important to run my own energy as much as possible. I was just having a conversation about why so much of the time people pick up on things in the dark at night and how those same things are present during the day with the light bright. The difference is the speed at which we are traveling and the amount of attention needed to deal with everyday situations. When we are willing to pay attention there is extra sensory information presented at all times in so many ways. Some ways are easier to accept. When we talk about psychic here and potential it is with our purest intention to avoid parlor tricks and encourage individuals to look within for the answers that are truest for them. I’ll bet that your art will speak for it self and often the words to explain to others will not be necessary. Joyful painting!
      I love that You have play and dragonflies in your vibration.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  17. Hi, i too have always had the sense of something being bigger thn me that i cant control i havae done reading for friends and they tell me i am right on but than i feel crazy or scared of saying some of the things i see its like i think i hear a whisper and sometimes a picture or scent but im scared of being seen like the crazy lady or doining it alot that i wont be able to shut it off can anyone helpo me out with my insecurities i feel like i need to feel validated cus recently i have the urge or sense that i was meant to help others

    1. Hi Sonia,
      I would trust your inner sense that you’re meant to help others. You could call on Archangel Michael to help release any fears about your life path. Just trust that the information you get for others serves the highest good of all concerned and release any attachment to the outcome.
      In Light,

  18. I have a really weird question for you. Ever since I was a young child, I have been able to “see” things happen in dreams and then all of a sudden one day, its like a re-run of the dream. It used to scare me to no end, so i told myself i wouldnt let it happen. For a few years, i was unable to recall my dreams or anything… now recently, when i start to fall asleep, i feel like i’m vibrating all over and I’m still partly conscious. The weirdest dream ever occurred this way. In the dream i stood up and was getting ready for work. I walked back in the bedroom, and there me, my husband, and my baby were, just laying in bed asleep! It was so scary! They were glowing like a white mist was around them, but i wasnt for some reason… well anyway, i went to the nursing home where i work, and all the people who had died there were all walking around and were saying they were lost and came up to me asking questions and began crowding around me. It was so confusing and i started feeling the vibrating again really strong and then BAM! I woke up feeling like i was falling! But these dreams are so clear and memorable idk how to take them. It has been nearly every night for 2 weeks now and i feel like i’ve been running a marathon when i wake up in the morning! And it always starts the same way, the buzzing feeling, then looking at myself in the bed, and going to do “normal” things, then seeing dead relatives and people i dont know who are asking why I am there, or trying to give me advice. There’s nothing scary in the dreams, but the strangeness freaks me out! Plz help me if possible! I feel like I’m goin crazy!

    1. Hi Kesha,
      You are having astral travel dreams. The buzzing feeling in the beginning and seeing yourself lying in bed. And running into those who’ve recently passed in the astral plane from your work. I too have been able to see things happen in dreams and then in awake life have “re-runs” of the dreams. One memorable time was conversations I was having just after my dad’s funeral. Sometimes I think we work things out in our dreams before hand so it’s easier to live in real life. I’ve also experienced the astral dreams so many times. Everything you’ve mentioned, including the falling, has happened to me too, and others. Try choosing where you want to go next time when you realize you’re having an astral dream. It’s fun experimenting in them. In my experiments if I experience a fear of not going back to my body, I’m instantly back in my body.
      Thanks for sharing and happy dreaming!

  19. I am 27 and I have been able to feel and see things since I was a child. There are things/memories that really make me question what i am. I remember at a very young age being scared by these shadows I would see, there were so many of them- so I would hide myself under a blanket and cry. I didn’t know what to do so I never said a word to my parents about it. I was raised in a small country town, growing up in, a holiness church at that and i remember one night at church while all the adults were gathered around an individual praying for him i heard our pastor instruct the rest of the members of the church that were praying from their seat to not open their eyes just pray. well neither one of my parents knew that was wide awake pretending to be asleep. Anyway during the prayer I slowly raised up to see everyone in prayer eyes closed tight, then I seen a black blob cloud come from the man and disappear when it hit the floor. I also recall seeing 3 dancing balls of light dancing around in the corner of my room at night while I lay in bed. I remember waking many times to see the back side of a brightly lit person leaving my room.Then there are the other little things that I recall, like loosing something and looking everywhere for it and never find it and all of the sudden (after calming down) an image would flash in my head and I would go that particular place and there my item lay sometimes it would be where I had already checked prior. Things like this went on for years. One night sleeping over at my brothers I woke up frazzled and didn’t know why. So I went to get a drink of water and heard the phone ring and an image of my grandmas face was right there in front of me, I knew she just died unexpectedly. My brother came to talk to me but I already knew. As an adult I have always been able to feel wether or not a person good or bad. I thought, “oh I just have a good judge of character” I was driving my car to go visit my husbands father and while I was talking and driving an image of this person standing outside the building smoking came to me and I knew I had to give them a ride home. I never said a word and sure enough that scene played out in reality…then most recently one of my best childhood friends passed away from an overdose- I was a wreak, so one night I prayed for peace and as a result that night I dreamed that she was at my front door knocking and I let her in, she was unable to talk to me but I told her the things I wished I had before she passed. I gave her a hug and said my goodbyes and seen a single year roll down her cheek and then she was gone. I woke knowing that I had seen her. I don’t know what I am, all I do know is that i am different. I feel like I need guidance as to whats next.

    1. Hi Sheena,
      Sounds like you’ve kept your psychic awareness open. It also sounds like you’re very clairvoyant. That’s great. I believe that if more people talked openly about their experiences, psychic would be normal. The fear of the unseen would fade away. Communicating with those who’ve transitioned from their bodies would be seen as natural. That’s how I see all the experiences you’ve mentioned,natural. You’ve mentioned what’s next for you. If you’re wanting to further develop your abilities, Judy and I suggest starting with your foundation of grounding and running your own energy. The Heal Yourself home study course contains easy to integrate techniques that support You in using and nurturing your psychic awareness in a healthy manner.
      I noticed you’ve joined our email list. Thank you and I’m happy we’ll be keeping in touch.
      Bright Blessings to you!

  20. This was a really interesting article.
    I’ve been aware of my abilities for almost ten years now, and it’s still a bit harder for me to really harness them and expand them. I have gone through at least two periods in the 9 years I’ve realized they were there, that I didn’t really have them at all, or they were extremely heightened for me to the point where I had to watch what I said.
    Mostly I deal with energy work, empathy, and Intuition. I help my friend all the time with inner and outer turmoil with said intuition, and thus far, nothing I ever said has ever been wrong.
    I don’t get visions, or anything like that. I typically get all of my information to me as a ‘knowing’, which for me is interesting considering how creative I am. Makes me wonder if my third eye is actually TOO active for me to receive something like that, or if I’m just not going to be that kind of psychic.
    I really don’t have anyone to talk to, besides my friend, about all this stuff. And I’d like to continue to work with it and help other people. My mother honestly thinks I’m nuts, so it’s hard to talk to people in my family. Any tips you might have for me? I’d love to have someone else’s opinion for once.
    Thank you so much,
    Blessed be.

