How Can a Psychic Reading Uncover Lottery Numbers?

Isn’t that what most people say they want?  To win the lottery and have all their problems solved by all that money.  The money to buy things You desire, the money to go places, and the money to be able to say what ever You wish to the ‘boss’ in your life.

It all sounds nice.  There is just one challenge.  Are You personally aligned with these things? If You are then chances are a psychic reading might just uncover the numbers to win the next lottery that You buy a ticket for.  A psychic Reading can really only share with You around what You are aligned with.

During a reading a psychic may even be able to share with You about the details in regards to what resistance You have in being aligned with something.  That is often where it ends though, going into the future.  The mystery likes to stay a mystery and where there is resistance it is like a curtain closed to which future outcomes are behind. If You are asking how You know if You are aligned with something, look around.  Either it will already be in your life or will be soon.

Otherwise You are possibly spending a lot more time focusing on what You do not want and that is what You will see when You look around.  Interestingly enough six months to a year after winning the lottery  a lot of winning individuals are worse off than they started.  Back to work with more debt and fewer genuine relationships in their lives.  The money has exaggerated the issues they were dealing with in the beginning before winning loads of money.

Remember winning a lottery can go both ways, successful and not so successful.  A better question for most people when engaging a psychic to do a reading for them might be, ‘What am I resisting in getting in alignment with what I say I want?’.  There is so much possibility available to all of us that participating with a psychic in recognizing what is most available to You can be extremely exciting.

If You are aligned with winning buckets of money and all that goes with that, then the chance of You needing a psychic reading to give You the numbers is probably a mute point.

What to Expect After Your Psychic Reading

You’ve had your first or another of many psychic reading.  So what now?  What if you loved what was said?  Can you really allow yourself to expect such a good future?

On the other hand, what if You didn’t resonate with what was shared with You?  Can You allow yourself to tap fully into your own creative power to shape a different future?

You have the power to alter the outcome of your readings.  Nothing of a predictive nature is set in stone.  The future isPsychic Potentials yours to shape and mold.  The reading only reflects the current energies you’re emitting.   If You don’t like where you’re heading or the energy you’re emitting it’s up to You to shift Your vibration around an issue.  If your reading shows you a bunch of what you don’t want in your life.  Get clear about what you do want and then see what manifests.  It may be very different than what your reading said and much more enjoyable to live once you have clarity.

If your reading showed a very merry future, but You don’t allow it for yourself, it won’t turn out so merry.  If You react with an attitude that says “it’s too good to be true”, then your resistance would alter the energy that was seen during your reading.  Can You allow yourself to expect a good future?

Judy Lynn and I offer practical techniques and action steps to assist You into manifesting the good things we see in your energetic future.  We also will offer down to earth tools to help You avoid energetic pitfalls of manifesting what You don’t want.

Anything in a reading that is future orientated in nature is always shift-able by You.  One thought, action, word or feeling can alter your whole outlook.  You are really that powerful.

Your expectation alone is a powerful tool for creating your future.  Are You expecting something good to happen in the foreseeable future?  Are You living into that?

Are You expecting new opportunities?  Are You expecting the same old same old?

Your expectations are very important to what shows up next in your life.  No matter what You are told in a reading. Can You hold your expectation steady on something You want no matter what someone else says?

Did You hear something in your reading that didn’t resonate?  Was there light shined on a blind spot?  Did You think You were done dealing with something or some aspect of your life and it’s still showing up in your energy during a reading.   That’s part of what readings are for, reflecting what’s still active in your energy.  The readings hopefully take You to a deeper understanding of yourself in your life.

Ultimately what I’m telling You is that You hold the power to alter your future.  What shows up in your reading is just a reflection of the energy You are radiating in that moment.  You are always free to alter your vibration and expectations. We can let You know in your reading where You are in relationship to where You want to be.

You hold the ability to open up to the realm of possibility and blast your future wide open.

Understanding The Shifting Earth Energies and Ascension

I am writing to explain what is happening with the energies of the Earth in these changing times.  We hear talk of 10/10/10 and 11/11/11 and 12/12/12, the great shift, Light codes, Star children and ascension.  But what does this really mean to You and me?

Times are a changing, there’s no doubt about that.  We are alive in human form on planet earth at a monumental time.  We have the opportunity to experience moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th while in physical form.

