Are You Sure You Want to Know the Future?

Being psychic and using extra-sensory abilities can be very advantageous on many levels.  Especially if You are wanting to gain greater understanding.

I watched the special last night on the upcoming Twilight movie, Eclipse, and one of the questions of the actors was, which of the special vampire abilities would You like to have. One of the less agreed answers was Alice’s ability to see in the future.

Would You really want to know before things happen what was going to happen?  What if You find out something that You’d rather not know?

Does not allow for the natural unfolding of events either does it.Psychic Potentials

But one comment was that the knowing does not mean it is set in stone.  That by knowing You would be able to adjust Your actions up to the event, changing things with intention.

What if You could be informed about intense situations in Your life happening and upcoming so that You could be better prepared. Or about wonderful things coming to pass, so You could stay in the strong stages of manifesting by feeling good.

You have a few choices of course.

A couple being to acknowledge and set an intention not to see anything unintended and another to take advantage and have fun creating the life of Your dreams.

As You develop Your psychic abilities it is possible that Your ability to divine the future will be something that comes with ease.

How to Handle Psychic Skeptics

When it comes to being psychic there are all sorts of doubts to deal with.  Chances are, unless You were raised accepting Your ability even Your doubts will be coming to the surface.

It is understandable as questioning is a most valuable tool of intelligence.

How do You become comfortable with and confident in abilities that are not necessarily backed in factual information?

I have heard a lot of dismissive language while talking to others about being psychic.  Things like ‘how do You know it isn’t just Your imagination’, ‘being psychic is just too out there for me’, and ‘it is entertaining but I wouldn’t give it any value’.

For as many people disconnected to the strength of others extra-sensory abilities (and possibly their own), there are just as many interested and using psychic knowing to assist them in finding peace and understanding in their lives.  Let’s face it, getting inside information through psychic ability is pretty fascinating.

What to say to nay sayers?  To the doubts You present to Yourself, gently question the belief that would cause You to deny Your abilities.  To the challenges presented by loved ones in Your life You might do the same in a non conflictual way.

Psychic potentials

Words are powerful so to be able to say, ‘I understand that You do not believe in psychic ability and that is okay with me’.  While sharing this with them You might also share that You are good with Your beliefs as well. Let them have their beliefs knowing that You are not out to convert them.

For those that are not yet part of Your life in a significant way, let it go.  Unless You are called to somehow support their understanding, is it really important to You what others think and believe?

Keeping a journal filled with information received and the translations You have come to along the way will allow You to look back with greater understanding.

It will go along way towards increasing Your own confidence in Your growing psychic abilities.

Are You Growing Your Psychic Abilities?

We are all psychic and everyone uses psychic information regularly.  Some people are born with very obvious talents, yet we are all psychic.  Some people deny they have a psychic nature, but they still use their intuition.

Others, especially those born with extraordinary perceptions, may completely try to block their psychic input.  They might have allowed others to discourage the use of their innate abilities.  They might have dampened their psychic nature to try to fit in with others.  Or they just didn’t know what to do with the information they were receiving.

Alternatively, there are those who have been fully using their psychic awareness all along.  They enjoy being psychic and want more of a good thing.

Where do You fit in on this continuum?

No matter where You are in relation to your psychic abilities, they can be developed and refined.  Whether You are rekindling, just discovering, or deepening Your conscious use of your psychic abilities, there are various ways to cultivate them.

The law of attractions says that anything You give your attention to grows stronger.  So just by noticing your psychic awareness strengthens it.

By giving daily attention to when You “knew”, “felt”, “heard”, or “saw” something that was helpful to You in your life,  will increase your awareness.

To develop certain psychic techniques, use them ofPsychic Potentialsten.  If You want to develop your tarot reading ability, pull a card each day. Practice daily.

There are many books available that can walk You through developing psychic skills.  You could read up on what interests You the most, such as: astral travel, auras, chakras, or telepathy.
You can also take classes.  This is a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals and learn and master new techniques in a supported environment.  Our Heal Yourself home study course is a great way to lay the foundation for your psychic abilities.

