It’s a good week for being…

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Energy Reading
…for the week of: October 12th 2015
Let your world be pulled apart!
It’s the only way it can be put back together in a way that serves you.
Sometimes you get comfortable with the way things have been.
Now’s the time to remove those aspects of your life  that don’t work when they stand on their own.
And add more of those aspects that are really working for you. You know what they are.
It’s a great week for…
How have you changed in the last year?
Can you see how all the shifting energy supports a more authentic expression of you?
Be willing to look at yourself with fresh eyes.
Allow yourself to notice a little more the messages of Spirit.
It’s also a good week for…
…being appreciative.
It gets you in alignment quickly.
Notice how you feel in your body as you appreciate life around you.
Write it, talk it and feel it!
‘Feel it’ so you vibrate right into the things you desire!
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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How Do I Get Psychic Answers?

I find it very interesting that individuals want to strengthen their abilities, but they don’t really have a reason for it.

One of the things that I do is make sure I have a clear question because when I have a clear question, I can expect a fairly clear answer in return.

If I’m just looking for answers without any questions or without having any desire to know anything then that it doesn’t really allow me to get any information that’s gonna give me anything, You know.

I get really strong hits on a ongoing basis and those are the ones I’m going to listen to anyway, I didn’t need a question for.

When it comes to everyday subtle information I’m always getting information.  When I have the question is when I actually feel like I’m getting the clear answers.

So if I have a clear question that I can present to the universe or to my angels or to my guides or whoever it is that You’re wanting to talk to,  that’s when You’re going to get the information that’s gonna be the easiest to deal with or easiest to understand.

The answer always comes.  What was coming to mind while you where talking.

If it’s just something not important to You, your clarity… your level of wanting to know something is not that strong.  Say it’s a life or death situation You’re going to get very strong information on what to do in that moment  and it’s gonna be clear and you’re gonna follow it and you’re not gonna question it because it’s intense, it’s in the moment.  It’s in the now but if it’s something like well in five years… should I go to Jamaica or should I go to Cancun… it’s five years away and it’s not going to feel as important.

That’s true and the more You pay attention the more that You’re going to get information for the more mundane everyday questions that You’re asking.  You do have a tendency to get information about  things that are really dramatic and yet when You pay close attention You can be having just a little bit of a questioning about… You know whether this class is good or whether that one’s gonna serve you most and You’ll get answers and they’ll be a little quieter but you still get them.

It’s just a matter of paying attention most of the time, don’t you agree? Yea exactly, I think our guides love it when we pay attention they don’t have to get so big about things. Yea and that’s another thing too, even if you don’t catch it the first time, if your still listening your spiritual guides are going to keep sharing information with You. They’re gonna … they’re going to keep knocking until You hear that somebody’s knocking at the door.

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What is a Twin Soul and What Are You to Do With Them?

It wasn’t until summer of 2011 that I actually was exposed to the term ‘twin soul’.  I found the concept interesting and started doing some research about this concept of twin souls.  The information I found online was somewhat frightening and intimidating to say the least.

Why would anyone really want to expose themselves purposely to the dark night of the soul and the greatest challenge ever in relationship.  Probably not for me, unless, I was aware that I consciously chose to be here for the purpose of expansion.  Nothing like something intense to cause great expansion and the reward of unparalleled enjoyment.

First, I needed to do some more research as the information I was finding online, did not make complete sense to me.  After reading  about, talking about and asking my guides, the pieces started coming together to create a picture of something totally different than I had first come across.

The term ‘twin soul’ means something different than the term so many use today to explain someone they feel like they have known before and forever, ‘soul mate’.  It has come to be my understanding that we only have one twin soul and can have many soul mates.

True sense of the word soul mate is the mates You originally incarnated with in an immediate soul family kind of way.

We generally recognize these immediate soul family members energetically and it brings a whole new meaning to feeling ‘at home’.

Even though the twin souls are immediate soul family they are even more closely connected.  Similar to what is experienced when connecting with a soul mate, is what happens with a twin soul and MORE. After consulting with a few twin soul couples, it seems that the two souls fully complete/complement one another because they are two parts of the whole.