There is an energetic grid surrounding the Earth to support us all in this process.  The Earth herself is ascending the dimensions along with the beings on her surface.  This is a gradual process.  There have been dates such as 1/1/01, 2/2/02 every year in this millennium.  Each date in time  more Light energy becomes available for us to integrate as move move from our 3rd dimensional polarity based consciousness towards our multidimensional 5th dimensional way of being.  We are now rapidly approaching 10/10/10 and 11/11/11 and 12/12/12.

I am going to use a metaphor to make this easier to understand the dimensional shifts and how it effects You as a human incarnated on Earth now.Psychic Potentials

Imagine that You are a radio. You are a receiver and transmitter of frequencies.  You are programmed to interpret the energy You receive and You can sound it out for others who are tuned into the same station.  You need to be tuned a specific frequency if You want to pick up and hear something transmitted from a certain band.  So imagine that You are tuned to AM 630.  You won’t be able to hear FM 98.

We all have the capability to tune into all the frequencies if we are programmed for AM and FM.  But what if You were an old fashioned AM radio?  A whole world of information and music available from the FM stations would not be available to You.  You wouldn’t even know they existed.  If You talked to other radios programmed with FM capability, You’d have no idea what they were talking about.

Now imagine there’s a whole new frequency available beyond AM and FM that is of a higher vibration.  I’ll call this high frequency energy MD, Multi-Dimensional. So now You have this new frequency hitting the airwaves around Earth.

How are we going to tune into these MD stations? Well, first of all we need to upgrade our current radios.  There needs to be new programs installed for us to use this new energy without short circuiting our current radios.  We can call these new programs being activated “Light Codes”.  The light codes are activated in the DNA of our radio bodies enabling the radio to transmit and receive the new frequencies.

There are new MD chakras that must be activated to tune into the new Light energy stations.  Look at this as adding more electrical capacity.  You’ll need to change out that old 2 prong plug to one of the 3 prong plugs.  So You can handle this super charged energy in your radio body without sparks and smoke shooting out of your radio body.

These upgrades only need to be done if You wish to experience this dimensional shift while staying in the same radio body.  The children being born on the planet have been hardwired and born in modern radio bodies. You call them star, indigo, crystal and rainbow children. They are all pre-programmed to tune into the AM, FM and MD frequencies.

Once You have activated your MD programming You are able to handle higher frequency MD energy and You can have more energy flow through Your radio body.  Whereas if You tried to tune into the MD energies without the programming, electrical and mechanical adjustments You would have burnt up, short circuited or fried radio body.

How are these upgrades performed?

There are various ways.  Most often the upgrades are done while You are in your sleep state.  Most begin this process unconsciously, that’s why it happens in your sleep.   After the process begins many are drawn to information and resources and become conscious about the upgrade at some point.  You can also use your intention and spirit guides to activate new DNA codes and the multidimensional chakras.

Energy healing systems such as Reiki, perform the energetic alignments with the new frequencies and help make adjusting to the new energy easier.

Your ocean friends such as dolphins and whales help spread the new frequencies as well.

What is the significance of 10/10/10?

There is a portal of energy and new Light codes being activated.  You will hear it describe as activating the twin flames in the heart center.  This could be understood to mean that the divine masculine and feminine energies in the heart center are fully activated and acknowledged and honored in each of us.

Many societies on the Earth have lived a period only honoring the masculine energies.  Now comes the time when the male and female are both appreciated and in balance.  One doesn’t rule over the other they preside together in unconditional love.

The dates are set times of downloading more Light codes.  You each have free will and can ascend at the timing that suits You.  You don’t need to wait to fully activate your DNA and chakras.

Are there any side effects from upgrading our physical bodies to handle the new frequencies?

Yes, there are physical symptoms such as nausea, headaches, dizziness, digestive disturbances, pains in the body, discomfort, emotional swings, insomnia at times or the need to sleep more than normal.  Please seek medical attention if You are guided.  All symptoms may not be from the energetic upgrades.

What exactly do You mean when You talk of 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions?

The 3rd dimension is the current reality where You reside. Not everyone on the planet is living in this dimension anymore, at least not fully at all times. Many are choosing to reside more fully and consciously in the 4th and 5th dimensions.  Some people are holding tight to the old ways of the 3rd.

The 4thdimension is being in unconditional love and understanding from a cellular level that everything is One and All is connected.  Love rules this dimension.  Fear has been released in when residing in the 4th dimension.   We feel peace and harmony when in the 4th dimension.  Many move through this dimension quickly once they understand consciously and on a cellular level that we are all One.

