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Judy and I have been enjoying working together here at Psychic Potentials for many years empowering you in growing and using your psychic abilities.

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Christy DeArment

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Earthing: A Simple Way to Boost Your Psychic Abilities

Are You looking for a way to boost your psychic abilities and feel more connected to your manifesting powers? Your answer may be closer than you think, right beneath your feet.

Earthing, sitting directly on the Earth or walking barefoot, grounds your energy and gives You an energetic recharge. Everything
and everyone is made up of energy. The Earth gets her energy from the Sun and we get our energy from the Earth. The Earth energy calibrates our bodies, grounds us and empowers our body’s innate healing abilities.

photo 3The most beneficial way to Earth is to sit directly on the ground. Green grass or beach areas are preferred since there is a higher moisture content. Water conducts electricity which boosts the amount of energy You can absorb from the Earth. You can use a cotton sheet or blanket if you like. Avoid plastic, rubber, wood and cement. Those elements don’t conduct the electricity very well.

Earthing has many healing benefits such as: improved circulation, better sleep, anxiety reduction, boosts energy and metabolism, decreased inflammation, balanced hormones, calms the nervous system, improved immunity and stress reduction.

Besides the healing benefits, Earthing can increase your psychic abilities and connection.

  1. Earthing boosts your psychic ability by helping You ground more fully.  The more grounded You are the easier it is to make sense of the information you receive. You’ll feel more present and connected with the world around You.
  2. You’ll have an easier time manifesting your dreams when You Earth.  You’ll find clarity from being grounded and connected with your hopes and desires while sitting and relaxing. This clarity will draw more life force through You to bring your ideas into reality. You’ll be more aligned with what you want so it can come to You faster. You can also send your desires out to the Universe so your guides and angels can help You.
  3. Earthing is a great time to commune with your guides.  You’ll get inspiration about what steps are next for You and feel the energy flowing through You to take those steps.
  4. The Earth energy will clear and boost your chakras while raising your overall vibration.  Earthing will asset in clearing photo 1-2unwanted energy from your aura.
  5. Earthing will help connect You with unlimited Source energy and your soul level mind.  It will help you get out of your limited human, ego based perspective.

Earthing will help You connect with your natural intuitive awareness and attract your heart’s desires.  You’ll feel more aware of the energy flowing in and around You.  You’ll feel more energized and alive.  It’s a great time to daydream and commune with all that is.

Give it a try.

Happy Earthing!

Christy & Judy

P.S. If you are looking for simple methods to stay grounded and run your own unique energy so other’s don’t drain you. Click here to check out this Heal Yourself home study program.

P.P.S Click here for a free grounding meditation You can listen to while Earthing.

Am I Psychic – Being Psychic Everyday

Am I Psychic – Being Psychic Everyday

Judy: Something we’ve had quite a few people ask us recently is, “What is it like to be psychic?” and “What do we notice in our everyday lives?” “How might they notice, how might you notice, recognize the characteristics of being psychic?” And we have the same answer for everyone.

Christy: Everyone is psychic. You’re psychic. The question is, “How are you using your abilities to make your life easier and which particular method of being psychic are you using the most?”

Judy: We really work to define ‘psychic’ as a spiritual awareness that goes beyond just the everyday five senses. But it’s really just a greater sensitivity to those kinds of things. There’s so many ways to be psychic. It’s just a matter of us talking to you individually and you might hear, you might see, you might taste. There are individuals that are kinesthetic and they feel it. There’s all these different types of being psychic and really knowing what your strength is and using it to support and bring greater joy into your life.

Christy: Yeah, right. Somebody might be really good at knowing, you know, what horse is going to win the race, but it doesn’t really matter to him. But more useful is like… What do you know on a daily basis? Do you know the train’s going to be late? Do you know you should go left instead of right? Even though you normally go right… And do you pay attention to your intuition to find out it just made your day go a lot smoother and easier?

Judy: Yeah, it’s amazing. I had a friend visit one day and Christy was here. And she was wondering why she said to the grocery that she wanted to keep the beat greens. I’ll take them home. Because the grocer was offering to take them off. She was like, “Why did I do that?”
And I was like, “Have You ever cooked beat greens?”
She said, “No, I can eat these?”

I let her know that she could and I gave her a great recipe that she could use. We were explaining to her that sometimes you just do things and we don’t really understand what sense it was that encouraged you to be inspired to keep the beat greens. But later in the day and it was only a couple of hours later, she found out that she was actually able to use them. And how to use them.

That happens all day long and it’s so powerful to recognize how you are actually strongest in your sensing. Because that is how you can develop it and strengthen your psychic ability. Some people even choose to strengthen psychic abilities that they’re not strong in.