To simplify, possibly over-simplify, a bunch of source energy splits away from the whole intentionally with purpose.  This bunch splits into many and the many, each split into halves.  These halves are still complete in themselves and have an identical vibration with one another, more so than any other. Considered masculine and feminine halves of the whole, that when they come back together, create something greater than just the two.

This pair of identically vibrating souls are never really separated and more of these pairs have recently in the last years chosen to physically incarnate at the same time.  More often one would stay in non physical alongside their physically incarnated twin soul.

There is an understanding that continues to show up through the ages that these twin souls work together to further the expansion and experience of source together.

What happens when You actually come in contact with your twin?  Seems like the experiences range from utter fear to undeniable connection.  Whether recognition happens immediately on meeting or over a period of time, You just know.

Twin souls can be served knowing that their spirits, the larger part of themselves, are very much in contact and connection always.  Twins may or may not choose to be primary partners having beliefs based on less intense relationships here on the physical plane.

Some form of relationship, be it working together or great friendship are likely as these two are drawn together naturally and strongly. This magnetism is something twin soul couples talk about experiencing even before they understand why.

It has been said, very many times in history, that the twin souls are the clearest mirror for one another ever found and highly valuable in speeding up one an others evolution when they come together physically.  That coming together becomes an example of understanding, accepting and living unconditional love.

Whether or not, You accept this agreement and consciously find ways to play together or You become aware of your soul mate in non physical form, You have large opportunity for growth as an individual in knowing that your attention to your source connection does affect the whole. And because of the resonance in vibration, that your twin soul will be more affected than others.

Seems like a great opportunity if You happen across them in physical, to speed up your spiritual evolution.   Either way, You are always spiritually with them in physical or not and they with You.

I wonder if it is possible that the desire for greater depth and meaning has caused many more of these pairs to agree to come together during this time.



Dream Time Astral Travel Work That Supports Your Life Purpose

Have you noticed that you have a night job that you perform while you’re asleep in your astral travels or dream state? I’ve become aware that I have been moonlighting as part of my light worker mission.  I’ve always known that I do a lot of work healing, teaching and learning in my astral travels.  Now, it’s clear that while I sleep and dream at night I’m busy helping living beings on the planet as part of my life purpose.  I’ve also discovered I’m not working alone.

In recent discussions I’ve had with others, I’ve noticed that more and more people are becoming aware of their functions during dream-time.  It’s like we act as guardian angels or psychic guides for our fellow humans on the opposite side of the planet or in the ethereal realm.  I find this fascinating that we are starting to remember this consciously and that we seem to be receiving specific information about places, timing and individuals that we’re helping.

Now my guides and dreams have led me to realize a specific function I serve in my work during sleep-time astral traveling.  I help living beings find safety before natural or human caused disasters.  I have memory of some of these night-time activities.  Mostly I sleep very deeply on nights when I’m fulfilling this psychic mission.

Upon waking I’ve had specific dream-time memories of helping out in my sleep.  Once I remembered calling whales to aPsychic Potentials beam of light in the ocean.  Pods of whales would come to the place I was.  I had this dream memory shortly before the Gulf oil spill.

More recently, I had the memory of being in an office like room.  A voice was telling me and at least one other person that an earthquake, tsunami, or volcano would happen within five minutes of my return to Colorado.  In the dream I knew I’d already done my work and the voice was just letting me know the timing.

I found out upon waking, that there was an earthquake and volcano within minutes of when I had this dream.  Thank you, Mitch Batros of Earth Changes Media for your timely updates on Earth activities.

Other times the memories are very vague or non-existent.  For big events like 9/11 and the March 2011 earthquake in Japan, I’ve slept very deeply.  I also happened to be visiting my sister in Sedona for both events.  I sleep like a rock when I’m there.

I have had conversations with other light workers who remember their night-time astral traveling  jobs that support their life purpose.  Here are some astral functions that people shared with me:

  • Guiding people who have left their bodies in a disaster and need help crossing over.
  • Counseling lost or troubled souls who’ve crossed over.
  • Helping out in war-torn areas.
  • Supporting earth functioning.
  • Clearing and rejuvenating the land.