The 5thdimension is about living consciously in your Light body. You now life in the newly charged body that has been upgraded to the MD frequencies.  You are conscious that You are an energetic and multidimensional being.  You are fully aware that You are Spirit in a physical body.  You are fully able to access higher dimensional guidance from this place of being.

Is there anything I can do to make this process of ascension easier?

Yes.  Spend time in meditation.  Allow yourself to connect to the crystaline energy in the Earthand with the crystaline grid surrounding the Earth.  Allow yourself to feel the crystaline energy glowing in your heart.

You can connect with Beings of Light You are attracted to, such as Archangel Michael, Raphael, Metranon.  Sit with them in mediation and ask that they assist You in your transistion to your Light body.  There are so many Beings of Light that are just waiting for You to ask for their assistance.

Pay attention to your inner guidance and act upon it.  Trust in your guidance and your connection to Source.  Your connection to source is your stability, your rock during the energetic shifts.  Remember You chose to be here on this planet at this glorious time.

Overcoming Fears With Psychic Abilities

Did You know that You have the power to overcome fear by using your psychic skills?  Well, You do.  By tapping into the unseen powers around and within, You can leave yourself feeling relaxed, empowered and ready to face what comes.

First of all, the root of many fears stems from worry about the future.  We lose our center thinking about situations out of our control. For example, being afraid the plane will crash, a tornado will strike, or our loved ones won’t arrive safely.  We take ourselves out of alignment with our Higher Selves when we fear things won’t work out the way we want them to.  We start focusing on the worst case scenario and drain our energy.  All the what ifs start to hold us in a state of fear.

Remember that when faced with actual bodily harm You can trust yourself to know what to do in a scary situationPsychic Potentials when it’s right in front of You.  What I’m talking about here is how to feel better in the now. You have the psychic power to release the fears holding you back and leave yourself feeling calm, centered, peaceful and confident in the now.

Here are some ideas that can help You with overcoming fears.

  • Trust All is Well and everything is in Divine Order. Allow yourself to know in your heart and mind that whatever comes your way, You are OK.
  • See and feel yourself succeeding.  You can project your consciousness into the future and notice what it’s like to have lived past the event that had You feeling scared.  Allowing yourself to feel in the now that You made it through the hard time and you’ve thrived.
  • Take time to mediate and allow yourself to be grounded with the earth energy and connected with the cosmic energy.  This will keep You in the now.  In the now is where your personal power rests.
  • Ask your guides or angels for help.  Archangel Michael’s expertise is in removing fears.
  • Remember the law of attraction says whatever You give your attention to grows stronger. Figure out what it is You want to happen and focus on that.  Or just pay attention to things in your now that you appreciate, things that make You feel good.

What if You try a bunch of techniques and You still feel afraid?  Try playing the even if… game.  This tool has You project yourself into your fear and You see and know you’ll be ok no matter what.  Even if (fill in the blank) happens, I know I’ll be ok.

I’ve found the even if tool helpful for overcoming my own personal fears. For example, the fear of dying while my children are young.  Even if I die while they are young, I know they will be ok.  Another example, worry about getting in a car accident.  Even if I get into a car accident, I know I’ll be ok.

Just by using the even if… tool I was able to stop focusing about what I didn’t want, because I was able to feel in my body, heart and mind that I am ok and would be ok no matter what.

Underlying a lot of fears is the fear of dying.  If You are attracted to this site, You most likely have awareness of yourself as an eternal and spiritual being.  If You see death as a transition to a different realm, then there isn’t really much to fear.

Psychic Potentials offers tools in our programs and products that help overcome fears if you’d like to find out about more ways to live powerfully in your center.

In Heart Awareness,


Can Psychic Vampires Exist Without Willing Victims

The idea of a psychic vampire is someone who, most often unknowingly, sucks energy out of You leaving You feeling drained and depleted.  These psychic vampires are often needy, clingy and unaware of boundaries.

The term ‘psychic vampire’ implies that the person draining energy is bad.  Most often the case is the psychic vampirePsychic Potentials is unaware.  What happens is an unbalanced energy exchange takes place where one person becomes the taker of energy and one the giver.