For myself, I’m most kinesthetic. I’ll be walking through the grocery store and Christy or someone I know will have something happen for them. And I’ll feel it. I’ll know it in my body. The more I was willing to acknowledge that, the more I was able to recognize who it was happening for and that I could be supportive by sending them Reiki or I could be supportive by giving them a call. Just being there for them.

Christy: Exactly. Whereas, you know, I’m visual. I hear. I know. For me to feel, I find, I do, but it’s not always as comfortable. I didn’t really want to feel your belly ache. I’d rather have a picture of you vomiting in my mind. That would be much better. (laughing) Or just know you’re not feeling well. Anyway….

Judy: It’s about accepting too. Because the more you’re willing to accept that you experience greater awareness, the more you’re going to be able to relate it what it means in the moment. And the symbols that it gives you are going to be easier to translate.

Christy: Exactly. And the more you pay attention to the information you’re given, no matter how it comes, know, see, feel or hear… the stronger it will get and the more you’ll notice and pay attention to it. You’ll find your psychic information to be useful in a very practical way.

If someone showed up with a magic wand, what 4 things would you most want fixed?


Thank You for taking this poll!

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In heart centered awareness,

Christy & Judy Lynn

Psychic Energy Reading Month by Month for 2013

General Overall Concepts – A Year of Being in Your Power!

The general theme for the year 2013 centers around recognizing and owning your power. You’ll continue on your individual path of transformation while transmuting energy that no longer serves You.

The sun will continue to send golden energy to support your alchemic process of burning up the old to be transformed into the new. Further activation of the tenth chakra, the Solaris chakra, supports integration of the energy from solar flares without side effects. If You feel off-center when solar flares are active, ask your guides to work on activating your solar chakra.

2013 is a year of radiating and owning the power of Source. When You understand your divinity, honoring yourself and living in ways that promote health and high self-esteem comes naturally.

Releasing fear of being powerful is called for this year. Being strong in yourself and your talents not only serves You, it serves the highest good of all concerned.

Spend time dreaming and recognizing what supports You living in your light. Allow yourself to be creative in order to express yourself and your emotions fully. Get in touch with what makes your heart sing.

Justice happens fairly and with honor this year in order to keep things in balance. If You are feeling unbalanced about something, try on a new and expanded perspective.

Remember everything is happening in perfect order. Each individual light is part a of a beautiful tapestry we weave together.


Psychic PotentialsThe main focus of this month is trust – trusting in your wisdom, trusting that You are moving in the right direction for You. While working with trust, You’ll have the opportunity for deepening friendships and relationships with your guides. Remember, trust is a key ingredient for receiving messages from your spiritual helpers.

Your emotions may feel like they are hanging in the balance while you approach any fears around trust. The greatest fear is trusting that we are spirit and that we are always okay. Fear of living this powerful new You may arise along with fear around trusting inner guidance. Now, more than ever, it is time to move beyond your fears and follow your inner prompting You are feeling.

What holds You back from living your true spiritual potential? Hold fast to your self-love and personal power as you trust and live your potential.


Your ability to stay grounded now will support You in moving through this month in an abundant way. In the forefront this month will be choosing the best direction for You. The best thing to do with the energy of this month is to let how You feel in your body be the indicator of what steps to take and what way to go. So much is happening in the unseen that using your physical body to pick up on the energies will serve You.

Remember that what is around You right now is not as important as how You move forward towards your personal dreams and aspirations. What dreams are calling You? When You are clear about what is important to You any choices come easier. Remember You are part of the weave, You may not know how your personal dreams combine in the tapestry. Staying grounded in You creates a stronger whole.


Last month leads into this month in that it is time to follow your dreams and move from intuition. Are You remembering to dream when You come across any rough spots in your life and thinking? Life is an illusion and it is up to You to choose something different if what You are experiencing is not to your liking.

Remember to ask for help from friends, family, spiritual guides and angels in expanding your perception beyond the self-limiting.

This month will bring You beauty from the pressure, much like how a diamond is created. Any challenges You face will cause You to tap into your deep soul-level understanding, gain clear personal vision and feel the glorious, expansiveness of You.

Many co-creative opportunities will arise from any issues You will encounter. When You express your truth to others the doorway to win-win solutions opens up. So remember to speak up and follow your inner guidance.


Psychic PotentialsThis is a strong month for personal growth and creating new stories. If You are still feeling any of the restrictive energy from the spring, now is the time to creatively shed it and use past understanding to support You in creating new stories.

