The Quickening, what is it?

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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of:February 10th, 2017 Happy Full Moon!
Things seem to be speeding up.
Have you noticed all the upheaval from the micro to the macro?
Is that your experience too?
Everything seems so intense and almost exaggerated.
Life gets interesting when the old comes up for revision or even complete removal.

It’s a great week for…

…giving freely.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to just give, with no agenda.

Try doing 3 kind things for others without anyone knowing you did it.

Notice what happens for you and how you feel just giving for the sake of giving.

Does it increase your energy and excitement for life or do you feel cheated of the appreciation or something else?

Either way it gives you great info to know yourself.

And possibly more to release with the Quickening.

It’s also a good week for…
…meditation and lots of sleep.
Have you ever noticed when the energies are swirling around fast and furious things can get out of hand.
The way arguments can get started so easily or misunderstandings run rampant.
Just slowing down a bit and letting the energy move through you without resistance can help you completely avoid the conflict.
Breath in, breath out, drop those shoulders and approach anything you are facing with as much calm and clarity as possible.
Especially since there is no doubt this swirling energy demands action!
We would love to hear your thoughts on the Quickening, comment below.
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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10 Things to Clear the Energy in Your Home

You thought I might say number #1 put the husband/wife out, right?

No honestly, it is much easier to be around a happy person if You are happy.  Flip side, it is somewhat easier to be around a miserable person if You are feeling miserable.  Unless of course You are attempting to change Your state from miserable to happy again.

Since emotion is energy in motion it makes sense that what we pick up on energetically around us is going to make a difference to how we feel.

When Your energy is clear it is more enjoyable to be in a space that matches.  If You are sensitive and are in a space that is noisy energetically then there is a chance You will be affected by the noise.

Awareness about the ways You sense life around You allows for the tools and techniques to buffer the effect of outside energies.

Out and about doing errands I expect to pick up on all sorts of energies from things, people and places.  When I get to my home I like the energy to be nurturing and as clear as possible.

10 straight forward ways You can make a difference about the energy in Your home:

  • Unplug as many things as You can as often as You can.


  • Everything has an energetic vibration, put things away and selectively place items that cause You to feel good.
  • Open Your windows often and get the air circulating.
  • Light natural candles that are low VOC, attended.
  • Grow plants that are oxygenating and/or useful.
  • Add aroma therapy to Your home/office health.
  • Take Your shoes off at the door.
  • Leave background noise from TV and radio off.

Serious energy cleansing

  • Wash every surface You can find including walls and ceilings.
  • Travel through Your home burning a sage stick, safely.

Essentially as You develop Your ability to manage the energies You pick up on anywhere, external energies around You are less important.

Even after many years of being sensitive to what energies are affecting me and how to manage that, I still prefer that the energy in my home/office matches me as close as possible.

How will You Stay Connected When Life Storms show Up?

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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: Sept 29th, 2016

Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little bit! (Or for some of you, a lot.)

If you take your cues from nature, the storms are what bring growth and expansion.

The forest fires bring cleansing and renewal through seed germination.

Yes, the most aggressive storms do cause damage, with them come great clarity.

Consider how often a heavy shake up brings renewed faith and perspective.

It’s a great week for…

…recognizing limits.
It is a matter of space and timing.
Timing is something that happens organically.
Have you ever heard the saying that ‘things happen in their own time’?
If you really desire to communicate with your guides then it is necessary to do what creates space for this.
Remember to get quiet and find ways to trust that it is possible.
If you are not sure where to start ask the Unknown Angels out loud for guidance and help.
It’s also a good week for…
…finding shelter.
When you are wanting out of the rain, you find overhead shelter.
When you experience emotional storms, where and what gives you relief?
When drama shows up in your life, find a way to walk away, literally or figuratively.
Right now there is some chaos on the horizon.
Some of you are already experiencing it.
Know that after the storm is when rainbows and renewal happen.
Spirit is always sharing guidance about where, when and what.
All you have to do is listen. It is Spirits way!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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What is Your Highest Vision for the World?

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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: July 20th, 2016

Time, where does it really go?

And how can it speed up like it seems to have?

Have you been listening as things continue to be revealed during this period of time?

It is and has been a period of uncovering. Some are seeing this as uncomfortable chaos and others see it as a beautiful opportunity to create the new.

It’s a great week for…
…getting clear.
How do you see it?

How would you like to see it while the world continues to spin and people continue to do what they do.

