Releasing Resistance to More of What You Want

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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: March 17, 2017 Happy Equinox
What are you resisting?
Abundance, love, wealth, recognition, spiritual understanding? Something else?
What if all of those things are just waiting for you to allow them to come to you.

It’s a great week for…

…looking at your belief in the Universe.
Do you believe that you have to work hard for everything?
Or can you see how life continues to come to you?
What would your life be like if you recognized that the Universe was always in your favor.
It’s also a good week for…
No more having to fit things in.
Make room in your life for what you value.
Make time to do the things you love. 
Minimizing definitely does not just relate to things!
Allow space for the Universe to deliver!
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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The Quickening, what is it?

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Energy Reading
…for the week of:February 10th, 2017 Happy Full Moon!
Things seem to be speeding up.
Have you noticed all the upheaval from the micro to the macro?
Is that your experience too?
Everything seems so intense and almost exaggerated.
Life gets interesting when the old comes up for revision or even complete removal.

It’s a great week for…

…giving freely.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to just give, with no agenda.

Try doing 3 kind things for others without anyone knowing you did it.

Notice what happens for you and how you feel just giving for the sake of giving.

Does it increase your energy and excitement for life or do you feel cheated of the appreciation or something else?

Either way it gives you great info to know yourself.

And possibly more to release with the Quickening.

It’s also a good week for…
…meditation and lots of sleep.
Have you ever noticed when the energies are swirling around fast and furious things can get out of hand.
The way arguments can get started so easily or misunderstandings run rampant.
Just slowing down a bit and letting the energy move through you without resistance can help you completely avoid the conflict.
Breath in, breath out, drop those shoulders and approach anything you are facing with as much calm and clarity as possible.
Especially since there is no doubt this swirling energy demands action!
We would love to hear your thoughts on the Quickening, comment below.
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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Psychic Potentials

Creating the New Experience, Are You In?

It is up to you to participate in your relationship with Spirit. Learn more about how to communicate with Spirit by clicking here.
Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: January 17, 2017 Happy Solstice!
Are you awake?
How much time are you putting into creating a new world?
Now is the time!

It’s a great week for…

…practicing your psychic skills.
They’re just like muscles the more you work with them the greater ability you’ll have with them.
The energies of the planet are more distinguishable now than they have been for years which makes it easier to practice using all of your psychic senses.
If you’re looking for greater understand or to create more connection, it’s a great time to be working with the tools and techniques that we’ve shared through Psychic Potentials.
It’s also a good week for…
…focusing on nature.
It’s one of the greatest ways to stay grounded and changing times.
No matter what your personal beliefs, nature is constant and accepting of change.  Being connected to nature allows you to tap into the energy that is expansive and powerful.
Try going for walks, changing your screen saver to moon/beach/forest, closing your eyes and imagining yourself sitting in a natural meadow with the sounds of nature all around you.
Allow yourself to notice the difference when you’re connected to nature and when you’re not.
We’re creating a new world with the energy that we put out there, with the energy that’s within us, the greater ease that you are experiencing the greater chances of you surrounding yourself with situations of ease.
And remember the sun is always shining even when I you can’t see because of the clouds.
Find the things you love to do and do more of them this week.
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
P.S. Your ability to communicate with Spirit is like exercise. Doing it everyday is how you get stronger click here.

How Will You Find Balance as This Year Ends?

It is up to you to participate in your relationship with Spirit. Learn more about how to communicate with Spirit by clicking here.
Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: December 21st, 2016 Happy Solstice!
So much has happened this year politically, energetically, personally and environmentally.
It can be hard to know where to put your energy and focus.
We encourage you to bring your focus inside this week.

It’s a great week for…

…disengaging from the imbalance of the world.
Recognize that fairness is an inside job.
Just as your happiness is an inside job and up to you.
Recreating what you are not happy with starts with you.
Allow your self time to imagine what you would like and then take steps towards that.
It’s also a good week for…
…culturing adaptability in yourself.
The following year is going to be one of grand adventure.
There will be obstacles and challenges to face and overcome.
With adaptability and connection to Spirit you will come through the year stronger.
It takes great focus and strength to create a new world!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
P.S. Your ability to communicate with Spirit is like exercise. Doing it everyday is how you get stronger click here.