Any judgment You have about the past keeps You tied to the past, so it is time to pay very close attention to how much You live in judgment. Letting things be just what they are frees up your energy to feel more joy as You travel your path.The bars that keep You from moving around freely are the judgments You make.

As You focus on creating new stories, remember to keep your expectations high. Remember that You do deserve to feel the satisfaction of your dreams coming true. You are worthy of receiving all good things in your life.

When you shift your perspective and release judgments, you realize everything happened for the highest good and continues to unfold in perfect order.


This month is a good time to make decisions and choices. By keeping your heart and mind aligned the choices become clear and easy to make. Maintain your inner balance at all costs and allow your heart energy to connect with your thoughts. Your heart is truly the center of your being and where your intelligence resides.

We’ve moved through many changes and challenges over the last months and now it is time to find that sense of inner balance that is always accessible. You can always choose at any time to go with the flow or forge a new path. It is completely up to You!

When You are faced with choices this month look for the commonalities and connections that You have with others to find support. We’ve reached a tipping point towards the end of May when more people choose to live in the higher dimensions of love and light rather than fear over the future.

You now are feeling more fully connected to your power. Problems seem to resolve themselves. Allow yourself to bask in the feeling of excitement of things working out in ways that serve You.


Now is time for an exhale. Now that You have come to recognize the fullness of You, it’s time to cleanse and release what You are not in alignment with.

Honor your boundaries and what serves You individually this month. Break free from the past and begin fresh even with the things that You continue to choose. With fresh perspective You’ll breathe new life into everything you do. Without your old stories, the world around You looks new and bright.

Look for ways that You can support the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual cleansing that will be part of this month such as: taking baths, eating healthy foods, practicing yoga, or taking nature walks. Stay tapped into what is true for You while the planet works out its balance. Remember to keep the tenth chakra active by staying with the energy of letting go and being transformed.


Psychic PotentialsCan You believe how much has happened and how You have changed over the past year? Really, take a moment to look back and compare to now. Look how far You’ve come. Notice the beauty around You now, no matter what is going on in your life. If You were to do nothing this month other than allow any emotion that comes up to move through and be transformed, then You will have contributed to a more beautiful world.

The changes that will show up around You are directly related to the inner adjustments that You have made up to this point. Remember that any emotion that You stop or block causes a lack of ease and shows a lack of trust. Are You choosing to tap into your whole and healed reality?

You have the power to access the your highest potential by choosing thoughts of appreciation and allowing the universe to fully support You. Why would you choose anything less? You deserve to be able to move through life with ease like the whales gliding through the water and sharing their beautiful song.


Find ways to creatively combine physical and spiritual energies this month, including how You connect with others. There may be some swinging between the two perspectives. By keep your balance and looking for ways to let both the spiritual and physical have their say in every moment will bring increased abundance and wealth to your life.

How can You bring more joy to what You do each day and in each moment? Are You getting caught up in the mundaneness of material life? Remembering to channel your spiritual energy and understanding into everything You do keeps you centered in your power.  You are spirit in a physical body whether you are grocery shopping or sitting in meditation.

When You are thinking about letting go of anything that no longer serves, remember that nothing is ever lost and that the universe holds everything in the beautiful energetic weave that is our existence. Allow the sun to warm and recharge You this month as it continues to assist You in receiving what You are wanting in your life.


During this month You’ll mentally recognize much of what has shifted and changed over the past year. This clear understanding will make staying grounded and balanced easier than ever before. You finally have a firmer mental grip on the new reality around You.

It’s very beneficial now to remember that You always have what You need. Inner guidance will come in strong and clear. Trust that what comes to You intuitively is real even if it isn’t how You have always known and understood your spiritual messages before. This strong spiritual guidance will lead You to paths that You may not have known even existed before. Have courage to take the first steps along these new directions that open up to You now.

This is a good month to take some quiet time for yourself to integrate the new You and really come to understand your upgraded intuition inspiring your next actions.


Psychic PotentialsNow that You have found ways to trust and move forward on your new path, it is time to share your various talents and skills with others. Be joyful and carefree in sharing your gifts, the world really needs your unique presence right now.

Take time to organize in order to increase your effectiveness. Create sacred space for yourself with no agenda, so that You can just ‘be’ and integrate your higher consciousness. This will create more room to do all the sharing You want this month with others.

If You can take one step at a time, while staying conscious to your process it will allow You to bring your ego along on the adventure instead of your ego resisting. Your individual perspective is part of the greater whole and adds to the weave we all create together.


This month is a great time to use your sacred space You have created, like entering  into your cocoon. It is time to dream the beauty of the butterfly that You are, who will soon emerge from the cocoon and fly.

Set solid boundaries for yourself in this month so that You can take time for yourself. In any resting this month, be aware of recognizing your inner light and the beauty around You.

