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As many of you know Christy and I were given direction to start the psychic potentials site to support others in finding confidence in their own psychic abilities, to help you in hearing and understanding the language of Spirit.
We have found our lives greatly enriched because of this venture.
You may also know that we do work led by Spirit in the healing arena individually as well.
Over the past years I have been lead to support women and children in healing chronic and mystery illness.
Being an Intuitive Health Practitioner allows me to avoid conventional protocols and be more supported by Spirit in the guidance that I give.
Do you have digestive distress?
Are you experiencing chronic illness?
Have you been feeling fatigue and exhaustion, unexplained weight gain, unexplained weight loss, headaches or migraines?
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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause & prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison
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4 Good Reasons for Premonitions About Death and Dying

Have You ever heard the words, “If I had only known, I would have________.”  I have a few times.  I wonder if that may be part of the reason that I receive premonitions.  That I did not deep down, really ever want to be saying those words myself.

I did not always accept that this was part of my psychic experience though.  I started this leg of my psychic journey being quite upset and angry that I would be given this information in regards to death and dying about someone I knew and not be given any information that allowed me to do something about it.  After experiencing it enough times I can only ask  to be able to handle it with as much grace as I can uncover, in the situation.

Remember that premonitions that show a death or dying do not always mean that there will be an actual physical death.  They can also indicate an extreme change in an individuals belief system, the completion of a relationship, the loss of a career or job, or the loss of something of great meaning to the individual concerned.

There is a difference between an actual premonition of death and another.  Some are for the sole purpose of preventing a death.

4 reasons for premonitions of death:Swan by the Lake

1) Accepting the reality of the loss. Knowing that there is a possibility of  letting another go physically causes deep understanding about what that person means to You and how it could affect your life.  This one is summed up for me with acceptance and, ‘It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.’

2) Adapting to a new environment without whoever has died.   A gentle reminder to look after your own physical business and gradually fill your life with activities and others, that are independent of who You have had a premonition about.

3) Reinvesting emotional energy in new areas.    Is your happiness tied up in another or are You being responsible for your own emotional requirements to be fulfilled and joyful?

4) Rediscovering meaning in life. A big old reminder that when we fear death we may be missing out on some or all of what life has to offer.  Especially because death is part of living the full experience of the cycle of life.   By facing death we can then get really clear with ourselves about what honestly deserves our attention in this life.

Although it may be challenging, there is an opportunity to see the kind of premonitions that contain no information about how to prevent another individual passing, as a kindness to the receiver.  To allow the shock factor to be less and the whole process of grieving and release to happen more gently.

It becomes a perfect opportunity for appreciation, in the now, for the individual leaving this plane of existence. A way to ensure that You can choose to leave no words unsaid and no love held back.  That You may have an opportunity to celebrate their life more fully, before they change from physical.

If You do feel You are having premonitions about an actual death around You, please do find someone who is open to this possibility and supportive of You to talk to.

A last note: Premonitions of this sort fall under the golden rules of being psychic.  The information came to You, if You are not receiving a really loud clear message to share it with the person in the premonition, please avoid sharing it with them directly.  Use compassion and if possible allow space for discussions that may let them become more clear about what is valuable to them, in this life time, to say and do.

I now accept that these premonitions serve me and I hope if You experience this type of ‘seeing’ psychically, then You will find the silver lining as well.

Talk of the End of The World; Is it Getting to You?

I get it, I hear it, I’ve been told, I see it with my own eyes.  I do not believe the world is going to endWhat is going to happen though?

Economically things can not continue as they have been.  Ecologically the environment works harder to stay in balance every day.  The fighting for peace continues at what cost?  (A bit oxymoronic, that one.)

What will your future look like months and years from now? Forward looking is not always easy at the best of times but tougher when it comes to the effects of bad or uninformed choices.  Ignorance is not a great choice if You want to thrive through the times.

I do not always see with precognition what is going to happen in the future for each person.  Psychic ability does not always work that way or even the way I’d like sometimes. I live each day as it comes, knowing that the information I need will be there for me if I keep listening.

It is like having a small child grouped in with a large amount of older children.  If You are not listening in a balanced way the smallest voice will probably not be heard, leading to possible issues if You are responsible for that small child’s needs.  As simple as not hearing when they need to use the washroom, oops.

