New Moon Psychic Reading 05/15/10

This reading is for those wanting to move through this time of upheaval and transformation from a place of awareness and peace.  This reading is general because it is for our whole community, if You are looking for readings more specific for Yourself let us know.  Reading for You.

The general energy right now is pregnant with death and rebirth on a global/societal level and the indicators and information we’ve received indicate that the laws of manifestation are happening with greater speed.  This is a bonus if You are clear about what You choose to manifest!

Having set the intention that we personally will be in the right place at the right time for our highest good there is a confidence that things are unfolding exactly how they are supposed to.  This can be a challenge because sometimes we are not in tune about what our highest good is.  It has a lot to do with letting go of ego control and knowing that Your deepest desires will be met even if You do not know how.

If it is a possibility that heaven be here on earth, then there is probably just as great a possibility of some pretty serious changes for that to happen for the majority.  Are You going to experience these changes from fear or from a calm centered and trusting position?

At this time a good question might be, what and who are You willing to let go of and what are You surrounding Yourself with?  Supportive and encouraging or something else?  Be willing to let go of anyone or thing that is keeping You locked into fear and obstacles.

Remember only You can know what serves You, so look inside Yourself for the definitive answers. It is time to listen to your heart more on these clean ups and if You’re not sure how, then it is time to learn.

The shifts of this time have been designed for many years including the possibilities presented by each individual.  Openness and love expand us to the realm of possibility and since there seems there is much change to come yet, You as an individual are called to get clear about Your path and Your choices.

The key is knowing Yourself and being very aware of what You personally are choosing, thinking, doing, feeling.  Quick reminder – avoid getting drawn into others drama because they will also be manifesting at a very fast rate.

Are You allowing Your higher self to lead You?  Or are You choosing to avoid seeing what is really going on for You?  Whichever way you choose will affect be Your outcome.

For those of You working at staying in a place of open awareness in love, You already know that whatever happens, You will be okay.  Better than okay in fact!!

It isn’t like most of this is news to any of us, at least on some level.

Side note:  What if we do have to pay a price for not listening to our compassionate selves and letting our unquestioned beliefs lead us around by the nose.  We are both seeing it in our own lives, that some of the tougher situations are necessary for us to let go of the past ways and the things that no longer serve so that re birth is possible.  We all must die to the old in order to move and live into the new.  It is Your choice how You do this, which again is nothing new.  For those not willing to let go, things may be taken or removed.  For those not willing to wake up to them selves there is potential right now for rude awakenings.  Even this can be seen as compassionate in that often it leaves us in a position to choose again.

Heart centered connections have the potential to help You go through this process in peaceful ways.  There is so much more energy flowing to us right now and as we’ve noticed releasing resistance feels much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is time to search out ultimate truth, however and where ever it is to be found, because intense change is continuing.   Staying grounded in Yourself throughout this transformation and letting go of what You think it ‘should’ be allows You to start living in the 5th dimension of heart centered openness.  Sounds a little like heaven to us.

For Exploration

Emotional-let go of resistance, intend that ‘All transformation be a joyful and loving process’.

Mental-Focus on what You choose and use those things that cause You stress to help You get clearer about what does serve You.

Physical-feed Yourself well and find ways to nurture all of Your physical systems.

Spiritual-Using water, symbols and representatives and visions of water to create greater grounding.

Be Heart Aware,

Christy and Judy Lynn

Using Outside Sources to Confirm Psychic Awareness

WingsConfirming our inner awareness from an outside source is a great way to develop your psychic abilities.  When we verify our energetic perceptions with someone outside ourselves we gain confidence and learn to trust the information we are receiving.

One of the ways I’ve used to develop my psychic awareness about the Earth ascension energies was by following Karen Bishop’s Wings posts. I paid attention to the energy I feel coming to the planet and got reassurance from her description of what she sensed was happening.  It got to the point that I could feel when she was going to make new post based on how I was feeling and what I was picking up on energetically.

Initially, I felt a bit of shock when she stopped writing her weekly posts.  I appreciated them so much.  I trust she followed her own internal guidance by leaving her position as the writer of the Wings alerts.  I feel joy in my heart when someone follows their own path based on their own guidance, even if they go when I would like them to stay.

And even though she didn’t continue her posts,  I’ve learned to trust my own psychic impressions about what’s happening within me and the Earth.  It’s always nice to have a way to confirm what You are feeling with someone outside yourself.

Do you have a way that you foster Your psychic nature by receiving confirmation of what You already know?  Friends, psychic readers, newsletters or blogs?

As for me I have my wings and I can fly.  Does someone need to remind me I can fly at times?  Of course.  Here’s to You and your wings!  And always remembering You can fly.

Living in an Openly Psychic Society

I have a dream, of a society that has reached its psychic potential on an individual and group level.  I dream of the day when it is the norm for people to trust, respect, listen and discuss our psychic guidance with our peers.

A time when society frowns upon taking action that contradicts our internal guidance.  A time of encouraging each other to follow our hearts.  A time of knowing that individuals leading self-guided lives leads us all to greater expansion.   I envision an era that treasures and nurtures the individual psychic abilities.  I look forward to society using telepathy as a major form of communication.

How do I do my part in the here and now?

I am open with others in my life about following my guidance.  I have become much more willing over the past few years to discuss my awareness with others.  It’s really a practice being open and honest.  It has become more natural for me to discuss my psychic impressions with others.  I realize it doesn’t serve me or others for me to keep my awareness hidden.  I do admit it wasn’t always that way for me.