    1. Hi Brittany,
      Thank You for sharing! The most important piece is what You think because what You think about yourself and your abilities will cause You to attract people to You that support You or not. At Psychic Potentials the whole idea is that everyone has abilities of greater awareness to some degree. And hopefully You can accept the natural ability that You have so that You can use them to get clearer and live a life of more joy. We put together programs for people to hopefully find greater acceptance and develop stronger awareness. It sounds like You already have strong awareness and would be served to get more grounded in that awareness so that You can feel really confident in when to share, what is happening and how to further develop this information You are picking up on. We have lots of tips throughout the site and the psychic 101 home study is about creating a strong foundation to develop from.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    1. Hi Charity,

      Welcome! The reason we do classes via telephone and internet is so that it is accessible to anyone that is genuinely ready for the information. You will find useable information all throughout the site and just by signing up on You will receive access to more tools of support.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

  21. Umm hi I’m kennedy I’m only eleven but I’m psychic on a very scary level i know things that my friends don’t i have very constant and overwhelming deja vu all the timw i recognize places ad people i have never seen before and my imagination is one of my favorite features i have a very easy time imagining and guessing things and i am most likey always right its usually happens naturally and my sister is psychic she is more of a dreamer and it runs in the family our psychic skills are creepy and very recognizable my sister trys not to use hers as not to scare her friends please email me i just want to know more about this stuff

  22. I also wanted to say i am very much christian and i don’t do wit h craft or unlocking my natural powers these gifts were god given and i am proud of them but they scare me especially in public places when i just zone out into my own little world

    1. Hey Kennedy,

      Sounds like You have some connection going on. It can be challenging to find the balance when it comes to what You pick up on and how much to share with others at any given time. I am happy to hear that You are proud of your ability to be super aware of what is happening around You especially on a more subtle level and I agree that these abilities are God given. One thing I had to reconcile for years was that different groups of people used different words for things that were similar if not the same. What You intend to do with your gifts is pretty important and can take the creepiness out of the situation if You want. For sure if You find yourself zoning out, it will benefit You to practice staying grounded. Literally walking on the earth, eating root veggies and protein, focusing on your breathing and intending to have a strong connection with what supports You each and everyday. We will continue to write more and hopefully You can find information that supports You and your sister here.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,
      Judy Lynn

    2. Thank You for sharing that as well Kennedy! We do not do witchcraft or get crazy about unlocking anything either at Psychic Potentials and we have a lot of readers that are Christian. Our main goal is to support any and all that choose to recognize and use their natural greater awarenesses for the purpose of bringing more joy and success to life! I look forward to our continued conversation!

  23. A while ago In my class at school I was looking at the teacher and saw a yellow bright glow coming from her….I thought it was just my imagination but it wouldn’t go away…yes I was alittle freaked out cuz I had no ideah what it was….but about a week or to later I heard a girl talk in sacrament at my church on fast Sunday and she was talking about it….I realized that what I saw was not my imagination…I wanted to tell my mom about it…but I was too scared, mostly cuz I think that she’ll think I’m lieing because im only 12…..and I just don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Emily,
      Sounds like You were seeing your teacher’s aura. I used to gaze at my teachers to see their auras when I was in school. Glad you’re able to tap into your abilities. Your perceptions are yours. Even other people don’t normally see the energy around others, doesn’t mean that it’s not there. You’re unique perspective has value in the world. Remember to always be yourself, even if what You see is what others see.
      I am a mother of 2 daughters. I always ask them what color people’s auras are. If you’re mother isn’t interested in the energy of people like You are, doesn’t mean she loves you any less.
      Bright Blessings to You!

  24. Hi I’m 12 years old and I’m so confused if I should develop my psychic power or not. My big sister has dreams which mostly come true and she is good at knowing how people feel. But she says she also has had nightmares alot. I also want to be like her so I can understand and help her but I’m afraid of having nightmares or visions which come true. But I know I have slight psychic abilities. When I was about six or seven I had a dream which was a bit spooky. I was in my bed and then I went to the basement, I don’t remember why. There I found our cat, Tom who was eating my grandmother. I rushed upstairs to the balcony and found my aunt and sister there. I told them about what happened and they turned to face me. They were of a green color and had black eyes now. I know they told me something in the dream and that they were coming closer to me, when I suddenly woke. I think those two were demons. I still don’t remember what the demons said to me, but I hope I don’t. My sister has always told me of an evil presence in the house which would talk to her in dreams and visions, trying to make her go against me, so that it could take me. When I was eight or nine me, my sister and her friend sat in a spare room. We were in a triangle holding hands and it was dark, although I could see the two of them. We were trying to talk to spirits. The two of them said some created sentences and in my turn I simply said “Please come”, thinking it was all just a game. The darkness got heavier and I got more scared, having a bad feeling. The three of us quickly went away from the room and we discussed what we had felt, my sister the only one who had heard something. When I was nine or ten, my sister made two black and white masks on a paper, happy and sad. She taped it to the wall in the spare room and every night since then my sister has felt something in that room. She finally tore down the drawings, saying she felt more at peace now. This is all likely nothing but I need to know for sure. Some months ago, I was sitting on my bed feeling very drousy. I blinked my eyes or the light flashed and a black man was standing there in the middle of the room. He had long black hair and he didn’t wear any clothes. He was like an orc from Lord of the Rings with Gollum’s mad eyes. Another blink or a flash later and he was close to me, his face inches away and very scary. I was more scared than I had ever been in my life, and that is saying a lot. His eyes said he wanted to kill me. Suddenly my sister came and the monster vanished. I asked her where she was and she said she was at school, watching a horror movie. She described a black man in the movie who looked exactly like the monster I had just seen. That and the fact the movie was about the journey of departed souls, It’s no wonder I have it crystal clear in my head right now. I want to know Psychic powers so I can be peaceful and successful in my life. I want to be a good everything when I grow up, but I don’t want to have dreams like my sister had or still does. Thank you, I feel a lot better letting this off my hands.

    1. Hi Shah,
      Judy and I created Psychic Potentials to help people develop their psychic abilities in a healthy manner. Part of that is having healthy boundaries. Just as you wouldn’t talk to someone in the physical world if you don’t like their energy, don’t work with non-physical beings that make you feel uncomfortable. I only invite ‘beings of the highest light that serve my highest good’. If You ever feel like you’re in contact with a spirit that makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always call on Archangel Michael for protection and to help guide that being to the light. Archangel Michael can help you release fear of spirits or of developing your psychic abilities. If you have your parent’s permission You could also use the home study course, Heal Yourself. You’ll find helpful tools to help you stay grounded, protected and run your own energy.

      It sounds like you and your sister have a very strong spiritual connection. It’s very helpful that you have someone so close to share with.

  25. Very interesting article. My friend has told me I am gifted. I just thought she was being generous. Whenever she has a very difficult problem she comes to me and asks quesions to me.
    She was told me I am psychic which I disregarded until I started reading your article. I do feel people watching me and found out that yes my two family members who passed were with me from time to time. I just thought I had great decision making skills. Unfortunately at work my bosses have a problem that I am how do you say more intune with the work environment and how to deal with difficult situations. Please tell me something has at work with my computer has gone wrong and the It people tell me it is impossible for that to happen. I told him it must not be impossible because it is happening to my computer. Does psychic powers have a way of going haywire when my emotions are upset?

    1. Hi Ilene,
      I find this to be a very interesting question. I believe that energy has influence on what is around it. Even serious scientists have recognized that there is a factor to be considered in the observing. What is it about their observing that can affect the outcome of an experiment? It might be beneficial for You to check out the Psychic 101 home study so that You have the tools to keep yourself grounded and know how to protect yourself from the energy of discord around You. It is so important for all of us each day to allow ourself joy and hopefully we have the tools to help with that.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  26. I do not buy any of this. A true pyschic would not go around broadcasting it. For the main reason, that they wouldn’t get any sleep. True psychics are in hiding and you may never find one.