Your psychic voice is like that small child surrounded by louder taller voices.  That is why it is important for You to learn how to listen to the subtle language of your psychic senses.  For You!!

So that You can relax into the knowledge that You will know what next best steps to take, one after another, as the occupants of this world make the shifts they need to, in order to find stability and sustainability.  Shifts happen!

If my spiritual guides let me know it is better for me to stay home today, I will.  I have been working with my guides long enough to know they are helping me to fulfill my deepest wants and desires. I stay home and hear later about an accident that happened on the route I was going to take about the time I would have been there.

Would I have been part of the accident?  Thank the heavens I do not have to find out.

The other side of it is, I stay home and hear about nothing that happened the day I listened and stayed home.  The point is, I listen.  If I keep listening then when I really am called to make a big move or change a plan then I will feel confident in doing that.  It may save me and my family if the earth makes a huge shift and where my home is becomes a was.  Or when one of the the systems created, collapses under the weight of the chaos of power that we see today and I have to provide for myself in ways we haven’t had to for many years.

If You feel fear about any of the bigger or smaller issues You face today, take action.  Learn how to listen to your psychic senses, your extra-sensory perceptions that You have for just that purpose.  To assist You in living your best most joyful life.

When You listen and take spirit sent and inspired action, You can put your fears aside and know that You will be guided about what is going to be ‘right for You’ to do in any moment.

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Are We Hardwired to Be Psychic?

Is being psychic strange or weird?  No, I don’t think so.  Being psychic is being aware and noticing the unseen energy within and around us.  Everyone is psychic.  Some people just pay more attention to the unseen than others.

Psychic PotentialsYes, Our bodies are hard wired to interpret the energies around us. We all have auras and chakras, even if everyone can’t see them.  Even scientific instruments can register the energy that makes up our bodies systems.

Daniel Siegel in The Mindful Brain describes web-like networks of neurons around the heart and intestines which have the ability to sense very like the brain.  This hardwired ability to perceive and transfer information by means of the heart and intestines correlates to intuitive “knowing in our hearts” or “having a gut feeling”.

Fully using your psychic abilities You pay attention to all of Your energy systems.  You combine what your heart, gut, chakras (especially the third-eye) and aura tell You.  You can take full advantage of Your innate abilities to make your life easier.

By being aware, You get a feel for what You need to do for yourself.  With Your personal clarity, You have the ability to help others read the energy in their lives too.

Part of actively cultivating psychic ability is to learn to run your own energy.  So your body’s energy sensors aren’t picking up on everything and everyone  around You. This helps You be clear.  So You can focus on being You and on what serves You.   This is part of what is taught in our Heal Yourself class.

We are all created with the ability to be psychic.  Many people subconsciously use their body’s energy sensors.  Yet, the ability to live fully aware psychically is available to everyone.

Once You put Your focus on learning to notice and trust your intuition psychic ability grows.  We learn to count on our psychic awareness just like we use our sense of sight, touch or hearing.

Here’s to living fully aware!


I See Warnings Everywhere!

Be careful of this, be careful of that, don’t do this warnings, but definitely do that.  They can be helpful, yes.  Have they gotten out of control?  Maybe.

psychic potentials

I just was reading an article about a psychic show in London where there was controversy over there not being enough of a disclaimer.

Stating that the performance was just that, a show and not to be seen as anything other than entertainment.  I found this to be entertaining in itself.

I have had psychic readings done for me in the past and was able to make up my own mind whether the information shared and the psychic I employed was solid or not.  Were those people any less able to discern for themselves whether what they were seeing was real for them or really entertaining or both.

After the fact, if they didn’t like what was presented, they can decide to follow up and ask for a refund.  (Possibly the reason for the disclaimer in the first place?)

And can they choose to not go to this show again.  As it is with any service.

If You do not like what You have received, find another provider.

How can we know that psychic ability and extra-sensory perception is viable when we are paying for services?

  • Ask for references.
  • Take advantage of trials and free offerings.
  • Look for ways that You can find out about the person/s doing the reading.
  • Check in with Your own extra-sensory abilities.
  • What are the results?  Decide accordingly.

