Helping You Shine Bright Where You Stand

Judy and I have been enjoying working together here at Psychic Potentials for many years empowering you in growing and using your psychic abilities.

We also want you to be aware that we work with you individually as well, supporting you on your healing path.

Reiki is my passion. Over the past 16 years I have been helped many locally with Reiki & Reflexology sessions and Reiki training and worldwide with Distant Reiki Healing.

I have supported thousands of clients in clearing and aligning their underlying energy so they can experience physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Distant Reiki healingNo matter what condition you are experiencing, you don’t have to face it alone.  I am here to help you.

Are you wanting to recover your physical health and energy?

Are you tired of feeling depressed, sad or anxious?

Are you sick of the mental confusion or fog?

Are you hoping to raise your vibration, connect more fully with your spiritual self, and open up to what’s possible for you?

Are you wanting to improve your relationships?

Are you in love with Reiki too?

I would love to connect with you in person or at a distance.  At my site you will find inspiring articles on Reiki, Distant Reiki healing, Reiki & Reflexology sessions and Reiki Training.

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You deserve to shine bright now!

I look forward to connecting with you.

In loving Reiki light,

Christy DeArment

Distant Reiki Healing



Clearing Your DNA With Psychic Generational Healing

Did you know that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are handed down for numerous generations in your DNA? Often challenges in this life were handed down from grandparents and great-great-grandparents in genetic patterns.

If you leave unresolved matters in your cellular consciousness, your future grandchildren may encounter some similar problems as you. You have the ability to clear your DNA of programming that no longer supports you.

Psychic Generational HealingWhat a gift you give yourself and future generations by being willing to expand your consciousness and clear your genetic patterns now! You add light to your life and to the world while creating new stories of wellness. You are able to look forward in anticipation for the joy and expansion future generations will be born into.

The current energies on the planet are asking us to clear our lives of anything keeping us from fully being in our now. This includes worn-out energetic baggage that hinders us from living our fullest expression of our divine selves. Now is the time to feel free and radiate your soul in transparent joy as we continue to raise our personal vibrations, along with the Earth.

In a 21 day generational healing, with your psychic awareness and intention, you can call forth your previous generations and your future generations. You connect across space and time with the help of archangels, Reiki and your open and willing mind. With everyone’s soul-level permission, you alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual programming in your DNA.

By engaging in psychic, generational healing you come to appreciate the beneficial inheritance of beliefs and energy that support you in life, while you simultaneously heal any energy that hinders your highest life path. The understanding that ‘we all do the best we can in the moment’ grows during a generational healing.

You don’t even need to be aware of what specifically you are healing as long as you’re willing to release anything holding back your progress. By participating in a generational DNA healing, you fine tune and enhance the legacy you will leave to future generations. Not only will you clear unwanted energy from your blood line, you’ll positively affect everyone in your soul family and the world. 21 day generational healing participants often receive loving messages of appreciation from future generations and past generations in which they express immense gratitude for participants offering forgiveness and being willing to clear un-serving energy.

21 Day Generational  HealingGenerational healing participants report having visions and sensations during that magical time before falling asleep after listening to a short meditation, even if they didn’t consider themselves psychic. While DNA is cleared in the sleep-state, many participants experience conscious awareness of what they are clearing during sudden ‘ah-ha’ moments during the day.

After completing 21 day generational healing most report feeling lighter and more connected with their life paths. 21 day generational healing revitalizes participants and promotes love, joy and acceptance.

Four benefits of doing a 21 Day Generational Healing:

  1. Physical well-being. You don’t have to be limited by health problems your ancestors lived. One of the first things doctors ask is your family history. Doctors look for genetic patterns from your parents and grandparents. The doctors are right; we do pass health issues on energetically to our children. What modern medicine may not be aware of, yet, is that family history can be cleared and left in the past. Generational healing supports those who want to write their own prescription for their health.  
  2. Emotional fitness. Families have been known to pass on emotional baggage as well. Does depression, anxiety, guilt, anger or moodiness run in your family? You have the power to clear and elevate your emotions when you release stored energy from your DNA. Generational healing helps those who wish to find more hope, passion, and joy in life.  
  3. Mental health. How we perceive life can be strongly affected by what our families handed to us. How open we are in our thinking can be directly related to what our ancestors believed. Generational healing supports those who wish to expand their consciousness, creativity and intellectual capacity.
  4. Spiritual wholeness. Religious and spiritual beliefs held by previous generations can affect us now, even if we don’t subscribe to our ancestors’ spirituality. Do understand that you can talk to your own guides? Or do you belief your guidance comes externally? Do you acknowledge your own divinity? Psychic generational healing aids those who wish shine their soul-level light in their lives and align with their soul-level purpose.

Don’t wait to live free and light. Clear your genetic patterns in a 21 day generational healing. You’ll be happy you did, so will your ancestors and future generations.

Judy Lynn and I, along with the power of group energy, can support You in this process in our 21 Day Generational Healing Program.  To find out more about the 21 Day Generational Healing program or register for the next one please click here.

In Light,


PS. To read more about healing the past with Reiki click here.

Calling on Archangel Jeremiel to Transform Patterns in Your Life

Archangel Jeremiel loves to work with those who are willing and open to transform the patterns in their lives.  Jeremiel means the ‘mercy of God‘.  His aura is a deep purple color.  For me personally, I experience a feeling of nothingness like the pressure inside and outside of me is equalized when I call on Jeremiel.