    1. Hi Shannette,
      I recognize that You do not find Psychic Potentials resonates for You. I think possibly that our perceptions of what a psychic is differs. Christy and I are both quite clear that we are here to support and help those that would like to use/develop their natural abilities in the way that serves them and are both comfortable exchanging time for money. I’m sure I can speak for both Christy and I when I say ‘I hope that You find joy in working with what You believe in and serves You’.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  27. Hi, I absolutel HATE that I’m psychic and want to know how to make it lie dormant? It affects many aspects of my life and i’d just prefer it if I didn’t have it. I dream things and I then hear within a day or two that it happened on the night I dreamed it, or I’ll dream things and they quite often come true and I see them in real life. When people talk to me with hidden agendas or if they’re lying I see through it straight away and 9 times out of 10 within a split second i already know the whole scenario before they’ve even gotten on to their second sentence, how the hell am i doing this. Even if they havent even planned it yet or even thought it themselves I already see what direction it will go and what they will do or act on. I don’t like it.

    I wake up in the night and have names in my head orsomething will be said in my head repeatedly, typical example is a girl I dated recently was going for a breast enlargement and I woke up at 5am sensing she was nervous and text her saying don’t worry Ricahard will look after you and it turned out the the driver sent to fecth her by the hospital was richard, another is a dream that someone i knew in school was going to take pictures of a place where she got married and her dad was suppossed to go but couldnt make it, I messaged her my dream and she said that that had happened the previous day, she was set to take pictures of where she had her wedding with her dad but then her dad had to work so it got cancelled. A more severe one is the dream about a car flipping over and the person’s inside final breathes and it was ona road i once worked on (in the dream) a couple weeks later I hear that a lad i knew off the road i worked on had flipped his car at high speed and died at the scene. A less severe one, i dreamed i bent my key the next day i bent my key. I’ll taste what other people are eating when they’re 100 miles away and stuff, it’s not right. I even woke up and text someone saying, did you enjoy your sausage role and can of coke and that’s what they’d eaten, when I hadnt a clue. These are just a few examples. The most upsetting example is knowing that when my daughter was due to be born and i split with the mother i knew that on the 3rd time they rang i was going to be told that i wasnt allowed to see my duaghter and i was right, that happened too. Or I got with someone amazing and told her we’d be split up in june even though we were dead happy and thats what happened. I always had a feeling that a certain friend was one day gonna hit me from the moment i first met him and low an behold, 2 years later he broke my jaw in a stupid row. I always get these feelings and I don’t want them.

    I even wake up in the night and there’s people in the room looking at me, I’m gettin goose bumps even writing this bit as it’s the slightly scarier bit. Sometimes I wake up pinned to the bed and the covers being slowly pulled down off me but that doesnt happen as often as it used to. But i remember when i was a kid id be playing on my own and could here people calling my name even though there was never anyone there. I’ve been told i sit up in my sleep and then lie back down again, all sorts of random things.

    How do i stop all this? Do you have any advice for me?

    1. Hi Vern,
      Thank You for sharing here. I genuinely feel for You. Sounds like You are very sensitive and have very direct information come to You. There are many ways to settle your energetic system and it is up to You to decide which one and to follow through with using them. Christy and I have both been exposed to most of them and with the help of the Psychic Potentials guides put the most effective ones we’ve found in the Psychic 101 Home Study. There is grounding, protection and clearing techniques that You would probably be highly benefited by. When You are very sensitive it isn’t about closing down or contracting, it is most beneficial to create an energetic filter that is your personal energetic security system. This system allows You set the parameters of what You allow in and the clearer You are about it the easier it becomes to be sensitive.
      I know I have recommended a product that we have put together and costs. The techniques are simple and I have faith in them as they have worked for me for just the reasons You have shared.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  28. Hi , i’ve always felt that i had something spiritual…as spoken before, …and would love to mention just a few ; a lady that i cared for for 10 yrs died as a result of smoking in bed, i was about 6 miles away at home on my way to the supermarket when i saw smoke smelt fire …when i approached the smoke their was nothing their…a few hours later i recieved a call of the police to say she had died and how…i took that as a sign as it occurred around the time that i saw the smoke…. another is when i moved with my husband into a new flat…whilst cleaning a man’s 2 fingers stroked my lower back , this happened again within seconds, i sensed it was a man….and in the middleof the night .the tv 52″ blasted out a whoosh noice n lots of bright lights whilst switched off like poltergeist another time..someone sat on the bottom right of my bed …i felt this to be a lady…that evening my daughtwr rushed into my bedroom to say our beloved family pet dog , Sabu was dying …n weirdest of all is when i was pulled towards (mentally) a room in the house..i expected pairs of hands to open the door hands small n placed below the handle.. i expected to see children but at the same time felt scared so rushed back into the lounge to join the other members of my family…i told them. the very next morning something horrible happened in relation to the authorities knocking my door..this related to my experience the night before..i am studying my tarot cards slowly but would love the ability to use my minds eye too…i am 47 yrs of age a newcomer but would love to be able to give guidance and insight to others through reading for them x

    1. Hi Denise,

      It sounds like You are more than sensitive enough to pick up on the energies around You. Christy and I share techniques and tools to develop all forms of awareness and guidance on translating the symbolism and language of spirit. So often the messages are more than what our mental can comprehend of in some cases less dramatic than our emotions make them to be. The Psychic 101 Home Study is a great place to start and then if You are interested in meeting your spiritual guides and healing guides etc then I would recommend You check out the http://psychicpotentials.com/offerings/pool-of-insight/ program. The more open You are and the clearer the questions the more clear the answers will be.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  29. I would wonder at times why i would have a strange feeling at times,only sometimes i would feel unsettled,but not scared.its hard to explain,almost like an emotional awareness.I run my hands along objects especially walls.it could be i was blinded around 18months and maybe its habit(i can see,my parents told me that the dr didnt know if i would see after my injury)also a friend of my mothers died. The strange thing is that i was sleeping,i saw just her face
    and woke up immediatly startled. it was either the next dat or day after(i cant remember)i was told she died. I feel its happened before in dreams. but i cant remember,but i have a deep feeling it has.but not sure if its about someone dying or something else,but its a startled feeling.does this mean anything or is it phyological stress?i also get migraines daily and take medication to control them, would there be a reason for this or could it be due to family history as my dr’s think? i guess i’m just wondering, Sincerely, Amie Jo Pallansch Thank You for your time

    1. Hi Amy Jo,

      It seems that You are possibly running others energy and picking up on more energies than You maybe used to. Often happens when we lose the full use of one sense that we increase our ability in other senses. The experiences You are having is why we put the psychic 101 home study together. Your ability to accept and relax with greater awareness will come from understanding what is happening and having the tools to allow it to be gentle and make sense.
      It is important to run only your own energy when You are open to picking up on more subtle energy, which everyone has the potential for. The migraines I sense are a combination of things and your ability to work with your dr’s will be key. I encourage You to gather information around your health that is ‘whole’istic as anything ‘ill’ at ease comes from resistance mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically. When You are ready the psychic 101 home study will help You in running your own energy and understanding what is happening on an energetic level more.

      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  30. I have always had the qualities that you have mentioned right from very young age and in fact i realized back then itself i am deeply psychic in many aspects..Whatever my intution has shown me has turned into reality in life

    1. Thank You for sharing Komal! I hope the reality of your life is filled with what You desire, in all of its forms.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  31. Shah: I saw the same thing! (The Orc looking thing)…. so weird. I also felt a very negative energy. It was while I was sleeping, but when I woke up, I felt the energy still in the room.