When I am looking for a new service provider for anything, I consciously set an intention that, ‘I will find a company or individual that is going to serve my highest good’.  It really is up to me to decide for myself and use my decision making muscle often so that it gets stronger. Whether it be plumbing, insurance provider or psychic reading that I am looking for.

4 Ways to Use Your Psychic Potential While Driving

Are You using Your full psychic potential when driving?  I’m not talking about staring into your crystal ball or looking at passerbys’ auras.  That would be worse than texting and driving. Psychic Potentials

I’m talking about ways to use your psychic abilities to keep You safe while driving.

1. Ground yourself.

Don’t stop with yourself, ground your vehicle too.  Imagine that your car has a grounding cord as big as the car that goes down into the earth.  This will keep You present and aware.

2. Imagine white light filling and surrounding your car.

Put your energetic roses up if You use them.  White light and boundary roses will help other drivers notice your car and keep You from absorbing other drivers energy.

3. Expand your aura far out ahead of yourself and car.

An expanded energy field will help You be aware of traffic, accidents, police radar or any road hazards.  This is an especially helpful technique for highway driving. I sometimes extend myself one or two miles ahead, less for city driving.  Your expanded energetic awareness will also help You read other drivers’ intentions.  For example, You will be energetically alerted before others suddenly change lanes, turn or stop.

4. Always listen, trust and act upon Your guidance, especially while driving.

Don’t question your impulse to take the long way to work.  It might be your psychic guidance telling You the quickest way that day.  Boldly slow down, speed up or change lanes when You feel an inner prompting.  You’ll be glad You did.

Using your psychic abilities has the potential to keep You safe while driving and get You where You want to go in perfect timing.

Here’s to aware driving!


PS. To read about Reiki while driving click here.

Acting on Intuitive Guidance Over Logic

Do You follow your psychic promptings without question?  Or do You analyse your guidance first?  I would love to say I just jump right in and follow my inner awareness at all times.  Sometimes I let my logic take over and ignore the priceless guidance, and usually I regret it.

I had the psychic nudge to give my piano that was my mom’s to my sister back in 2003.  I didn’t know why in the world I had that thought when I was having it.  But I do remember the intuitive impulse was super strong, but seemingly illogical.  I ignored that thought.  Guess what?  My house burned down with the piano in it the end of 2003.

Psychic PotentialsAnother time I had very clear guidance on my drive from Colorado to Arizona to visit my sister.  My guides told me very clearly to keep driving.  Not to stop for gas at the last gas station for 90 miles till Moab.  You know what? I just took a leap of faith and followed my guidance.

My daughter was young and asleep.  I was happy that my guides told me that I could make it to Moab. It’s so pleasant to drive with a sleeping child. Why wake her for gas when my guides told me I could make it?

My logic told me there was no way I could make it to Moab.  But I went for it.  I got extremely nervous when the low fuel light came on.  I was thinking I was crazy to not have stopped.  My guides kept affirming “You will make it. Relax and enjoy the scenic drive.”

You know what?  I made it and probably went farther than I’ve ever been in that car on one tank of gas.  My daughter slept the whole way.

The trusting my guidance that I could refill in Moab has gone a long way too.  I’ve used that incident over and over when I’m feeling a financial crunch.   The universe will refill my financial gas tank always.  Just when I worry over not having the money for something, my account is refilled.

Learning to trust Your guidance over Your logical mind can have great benefit. The confirmation usually comes from hindsight.   Perhaps You can even get a great metaphor for Your life out of trusting Your guidance.  Guidance that is powerful in the now and guides You for years.

When the guidance is clear for You, take a leap of faith.  You’ll be happy You did.  If You follow those psychic promptings Your life can be filled with joy and ease.



Is it Okay for a Psychic to Give Information Unasked For

developing psychic potential

I have become aware of many articles on the net that are put up by psychics sharing future information about everything, from TV reality shows and celebrity relationship success, to where the next earthquake is going to be.

Is this sort of information okay to share if You are psychic and receiving this ‘extra’ sneak peek.

The quick answer might be, No.  I find this challenging if I look at it in a ‘black and white’ way, without thought.