Know that You can handle anything that comes your way and look inside yourself for guidance. True fulfillment comes from your connection to Source.

What You are aligned with now, will surely be just around the corner. Anything that seems like a hurdle is just an opportunity to recommit to what You are wanting.


It’s time to reach out to the people in your life that you trust yourself to be real around, even if You find yourself still in the energy of going within. Just sharing where You are right now will bring You to the next level of understanding and freedom.

Although things can come up that seem disruptive, You can call on your inner power that You have been getting good at expressing this year. Let any and all interruptions show You how great You are at staying centered in yourself.

Even while You are in that introspective place this month allow yourself to recognize that others have been turning within in their way as well.

Take time to play, keeping your balance and taking lots of time to let the beauty of You come to the surface. In our joyful interactions we add light to the tapestry we weave together.

In heart centered awareness,

Christy & Judy Lynn

* This annual reading is intended for all the individuals attracted to Psychic Potentials.  As such it gives a general overview of the energies of each month in 2013.  Get your specific individual reading for greater clarity in 2013, find out more about the Double Psychic Readings we offer Here.

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New Moon Psychic Energy Reading October 2012

We are living such an amazing time of expansion and connection.  The challenge at this time is in getting the mental stuff sorted out.

psychic potentials develop Your abilities

Any fear You might be feeling right now will only cause You to not see the beauty all around You and how much influence You really have.

When You feel the worry come to the surface, remember that You have many abilities to get what You need and bring your focus to the ways in the past that You have done just that.

Get aligned with allowing the universe to deliver that which serves You in being here on the Earth during this time of intense adjustment.  You deserve to be in alignment with how to consciously bring forward in to physical that which You desire.

When You understand how the laws of the universe work You have the keys to open all the doors and the discernment to know which doors are in your highest good.  Self mastery around your thinking will serve always and especially now as the energy vibration increases and causes manifestation to speed up.

When You feel yourself going haywire in your mental faculties, do what it takes to master your thinking.  For some this looks like meditation and for others it looks like a solid physical workout and for others anything in between.

Your worried thoughts based in fear are what cause You to get in the way of the physical manifestations You say You want and the universe is ready to deliver.

Whether You headed into spring or summer there are details to be looked after moving into the next season.  It is so time to bring the complimentary pieces together: head and heart, masculine and feminine, physical You and spiritual You, active passive, light and dark, creative and logical.

And a great time for furthering your understanding of spiritual concepts.

How can You balance Your action with non action?  Resting more between one activity and the next.

Take time to just sit back and watch the fruit ripening on the tree, knowing that your patience will end up providing You with really juicy fruit.

Action: Any and all problems will be resolved when You are honest with yourself about your thoughts and your feelings being your responsibility.

Be willing to ask for specific spiritual assistance and trust that solutions are always present and all You have to be is open to seeing them.

This means getting centered and grounded so You may be in touch with the larger spiritual part of You that is connected to all that there is including any solution You could need!

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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12/12/12 Psychic Energy Reading

The energy on the planet has been steadily ascending in frequency and vibration.  Various energetic downloads of higher light codes have bathed the Earth over the past few years, such as on 10/10/10 and 11/11/11.

We’ve been integrating more and more light into our bodies.  Our awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience has steadily grown.  Now we have an opportunity to soak up more of the ascension light on 12/12/12.

During these energetic shifts we may experience certain side effects as we integrate new light codes into our bodies. You may notice symptoms such as: head aches, dizziness, digestive disturbances, mood swings, hot flashes or insomnia.

Of course, don’t just assume you’re having ascension symptoms without getting checked out by a medical professional.

The doorway for transformation is open and ready for You to travel through on this energy alignment occurring on and Psychic Potentialsaround 12/12/12.

The energetic adjustments happen continuously, yet we have periods of time with energetic downloads which are more intense.This period around December 12, 2012 happens to be one of them.

Cleansing through fire and water or both are indicated for this time. Not just in the Earth, but in your bodies as well. You may feel fuzzy until your physical body has a chance to integrate the increase in vibration.

The more You can rest during this period of integration, the more simply You will handle the effects of the shifting energies.

Expanding beyond what You have known could cause a little resistance.  This resistance doesn’t fit the golden time that we are moving into.

So allow yourself to see all the ways You are comfortable with shifting and adjusting.  The attitude of ” bring it on” helps You ride this wave of new energetic expansion with confidence.

Having done things the same way for a long time, brings anxiety about making these changes so swiftly.  In order to ease the changes, bring your focus further down the path towards where You want to go instead of where You are currently standing.