    -I have felt things since I was little. I couldn’t put a name name on it. I was afraid of the dark, saw shadows, felt beings in my room, once lifted out of my body as I looked at myself in the mirror, etc. I blocked the “gifts” for a long time, making excuses. Except one- I would always feel others emotions and physical pain. Even characters on movies… I couldn’t watch horror movies or anything b/c I would tingle and feel sharp pains and strange feelings wherever that person was feeling it (even fiction!)
    -When I was 18 was the first time I experienced the “sleep paralysis” thing. I saw a figure at the end of my bed… I felt the presence and memories from childhood came back.
    Over the years I have had many experiences… vibrations, crown sensations, jabs, pains, etc. It’s so strange. And recently, after moving into my 100 yr old newly renovated house, I have seen a white mist (While I was awake, flowing through my hallway) that made me smile.. the first “really good” energy I’ve ever felt. THEN a few months ago that terrible monster thing!
    It looked like bigfoot and just starred at me blakely. I remember the feeling was the dread feeling I’ve had with “bad energies” but the look on his face was normal. I screamed “In the name of Jesus I rebuke thee” over and over… it ususally works for me… then i Screamed “get out of my house” and I woke up. In the dream, he was standing in the door way to my bedroom and master bath…. and like I said, when i woke up, it took a few seconds for the energy to fade. Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Megan,
      I too started astral traveling as a child. I experienced it as being lifted from my body without any control over it. Over time I learned to control it more and consciously choose where to go and what to do while I was traveling. I’ve also experienced sleep paralysis and it scared me very much. I would call on Jesus Christ to keep me safe.
      I’ve also had experience living in old houses with ghost energy. I found I could communicate with them in a friendly way and coexist. But just like I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone who has energy I don’t like in physical form, I don’t allow spirits who aren’t of the highest light to hang out in my energetic space either.
      I rarely personally experience lower vibrating energy in my personal space any more. I call on Archangel Michael to take away “dark” energy and send it to the light and keep my personal space clear.
      Since you’re open spirit beings may wish to communicate with you. I would suggest setting your boundaries with what you’re comfortable with. Ask Archangel Michael for help sending away the ones you’re not aligned with.
      In heart centered light,

  32. Wow that was really helpful. I’m doing research on this stuff, because something happend a while back and it got my attention BIGTIME so this is really helping me to learn things. Thank youi

  33. I don’t know what I am, but since I was a child when I would see someone I would get this vibe that it was the last time that I would see them before they pass away. I would never know when or how I would just have that feeling. An example is when my cousin passed away (had a feeling on her over 5 years prior to her passing) I went to stay with a close friend of the family and had a semi strong vibe on her and spent time with her she passed away 3 months later, then one day a friend of mine picked me up from school and she said she was sick. I had a very strong vibe with her so I studied and still remember everything she wore, everything in her car that day and can still vividly see us driving back to my house. I told her that she needs to go to the doctor, but she just wanted to go home and sleep. That night she passed away. I met my now husband but boyfriend at the times family for the first time in December 2007, and before we left I knew I needed a camera, when we were there I met his 2 year niece and kept feeling that I needed to take a picture of her and my husband, and kept having the feeling of that it was going to be the last time I would see her. She passed away Febuary of 2009. The last one was when we seen my husbands grandfather over thanksgiving before getting into the driveway I had a very strong feeling that it would be the last time that we would see him and I haven’t even met him yet. 3 weeks ago he was in the hospital with critical condition and one of the nights they said he might not make it through the night. I said to myself he is strong and a fighter and someone will be there to help him. He made it through the night. I stopped having the feeling, but told my husband we should go. We didn’t but then this last Thursday I started to have that strong feeling when my husband’s dad had to leave his grandfather and was flying back. I wanted to tell him he needed to stay there but didn’t and yesterday morning at 3 am he passed away. There have been many more times, but I have guilt of not listening to myself when I have these feelings and going to see the person. What am I considered to be? I haven’t told my husband, because I don’t know how he’ll react especially knowing these ahead of time.

    1. Hi Tabatha,
      It sounds to me that You are tapped in and tuned in to the stream of consciousness that connects us all. It also sounds like You mostly follow your intuition too. Good for You for taking pictures. It really serves You to release any guilt about not following or doing anything different because of your premonitions. As far as talking to your husband, it could be an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with him. You may find that by sharing with him, he may come to trust your intuition in the future. What’s more important, is trusting your own intuition. It also sounds like you may be clair-cognizant or kinesthetic? In any case, Judy and I believe that being psychic and turned onto the unseen energies around us is completely normal and available to everyone.
      In heart light,

  34. Hi,
    I’m glad that I found this site, I just did a search on how to stop being afraid of psychic abilities. This is new to Me, but since I was a little girl, I have always seen things that other’s didn’t see (shadows, light, movement). When I was told that I was crazy, I chose to block it out & never speak about it again, except to My Sister. I could never block the overwhelming energy, feelings and emotions that I felt for unknown reasons. In the last couple of Week’s, I have been terrified in My home…especially with what I feel in one particular room. Sometimes, I felt as if someone was there watching Me…but would some how dismiss it, until I chose to sing online in that room. On several video’s since Sept 2012, found a little white anomaly flying around behind me. I don’t know what to do…I have prayed, prayed and prayed…but I find myself fighting this fear! Even when things feel normal, I would suddenly get a over powering feeling of anxiety, heart racing, or a negative feeling. I can see that the feelings and emotions that I sense, are not uncommon. Thank You

    God Bless

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      It is quite common that people block their psychic awareness at a young age. I’m happy to hear you had your sister to speak with. Just like if you felt uncomfortable with a person in your house and would ask them to leave, You can do the same with any energy or spirit in your house. If you don’t feel like You can do that alone, call on Archangel Michael to remove any unwanted energy from your home. You can also ask Archangel Michael to remove fear from yourself.
      Judy and I believe we can all communicate with spirit. We created the Heal Yourself program in order to support individuals to do that in a comfortable and safe way. I sense that if you focused on your grounding that would help with the anxiety feelings too.
      In loving light!

  35. I would like to point out that often these “Spiritual Guides” often lead you in the right direction at first just to gain your trust then destroy you with the following directions they take you in.

    Most of the time they mean to harm and play games with your life. Do not trust what anyone tells you even spirits only the higher power the one can give you true clean advice.

    1. Thank you for your comment. True spirit guides only have your best interest and highest good at heart. They only give loving or neutral guidance. They would never ask you to harm yourself or others. Judy and I only work with beings of the highest light. And we encourage you to always listen to your inner knowing. If you sense that a spirit being isn’t of the highest light, then set your boundaries and don’t work with that being. Just as you wouldn’t invite someone into your house that makes you feel uncomfortable. Also, if you are encountering any fear within about working with spiritual guides, don’t work with them.
      In heart centered awareness,

  36. How about ‘im psychic because I get it right more than half the time’ ? Instead of ‘Im psychic because im a sensitive soul with a great imagination who is in tune with myself’ lots of people imagine themselves that way, especially women. Still got that poetry notebook from highschool in your closet? Oh you must be psychic.

    1. At Psychic Potentials we believe everyone is psychic. Meaning we all pay attention, in some manner, to unseen energy that surrounds us all. Whether or not each individual acknowledges they use this energetic information consciously is another story. A better title for the post you read may be, “3 Common Characteristics of People Who Consciously Use Their Psychic Abilities”.
      Judy and I aren’t here to prove whether you are psychic or not. That’s something you can address within your own heart and mind.
      In heart centered awareness,

  37. I don’t know if it is psych ability or what but some times in my life it happen i Knew what is going to happen.
    for example i can’t remember the year there was Miss Universe contest going on when the were introducing the participants i knew some how who will be the winner. there are numerous other incidents which i can count on happen my life. I want to know that proves that i am psych if that is wright then why it is not happening now or when i want it.

    1. We believe here at Psychic Potentials that everyone is psychic, aware of the unseen energy around us. We all use our abilities in different ways. Sounds like You are clair-cognizant, have clear knowing. I’m sure if You look back you’ll find plenty more examples of things You just knew. You probably even use this clear knowing on a daily basis for ‘little’ things of daily living. If You give your intuitive awareness more attention, You’ll probably even notice how it grows stronger and how it makes your life easier. Wishing You all the best in your path of awareness and discovery.