Give Yourself the Best Gift Ever for Christmas This Year!

It is up to you to participate in your relationship with Spirit. Learn more about how to communicate with Spirit by clicking here.
Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: December 9th, 2016

With just a bit of intention and some awareness the gift that keeps giving is pretty easy to attain.

The very best part is that it’s free to anyone that has desire.

When you think about anything in life that you want, consider what it is you think having that will cause for you to feel.

If you look at it close enough you will probably find that love is the basis of everything wanted.

It’s a great week for…

…skipping the stuff and going directly to the connection that causes you to experience yourself as love.
Love equals connection equals Spirit.
If you are willing to allow cosmic energy to fill you up then connection is recognized.
Here is a youtube video that we recommend for learning more about meditation and being directly connected.
It’s also a good week for…
…enjoyment of all the wonderful energy of transformation swirling around!
Always chaos leads to greater understanding and new organization.
Dance in the fresh falling snow.
Sit and people watch for a moment and watch how all of the pieces interact with one another.
Consider how all the moving parts miraculously come together to become a whole.
Give yourself the gift of the wholeness of you!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
P.S. sincerest apologies for missing the last few readings. The Psychic Potential site was hacked so we had to disentangle before moving forward again!

10 Things to Clear the Energy in Your Home

You thought I might say number #1 put the husband/wife out, right?

No honestly, it is much easier to be around a happy person if You are happy.  Flip side, it is somewhat easier to be around a miserable person if You are feeling miserable.  Unless of course You are attempting to change Your state from miserable to happy again.

Since emotion is energy in motion it makes sense that what we pick up on energetically around us is going to make a difference to how we feel.

When Your energy is clear it is more enjoyable to be in a space that matches.  If You are sensitive and are in a space that is noisy energetically then there is a chance You will be affected by the noise.

Awareness about the ways You sense life around You allows for the tools and techniques to buffer the effect of outside energies.

Out and about doing errands I expect to pick up on all sorts of energies from things, people and places.  When I get to my home I like the energy to be nurturing and as clear as possible.

10 straight forward ways You can make a difference about the energy in Your home:

  • Unplug as many things as You can as often as You can.


  • Everything has an energetic vibration, put things away and selectively place items that cause You to feel good.
  • Open Your windows often and get the air circulating.
  • Light natural candles that are low VOC, attended.
  • Grow plants that are oxygenating and/or useful.
  • Add aroma therapy to Your home/office health.
  • Take Your shoes off at the door.
  • Leave background noise from TV and radio off.

Serious energy cleansing

  • Wash every surface You can find including walls and ceilings.
  • Travel through Your home burning a sage stick, safely.

Essentially as You develop Your ability to manage the energies You pick up on anywhere, external energies around You are less important.

Even after many years of being sensitive to what energies are affecting me and how to manage that, I still prefer that the energy in my home/office matches me as close as possible.

Helping You Shine Bright Where You Stand

Judy and I have been enjoying working together here at Psychic Potentials for many years empowering you in growing and using your psychic abilities.

We also want you to be aware that we work with you individually as well, supporting you on your healing path.

Reiki is my passion. Over the past 16 years I have been helped many locally with Reiki & Reflexology sessions and Reiki training and worldwide with Distant Reiki Healing.

I have supported thousands of clients in clearing and aligning their underlying energy so they can experience physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual connection.

Distant Reiki healingNo matter what condition you are experiencing, you don’t have to face it alone.  I am here to help you.

Are you wanting to recover your physical health and energy?

Are you tired of feeling depressed, sad or anxious?

Are you sick of the mental confusion or fog?

Are you hoping to raise your vibration, connect more fully with your spiritual self, and open up to what’s possible for you?