The environment is fully aligned for the shifts and transformations.  Your job is to get into alignment as well.

You are never alone when working through internal shifts.  Call on your guides and angels often.  They are here to support You integrate this energy and ease the transitions.

Allow your dreams to become clear while You rest.  Let the universe work out the details in the non-physical before You look to manifest dreams into your physical experience.

The time is ripe for connecting with individuals on the spiritual plane as well.  If You are not able to take a bit of rest time, really give value to your dream time and how what happens there can lead You to your next action.

Action:  Time to let go into this energetically beautiful time of transitioning and learn how to listen more closely to your inner guidance. This is a language that You know so just remembering how to use it will be important.

Listen with your whole being, eyes, ears, body, mind and heart.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy & Judy Lynn

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Clearing Your DNA With Psychic Generational Healing

Did you know that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are handed down for numerous generations in your DNA? Often challenges in this life were handed down from grandparents and great-great-grandparents in genetic patterns.

If you leave unresolved matters in your cellular consciousness, your future grandchildren may encounter some similar problems as you. You have the ability to clear your DNA of programming that no longer supports you.

Psychic Generational HealingWhat a gift you give yourself and future generations by being willing to expand your consciousness and clear your genetic patterns now! You add light to your life and to the world while creating new stories of wellness. You are able to look forward in anticipation for the joy and expansion future generations will be born into.

The current energies on the planet are asking us to clear our lives of anything keeping us from fully being in our now. This includes worn-out energetic baggage that hinders us from living our fullest expression of our divine selves. Now is the time to feel free and radiate your soul in transparent joy as we continue to raise our personal vibrations, along with the Earth.

In a 21 day generational healing, with your psychic awareness and intention, you can call forth your previous generations and your future generations. You connect across space and time with the help of archangels, Reiki and your open and willing mind. With everyone’s soul-level permission, you alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual programming in your DNA.

By engaging in psychic, generational healing you come to appreciate the beneficial inheritance of beliefs and energy that support you in life, while you simultaneously heal any energy that hinders your highest life path. The understanding that ‘we all do the best we can in the moment’ grows during a generational healing.

You don’t even need to be aware of what specifically you are healing as long as you’re willing to release anything holding back your progress. By participating in a generational DNA healing, you fine tune and enhance the legacy you will leave to future generations. Not only will you clear unwanted energy from your blood line, you’ll positively affect everyone in your soul family and the world. 21 day generational healing participants often receive loving messages of appreciation from future generations and past generations in which they express immense gratitude for participants offering forgiveness and being willing to clear un-serving energy.

21 Day Generational  HealingGenerational healing participants report having visions and sensations during that magical time before falling asleep after listening to a short meditation, even if they didn’t consider themselves psychic. While DNA is cleared in the sleep-state, many participants experience conscious awareness of what they are clearing during sudden ‘ah-ha’ moments during the day.

After completing 21 day generational healing most report feeling lighter and more connected with their life paths. 21 day generational healing revitalizes participants and promotes love, joy and acceptance.

Four benefits of doing a 21 Day Generational Healing:

  1. Physical well-being. You don’t have to be limited by health problems your ancestors lived. One of the first things doctors ask is your family history. Doctors look for genetic patterns from your parents and grandparents. The doctors are right; we do pass health issues on energetically to our children. What modern medicine may not be aware of, yet, is that family history can be cleared and left in the past. Generational healing supports those who want to write their own prescription for their health.  
  2. Emotional fitness. Families have been known to pass on emotional baggage as well. Does depression, anxiety, guilt, anger or moodiness run in your family? You have the power to clear and elevate your emotions when you release stored energy from your DNA. Generational healing helps those who wish to find more hope, passion, and joy in life.  
  3. Mental health. How we perceive life can be strongly affected by what our families handed to us. How open we are in our thinking can be directly related to what our ancestors believed. Generational healing supports those who wish to expand their consciousness, creativity and intellectual capacity.
  4. Spiritual wholeness. Religious and spiritual beliefs held by previous generations can affect us now, even if we don’t subscribe to our ancestors’ spirituality. Do understand that you can talk to your own guides? Or do you belief your guidance comes externally? Do you acknowledge your own divinity? Psychic generational healing aids those who wish shine their soul-level light in their lives and align with their soul-level purpose.

Don’t wait to live free and light. Clear your genetic patterns in a 21 day generational healing. You’ll be happy you did, so will your ancestors and future generations.

Judy Lynn and I, along with the power of group energy, can support You in this process in our 21 Day Generational Healing Program.  To find out more about the 21 Day Generational Healing program or register for the next one please click here.

In Light,


PS. To read more about healing the past with Reiki click here.