  38. I was wondering if what I experience with other people is a psychic ability, if so what is it called? I have experienced whenever coming close to a stranger what type of person they are before actually being introduced. Most of the time it is a good feeling, but sometimes it’s not. What I feel from them always determines whether I become or continue to be in the presence of that person.
    Can you help me with this?

    1. Clairsentience is the ability to feel kinesthetically on a more subtle level. We all do this on some level and it sounds like You are very sensitive. This is my strongest psychic sense and I have learned over the years to trust it and also stay open to individuals just having bad days. One of the most challenging experiences for me is to slow down this ability, especially when around many people at once! The Heal Yourself program is designed to help You run your own energy so life is easier and more enjoyable AND still have these wonderful abilities to use consciously. When You know how to ground, run your own energy, shield yourself from unwanted energies…essentially keep your energetic house cleaned up, your physical environment around You reflects this clear energetic space.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  39. Hi,
    I was searching the web to find out if there was a particular age that psychic abilities peak or begin, and I came across your blog. I’ve know for a long time I was different but I didn’t know how! I’m 28 now and things for the past year have been changing! I feel a pesense all the time. I have weird things happening, for example just now as I’m watching a movie the tv freezes with a loud grinding noise as I go to turn it down it yells “no” everytime my finger touched the volume down key! Just weird little things like that!

    1. Hi Shelly,
      Glad you found our site. We here at Psychic Potentials believe we are all psychic and that socialization is really hard on psychic development. Children are led to believe they are making things up and that what the sense isn’t ‘real’. Then there are others who trust their inner awareness no matter what others say. We are psychic our whole lives. Psychic abilities will peak or grow stronger the more you pay attention to them.

      As far as the presence you are sensing, it’s up to you to keep your space clear of unwanted energies. There are ways to do that such as calling on Archangel Michael. If something is making You uncomfortable ask it to leave. In the Heal Yourself home study program, you’ll find tools and techniques to keep your personal energetic space clear.

      As you continue to raise vibration, you’ll understand better what the messages are for you.
      IN heart centered awareness,

  40. Since I was young Ive been able to read other peoples emotions. I can tell if someone is lying…hurt…scared…happy…in love…confused…basically anything, but it was only recently I realized that its not necessarily “normal”. It hinders my life constantly and I never know how to deal with it. For years I thought I had social anxiety, because whenever I went to school, into public, or really even hung out with more than one friend I would be overwhelmed. I would shake, my thoughts would race, and ill still get scared for absolutely no reason, I feel like Im covered with warm vibrating thingies ” sorry hard to explain” constantly, and now all I can think about is this door I can see in my head. Its almost a veil over everything else and I keep feeling like Im supposed to open it, but Im too scared. I know Im supposed to, that something is going to happen if I do, but I just cant bring myself too do it, over the past few days I think Ive thought about it so much, and put so much energy into it that now there’s a white iron gate guarding it too. I feel like Im standing their, and I even have a key. but Im just so scared….Idk if ill feel and see more stuff if I actually bring myself to do it, and with everything I already experience I don’t want to turn into an all out crazy person. Please help me, I can hardly function any more,

    1. Kayla, It is hard for me to hear this because with just some basis information about how You work as a being things would be less uncomfortable for You. I encourage You to breath, focus on your breath and imagine that You have energetic roots into the ground. Grounding is very important to moving forward with going through gates that You share about, even if You do have the key. Grounding Meditation for You to get started in finding more stability in what You are already picking up on. The ‘Healing Yourself Program’ has been created to take your ability to ground to a new level along with your confidence in moving forward.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  41. I found this article very helpful. I’ve always been very sensitive but for many years I considered it a disadvantage because my family criticized me for it. My mother would say that I wear my emotions on my sleaves but I didn’t know what that meant. When I read this article, I realized that I do often struggle to separate my inner guidance from my imagination. Over the years I did learn to trust my gut feelings after many instances where I regretted not having done so. It’s difficult when I get a feeling or intuition about something but never receive confirmation. Maybe that’s where keeping a journal would come in handy so I will start to journal. I saw a psychic one day who said I was a “sensitive ” but that I was blocked by too much negative energy coming from people around me. That did help alleviate some confusion for me but not as much as I needed. This article sems to explain for me what I could not.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      Glad you found Psychic Potentials and found this article helpful in understanding yourself. A journal is certainly a great idea to record your intuitive hits and sometimes you get confirmation that helps boost your confidence. You might like to check out the Heal Yourself program for excerises to help you run your own energy and keep out unwanted energetic influence from others.

      We’re also starting a weekly video chat hangout on google + starting Wed. June 19th at 6pm Mountain Time. We’d love to say chat in person.
      Many blessings to you on your personal journey.

      1. Hi Christie! Thank you. I would love to participate in the live video chat! Also,, I have been wondering about dreams and their potential as an avenue of communication from my spirit guides. When I was going through a personal crisis I had many very vivid dreams. I wrote them down and as I began to heal they went away. Now my dreams seem normal and I don’t remember much about them when I wake. Looking back on those vivid dreams now, one in particular seemed prophetic but I can’t really tell about the others. Perhaps it’s to soon. I also used to have a couple of recurring dreams that changed and went away as I experienced some growth and healing. I would love to have an experienced friend or associate with which to discuss them a little. Thanks again. All the best. Wendy

  42. I was starting to think that I was the only one. I don’t normally tell people about what I experience because I’m afraid they will thing I’m crazy… I can see into the past threw objects; i.e. my car, it was an ex-police car in 1990 and I here sirens while driving it from time to time and have visions of where I believe was where it was driven. I can also feel what other people are feeling, but when there sad it hurts, is that normal? I have visions of things before they happen threw dreams and “daydreams” either seconds before they happen or days, usually deaths but sometimes I can see just everyday occurrences, like if a large truck is coming down a one lane road so I know to pull over before I ever see or hear the truck. But I also see and hear spirits (good and bad). I can see auras from time to time, and I have also had multiple out of body experiences…I wrecked my truck last year and I was feeling the accident as it happened but I also watched it from outside the truck. I don’t feel right and I feel alone, I want to tell my family and friends but when I have I get rejected and have been told that maybe I need to go see a doctor.

    1. Also I knew that I was going to wreck my truck months before It hapened. What should I do, I want to embrace this gift but I dont want people to think im a nut. 🙁

      1. Hi Destinee,
        Intense. I am going to encourage You to find ways to ground yourself. Walking on the earth in bare feet, eating root vegetables and meat if You are not vegetarian, using your creative abilities to imagine energetic roots from You into the ground as deep as You feel comfortable, focusing on your breath.
        And then it is so important for You to check out your belief around being nuts. There are many other people that experience what You do, to varying degrees. Your ability to believe in having someone to share all of this, will depend on your ability to accept it yourself.
        I remember feeling alone and ‘not right’ and this is why Christy and I started Psychic Potentials, to allow anyone that chooses to accept their psychic spiritual awareness as normal, do so.
        If You ever feel like You need to go see a doctor, please do, I just hope that You find one that understands that You are a physical being while You are a spiritual one as well.
        I only really started to accept myself fully when I allowed myself to believe in more than just the physical aspect of being here on this Earth.
        Ask Arch Angel Michael to support You while You gain understanding about all the aspects of You.
        In Heart Centered Awareness,

  43. i have always been senitive to a lot of thing i also feel people emotions without them telling me by holding their hand. I also can tell what is really being said when I am having a convrsation with someone; and begin to tell them about themselves they have never told anyone. i dont think I am Psychic just extra senitive.

