Feeling Psychically Connected – Part 2

Psychic PotentialsWhat does it feel like to be connected psychically?

In this article I am sharing my impressions with You.  Feel free to notice similarities or differences about how You feel when psychically connected . We each have our unique way of perceiving.  Judy shared her ideas of what being psychically connected in Feeling Connected Psychically – Part 1, here I continue with my perspective.

Physically I often noticea tingling sensation at my third eye, crown chakra, hands, feet and often my spine.  I sometimes feel the air pressure change around me.  I may feel hot or cold sensations or rising body temperature.

Usually there is no discomfort associated with these physical changes.  I have had psychic impressions before that didn’t feel comfortable physically or emotionally, almost like a panic attack.  The psychic promptings acted like  a warning by causing the discomfort which got me to move my body or look around.   When I moved and noticed what was important for me to see the sensations went away leaving me with a sense of relief.  So my psychic awareness acts as a guidance system keeping me safely on a path that serves me.

Emotionally there is definitely a detachment that I feel when I’m sensing information psychically.  My voice may even become more mono-tone.  I feel calm and centered while perceiving with my psychic awareness.

Mentally, I am very clear when connected psychically.  In fact one of my strong suits is my clair-cognizance.  When I know something with out being told, I feel the truth of it clearly in my head which resonates that knowing all through my body.  Clear knowing is like a light bulb turning on in my head.    I feel a great sense of acceptance and trust of the information I receive this way.

Only if I start to judge psychic information do I have other reactions or emotions that follow.  In fact, I know if I have any reaction to the information I’m just associating the psychic impressions to my life or making a judgement.

When I’m psychically connected I am very telepathic and often know what people are thinking. For example, during a conversation I will see pictures of what the person talking to me is saying floating in the space between us.  I am very present to the conversation while talking hardly any notice of the environment around me.

I am a dreamer so much psychic information comes in my sleep.  I have very clear recall of dreams that are of importance to my life.  I even at times sit with my guides in my dreams and remember what they tell me.

I also am a day dreamer.  I might be having a conversation with someone and then appear totally spaced out for a moment.  That’s when I’m having a day dream or vision, which will relate to the topic at hand.

When I’m psychically connected I’m in the divine flow of my life.  The information is always available to help my life flow easily.  For example, traffic flows, checkout lines at stores go quickly with pleasant people, and I’m in the right place at the right time.

To me it feels very natural to be connected psychically.  In fact it feels more uncomfortable and unnatural for me if I’m disconnected.  Life is just plain easier being psychically connectedIt’s easier to make decisions, easier to do my work, and easier to relate to others.

Feeling Connected Psychically – Part 1

What does it feel like when You are connected up psychically?  I can only speak for myself as the sensations and reactions are individual to each person. There is one thing in common for everyone and that is a feeling of expansion.

Practicing grounding and connecting techniques serve to allow someone developing their psychic ability to be able to recognize and become more comfortable with the actual sensations that they notice.

Physically I feel an aliveness, through vibration or a temperature change. Often a pulsing sensation can be felt in or around me, much like a heart beat.

Everything softens– the visuals, the physical sensations and the sounds in my environment.  So I feel somewhat detached from what is going on.

Yet when I am perceiving psychically one or more of these senses will sharpen in a focused way on something specific.  When I am seeing visually, visions seem to slow down and become very focused.  Receiving kinesthetically I feel an actual sensation in my own physical body.  When a knowing comes over me, I know the world around me is still moving yet it continues with out me.

From the outside looking in You might think I’ve faded out for a time.

If You haven’t experienced this kind of connection before it can be some what unnerving.

It serves to suspend perceptions because psychic information is just that, information.  It is the receiver that has to translate it through discernment and avoid giving it a good or bad label.

Generally, the good or bad feelings come when You start to decide how and what You feel/think/believe about the information.  And so does the contraction of your body, mind and emotions if You perceive the information as negative.

The more open You are to experiencing the feeling of being directly connected up psychically the the less noticeable the sensations become.  It is like learning to walk.  Each step adds to the last and before You know it the act of walking and the ability to use psychic abilities becomes natural with out having to think about it.

What Kind of Psychic Reading Personality do You Have?

Working with a psychic can happen a few different ways.  As one who does psychic readings, being on the other end of what is possible can be just as different.

How You approach a reading being done for You is a determinant of what You might get out of it.Getting the most out of a psychic reading

The super considerate client, sitting quiet, taking up very little space, no speaking, not wanting to disturb, so they can get as much information as possible.

The skeptical client, who generally sits leaning back, arms or legs crossed and is mum on purpose so as not to give any information that could be fed back to them.

The curious clients who asks as many questions about the process as they do about the feedback, sitting excitedly on the edge of their seat.

The slightly edgy client, concerned about what information might surface and how it will affect them.  Asking themselves, ‘Do I really want to know and/or do I want anyone else to know’.

Then there is the individual that is genuinely open and discerning.  Someone who is an active participant in fitting the information received into their understanding of what is happening in their lives.

Asking questions and giving feedback so that the reading is about deeper understanding from a place of clarity and co creation.

At any time during a psychic reading the personality can shift and adjust, all good, each personality gets something different from their interaction.

Your choice is what personality You want to bring to the reading and Your intention about what You would like to get out of a reading?

Defining “Psychic”

What does the word psychic mean anyway?  To many people it conjures the image of a gypsy looking into a crystal ball and telling fortunes.  Being psychic is so much more than telling the future.

Psychic has its origins from the Greek work psȳchikós, of the soul, spirit or mind.  The dictionary defines psychic as one who is sensitive or receptive to nonphysical influences beyond the normal range of perception.

Judy and I add to this definition by saying that Psychic is being AWARE. If You are using Your psychic abilities you are paying attention and noticing the energy in and around You.  You notice Your thoughts, feelings, scents, dreams, inner knowing, vision and sound.

Judy and I also agree that everyone is psychic.  Being psychic is normal.   Some people just pay more attention to what they see around them rather than the unseen.  Everyone has the capability of tapping into their inner awareness to find their own answers and direction in life.

Why do we ever look outside ourselves for answers?  We want reassurance.  We look to others to shine light on our blind spots.  We look to others to gain more clarity and awareness.  The more clear we are the easier it is to make decisions.

Judy and I have noticed the synergy of combining our psychic awareness causes an emergence of profound insights.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is a good description.  So when we look to others, we are just looking for the benefit of another’s varying perspective.

Everyone has dominant psychic abilities for example: clairvoyant (sight), clairaudient(hearing), clairsentient (feeling), claircognizance ( knowing), clairkinesis (touch).  We all use a combination of our senses, but most of us have a dominant psychic ability.  My dominant ability is claircognizance, I just know things without being told.  Judy’s is clairsentient.

Allowing Yourself to fully tap into Your psychic awareness opens You up to live life more fully.  You can tap into the seen and unseen forces around You for Your greatest benefit.

That’s part of what Judy and I are here to help You with living fully aware.

In Love and Light,