I’m curious to find out if any of our readers have memories or awareness of performing light worker jobs in their sleep-time.  If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

In heart awareness,



Feeling Ascension Energy Upgrades and Shifts Physically and Emotionally

Feeling energetic upgrades has come up in conversation so many times lately that we decided to address it.    Many aware people are noticing the effects of this shift of the vibration of energy on the planet. The challenge is that everyone feels the energy upgrades differently.

Some people refer to this as ‘symptoms of ascension‘.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, the energy is vibrating at an ever increasing rate. You can take comfort knowing you aren’t alone in experiencing these energy shifts and side effects.

There is an integration process that happens when we are exposed to an energy level that is very different from where we are energetically functioning. If the energy of the environment is of a higher vibration and we are in constant contact with it, the energy level we are vibrating at will also rise. There is often a physcial release and a recalibration that happens.  Although this brings a beneficial outcome the process is not always comfortable.

The following is a list of more common physical/emotional happenings*:Psychic Potentials

  • Headaches and more headaches.
  • Dizziness and a sense that the items around You are not as solid as You believed.
  • A feeling of fuzziness, fogginess or softening of thinking.
  • An unusual unyielding tiredness at any time of the day.
  • Difficulty staying asleep for more than one night in a row that switches over to very deep sleeping without dreams for a few days during integration.
  • Visual disturbances.
  • Smiling suddenly when not clearly thinking about something.
  • A sudden flooding of overall wellness.
  • Sudden increases of telepathy and other psychic abilities such as, psychic hearing, seeing, feeling or knowing.
  • Mixing up or forgetting words for things.
  • increased hunger (which is the bodies way of helping ground the energy).
  • buzzing in the ears.
  • increased sensitivity to others, crowds and negativity.
  • desire to be at home in your personal sanctuary.
  • vivid dreams.
  • digestive disturbances.
  • heart flutters or a feeling of opening in the heart.

Because this list is far from comprehensive I invite You to comment with examples of the physical reality experiences You are having during these energy upgrades and shifts.

The greater question might be, ‘what can You do about these happenings in your body?’

Recognize that your translation of what is happening, will define your experience of what is happening.  Is this a good thing?  Is it a frightening experience?  Are You able to look at it and surrender to the physical movement that comes from an energy shift?

How you interpret what is happening will either speed up the process or slow it down.  Fear of what is happening will slow down the integration.  Acceptance and relaxing into the energy download will allow you to more quickly integrate the new light with greater ease and grace.

With greater energy comes the need for greater grounding. Grounding is your connection to this earth.  The more connected you are to the earth the more energy you can run through your body.  Heal Yourself home study course contains helpful information and tools to help you ground fully.

We also would like to offer you this free grounding meditation.

We look forward to hearing how the energy shifts and upgrades are affecting you and how you’re handling it.

In heart centered awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

*(Please note: If you are experiencing symptoms you may wish to see a doctor to rule out a medical cause.  You may also benefit and support yourself with nutritional and natural remedies.)

P.S. Distant Psychic Reiki Healing can help relieve ascension symptoms and help you more easily integrate new energy.

5 Things to do When You Recognize a Soul Mate

I know I am connected to my soul mate psychically in this life and in another life too. I actually have past/concurrent life recognition. I can see scenes from when we have interacted together from what seems from another time on Earth. Now what?

First off, how do I know? Well the short answer is that as soon as I connected with this person it was as if I had known them forever and the first meeting was like reconnecting with my closest dearest friend. This person knew me better than any other individual has in this life time so far, without time to get to know me in this life time. And I believe the reverse was true as well. We were both asking the question, “What gives?”

I have known some soul mates that have found one another to do things like finish one another’s sentences immediately or be able to offer deep comfort first meeting. Upon finding this person You will probably feel compelled to know them better and to find out what makes him or her seem so familiar.

Not every coming together of two spirits is as enjoyable as reconnecting souls that have loved somewhere else in another space-time continuum. Sometimes You are drawn to a person and there is an instant dislike and You are just like a moth drawn to the light. This type of attraction is more likely about karmic debt (karmic debt can also show up in enjoyable connections as well), that one or both of You are in need of tending to. It probably does not indicate that the two of You are just two souls that have played and danced together and continue to come together in more than one lifetime for the pure joy of it.