Many Reiki students report increased intuition as a result of learning Reiki. If You already practice Reiki You can send Reiki to developing Your psychic abilities.

Here’s to cultivating and blossoming into Your fully expanded self!

Noticing the Energy in Your Inbox

Psychic PotentialsUsing your psychic abilities while checking email might go unnoticed because it’s so natural to do.  I’ve observed that I pick up on people by reading their emails.  Mostly this can be beneficial.  I can tell their mood when they wrote it.  I can tell if the person was scattered or in business mode.

I can tell what’s between the lines, what was left unsaid.  Lots of times people email in a hurry and leave things out.  What? Do You expect me to read Your mind? Here’s where your psychic abilities come in handy.  It’s helpful to have psychic abilities to interpret an unclear email.

What catches me by surprise sometimes is when someone emails me and they are upset.  I feel it right away.  If caught unaware, I can get bombarded with someone’s energy from their email.

I’m reminded to put up my power Reiki symbol over my screen or a boundary rose, creating my “only love in, only love out” energetic periphery.

For event invitations, it’s so nice to be able to check in with myself and see if I’m aligned with what is being offered.

Email also is a great practice on telepathy.  How many times do You get an email when You are thinking of someone.  And already know what they are going to say.  I heard it when You were typing or I saw it in my inbox before it arrived.

Have fun practicing your psychic abilities with Your email.  Don’t forget to check in with Your own energy before You hit the send button.

How Do I Use Psychic Intuition in the Garden?

Years of experience allow for an accumulation of knowledge in any area of study.  For me gardening is one of those areas of study I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge.

The interesting thing is that when I am questioned about ‘why’ I do what I do, I do not always have an answer.

Is it possible that I am ‘listening’ to the plants I cultivate and nourish?Psychic Potentials

Let’s face it, plants do not really talk so how could I be ‘listening’. (Unless Your psychic abilities are strong auditory.)

The fun part is Everything is Energy. The same way we can psychically pick up on people, we can use our extra-sensory perceptions to pick up on plants, animals, objects and places.

When I am gardening I find myself looking for the place to plant that is going to best match the energy of the plant from both my knowledge of gardening and what I pick up energetically.

As in my life, as in my gardens,listening’ with my psychic abilities makes for a happier environment with lots of colorful blooms.

Would You like to learn more about the energy around You full of information to serve You?

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Dream Meaning

7 Ways to Gain Greater Insight from Your Dreams

Are you a dreamer? Do you wish you could gain more insight from your dreams?

I am a dreamer.  I dream intense and mostly very inspiring dreams when I sleep at night.  This morning I woke and exclaimed to my husband, “I can fly!”
Last night I dreamt I was soaring and flying with my body.  I landed on a big rock on top of a high cliff next to water.  A bald eagle came and landed on the rock.   He wasn’t bothered by my presence.

I stood on the edge of the cliff wondering if I was still going to be able to fly and if the eagle would leave me be while I flew.  I took a leap of faith and was soaring again.  The eagle and other birds accepted me as one of them and left me to enjoy my flight.

Today I’m soaring through my day.

How do You gain the most insight from your dreams?

Here are 7 ways to gain greater insight from your dreams:

  1. Take a moment before You rise to remember the dream fully upon waking.
  2. Write down everything You can remember upon waking
  3. Look up meaningsin:
    • Dream dictionaries – from the dream above – flying, birds, eagle, clouds, ocean or lake
    • Animal dictionaries – from the dream above – Eagle –  I like Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
    • Oracle cards or Tarot cards – I was reminded of The Fool 0 by the leaping off the cliff and trusting I could fly.
  4. Talk with a friend.  By talking You might find even more personal meanings.
  5. Enjoy the feeling the dream leaves with You.  If it was a good feeling.  Notice what comes up for You during the day.
  6. If the dream leaves You with an uncomfortable feeling.  Know that You were only trying out one path of Your future.  The path that You don’t want.   You don’t have to walk that path in daily life, be thankful for that.
  7. Keep a dream journal.  You can look back and notice themes and how your dreams were guiding You.