Without societal acceptance of extra-sensory abilities how else can a psychic gain recognition as being viable?  As a psychic looking at a situation and sharing before hand to create a track record, how else could this be done?

Would it not be a form of marketing?  To present their abilities and offering You an example of their work.

Remember You can always choose not to read foretelling articles.

Or if I am walking down the side-walk and my eyes ‘see’ that there is a car headed for a couple across the way and they are preoccupied, chances are I am going to do a quick shout out in warning.  Even if I ‘see’ this information with extra-sensory abilities.

The in danger right there and then information gets shared by me.  If I ‘see’ it happening two years from now, it really is none of my business in passing.  It comes down to using sense.  Especially knowing any information shared from any form is not set in stone.

Unsolicited advice is just that, any time.  Just like I would rather not have a stranger come up to me and talk to me about my health or death, parenting the children, advice about my love life and a myriad of private matters, I would prefer that a psychic stranger follow the same rules.

If any information is shared by someone psychic or otherwise it is important for You the individual to make up Your own mind and listen to Your own heart about what works and is right for You!

Is Listening to Your Intuition Paying Off?

You can use Your intuition and follow Your impulses to act to make Your life easier or to save Yourself time, money and hassles.

For example, You sell a stock at its high or buy at the low.  You slow down right before You pass a police car watching for speeders.  You put Your dog on its leash just before the forest ranger passes by on the trail.

Don’t You just love when that happens?  You feel good and appreciate yourself for listening.

On the other hand how many personal examples do You have when You ignored Your intuition and it cost You?not listening to intuition

You didn’t slow down or just stay home and got a speeding ticket.  You had the impulse to sell a stock and held on too long.  You didn’t ask Your child to stop doing something when You thought they could get hurt.  Then You’re getting out the bandages.  You let Fido run off leash, just this once.  Dog-at-large ticket.

Do You really listen?  Do You really act upon Your intuitive impulses?  Or do You question and doubt Yourself?

I have the benefit of being married to a husband who does listen to his guidance.  Turns out we both get the same intuitions about thing.  We both feel the need to lock the doors…. then hear about some burglaries nearby.

We’ve learned the hard way that when we ignore our psychic promptings, we pay.  We both had the intuition to take the luggage rack off the top of the van. We ignored that and missed out on free parking when we were in Denver for a show.  The van wouldn’t fit in the parking garage with the rack on top of the van. It only cost us $8, that time.

Listening and benefiting from our intuition or ignoring it and paying the cost  both serve. We learn to trust ourselves more and more.  We start to trust those seemingly minor bits of intuitive guidance that end up saving us in the long run.

Which way do You prefer?  To act upon intuition and be happy You did.  Or to ignore Your intuition and pay later?

I suggest You pay attention to when You listened and ignored intuition.  Write them down or talk with a loved one.  By giving Your intuition more notice, it will become stronger.  You’ll look back and be clear about what Your intuitive promptings are.  So You’ll be more aware of them in the future.

Using Outside Sources to Confirm Psychic Awareness

WingsConfirming our inner awareness from an outside source is a great way to develop your psychic abilities.  When we verify our energetic perceptions with someone outside ourselves we gain confidence and learn to trust the information we are receiving.

One of the ways I’ve used to develop my psychic awareness about the Earth ascension energies was by following Karen Bishop’s Wings posts. I paid attention to the energy I feel coming to the planet and got reassurance from her description of what she sensed was happening.  It got to the point that I could feel when she was going to make new post based on how I was feeling and what I was picking up on energetically.

Initially, I felt a bit of shock when she stopped writing her weekly posts.  I appreciated them so much.  I trust she followed her own internal guidance by leaving her position as the writer of the Wings alerts.  I feel joy in my heart when someone follows their own path based on their own guidance, even if they go when I would like them to stay.

And even though she didn’t continue her posts,  I’ve learned to trust my own psychic impressions about what’s happening within me and the Earth.  It’s always nice to have a way to confirm what You are feeling with someone outside yourself.

Do you have a way that you foster Your psychic nature by receiving confirmation of what You already know?  Friends, psychic readers, newsletters or blogs?

As for me I have my wings and I can fly.  Does someone need to remind me I can fly at times?  Of course.  Here’s to You and your wings!  And always remembering You can fly.