Trust that the light workers and angels are available to help you always.
It’s also a good week for…

…holding a true vision of higher vibration.This means you are asked to deal with old hurts and injuries that come to the surface.

See them clearly, forgive and let go of anything that holds you back.

You deserve to move through this time period with so much grace and love.

It is time to heal your soul and find greater connection to the planet that is also moving through vibrational changes.

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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Is it Time for You to Rise to the Occasion?

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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: November 23rd 2015
Time to focus on the benevolent expansive energy of existence.
How do you suppose it could happen there will be a greater number of humans awakening at this time?
By everything just happening as usual?
Or possibly a catalyst of some sort?
It’s a great week for…
…staying centered.
If you are sensitive to energy You might be feeling the catalyst coming.
Are you able to discern how it might affect you?
Is there something you need to do?
Can you still listen to Spirit while any waves of energy carrying discord pass over?
It’s the ability to act on the messages sent to you that serves, even if you experience fear.
Know there is never a bad time to start listen to Spirit closer even if messages do not fully make sense.
Simply put; it is time to slow down, focus on your breath, let your thoughts quiet and listen.
It’s also a good week for…
…living in your own world.
For all that is ‘happening’ there is the energy around you now.
Staying focused on the beauty around you, in the now, is where you will always be most powerful.
Allow the energy of awareness to flood through you, taking advantage of, any chaos to bring you a new level of organization.
For that is all there ever was or will be, benevolent expansive energy of existence.
And we will never really understand how it might express itself.
Just that it will.
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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Are You Listening?

Energy Reading
…for the week of: July 7th, 2015
What is real?
Check it out!
It is a great week for taking pause.
When you spend so much time feeling regret, or worried about the future, you have little room to experience the present.
You miss the magic of the present. You don’t hear the message of Spirit.
The magic that lets you ‘see’ more than just what you have manifested on the physical plane. The messages that bring you to greater connection and success.
Can you tell when you are completely in sync with the greater Source aspect of yourself?
Do you feel the shifts coming and are you willing to see how they will affect you personally?
Even if you are ready and excited about the changes coming as a global community, you may still find yourself feeling the effects of grieving.
That is necessary.
You may also find yourself releasing emotions of old in this cleansing.
This week…
…focus on the emotion that flows within and over you… even if you don’t understand the reason.
Use your breath to let the emotion flow and be released back to the Universe.
Be gentle with yourself. Find ways to nurture while you cleanse emotionally. This gives you space to recognize how the Universe delivers to you what you need.
It allows you to see more clearly in the present moment. It’s  where Spirit is sharing with you where to be, and at what time.
While we shift as a whole, your journey is still individual. The answers can be found within.
In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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Can you sense this energy coming to you…

 Happy New Moon!
You are receiving distant Reiki energy today, from Christy and I, through tomorrow night, Wednesday, June 17th.
See if you can pick up on this energy…and be sure to let us know, either via reply to this email, or through our Facebook page.
Just breath it into your heart and let us know how you feel.
​It’s sent with love and appreciation.
In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Christy & Judy
P.S. – Reiki is spiritually guided life force that heals on all levels. As you develop your psychic potential, you learn more about picking up on, and communicating this powerful energy.
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© Time for Recalibration

As you have probably noticed it has been months and Christy and I have not done any moon readings.

In November of 2014 we were both personally affected by the shifting energies and found the moon readings to no longer be a part of what served.

The energies were just shifting too fast and to write about two weeks out became too vague and redundant.

We are sincerely hopeful that you are listening to your own inner messages and navigating accordingly.

We will be continuing to do the same and are very curious as to what will evolve with this new calibration we are all participating in.

In Spirit Centered Awareness,


Earthing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Psychic Abilities

Are You looking for a way to boost your psychic abilities and feel more connected to your manifesting powers? Your answer may be closer than you think, right beneath your feet.

Earthing, sitting directly on the Earth or walking barefoot, grounds your energy and gives You an energetic recharge. Everything
and everyone is made up of energy. The Earth gets her energy from the Sun and we get our energy from the Earth. The Earth energy calibrates our bodies, grounds us and empowers our body’s innate healing abilities.

photo 3The most beneficial way to Earth is to sit directly on the ground. Green grass or beach areas are preferred since there is a higher moisture content. Water conducts electricity which boosts the amount of energy You can absorb from the Earth. You can use a cotton sheet or blanket if you like. Avoid plastic, rubber, wood and cement. Those elements don’t conduct the electricity very well.