Are you wanting to improve your relationships?

Are you in love with Reiki too?

I would love to connect with you in person or at a distance.  At my site www.TheReikiMuse.com you will find inspiring articles on Reiki, Distant Reiki healing, Reiki & Reflexology sessions and Reiki Training.

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You deserve to shine bright now!

I look forward to connecting with you.

In loving Reiki light,

Christy DeArment

Distant Reiki Healing



Is the Intense Energy of the Changing World Affecting You?

It is up to you to participate in your relationship with Spirit. Learn more about how to communicate with Spirit by clicking here.
Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: October 17th, 2016

Incredibly intense full moon but not really.

The full moon is just one more thing to usher in the new.

Yet what, if anything, do you really know about what is coming with this shift in energy.

Whether you can see where you are headed or not it serves to do what you can to be squared away in your life overall.

It’s a great week for…

Everyone does it differently.
Emotionally, can you find connection with and to Spirit?
Mentally, find a way to stay in the ‘now’, just one moment at a time.
Physically, what are you being asked to do to look after your body and your surroundings?
Do it!
Spiritually, it is time to recognize how much of life is conducted through you by Spirit.
It’s also a good week for…
…healing, rest and gaining strength.
Life can be wearing and the energy of the planet is pretty polarized with the change over from old to new causing all sorts of discord.
It is much easier to envision something different and harmonious when you have rested and feel strong.
Hopefully we can all find a way to envision empowered Spirit connected community living on this planet.
Then one day at a time the changes of the future may reveal themselves.

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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Achieve True Healing, Starting Today!!

Is Healing in the Cards for You?
As many of you know Christy and I were given direction to start the psychic potentials site to support others in finding confidence in their own psychic abilities, to help you in hearing and understanding the language of Spirit.
We have found our lives greatly enriched because of this venture.
You may also know that we do work led by Spirit in the healing arena individually as well.
Over the past years I have been lead to support women and children in healing chronic and mystery illness.
Being an Intuitive Health Practitioner allows me to avoid conventional protocols and be more supported by Spirit in the guidance that I give.
Do you have digestive distress?
Are you experiencing chronic illness?
Have you been feeling fatigue and exhaustion, unexplained weight gain, unexplained weight loss, headaches or migraines?
Are aches and pain part of your everyday life?
Starting today let’s work towards getting you increased energy, stronger immune system, healthy digestion and a pain-free body!
If it is your time to achieve true healing, let’s talk! Set up a free consult at judykoons.com
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest her or his patients in the care of the human frame, in proper diet, and in the cause & prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison
I look forward to talking with you!
In Spirit Centered Awareness
Judy Koons

How will You Stay Connected When Life Storms show Up?

It is up to you to participate in your relationship with Spirit. Learn more about how to communicate with Spirit by clicking here.
Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: Sept 29th, 2016

Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little bit! (Or for some of you, a lot.)

If you take your cues from nature, the storms are what bring growth and expansion.

The forest fires bring cleansing and renewal through seed germination.

Yes, the most aggressive storms do cause damage, with them come great clarity.

Consider how often a heavy shake up brings renewed faith and perspective.

It’s a great week for…

…recognizing limits.
It is a matter of space and timing.
Timing is something that happens organically.
Have you ever heard the saying that ‘things happen in their own time’?
If you really desire to communicate with your guides then it is necessary to do what creates space for this.
Remember to get quiet and find ways to trust that it is possible.
If you are not sure where to start ask the Unknown Angels out loud for guidance and help.
It’s also a good week for…
…finding shelter.
When you are wanting out of the rain, you find overhead shelter.
When you experience emotional storms, where and what gives you relief?
When drama shows up in your life, find a way to walk away, literally or figuratively.
Right now there is some chaos on the horizon.
Some of you are already experiencing it.
Know that after the storm is when rainbows and renewal happen.
Spirit is always sharing guidance about where, when and what.
All you have to do is listen. It is Spirits way!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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