Am I Psychic – Being Psychic Everyday

Am I Psychic – Being Psychic Everyday

Judy: Something we’ve had quite a few people ask us recently is, “What is it like to be psychic?” and “What do we notice in our everyday lives?” “How might they notice, how might you notice, recognize the characteristics of being psychic?” And we have the same answer for everyone.

Christy: Everyone is psychic. You’re psychic. The question is, “How are you using your abilities to make your life easier and which particular method of being psychic are you using the most?”

Judy: We really work to define ‘psychic’ as a spiritual awareness that goes beyond just the everyday five senses. But it’s really just a greater sensitivity to those kinds of things. There’s so many ways to be psychic. It’s just a matter of us talking to you individually and you might hear, you might see, you might taste. There are individuals that are kinesthetic and they feel it. There’s all these different types of being psychic and really knowing what your strength is and using it to support and bring greater joy into your life.

Christy: Yeah, right. Somebody might be really good at knowing, you know, what horse is going to win the race, but it doesn’t really matter to him. But more useful is like… What do you know on a daily basis? Do you know the train’s going to be late? Do you know you should go left instead of right? Even though you normally go right… And do you pay attention to your intuition to find out it just made your day go a lot smoother and easier?

Judy: Yeah, it’s amazing. I had a friend visit one day and Christy was here. And she was wondering why she said to the grocery that she wanted to keep the beat greens. I’ll take them home. Because the grocer was offering to take them off. She was like, “Why did I do that?”
And I was like, “Have You ever cooked beat greens?”
She said, “No, I can eat these?”

I let her know that she could and I gave her a great recipe that she could use. We were explaining to her that sometimes you just do things and we don’t really understand what sense it was that encouraged you to be inspired to keep the beat greens. But later in the day and it was only a couple of hours later, she found out that she was actually able to use them. And how to use them.

That happens all day long and it’s so powerful to recognize how you are actually strongest in your sensing. Because that is how you can develop it and strengthen your psychic ability. Some people even choose to strengthen psychic abilities that they’re not strong in.

For myself, I’m most kinesthetic. I’ll be walking through the grocery store and Christy or someone I know will have something happen for them. And I’ll feel it. I’ll know it in my body. The more I was willing to acknowledge that, the more I was able to recognize who it was happening for and that I could be supportive by sending them Reiki or I could be supportive by giving them a call. Just being there for them.

Christy: Exactly. Whereas, you know, I’m visual. I hear. I know. For me to feel, I find, I do, but it’s not always as comfortable. I didn’t really want to feel your belly ache. I’d rather have a picture of you vomiting in my mind. That would be much better. (laughing) Or just know you’re not feeling well. Anyway….

Judy: It’s about accepting too. Because the more you’re willing to accept that you experience greater awareness, the more you’re going to be able to relate it what it means in the moment. And the symbols that it gives you are going to be easier to translate.

Christy: Exactly. And the more you pay attention to the information you’re given, no matter how it comes, know, see, feel or hear… the stronger it will get and the more you’ll notice and pay attention to it. You’ll find your psychic information to be useful in a very practical way.

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In heart centered awareness,

Christy & Judy Lynn

New Moon Psychic Energy Reading November 2012

November’s new moon brings opportunity! Be efficient in your communication and how You are using your energy. Are You aware of how You are expressing the love from within You? Are You taking time to share what You feel with the ones You love? Including yourself? The time is ripe for transformation!

There is a strong indicator of awareness increasing on all levels. It is time once again to return home to yourself and New Moon Readingrecognize that divine is in all things, including You. Imagine what it would be like to live life if You knew everything came from divine source.

The largest part of You is unseen and urging You toward living more fully in the joyous expression of You. A place where honesty, truth, innocence and vulnerability can thrive.

This powerful inner transformation with all of the energetic downloads over the last couple of years is starting to show through to the outer world around us as well. A real beautiful part of this is how the inner beauty that always exists in You will more easily show to the outer world and it will reflect back to others the beauty within them!

Efficiency in sharing your skills and abilities will come to the surface as the restrictions of ‘just being physical’ are released. The spiritual significance of who You are causes a clearing of mind and emotion. It is such a good time to expect things around You to manifest quicker and that things can manifest even better than You imagined. The opportunity to see how You are co-creative in every aspect of your life will surround You.

This increased awareness will also increase your ability to consciously use your intuition about what to do, how to do and when to go for it. There is a powerful balance between the ability to be intuitive and acting on that intuition at this time. With this greater awareness comes a reminder to look for the ways You to trust what You feel and know from within.