  44. hi, well im gettin couriouse latley about why things happen the way they do.. iv been dealing with these sorta things since i was a little girl. iv never really went looking for answers until now. iv always felt anybody and everybodys energie.there feelings, i feel there anger, depression, happiness. even when there lying or being truthful. i hear short blasts of music often when im sitting bymyself or just dowsed off to sleep its loud and wakes me up gasping for air.. i kno this sounds crazy but every since elemantry school , the 4th grade i remember this beacuse it drove me crazy i couldnt figure it out why or how or what it was.. one day i seen this little girl named elizhia she was younger than me probly in 2nd grade, i remember being in the front office looking out the window, and she was in the nurses office getting her sugar checked she was diabetic she had a fannie pack with her all the time.besides that there was nothing diffrent about her from the rest of the kids at school.just plain jane, anyways i could not take my eyes off of her . for the next 2 weeks everytime i saw her i couldnt help but stair at her.. i dnt know why . but there was just something in her eyes its truly unexplainable. then one morning my familys up, getting ready for the day and then i see on the news that little girl her brother and dad were sweapt off the road by a flood and she and her brother drowin.. and i havnt stopped thinking about her since then. threw out my years in school i had 3 more experinces just like that, all diffrent faits of course but all of the childern had the same undescriable look in there eyes , i just couldnt help it. they drew me in .i even when home thinking about what it was , most times i couldnt sleep beacuse of it. and i didnt not relize they were goin to die when i was looking at them,i dont know if this is making any since . but i wasnt thinking to myself o0o there going to passaway. they just did..also a distiant cousin of mine had the same look, and he died in a car accident . and when i was about 16 my 3yr old cousin elizabeth drown in the familys swimming hole , it was a creek in nashville tn. that ran beside our grandparents house. i want to know why and how i feel this. i have bad headachs now in my adult life, honestly iv kinda pulled away from people altogether beacuse i seem to feel everybodys emotions everytime i walk into a room . i get so uncomfortable i have to leave.. i hav to learn to deal with these feelings but i dnt know how , i start to panic inside when i feel someones anger or dislikes about something, i feel like running from it. iv also had a coulpe of diffrent insodents in other peoples homes where id see and feel someone, i never could make out there form .. what they looked like or anyof that , just a frightful glemps out of the corner of my eye.i dont talk about any of this very much at all. i dnt want to scare anyone. i just would like to have some answers ..

    1. Hi Brittany,

      For whatever reason, You’ve been given awareness on some level when people are about to leave their bodies. Sounds like you’re an extremely sensative person. I would suggest our Heal Yourself program to learn how to run your own energy and set your energetic boundaries. Practicing proper grounding techniques may help alliviate your head aches. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  45. HI judy this site is amazing because everyone is telling real life experiences. Here I go, I am very in tune with peoples energy and vibration I can feel it, read it, and sometimes change it. I can easily determine when someones energy is transfered to me and how to protect my self or block it but its easier said then done. I have the natural inclination to help people. I ASTRAL TRAVELED once by mistake and it was scary I went back into myv body as fast as possible but I want to try it and learn it safely to see relatives and my first child was stillborn my baby girl and I want too see her or feel her energy or something I have or I will loose my mind, im thinking I can do that on the astral plane. As far a psychic abilities I have noticed after meditation I have sum visions that happened and recently I have been out and I will think of a song and it will come on 2 seconds later on the radio wherever i am at store car . I day dream alot and this prompted me to research daydreaming as a developmental tool for psych abilities

    1. Hi Musa,
      Thank you for your comment. It sounds like you are very aware. You can ask your angels/guides to help you connect with the energy of your baby girl as that connection stems from your heart energy and can never be broken. Judy and I created the Heal Yourself program to support others in safely using and developing their natural psychic abilities. Astral traveling is another natural ability that can seem scary at first, but with practice is fun and easy to do.
      Thank you for being in touch and keep dreaming!

    2. Hi Musa,
      I appreciate your comment and am so thankful that You found us. I agree with what Christy has shared. It sounds like You are pretty motivated to gain use of your psychic spiritual awareness. The Heal Yourself program will help You with that.
      You deserve to be able to connect with yourself more deeply. Sometimes being close to loosing your mind is what supports You in choosing to do what it takes to attain deeper connection. Stay aware of your breath while You work through the pieces that support You!
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  46. Hi… I really don’t know where to start. I’m from Italy and I turned 18 recently. I’ve always felt different from the others, but I’m sure everyone has felt this way so I will not analyze this part of my story. A few months ago I started using my psychic powers and I’m sure they’re real for I have tried them on three different people who were skeptical initially. (although they’re all good friends of mine). I discovered i can do a lot of things to them, from giving them the sensation of being touched wherever I decide to “touch” them, to orgasms. this orgasm thing is actually very common and it kind of always happens to them if I want to. it’s like an explosion of energy. they also tell me it’s not all physical pleasure. I can also increase lights, create an atmosphere (by putting my own energy into whatever surrounds me). so yeah, i’m confused. I feel the energy and there are plenty of things I can do, but I was wondering whether I am the only one or there are other people like me.

    1. Hi Francesco,

      Sounds incredible, the ways You affect energy. You are not alone, there are many that are masters of energetic manipulation. Your intention to connect on the physical level with others that will help You accept and develop these skills will bring You to those people. Open up to the conversations that You have on the Astral Plane and You will cause these connections to happen more quickly. As with any psychic skill, asking for permission on the physical plane serves : )
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  47. Lately this year 2012-2013 I have had more dreams and feel more sensitive about other people. During my childhood I did predict death, during my teenage years I saw many things and was visited. At this point I was very scared it was negative. I could see my body floating and move out of the house like flying but very close to the floor about 1 feet above the ground going so fast like 100 miles per hour always going back to my childhood home where my father use to practice some dark religion and then I would standing still floating in front of the wall with a window and I could see a cross on the wall (which was the west wall) of the room turning upside down and get burn completely without harming the wood house. I asked my father about it and yes he confirmed all that burning cross happening before I was born. Also, I could hear Gregorian music very loud inside me during the night, I was so scared when I heard the music because there was a black figure standing on bottom bed area and I could hear it asking me to say YES or NO. I never understood what was the question but I try to block any kind of connection I could have. I also, was trying to communicate with my grandmother after she passed away because I loved her and while concentrating my bed started shaking so strong I got scared again and then completely stopped any contact. I always dream but try not to listen. Lately, after 20 years I am having more dreams of people I don’t know but some how some people I know are in the dreams as spectators. Sometimes I say something to them because I feel the need to express what it was presented. One example was last year when I had a dream about this old lady very rough woman very elegant and she could really pay attention to details. I could see all colors in her dress and makeup I will never forget her look at my eyes because with that look she told me to tell him that she loved him and that she was sorry to cause the a wrong impression but that she was trying to make him strong due to the circumstances. I didn’t know what was about but he had never talk to me about her neither. Next day I ask him: hey can I ask you something but please don’t think I am a freak, so I told him what I dream about with details and he told it was his grandmother who never loved him. Two months ago I dream with my other grandmother who passed away 6 yrs ago but I could not be at her funeral. In the dream she was very relaxed, happy and she was dressed with a vibrant red long dress, next day I dream with her again but now with a light color t shirt that I could not really distinguished exactly the color but was very light and blue pants. So I called my mother and ask about it and she told me my grandmother was buried in beautiful red dress and she died in a white t shirt and blue jeans. So with all this experiences which are not all, am I a psychic or what? I really need to know.