Happy Dreaming!


Communicating with Children about Psychic Awareness

Do You create an open space for communicating with Your children about their psychic awareness?  You might be surprised by the things they notice. Or maybe not.  The kids being born on the planet now are very aware.

Asking the right questions:

  • Use open-ended questions that honor varying ways of perceiving energy.  What does that look, feel, sound,smell like to You?  What let You know about that?
  • You can use direct questions.  One of my favorite that I ask my daughters often is “what color is my aura today?”.  I also like, “what does the energy of this room or house feel like to You?”.

Some subjects You can bring up are:

  • aura colors
  • spirit guides, “imaginary” friends, angels
  • telepathy
  • past lives
  • dreams

Creating a safe and open environment for honest answers:


Are You open to hear their answers?  If You question Your own psychic impressions, you are likely to doubt others.  So learn to trust Yourself first.  Be willing to trust in the unseen.  Their psychic awareness may show up in a different way that yours. If You don’t think it’s weird, neither will they.

Set a good example to help create a safe place for Your kids to share with You.  If you are making a decision based on Your own psychic guidance, then let them know that.  For instance, “I had a dream that You got hit by a car last night, so I’m being extra careful today. Please hold my hand.”  That might be a bit dramatic, but You get the point.

The more Your kids learn to share and trust their own guidance the stronger their awareness with become.  Who doesn’t want aware children?

Here are some examples of things my girls have shared with me:

  • My aura gets swirls in it when I’m mad at my husband.  (I guess I can’t hide much from them)
  • My last life I lived to be an old lady.  Every life gets better and better. (my older daughter)
  • Watching my daughters act on lovely inspirations they say they got from their spirit guides.

If You aren’t already sharing with Your kids about psychic abilities and how natural it is,  start now.  Don’t wait till Your child is grown to start the psychic conversations.  It’s more fun to start now.  Also, if they start young they’ll be very comfortable with their innate psychic abilities when they are adults.

Nurture and encourage your child’s inner psychic.  You’ll have the benefit of one more person to give You some good psychic feedback and perhaps let You know the color of your aura.


Use Your Psychic Abilities to Find Perfect Parking Spots

Why not use Your psychic abilities to get something every one wants, a ‘Rock Star parking spot’.


I always start out with the intention,   ‘I am now finding my perfect parking spot’, before I even get to where I am going.  Either out loud or to myself, depending on who is with me in the vehicle and how comfortable I am with myself around them.

Confidence in self and others when practicing psychic ability is another story for another day.


For some the next step may be to watch what they see and where that is.  For others it might be a feeling or just knowing that going right or left when entering the parking lot is the way to go.  I have even on occasion ‘heard’, turn around and look behind.  I find a great parking spot almost every time.  Luck or listening with intention?


smart-car-786675Using extra-sensory perception to serve is what it is there for, starting with self.  It can keep You out of danger, let You know when You’ve met Your new best friend and help You to get clarity in Your life.



May You have a brilliant day. If You are someone who has difficulty accepting that You have psychic abilities then starting with finding a parking spot might be a great way to play and have fun with it.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Albert Einstein






Welcome to the New Online Home of Psychic Potentials!

And How to Develop Your Own!

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Both myself and Christy have worked in the healing field for many years and consult with our guides and tools daily.  On the outside we live normal lives and yet we both have had friends and family call us respectively for years to get ‘inside’ information about their lives, careers, health and relationships.  What we have found is that our own practical psychic abilities are expodentially increased by working together.

Thus the birthing of Psychic Potentials and our desire to share with You how You can recognize and utilize Your own psychic gifts and abilities.

Join us on this wonderful ride of deeper communication with self!  Let it be a gift You give Yourself allowing You to be clearer and enjoy more in Your life!