Action: If You see yourself as a divine being, does abundance go with that? All levels of abundance are based on how You allow good things to flow to and be delivered to You! It is up to You to let what You have asked for come to You. When we quit resisting the divine of us then we quit resisting the beauty available in life as well. See yourself as Divine and know You deserve your heart’s desires.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy & Judy Lynn

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New Moon Psychic Energy Reading September 2012

What are You noticing right now…probably seeing a direct reflection of You and where You are at.  If things are going well then give yourself credit for attracting that through your vibration.  If things are going not so well, then how can You adjust your thinking so that You are vibrating something different?psychic potentials develop Your abilities

What You think, say, and do all combine to cause You to attract through vibration.  It also causes You to contribute to what is going on for others as well.  You get to choose whether You add uplifting energy or dark energy to the co creative process.

The co creative recognition of You and the larger part of You, the spiritual, is going to  come to the forefront  and be hard to miss.  It seems the energy is indicating that we will not be able to miss how we are creating the things we are experiencing. There is so much power available for You to be able to look and see the beautiful creations that You have already contributed too.  Now for You in physical to just find alignment with the visions that are on the verge of being manifest here and now.

The twin soul calling is getting louder during this period.  The increased energy of co creative is going to contribute to these harmonic equals finding new ways of creating and interacting together both physically and on the spiritual plane.

How many ways can You notice that You are having fun combining and creating with the others in your life?  Great time to focus on this and to hold the expectation, that what You do with others will turn out well for all concerned.

Heart opening and having released so much over the last months brings a freshness that is motivating and propelling You forward at this time.

We have encouraged You to choose who You are sharing with and it shows up again in how selecting individuals that uplift and support your new visions for yourself is still so important.  You may have to be more direct about who You choose to be around.  Let it be what it is and value yourself enough to stay in environments and situations that are uplifting to You and that You are able to stay uplifting in yourself.

We weave individual webs and then there is amazing overlap in the way these individual webs come together with others.  Find ways to celebrate the creative changes we are involved in now with the families of choice in your life.

Action:  Choose to think thoughts that bring You good feelings.  Get real about what You want and slow down enough to see what actions are serving You.  If You feel bad after watching the news, let it go for a time.  If it feels negative let it go or actually remove yourself or what is causing You stress.

And if You feel that You can not remove the stressor then, things happen everyday, what do You want your perception to be?  One that serves You or something that brings You down.  Being willing to adjust how You see things is one of the most powerful ways to add more peace to your life.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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How to Increase Confidence in Your Psychic Abilities

Can You tell the difference between a psychic dream and a vision? Or what it means when You feel a strong sensation in your body when You are reading for yourself or another.  How about when You look up because You could swear that someone is in the room with You (maybe even talking to You),only to see no one in physical form.

These are only a few examples of psychic experiences that can be challenging to put value and meaning to.  Lets face it, we would all like a neon sign to pop up to give us direction when we are asking for it.  The spiritual realm doesn’t always work like that, often it is much more subtle. Although if You believe neon signs will pop up to give You information, I believe it is possible.  The key is willingness to landmark your non-physical messages as You go.

Try these three simple actions to increase your confidence in your psychic abilities.

1.  Notice what or who were You thinking about at the time or what questions have You been asking lately?  This can often give more meaning and clarity to what You are picking up on.

2. Use a journal to write dreams, watching backwards until You become confident in what your messages are indicating to You.  Gradually over time You will be able to understand messages more clearly closer to the purpose of the information shared with You.  If You are willing the messages will allow You to watch forward over time.

3.  Suspend judgement for the moment so the flow of information can come to You completely.  Psychic information can be for fun, support, direction or protection and it will depend on your intention and attitude as to what signs or messages You receive.  Any judgement will slow and/or block the energy of the unseen coming to You in any form. Often when You are saying to yourself that it is not possible or that You must have imagined it is when You are closest to understanding what is being shared with You.

If You are not able to understand the messages You are getting it can be compared to asking for a instruction manual and then not reading it when You receive it.

Remember to ask that the information coming to You be in a clear simple way. Sit with the information and see whether and how it settles.  By being aware of the where, when, how, why and what, You will have created an internal recognition system that will allow your psychic abilities to serve You in everything You do.

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New Moon Psychic Energy Reading March 2011

There is much talk about the truth coming to the forefront and so much of what is happening is not necessarily being shared.  All well and good if You choose to look deeper than what You are being told via the main sources of information-still is important to make sure that You buy into only what You would like your life to be.

Which wolf are You feeding?  The one that brings You joy or the one that brings You suffering?psychic potentials develop Your abilities  (See the bottom of the June 2010 Solstice Reading for the wolf story.)