    1. Hi David,
      Yes, it seems that You are having psychic experiences. You get to set limits around what happens for You if You choose without having to close off to the subtle language of spirit. You can intend that You only experience dreams and visions that contribute to your understanding. I encourage You to remember that there is no source of darkness, only the blocking out of the light. Your perception around this will color what You experience and see. Source energy flows to us always. It is with our perceptions and beliefs that stop or resist the flow of love and light. The Heal Yourself Program is for individuals like You finding healthy ways to use the abilities You have and be grounded/centered in your experiences.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  48. I realize that it has been several years since this blog was posted, but I wanted to tell my story. I have had 4 near-death experiences in my life, but it was when I attempted suicide at 12 that my sensitivity changed and I became aware. I can see how a person died by being at the spot they passed. The more violent the death, then stronger the signature. I can also see spirits and sense their emotions, but not actually communicate.

    I have helped spirits pass on just by telling their story. It seems either by letting others know (or even the spirit), they can be at peace. Hauntings have ceased because of my help and I am all too happy to do it. Here I am at 43 and I feel I haven’t helped enough. I know in my heart that I’m doing the right thing, but need guidance (or at least practice) to be sure I’m doing all I can. I would like to work with a medium and/or a paranormal team to test, practice, and experiment with the things I see and deal with all the time.

    1. Hi David,
      It sounds like You are clear about what You do and how You do it. Sounds like working with a medium and/or paranormal team would serve You to gain even greater confidence in your abilities. Remember that if You can connect with non-physical that there are always guides that are ready to support and help You as well. The only requirement is to ask and then be open to information in multi diminutional ways.
      In Heart Centered Awareness,

  49. My daydreams come true. I don’t think they are coincidences because they are too detailed and happen too often. I daydreamed someone died in a bathtub and the next day Whitney Houston died in her bathtub. Another time I was driving down the highway when I daydreamed that a car was in the grass divider in between highways surround by cop cars, next thing I know I see the same scene played out in real life. My daydreams have been coming true since I was little and now I try not to think of certain things in fear they might come true. I was wondering what this ability is, or if it is even an ability? Maybe they are just coincidences but Im not sure. When I was really little, I could sometimes tell who was about to call/on the phone. Its known in my house that I have extremely good hearing, I can always tell if someone is talking about me and then be able to hear what they were saying even if they are on a different floor than me. I’m just curious as to what extend of ability I have, if I even have any.

    1. Yes Angel. Our daydreams are definitely one of the ways we tap into the guidance from spirit. Glad you are connected enough to notice and be aware. And you’ll notice the more you pay attention to your intuition the stronger it will get.
      Best wishes,

    2. Hi angle this Jasmyn speaking.. u have a gift, mine is almost like your except I dream..and they becomes reality. I had a psychic tell me she could not read me , because we had da same gift. She said as if there was a wall blockin us. I met her in college walking back to my apartment , i picked up a vibe when I strolled passed..we looked at each other n connected. We sat and talk , she told me dat I had the Don , Dats wat they say in Brazil.

  50. I empathize as our stories are very similar.My gifts started before i was aware i was gift.I mistook them for mental illness for a time and then had to grow into accepting …it’ not science fiction or something wrong with me.But a gift.One ,admittedly a teacher or a guide book, would be excellent to have at times.But I found once i did accept myself as who i am, the Universe supplied.I made new friends world wide who share my gifts , in their own unique ways as all our gifts are …personalized to us..so to speak.but many times we feel and sense the same thing at the same time.And have made a community where we sometimes just vent,sometime share with each other, sometimes do group meditations and channelings together but most important…we learn from each other.If your on facebook hit me up and i will share some of these pages , with awesome supportive people just like us.And many wonderful links to exercises, meditations, but most all…. support from friends who know what it’s like.As often it’s hard to find friends who really understand.

    Edyn Toussainte Gouverneur NY

    1. Hello Edyn , I’m Jasmyn from Louisiana I’m 27 , and I’m still tryin to get use to the gift I have. I’m the only one in da family dat has the gift now, but my grandmother who I was told I inherited it from had it as well. She passed away in 1989 so unfortunately she wasn’t able to teach me or explain this gift. I was so afraid at first because , I will dream things and it happen just as I dream. Those are the dreams I memorize.

  51. Lately I noticed that i see the last vision and sometimes feel the last emotion of someone that has recently died. sometimes the emotions get pretty strong like fear and sadness. nothing to this point has helped at all with people who are lost, often the visions are merely glimpses and the only result would be a body recovery… today is a new twist in that i have no name but felt extreme anger and either a dashboard or control panel… I think the cause of death may have been a result of that control panel or dashboard…. which is absolutely no help to anyone… I got to be able to focus but no clue how..

    1. Hi Greg,
      I encourage You to set the intention ‘that if there is something You can do, the information will be helpful and complete’. I wonder if these glimpses are for You thou. Asking for You to listen more closely, paying attention to the symbology to experience life in greater ways.

      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

      1. I was just diagnosed with a mental disorder but i think there is more to it i feel like im evolving somehow, that i am opening doors that has been shut for years and i finally found the key to unlock this doors to access and tap into my psychic powers. The more i pay attention and focus on this the more things i can do. I think one of the first ability ive developed was to be able to see something that normal human cannot, first it was just the eyes but when i accepted it that there was something watching me so what i did was i created and draw my own spirit board to summon it and show itself to me then this thing those only eyes that ive been sensing it began to take some sort of forms shadow like or sometimes a clear image of it. Then i started experiencing things i think it is trying to tell me something sometimes it turns my back carseat lights switch to on position. Maybe if i do another session of spirit board i will ask it its name. I always have this dream when i was a kid that there are many doors locked inside my head and every door has different purpose and by unlocking those door unlocks new ability.

        1. Thank You for sharing JeMyr,
          It sounds like You are enjoying the discovery of yourself. Spirit communicates with us in so many ways. I sometimes feel like a broken record and knowing how to stay grounded in your discovery is going to allow You to move through the doorways with ease and stability. http://psychicpotentials.com/offerings/heal-yourself/ The Heal Yourself Home study Program was designed for just that, grounding and discovery. And yes evolving does seem to be the energy that You are working with. I hope You have a mental health practitioner that supports You and can hear where You would like to take these new abilities and understandings.
          In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  52. My name is raphael am 16 years old and i have been having these images when am asleep then after a few weeks or days the same vision it happens in reality. Or whenever i sit down i maybe get lost a little bit in the world of thoughts i see images then it will happen. Now its been disturbing me in my mind especially in my country they don’t believe in these things and there aren’t any people with the same ability to ask for help. Its too hard trying to fit in the society they all keep saying am talking nonsense or am day dreaming.is there any way to get rid of this so called psychic or maybe just loosen the connection

    1. Hi Raphael,
      I recognize that You do not feel supported in your understandings and experiences. You can ignore what seems off to You and it will fade over time. I encourage You to believe in support around spiritual connection. If You ask for guidance from the spirit/source energy/God of all things to help You settle the information that You pick up on and to only give You information that serves your current situation and where You live, it can happen that easy. With this clarity You ask for You could allow the information to make your life more enjoyable. To ease and joy in your life and learning what to share and with whom.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  53. Can someonr help me? Twice in my life, I’ve had dreams that predicted events that happened the day before. I randomly get scared and feel like something is watching me at night. I’m also sensitive like the article above said. I can’t stand large crowds they put me on edge and it seems like I empathize with people really easy. Sometimes I imaging these weird things I’ve never seen before standing at the foot of my bed. One of them was a little creature about 2 feet high. I’m not what many people would call psychic. Not by a long shot. Am I going crazy? It’s so scary sometimes and I’m afraid that I’m just being paranoid and imagining all of this.