Earthing has many healing benefits such as: improved circulation, better sleep, anxiety reduction, boosts energy and metabolism, decreased inflammation, balanced hormones, calms the nervous system, improved immunity and stress reduction.

Besides the healing benefits, Earthing can increase your psychic abilities and connection.

  1. Earthing boosts your psychic ability by helping You ground more fully.  The more grounded You are the easier it is to make sense of the information you receive. You’ll feel more present and connected with the world around You.
  2. You’ll have an easier time manifesting your dreams when You Earth.  You’ll find clarity from being grounded and connected with your hopes and desires while sitting and relaxing. This clarity will draw more life force through You to bring your ideas into reality. You’ll be more aligned with what you want so it can come to You faster. You can also send your desires out to the Universe so your guides and angels can help You.
  3. Earthing is a great time to commune with your guides.  You’ll get inspiration about what steps are next for You and feel the energy flowing through You to take those steps.
  4. The Earth energy will clear and boost your chakras while raising your overall vibration.  Earthing will asset in clearing photo 1-2unwanted energy from your aura.
  5. Earthing will help connect You with unlimited Source energy and your soul level mind.  It will help you get out of your limited human, ego based perspective.

Earthing will help You connect with your natural intuitive awareness and attract your heart’s desires.  You’ll feel more aware of the energy flowing in and around You.  You’ll feel more energized and alive.  It’s a great time to daydream and commune with all that is.

Give it a try.

Happy Earthing!

Christy & Judy

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P.P.S Click here for a free grounding meditation You can listen to while Earthing.

Equinox Psychic Energy Reading September 2013

During the time between Equinox and the next Solstice, how can You step out of your life for just a few moments so that You take this awakening to the next level? When You experience what You normally experience nothing seems very important to adjust.

It is important to adjust what You have around You in your environment if You are wanting to be more clear in yourself. Our environments support us in maintenance and that is powerful if it is where You are wanting to be.

When You are choosing deeper understanding and greater joy then a shake up may be necessary to allow your environment to support You in this newly awakened way. Try doing things over the next months that You would not normally do, to give You perspective into your daily habits and patterns.

Listen for when it is time to spend time with people You wouldn’t normally, go places You wouldn’t normally, or participate in things You wouldn’t normally. Let You inspired knowing, the larger part of You lead You in the best direction for You!

Check it out to see which patterns are still supporting who You say You want to be and which ones are no longer serving You.

When You are willing to move into this new level of clarity from taking a step out of your life for a bit and going with the flow of new understanding, You avoid the pain of resistance and discomfort that happens when life moves on and You deny yourself the ability to move with it.

Trust that any revisions You make for You will bring something greater for others as well, knowing that it is not for You to know how this may happen. Let yourself be in a space of honesty and love as You take the steps toward a more awakened You.

It is called now for us to come to a new level of trust. Trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in others, trust in the direction You are inspired to, trust in being vulnerable and opening bigger than ever before, trust in others abilities to do for themselves, trust in the divine of You.

There will be a piece come up during these months around allowing others to make the choices that are right for them, taking them in the direction of those choices. Your job is to move into a new vibration of being for yourself and be a guide for others if they choose to travel the direction You are.

It is a beautiful thing to be giving if and when it is desired and accepted.

Individuals choosing to be responsible for their own opening and integration can sustain it. If their opening is because of You carrying them then You both will find it difficult to maintain and disappointment happens.

With an open heart can You be willing to allow others to make their own way. You making your way right for You is the key over this period of time.2012 Reading

Yes heart head integration is happening faster than ever before and yes we are taking our manifesting to a whole new level as well. Find someone to talk your appreciation with, someone that supports your new level of integration.

The increase in vibrational energy is not going away so it is up to us to bring it in through our beings and reflect it out through and around our beings! Enjoy!

Action: Once You have realized what no longer serves it is time to bring your focus back to what You are choosing and allow what no longer serves to fall away easily.

Your job is to focus on what brings You joy and to shine the light of You from that open loving place of appreciation. Dancing in the co creative energies of You and others shining fully!

Sit in the middle of your home and just allow yourself to notice whether You environment uplifts You or anchors You.

Refine this by looking at each individual, thing and situation in your life. Focus on the ones that uplift and expand You and let the rest go!


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In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

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