In the past, as a child and young adult I was “in the closet”.  I felt fear of rejection and ridicule.  Other people weren’t openly talking about their internal guidance.

I remember being in school as a child and knowing answers to questions that I had never thought about before.  I would see a vision in my mind’s eye of the answer and be all lit up on the inside.  But I wouldn’t raise my hand.  I never wanted to explain how I knew things.

In fact, my way of knowing things was a major stumbling block for me when I started law school.  I had to explain step by step my answers.  In the long run it was a blessing to learn how to break things down.  My communication skills expanded immensely.

So, over the past few years I’ve learned to share more openly with my trusted family and friends.  For example, sharing with my sister that my guides told me I don’t need to catch the illness that her and my niece had.  She acted a bit skeptical when I told her that.  Then a year later, she had the same experience of her guides telling her she didn’t need to catch the “bug” going around.

In fact sometimes when I’m talking to my husband these days I mention “they said”.  He’s asks, “Who are they?”.  “My guides, of course”, I reply.  I know now, at least with my family and friends, it’s become so natural for me to share my internal impressions I don’t even think about it anymore.

Now, sharing my psychic awareness with others beyond my immediate family and friends  is becoming more natural.  (I’m writing to You, who I’ve never met, aren’t I?)

My five-year old daughter announced to me a couple of weeks ago that she wants to go to kindergarten.  I was surprised by this since we’ve been home schooling her and her sister for 3 years now.  Well, one of my goals with home schooling is for her to know herself and follow her guidance.  She is very determined and insistent that she is going to school.  So I took her to meet her teacher and see the class room.

On the way home I asked her about the color of the teachers’ auras.  On our next visit later that week while talking to the principal and the kindergarten teacher I did tell them about my daughter’s impressions on the color of the auras.  Her teacher  lit up and said that the colors my daughter saw were her favorite.  I was very happy about how natural the conversation about aura colors went.  They were both open and accepting and seemed to think it very natural that she was seeing their auras.

circle people with lightI envision a day when people at work and school share with each other about their psychic impressions.  A day when we can call into work or school and say, “I need to stay home today, my guides told me in my dream last night I need to rest today so I can stay healthy”. A time when the people we interact with accept our personal awareness and trust us.  They have acknowledged their own inner psychic so they check in with themselves and feel the truth of our communications.

I know we aren’t fully there, yet.  But we are getting closer to my dream.  At least in my life, I notice we are becoming more aware and open.


If You share my dream, You can do your part in creating an openly psychic society too.

  1. Listen to and follow your own guidance.
  2. Share with others about your psychic impressions.  Start with individuals You are  most comfortable with.
  3. Talk regularly about psychic impressions with your children, your spouses, your friends.
  4. Listen to others’ inner awareness with an open heart.

By connecting with your own spiritual guidance and being confident and open in following it, You give others around You permission to follow their inner psychic too.

Defining “Psychic”

What does the word psychic mean anyway?  To many people it conjures the image of a gypsy looking into a crystal ball and telling fortunes.  Being psychic is so much more than telling the future.

Psychic has its origins from the Greek work psȳchikós, of the soul, spirit or mind.  The dictionary defines psychic as one who is sensitive or receptive to nonphysical influences beyond the normal range of perception.

Judy and I add to this definition by saying that Psychic is being AWARE. If You are using Your psychic abilities you are paying attention and noticing the energy in and around You.  You notice Your thoughts, feelings, scents, dreams, inner knowing, vision and sound.

Judy and I also agree that everyone is psychic.  Being psychic is normal.   Some people just pay more attention to what they see around them rather than the unseen.  Everyone has the capability of tapping into their inner awareness to find their own answers and direction in life.

Why do we ever look outside ourselves for answers?  We want reassurance.  We look to others to shine light on our blind spots.  We look to others to gain more clarity and awareness.  The more clear we are the easier it is to make decisions.

Judy and I have noticed the synergy of combining our psychic awareness causes an emergence of profound insights.  The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, is a good description.  So when we look to others, we are just looking for the benefit of another’s varying perspective.

Everyone has dominant psychic abilities for example: clairvoyant (sight), clairaudient(hearing), clairsentient (feeling), claircognizance ( knowing), clairkinesis (touch).  We all use a combination of our senses, but most of us have a dominant psychic ability.  My dominant ability is claircognizance, I just know things without being told.  Judy’s is clairsentient.

Allowing Yourself to fully tap into Your psychic awareness opens You up to live life more fully.  You can tap into the seen and unseen forces around You for Your greatest benefit.

That’s part of what Judy and I are here to help You with living fully aware.

In Love and Light,


Welcome to the New Online Home of Psychic Potentials!

And How to Develop Your Own!

Psychic Potentials  Develop Yours Readings

Both myself and Christy have worked in the healing field for many years and consult with our guides and tools daily.  On the outside we live normal lives and yet we both have had friends and family call us respectively for years to get ‘inside’ information about their lives, careers, health and relationships.  What we have found is that our own practical psychic abilities are expodentially increased by working together.

Thus the birthing of Psychic Potentials and our desire to share with You how You can recognize and utilize Your own psychic gifts and abilities.

Join us on this wonderful ride of deeper communication with self!  Let it be a gift You give Yourself allowing You to be clearer and enjoy more in Your life!