The challenge comes when I ask myself what to do with this information and this intimately desired connection. Are we to be friends, lovers, partners in life, or just passing by one another to remind us of the joy that can be experienced in dancing with another. Is there another way soul mates can support one another on our respective paths?

Meet a soul mateIn my mind I know, I do not know this person on an Earth level in this life time and yet I have come into contact with them here, on Earth, in this life time.

Why did I meet my soul mate?

Am I supposed to create something with my soul mate in this lifetime? Is there a specific reason I came together with this person?

Is my soul mate here to cause me to re-evaluate my life and beliefs?

Do we have something we are supposed to do together or learn from one an other? Is it even an intentional thing?

What have I been focusing on creating in my life that would cause this connection to happen in my life at this time?

What if the person that showed up in my life, a soul mate is unwilling to recognize the connection and chalks it up as imagination?

If Your life has room to fit this person in the way You feel is right for You, easily, then the questions diminish greatly. It is when You have commitments to others, that are real to You, and things do not seem to jive, that it starts getting trickier if You are not grounded.

With out being really honest with yourself and the persons around You this kind of connection could even be destructive.

Here are five things to do when You recognize a soul mate:

1) Listen to your guides and move forward at a pace that works for You. Find ways to get to know one another in this life time just as You would any other soul in physical form.

2) Ask for spiritual guidance in releasing the energy of other life times, so You can be clear in this one. When You allow a past/concurrent life to bring a soul mate to You it has done what it was meant to do, help You recognize one another.

3) The next step might be for the two of You to decide individually (and possibly together) which way the connection is best going to serve You.  Listen for the inspired knowing and actions that come with this gift.

4) By listening to and integrating the reality of your life and the spiritual guidance that You receive, there will be a successful recognition of this gift across the dimensions and You will know what the two spirits in these physical bodies are meant to do with one another this time around. Be open to all the different ways You might be able to support one another in this life time.

5) What ever else comes of this re-connection use the feelings of joy, recognition, and excitement to create what You desire in your life.

This can be an amazing experience and one I hope everyone allows themselves sometime in each life time. It isn’t always easy to accept that which we can not measure, verify or even understand. It takes a level of trust in the mystery of life and in one’s self to allow this kind of connection to blossom.

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How Might Your Spiritual Guides be Trying to Get You Messages

I have been aware of my spiritual guides for many years and the key is being open and trusting myself to translate the information that they are sharing with me.  It would be nice sometimes if they were to just outright tell me what direction is best to go, on paper, in writing. Often that is not what I am open to, yet I believe it is possible.

Is it a game or about the fun of it?  Couldn’t tell You for sure.  I do know that the more I listen the easier it gets to ‘hear’ what is being shared. Eventually I hope to be able to say that it is easier to follow through with what I am being told : )

When I am moving throughout the day often I will get messages from my guides and often messages from other peoples guides as well.  It is what I have agreed to.  I pass the messages on in the latter case and let go of what I hear as soon as I have shared with the intended

If I am feeling that more guidance would serve me then I will take special time above and beyond normal meditation time and ask the questions that I think will bring me clarity.  The key after that is to quiet my mind so that I may ‘hear’ the answers to what I have asked about.

Often the messages for me will contain visuals that I can relate to and connect with containing animals, symbols found in nature, and material objects I have around me.  Having been in the healing arena for so many years, a lot of information comes to me kinesthetically sharing where there are physical health issues, any emotions that are part of the inquiry, and where one might be holding resistance physically.  When I actually hear the gifts of insight they are loud and clear and the voice sounds like it is coming from a speaker to the right of me.

Likewise when I receive information for others there will be objects, feelings and words  included in the message that have meaning for them.  Most of the time I am not privy to the full meaning of the message I receive for others and it is up to them to put the meaning to the message that serves them.

Some of the ways I receive information has happened spontaneously and in other ways I have learned over time how to understand and be specific with what is shared.

I have known many individuals that have received messages that piqued their interest because the way the guides shared it was in a package undeniably noticeable.