    1. Hi Melissa,

      The crazy thing I can relate too. So often it is most difficult to understand those things we can not quantify. Although this is funny to me because we just know and accept that the energy sound waves cause us to be able to hear the station we choose on our radio. You being sensitive to the energy waves of spiritual matters work in much the same way. The Heal Yourself Home Study http://psychicpotentials.com/offerings/heal-yourself/ is all about getting grounded and being able to understand the language of spirit. It sounds like You would be benefited to run your own energy and not pick up on everything else unless You choose to. You have the right to ask for these things to happen and the messages to be safe, clear and understandable to You. Oh and Christy and I believe everyone has the ability to tune into the station/language of source to the degree they are willing. That makes everyone to some degree psychic. Breath and allow yourself to settle and then see what happens. Might turn out to be a grand adventure : )
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  54. When I was twenty seven, I had an ‘awakening’ experience. Now I literally see the world around me in a sort of four dimensional type way, where I can feel people coming around corners, get flashes of images of things before they happen…it’s really weird to tell the truth. But I don’t think it’s un-normal, just rare. From reading some of the comments on this website, I take it there’s a lot of this stuff going on. Anyway, thanks for the cool website!

    1. Thank You for sharing here!! I have learned to enjoy the sensitive way I see the world and love knowing that there are others acknowledging the sensitive way they experience the world too.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  55. I have had visions before. I’ve dreamt of people in trenchcoats shooting up a public place. Then Columbine happened. Then I dreamt of seven Earths and seven moons, then destruction. 7 years later, the twin towers were hit.

  56. I have been able to see bits of the future ever since I was born, and I keep sensing my own death. I can feel that it is coming soon, which is fine because I always have known I was going to die young (though I have no actual evidence behind that knowledge). There is always the chance that I am wrong, but could I be right? Is it true that I can see things, and that I won’t live until summer? I could really use someone else’s opinion who knows what it is like to see things. Thanks.
    P.S. Please note that I am NOT suicidal in anyway.

    1. Hi Sylvia,
      It is possible people can receive premonitions of their own death. It is also possible that you may be getting premonitions of big change in your life. Or that you are dying to old ways of being and being born into yourself on new levels. Like letting go of your human, ego mind and stepping more fully into your higher divine mind and awareness. We all experience mini deaths over and over in our lives. And it is also possible that you are connecting with your past life awareness of dying. Hope this helps some. Trust yourself, keep listening and following your inner guidance.
      Best wishes!

  57. I’ve recently discovered that there is a concept called Highly Sensitive Person (psychology) and here I read about it again. I used to have some signs of being psychic as a child and teenager but they have almost completely vanished since then. I am in my mid twenties now. I feel I am missing out on something, I feel I need a different way of interpreting life and myself, and I feel it is time to claim it back. Exactly how? I’m not sure, but this is where listening to intuition comes in, meditation, presence, tuning in…

  58. Hi guys my name is Jay .. I am a medium, I have done readings at school, friends, private sessions and for certain family. The thing is I HARDLY SLEEP and I still can’t accept myself for been a medium I was shocked when I started experiencing and did a reading for a friend because I didn’t know where the information was coming from! I saw like pictures and felt pain and everything that has occurred to them. What do I do ? Should I continue using my gift helping others or must I just see where this journey goes?

  59. My Dad recently passed he had a clear minds eye, a physic ability. I have always had it but it has gotten strongest since his death. I felt him so strong while on the phone with my sister. I felt his energy so strong I started to cry. I could hear him talking to me, then he sent a message thru me to my sister. My sister sent my a locket bracelet with a lock of his hair in it, that is when it fit stronger. Anyway his presence was so overwhelming I didn’t know how to keep it under control I started to cry the hairs on my neck or standing up but it wasn’t a bad thing I didn’t feel fear but I felt my father’s presence within myself I’m always seeing Cardinals before his death I always just saw the male and the female which I always thought and felt a new carry love as a message from my grandparents my dad’s parents now there’s always the 3rd male, every morning at 6 o’clock I looked out my kitchen window and say hello to my 9 my pop and my father and tell them that I love them I know sooner say it and every morning in the same spot on the fence in our backyard as I look out the kitchen window a cardinal rule and look at the window and fly away sometimes the mail sometimes the female I also I’m starting to constantly see up close a red tailed hawk which is also a messenger and they carry wisdom as well as ours which would mean that his favorite bird as well as Cardinals.

  60. I am also a physic medium and had to keep my abilities a secret growing up from my family, especially my parents. But now that I don’t have to hide them, I help people and spirits when I can afford it. If anyone has questions about my gifts, please ask.

  61. Ok.. I my whole life have had very strange things happen. When i go to sleep i will dream about someone and the next day i will see them or they will make an announcement. Rarely do i tell anyone but it has happened so much idk what to think anymore. I daydream all the time and i can picture every moment so clearly. Examples of what im talking about ill start with my brothers friend had a car accident and died in a ditch he was at the house earlier that day my sister and i were young and wondering around we found a dead dog in a ditch… maybe not so weird but my birthday my brother was playing and put a knife up to my neck during the day later that night the store close to my house the girl got her throat slit i had a dream my niece was choking on food next day she choked shes ok recently i had an old flame on my mind daydreaming about him dreaming about him havent talked to him in months and i watched SLOAAT which is about a pregnant girl i hate that show i watched 3 seasons in 2 days his gf announced she was pregnant these examples may not mean anything but what if they do i can feel negative energy so strongly my body hurts and around crowds i lose my mind idk maybe just reading way into it just wish it would stop….

    1. Hi T,
      Sounds like you are definitely getting messages. I get that you are not enjoying it. Ask out loud for your guides to only give you messages that serve you. Often the messages are fairly dramatic to help you recognize the language. As you accept and ask for what serves the messages get more subtle and then often are just part of the day.
      In Spirit Centered Awareness,

  62. I saw a psychic yesterday and enjoyed my reading. I felt happy. I then went to see my best friend and 4 of her friends in a band had recently died in a car crash, we listened to their music and I was i was fine, I also had never heard or met them. I woke this morning to a terrible depression and I heard again aeline from their sing and I have been uncontrollably crying all day. Have I taken home energy fromy psychic or from these boys who passed?? My head feels heavy and full too.

  63. Relatives that have passed away speak to me in my dreams sometimes. This usually happens at difficult times in my life, for example when I was told that my son was going to be born with Downs sydrome and I was waiting on test results, my uncle came to me and stood by my bed dressed in a white suit and said everything would be ok, and it was. My uncle also came to me in a dream to tell me about the chemical company where he worked, the next day a helicopter carrying people investigating the chemical company crashed. Just recently my mother came to me in a dream on her birthday telling me she was fine and she was young and happy and dancing on the beach. Sometimes I hear my father calling my name. When i was younger I always dreamed that I was flying. More recently I have had out of body experiences where I see myself leave my sleeping body and fly around my house checking on my kids, i can fly right through closed doors and sometimes I have difficulty convincing myself to return to my sleeping body. My daughter has experienced similar things and my 3 year old granddaughter talks to people who aren’t there. When I tell people my experiences, they think I am crazy and just say its all in your mind.

  64. I enjoyed the read. I would like to put out there for those who are still learning. I enjoyed the bit where you become very in tune with your self that you are able to shut down your ability. For I have been in tune with my psychic abilities since child hood I don’t remember not having the ability. I notice for me some times it can get ovewhelming and draining to you in more ways than one. Learning to tune it on or off I imagine is a great deal of practice. I have always been able to say the same phrases to turn it on or off when I felt the need. I say to my self mentally. I am done for a bit I’m going on holidays. It is shut off til I say mentally. Ok let’s get back to work. It turns back on. I can go days weeks months and even years. My abilities I notice are very strong. I can tell what some one is doing right at that second and not having been around them in a while or know what they are feeling. Plus I also get the dream and out of body. As well I can do tarot readings and much much more. If any one has any questions they may ask me I’m no guru as I too ask questions about myself still .

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