Those who say they fall victim of psychic vampires are really just that “victims”.  You can’t be a victim if You do your part of being aware of your energetic space. By attaching yourself with thought or energy to being attacked by a psychic vampire, You just perpetuate the situation.

Just as the psychic vampires shirk their responsibility for running their own energy, the victims also fail to own up to their responsibility of holding their own space.  A psychic vampire can’t exist without a willing or unaware counterpart who isn’t creating energetic boundaries.

The law of attraction states if You are giving attention to it, it grows stronger.  Are You giving attention to someone draining your energy?  Or are You noticing how strong and loving Your boundaries are?  Do You feel other’s energy hooks attaching to You?  Or do You feel Your aura is healthy and only lets love in?

We each have the power and ability to connect up with source energy.  We never need others to be the source of our energy, nor do we need to be the source of other’s energy.

Judy Lynn and I teach techniques in our programs that are easy to use and allow You to maintain healthy energetic space around You.  We offer tools to remove unwanted energy and energetic cords from your space.  We empower You to live your life fully centered in your own powerful and loving energy.

Here’s to feeling good while running your own energy!

Christy Martin

Shoes Off For Creating Sacred Space

Psychic PotentialsTaking your shoes off at the door is symbolic of acknowledging your home as a sacred space. Removing your shoes at the door isn’t just about keeping you’re floors clean.  This is a conscious step in leaving energy that belongs outside your home, outside.

Stepping out of shoes becomes a subconscious step in creating your energetic sanctuary.  In fact I noticed yesterday when I stepped back in the house with my shoes on to grab something how odd it felt to have my shoes on in the house.  It felt like I was tracking in more than dirt. It was a reminder to me why we don’t wear our shoes in the house in the first place.

What benefits can You expect from creating an energetic sanctuary of your home? 

  • You honor yourself by keeping your home sacred.
  • You can fully relax into yourself finding greater ease in dreaming and visioning.
  • Coming home becomes a place You graciously step into Your center and alignment.
  • You walk into a clear space where You can be fully present with yourself and those You live with.
  • You have more energy to do what You love to do at home.

If You live with others-

  • You honor each other by together keeping Your home energy clear.
  • You respect each other, by leaving Your energetic crap from the day out of the home.
  • Your communications with house mates, spouses and children become clearer.
  • You are more present with others.

What else can You do  to release unwanted energy besides taking off Your shoes at the door?

  • How about clearing your energy and your mind before You arrive home?  You can use your psychic ability while driving home from work or errands to release unwanted thoughts and energy.
  • If You still want to release some heavy energy from the day, take a shower or bath as soon as You get home. (After You’ve removed your shoes of course.)
  • You could take a few minutes to yourself.
  • You could enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Do some yoga.
  • go for a walk.
  • love your dog or cat.
  • Do something You love.
  • Be with yourself.
  • journal.
  • spritz yourself with rose water or some essential oils.

Just integrating some of these steps into your life will help create a peaceful and serene home space.  Start with removing your shoes at the door, if You don’t do that already.  See what You notice.  How does it feel to come home to Your sacred space?

Don’t worry if You forget sometimes.  Floors can be cleaned and energy can be cleared.

Here’s to peaceful, clear space!


PS. Check out our Heal Yourself class.

Spiritual Independence Day

What does it mean to be independent?Psychic Potentials

Of what?  How does one attain it?  Can it be purchased, traded or taken?

Spiritual enlightenment seems likely to be the closest thing to being independent.

The catch is that spiritual enlightenment has little to do with attaining and much to do with releasing.  Releasing of thoughts, things, people and situations that do not serve Your specified path.

It is about letting go and getting really really honest.   About who You are and why You are here. I sit observing others on the day recognized for this great concept.

The idea of  independence, the reason for the holiday.  Is anyone out there present to the reason for the day?  Can we create space in our lives to pay attention to this?

To notice what holds us as individuals away from our joy?  Or better yet can we turn our focus directly towards that which gives us joy?

I heard a story once about how the peach tree does not fuss over the blossom being on the branch where the fruit needs space to be.

The orchard keeper does not run around picking all the blossoms off the tree making room for the peaches.  As if the blossom’s being there will stop the peach from having space.

The peach grows and the blossom falls away naturally and the whole time we are able to enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the blossom.

Can life be this way? Where our focus goes to growing the peach (that which brings joy) and the rest will fall away naturally.