Some examples: When someone drives up to You in a dream to deliver a message and it happens to be the same color and make of car that You dreamed of for 4 years as a teenager.  Or when the message shows up to You in a vision of the form of an individual that You knew in a physical body that has passed away.  Or it is an overwhelming feeling that has absolutely no connection to what You are doing in the moment and have no history of having felt that way before (at least the first time You notice a message this way).  Or in a dream a beloved childhood pet takes You down a path of discovery bringing your attention to the signs along the way.  Or recently I experienced my ipod doing strange things until I hit on a song that caused me to hear a message being shared, more of a reminder really. Remember spiritual guides are not limited by a physical appearance and can show up in many forms from angels to something as amazing as a pinpoint of cosmic light.  It is only limited by your imagination and willingness to accept the possibilities.

Yes, getting information this way is subjective and has differing degrees of clarity.  If You are really off in your understanding, trust that your guides will be working to get you more information to set You back on the track that matches your deepest hearts desire.

What ever way they share messages with You, be it auditory, visual, kinesthetic, a knowing or something else they will do their best to deliver them in a way that You will relate to.

It is about accepting the insight that comes from the spiritual guides, in all their forms, and using it to best serve You in fulfilling what You came to do on this physical plane.

Do IPods Possess Psychic Ability

I know we usually talk about human psychic ability here at Psychic Potentials.  But have You ever noticed your iPod on shuffle setting is psychic?  I certainly have.

I doubt this is scientifically verified.  Perhaps someone at Apple knows about some technology involving crystals or some New Age science that makes iPods psychic. Or maybe it’s just law of attraction giving instant manifestation to your thoughts through music.

I experience this telepathic psychic phenomenon every time I listen to my iPod on the “shuffle” setting.  I’ll be drivingPsychic Potentials along and think about someone and the next song will be one that reminds me of that person.  Or say I’m in the mood for dancing, every song that plays on my iPod will be danceable.  If I’m in the mood for singing, my iPod will play a bunch of sing-a-long songs.

If I’m feeling loving thoughts about my husband it will play songs from our wedding mix.  Sometimes it plays songs from my wedding mix when I’m angry with him.  I don’t always appreciate my clairsentient iPod reminding me to love him no matter what.  In fact, I usually override my iPod’s psychic reminder by hitting the next button.

I’ve also noticed my iPod is very sensitive to other people’s energy.  If a friend or family member is in the car with me, my considerate iPod will play songs that they enjoy too.

My iPod also pays close attention to conversations I’m having as well.  It likes to show me this by playing songs along the same topic of the discussion.  By the way, it even listens to the silent chats in my head and plays relevant songs to my unspoken thoughts.

If You haven’t noticed this psychic ipod phenomenon, give it a try.  Put your ipod on shuffle and see how it responds to your thoughts, conversations, moods and musical tastes of your friends.

8 Ways Relaxing Benefits Your Psychic Abilities

Relaxing and slowing down are an integral part of developing and nurturing psychic abilities.  Remember, being psychic is a completely natural way of being.  In our high-stress over-stimulated society we often become distracted from our inner awareness. We allow ourselves to follow the beat of the clock instead of tuning into our own guidance.  This hectic way of life often leaves us disconnected from ourselves, nature and our spiritual insight.

By taking time to unwind, be still, open your heart and mind, You open the door for noticing your psychic impressions.  By breathing fully and deeply, You relax into your well-being.  Relaxation helps your energy flow freely through your body and your chakras.  You become more grounded and present in the now and the importance of time fades into the background.

Here are 8 ways that relaxing directly benefits your psychic abilities.