Jeremiel delivers mercy when we experience difficult situations.  He helps us live in love and respect during challenging times.  He does this by helping us see clearly our patterns by taking inventory of our lives.  He performs this role when we leave our bodies in the ‘life review’ process.  He can also be called on to perform this task when we are still living out our current incarnations.

When we take inventories on our lives we can release patterns that no longer serve us.  Archangel Jeremiel will gently make us aware of these worn out patterns through dreams and bringing memories to conscious awareness.

Archangel Jeremiel also brings us prophetic information through psychic awareness or dreams.  He can give us guidance to what we can do or alter to help manifest the future of the highest light for ourselves.  He can also help interpret prophetic dreams.

Feel free to call on Archangel Jeremiel any time You are experiencing difficult times, challenging relationships or You’re feeling worry about the future.


Here is Jeremiel speaking in my channeling journal.

My questions are in italics followed by his responses:

Psychic Potentials

Can You help with other’s patterns or only my own?

Only focus on your own patterns.  Let your relationships work themselves out as they will naturally as a by-product of your clearing and releasing long-held patterns.

There is great power in seeing your life more clearly than ever.  It’s like being reborn in the same body that is recharged and refreshed.  More energy is available to You in your now.

Do You only deal the past?  Can you clear future patterns?

Yes, I do more than look at the past.  I affect the future by the power of Now.  It’s all in the now anyway.  What You  integrate from your ‘past’ helps make your eternal now more powerful and expansive.

Can I call on You during a Reiki session?

Yes, You can call on me during Reiki.  Any time You sense someone has an issue from their past that wants to be healed and released now.  When someone is having a rough time I can make it easier for them.

Can You help me in my personal relationship?

I can help on your end.  You partner can call on me in order to have his own awareness.   I can bring much light and healing to relationship issues.  Just by seeing clearly your own patterns and being willing to release them brings new perspective to relating.

I can help You appreciate the role your partner plays in acting out experiences that bring attention to your underlying patterns.  I allow you to be merciful and kind to yourself and others while you come to understand the ways you’ve patterned your life.

Once You become clear and free from old patterns You have an influx of energy available to create new experiences that reflect more accurately your current state of being.

Can I call on You to go to someone else, like my child or partner?

Yes, You can use the distant Reiki symbol during a Reiki session.  Or, like your intention when You send distant Reiki, You can call on me to help someone else based on the receiver’s free will.  I can communicate with them subconsciously or to their higher self to make sure they are willing to work with me.  They may have some awareness by memories coming to the forefront of their minds or through dreams.   There is a benefit to them asking to work with me in a conscious manner.  At the very least, I can bring some comfort to your loved ones when You call on me to help them.

Can You help me release fear and worry about the future?

Yes, I can help You be more comfortable in your now.  I will offer guidance through your dreams, insights and visions to help You be aware of your probable future.  I can direct to towards actions that help You live out your highest light in this life.  I can help you live your life in your now from a loving and compassionate place and help you release patterns that block your highest light of love and compassion.  When You live from your Brightest Light in the Now and act upon your Divine guidance fear drops away replaced with clarity and love.

Spiritual Healing Using Psychic Abilities and Spirit Guides

I’ve been using psychic abilities for spiritual healing for so long that it’s almost second nature to me.  As a child I learned how my mental state affected my health.  I discovered I could make myself sick to my advantage to stay home from school or make myself better to do fun activities.

As an adult I’ve really honed my skills, I help others return to their state of well-being using energy healing techniques such as Reiki, reflexology, chakras, and working with spirit guides and angels.  I’ve experienced first-hand how working with unseen energy around us can have a dramatic effect on health and overall wellness.

Even before I learned Reiki, I actively used my psychic abilities to send healing energy to loved ones who were ill. I must say, it’s a lot easier to accomplish the healings with Reiki, but don’t let not being attuned to Reiki stop You from using your connection with the life force around you to cause healing.

A very general way healing psychically is holding the person in your mind’s eye and seeing them whole. You can look at their energy in chakras, aura and their organs.  If You notice anything blocking free-flowing energy, You can see the blocks being removed and filled with light.  This is a very basic overview of a topic that could be covered in-depth in a series of psychic, energy healing classes.  It is important to have basic understanding of grounding and running your own energy to perform psychic healing.

You don’t have to work alone either.  You can work with your spirit guides and angels while psychicallyPsychic Potentials healing. Once you’ve made connection with the angel or spirit guide You most resonate with, You have instant access to assistance and healing advice.

Working with angels is simple, you only need to ask.  I work with Archangel Raphael all the time.  His primary function is working with healers.  Raphael means ‘God’ ‘heals’.  In fact Raphael has been one of my biggest teachers on the subject of healing with energy.  You only need to invite him in and request his assistance in healing.

You can also connect with healing masters and spiritual surgeons in meditation or in the Advanced Heal Yourself program. Spiritual surgeons work in the etheric blueprint of the body.  Most spiritual surgeons were incarnated as humans and choose to remain in service to humanity working as spiritual healers partnering with willing incarnated healers.

Healing Masters partner with You to heal in the energy field such as chakras and aura.  Your healing master will help You hold your healing space and can be sent to others to assist in healing.

Allow and ask your spirit guides to teach and guide You in healing psychically.  They will work with You to become a more effective healer.    Working with angels and guides expands your knowledge and healing ability since they have a broader perspective not being in the physical realm.  For me it’s comforting knowing I have spiritual help when I’m assisting someone return to their state of well-being, health and wholeness.

Here’s to free-flowing and radiant energy!


P.S.  Get energetic support and healing in a Distant Psychic Reiki Healing Session.