It is possible that nature already has independence figured out.  The psychic readings Christy and I have done over the past months all talk of getting clear and letting go from spiritual awareness.  If not now, then when?

The Search for the Holy Grail is an Inner Journey

For centuries the legend of the Holy Grail continues.  The latest version in the movie the DaVinci Code.

In the early versions of questing for this holy chalice it is supposed that You would have to be worthy of not just the journey but of being in proximity to the grail.

As it is today with the journey to know one’s ‘Self’.  There is so much activity to partake of everyday of an outward nature.

Places to go, people to see, and things to do!

When was the last time You took time out to just be?

To allow Yourself to just be with Yourself and appreciate how well Your body gets You around or recognize any discomfort in Your body, emotions, of spirit?

The ways of the being are so subtle and yet so profound.  As You spend time with Your ‘Self’ there is expansion and awareness.  This transfers into the outer world and supports You in things being easier and more enjoyable.

To just slow down and take a pace that allows You to listen to the messages coming from with in as well as all of the information coming from outside of Yourself.

It is an invitation to get in touch with the miraculous powerful container that You are.  As the Holy Grail carries the energy of Spirit so does the Holy container that You are.

Be willing to take the journey inward so that You may reap the rewards of being more connected to spirit.

P.S. Click here to Check out the Heal Yourself Program so You can get more in touch with the spirit in You!

The Heart Chakra Blast

Psychic PotentialsHere’s a psychic energy technique to make your life easier. It can be used in many situations.  In fact, You could actually live this way all the time if You want.  You might notice if You do, people start to follow You around just because they feel better in Your presence.

The technique is quite simple.  Just open the energy of your heart.  Keep Your heart chakra wide open and connected to your Divine Source.  Then allow yourself to connect with a person near You.  Feel your heart energy go from You to the other’s heart chakra.  It feels just like a wonderful loving stream of energy going from your heart chakra to theirs.

A nice time to blast heart chakra energy to someone is when they are making a decision that can make your life easier or more enjoyable.  Just state your case with an open heart and let the person know the decision is in their hands.  Encourage them to follow their heart in their decision making process.  Stand back and let them go within and choose what they’ll do.

Trust that whatever answer they give that’s it’s in the highest good for all concerned.  Remember that You are showering them with open and loving heart energy.  It feels good to be showered in loving energy.  When we feel good we make loving heartfelt choices.

Want some especially good times to use this heart blasting technique?

  • Airport security letting You go ahead in line
  • Bouncer letting You into a club to hear good music
  • Child asking parent to let them have a sleepover
  • Police officer thinking about giving You a speeding ticket
  • Lover deciding whether to break up with You or not
  • Ticket taker letting You into a concert without a ticket for your child.

Now You don’t want to plan these situations out.  It just happens in the moment.

For even bigger results in your life… Keep your heart open and loving as often as possible.  Imagine feeling that good all the time.  Living life full of loving energy.  Being someone who radiates love from their heart.  Connected fully with the Divine Source within your heart.

People who interact with You just feeling great after being around You.  Imagine the person You just interacted with opens his heart and he goes off and showers the next person he talks to with love.  Before You know it we’d have world peace.  Or at least a few people who had a better day because of your loving heart.

Here’s to wide open hearts and a world filled with love!


Two Ways to Make Decisions Easier

Just because You’re psychic, doesn’t mean every decision is easy.  Sure, if the choice is clear then it’s simple.  Want some ideas to help You when weighing options?  These tools will help with the more complicated choices.  You probably won’t need them for figuring out what flavor of chocolate bar to buy.

Here are two ways to gain clarity while making choices:

The door techniquePsychic Potentials

Visualize a door for each option.  First, look at the doors.  Is one of them glowing?  If one is glowing really strong, then I usually know my answer right away.

If neither door lights up right away, then walk through one at a time.  By walking through the door I’m inviting myself to experience the choice behind that door.  I pay attention to what I feel, think, see and hear.   If it’s an important decision, You might want to stay here a while, even a day or two.

Then I energetically walk through the other door.  After experiencing both doors I have a good idea which way I want to go.

Multiple tarot

For this method I do a spread for each option, usually 2 or 3 layouts.  I then get a pretty clear sense of which choice or action serves me most.  Sometimes I just pull one card for each option.

If you want this done for You in a reading, just ask.

You could try out these techniques on some more trivial choices so You feel confident using them on the more life altering ones.

Here’s to Your clarity!