  1. Relaxing increases grounding by allowing energy to flow through the feet and root chakras.  The more grounded You are the more psychic information and energy You can receive.
  2. Relaxing facilitates connecting psychically with nature and nature spirits. For instance, I was enjoying Psychic Potentialsand relaxing while walking with my daughter, not concerned about hurrying.  She picked a beautiful blue bell flower and handed it to me.  I could tell my senses were heightened because this bluish-purple flower appeared to be glowing.  I could literally hear it talking to me while I held it in my hand admiring it.  The blue bell flower had a sweet gentle voice as it told me, “You might as well eat me now.  I’ll only wither away soon.”   When I put it on my tongue, it tasted especially sweet and brilliant.
  3. Relaxing opens psychic channels such as the third eye, heart and crown chakra causing free flowing energy which elevates the senses.  With an open heart and mind You’ll find it very easy be open to psychic impressions that come to You.
  4. Relaxing assists in expanding your psychic abilities beyond your current state of awareness.  For example, I don’t usually see auras physically with my eyes.  When I was resting on the beach a couple of weeks ago feeling relaxed and my friend’s aura just popped right out.  I was so distracted noticing how beautiful and shimmering the colors were I could hardly pay attention to what she was saying.
  5. Relaxing raises your energetic vibration.  The higher You vibrate the easier it is to access higher dimensional guidance.   Channeling guidance is facilitated by relaxing and deep breathing.
  6. Relaxing provides the opportunity to ask for help from your spirit guides and also provides the space for hearing their guidance and noticing psychic impressionsYou’ll be amazed at how much more insight comes when You are feeling peaceful and calm.
  7. Relaxing clears your mind helping You to be clear on the magical intentions You hold.  You are able to eliminate extraneous thoughts and desires and be clearly focused.
  8. Relaxing improves your psychic relationships with others too.  You’ll be more open telepathically to your loved ones.  Love flows with greater ease through open heart chakras.  You’ll have an easier time reading others intuitively while relaxed.

I encourage You to create and allow yourself the space to relax and unwind.  The clear guidance, free flowing energy, heightened and expanded psychic senses, and greater psychic connection with yourself and others is well worth it.  So schedule some down time to fully connect with yourself psychically.

If after relaxing an connecting with your inner guidance about your life issues, You want further clarification, deeper understanding, confirmation and direction, Judy Lynn and Christy do team readings.  Click here to save $100 on your first reading.

Use Psychic Abilities to Help Manifest Your Dreams

You can use your psychic abilities to manifest your greatest desires with greater joy and ease. You can connect with your psychic awareness to become clear about your most important wishes.  Your psychic skills can support You in attaining your most important dreams.

Imagine You are looking into the star filled night-time sky.  You feel yourself connected with the universe and You know You have a purpose here on this planet.  Can You feel it in your Earth Star Chakra and your Third Eye? You understand You are cosmically connected with All That Is.  You feel it in your heart.   You trust that the universe supports You and You feel the intrinsic value of your life.  Feel it in your Solar Plexus.

From this magical connected state You make your wish upon a star.  Let the universe in on your greatest desires.  You may desire anything from happiness to a relationship, job or a new sports car.  Only You know what is closest to your heart.

You make your wish and let it go.  Trust and allow the Universe to do its part in manifesting your desires. The Universe knows your greatest wishes even if You don’t put words to them.  Allow yourself to know that the Universe wants you to be happy and to support You living joyously in your human experience.

After becoming clear about your desire, allow yourself some quiet time to meditate and visualize.  Allow yourself to feel what it’s like to experience your wish in the now.  You don’t have to be specific or force any scenarios or how it will happen.  In fact, it’s better at this point not to put too much thought on to how it will happen.  You can even ask your guides to help You feel what it’s like to be living your heart’s desire right now.

For example, if You are wishing for more abundance, notice what it feels like to be choosing what to do with the extra money.  Feel the relaxation in your body from the knowledge that all your bills are paid and your savings is growing. Experience the waves of prosperity washing over You.  Trusting the next wave of an inflow of abundance is about to reach you.

Psychic PotentialsOnce you have felt your wish in the now, You can ask your inner guidance to let You know what effort is yours to do make your dream a reality. Wishing upon a star is nice, but it’s not the whole recipe for making your dreams come true.  The Universe does its part and You must be responsible for your part.

Remember the story about the guy who prays to win the lottery?  He really wants it and prays to God and God wants him to win the lottery too.  His guidance was, “Buy a lottery ticket!” (click here to watch the story on video)

Once You make a conscious request to your guides for them to let You know what’s yours to do, pay attention. You may know what steps to take right away.  You might notice other ideas pop into your awareness in the following days.  If You get a lot of ideas, write them down.  You can even consciously ask your angels or guides to help prioritize.

Follow that psychic guidance and take inspired action.  Take the steps that seem strongest and brightest in the moment.  Follow your guiding star step by step.

By combining your psychic skills of connecting with the Universal Energy, calling on your guides, feeling the future in the now, and being open to your guides giving You action steps You can manifest your dreams with joy and ease.