We are being asked to focus on being grounded to the earth and truth.  Going against what is real and honest for You dims your light and decreases your freedom.  It causes You to feel uncomfortable and alone.  Are You willing to look at which beliefs might be holding You back still?  The stories are challenging to let go of if You’ve been sharing them for awhile.

The struggle can end with You though and letting go gracefully will happen by just bringing awareness to the stories that no longer serve. Let source and the angels support You, ask them for help.

We are moving into a time of fire so skin eruptions, emotional outbursts, fevers and quick action are to be expected.  As well as anything to do with heat, cleansing and burning things up.

During this time using your keen mental abilities and the divine inspiration that comes to You to manifest allows for a strong foundation to create and feel joy from.

A new level of health, trust and friendships are all available now.  So staying grounded and letting anything unfinished come to a place of forgiveness can allow You to bring greater truth and understanding to this new level of relating.

If You are feeling the energy of chaos, allow yourself to recognize what is yours and what You might be picking up on from the shifts of the planet.

Allow yourself to feel what it is like to be fully supported on the physical plane.  When You feel fear about allowing your heart to guide You then it is time to get more honest with yourself and recognize that mental leadership is good and in the examples of leadership where the mental was present and the guidance of heart is there is well, it is GREAT!

If You feel like You are coming up against barriers, You may be correct AND remember that barriers only exist in the mind. When You know that You are spirit playing the game in a physical body…the barriers dissolve if You are willing to release the ways You are resisting a clear open path of ease and joy.  This open path is always available to us in every moment.

Action: Follow You inner calling and if it isn’t really clear yet, no worry, the message and inspiration will increase in clarity and volume.  The little promptings are a part of all of this and add to the whole, they are there to help support You in the direction of your choices.  Find appreciation in all that has come before now, to allow You to be free to create what is next for You.

If You are interested in what the energy of the following months will bring click here for month by month Psychic Energy Reading for 2011.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

P.S.  This monthly reading is intended for all the individuals attracted to Psychic Potentials.  As such it gives a general overview of the energies of the weeks around the moon indicated.  Get your specific individual reading for greater clarity in 2011, find out more about the Double Psychic Readings we offer Here.

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How to Tell if the Psychic Information You Get Is for Your Benefit or To Share

Do You share psychic or energetic information you have about someone when they haven’t asked for your input? Generally, I just let the information go without sharing.  If they aren’t asking for my psychic or energy- healing input then I usually just release the energy, most likely forgetting about it.  It’s just not my business.  Only if I feel guided and it feels appropriate will I share the information.

To help yourself understand if it’s appropriate to share psychic impressions ask yourself, “Who do I serve if I share this psychic information?”  Is Your answer the person you’re sharing with or yourself and possibly your own ego? If it only makes You feel better or proves You’re psychic, that’s really not a good reason to share.  If You feel it serves the person on their path in life, that’s a great reason to share.

If it doesn’t seem appropriate to share, just keep the info to yourself and release it.  You don’t need to hang on to the energy.  If You need assistance in releasing unwanted energy, check out our Heal Yourself program.

There is another reason psychic information about another may come to You.  We are all mirrors for each other.  Energetically knowing something about someone else without being told may be for your benefit, not theirs.

If You come across information about someone psychically, look to see how the information can help You in your life and personal growth before releasing the psychic impression.

You can ask yourself, “How does this energetic information serve me?”

Here are some examples of psychic impressions being for your own benefit:

  • If someone is attracted to You, You can just enjoy the energy and ground it.  Or if You don’t enjoy the attraction, You can just ground it.  Perhaps, if You feel it serves the situation, You can address the attraction energy in conversation.
  • When You encounter someone with an overactive throat chakra who hardly stops talking this can be a reminder to yourself.  This person may be bringing your attention to speaking up for yourself  in order to be heard.  They also remind You to set your boundaries and limit the conversation.
  • On the other hand, a person with an under-active throat chakra who remains silent most of the time offers a reminder to listen and be comfortable in silence. Speaking up may be the alternate lesson, depending how You look at it.
  • If You meet a person who You intuitively understand is not comfortable with being touched, You can use non-physical form of greeting.   Instead of a hug or a handshake, a nice warm smile displays happiness of meeting.
  • Or say You meet a someone who wants to do business with You and You instantly hear your guide whispering in Psychic Potentialsyour ear about this person’s lack of integrity. Well You don’t need to share that with the potential business partner.  You can just listen to your intuition and pass up this business deal.

There are so many ways your psychic abilities can serve You.  Listen to your psychic guidance always.  How many other ways can You think of that your psychic impressions served You?