New Moon Psychic Reading for June

The overall sense of this New Moon reading is the balance between head and heart and how to manage the value of both.

What is possible?  The end of August is still more clearly a time for starting new.  Now and until the end of summer is still the time for making space for reflection and renewal.  Unless of course You are really called to start something now.

Be aware of what You judge to be happening right now as the re alignment that is happening under the surface may not yet be visible. 

The head and the heart will need a bit of time to sort things out and find middle ground.

psychic potentials develop Your abilities

New growth does start before You can see the first sprouts.

The dormant time that happens for there to be new beginnings and growth is the time for seeding, new plans, self reflection, alignment and a building of energy.

Being patient because the time of being able to see the results of the shifting times is coming.

There is much strength coming from heart to recognize where force is happening and where more finesse can be employed, with Yourself and others.  Really looking for the value in both self and others around You will serve in allowing the heart to be a strong contributor in decision making.

If You are feeling any disillusion it might be time to re-evaluate the ways You have been going about things.  Why do You do what You do? Which system are You a part of just because that is what You have always known.

On a bigger scale it seems to be time for being responsible.  Start with sincerely asking, ‘what can I do?’.  Then looking for the small little things that You can do, it all adds up.  No one else is going to do Your part for Earth and the environment.

Still time to stay within and stick with Your own information.  Allowing Yourself to be guided from with in.  You are Your own light in the darkness and You will have a better idea how to start towards what You are choosing when You can honestly know where You are.

Believing is seeing!  What do You want Your future to look like!

If You are feeling like there is a lot to do, remember that it is a choice and if You choose it You will be able to find the strength.

Conscious action and thought brings us to clearer alignment. Watch for things to manifest more quickly and seemingly with greater ease as You come more into alignment.   Moving more often into Joy seems to be an overriding energetic calling.  Have fun with it where You can!

Emotionally– Look around You and focus on the things You feel come from heart, spirit, love.  What value do You put to it?  Can You consciously increase it’s perceived value?

Mentally– Notice the judgements You are making about everything around You.  Nothing else just notice.

Physically–  What You are thinking is going to affect how You feel.  Your overall health is a combination of where You have started from and what You put into it from there.

Spiritually– Take a little time to imagine You have just stood out in a warm gentle rain.  It has cleansed You and Your energy bodies.  Now You stand looking at the rainbow as You are infused with all the colors of the rainbow light.

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How Do I Use Psychic Intuition in the Garden?

Years of experience allow for an accumulation of knowledge in any area of study.  For me gardening is one of those areas of study I’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge.

The interesting thing is that when I am questioned about ‘why’ I do what I do, I do not always have an answer.

Is it possible that I am ‘listening’ to the plants I cultivate and nourish?Psychic Potentials

Let’s face it, plants do not really talk so how could I be ‘listening’. (Unless Your psychic abilities are strong auditory.)

The fun part is Everything is Energy. The same way we can psychically pick up on people, we can use our extra-sensory perceptions to pick up on plants, animals, objects and places.

When I am gardening I find myself looking for the place to plant that is going to best match the energy of the plant from both my knowledge of gardening and what I pick up energetically.

As in my life, as in my gardens,listening’ with my psychic abilities makes for a happier environment with lots of colorful blooms.

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What Kind of Psychic Reading Personality do You Have?

Working with a psychic can happen a few different ways.  As one who does psychic readings, being on the other end of what is possible can be just as different.

How You approach a reading being done for You is a determinant of what You might get out of it.Getting the most out of a psychic reading

The super considerate client, sitting quiet, taking up very little space, no speaking, not wanting to disturb, so they can get as much information as possible.

The skeptical client, who generally sits leaning back, arms or legs crossed and is mum on purpose so as not to give any information that could be fed back to them.

The curious clients who asks as many questions about the process as they do about the feedback, sitting excitedly on the edge of their seat.

The slightly edgy client, concerned about what information might surface and how it will affect them.  Asking themselves, ‘Do I really want to know and/or do I want anyone else to know’.

Then there is the individual that is genuinely open and discerning.  Someone who is an active participant in fitting the information received into their understanding of what is happening in their lives.

Asking questions and giving feedback so that the reading is about deeper understanding from a place of clarity and co creation.

At any time during a psychic reading the personality can shift and adjust, all good, each personality gets something different from their interaction.

Your choice is what personality You want to bring to the reading and Your intention about what You would like to get out of a reading?

Full Moon Reading May ’10

The full moon reading for May shows us that the energy is still in that rich place of creativity and growth through choice, a strong reminder is also present to do whatever it takes to get in alignment.

The busy of our lives is okay right now because we are aligned with this enhanced intensified movement of energy.  What we have put our attention to lately will start showing results.  The message is to keep going, because the results coming to You for the effort You have expressed will create more  wellbeing  and energy in return.

Look at what You have successfully let go of and recognized over the last weeks and give Yourself a pat on the back.

When You allow Yourself to settle with Your heavier emotions and use them to gain clarity and understanding the result is self responsibility and greater power.  If You move into the heavier emotions at this time and are self indulgent then the results of Your manifesting are less desirable.psychic potentials develop Your abilities

So a reminder that expansion and contraction are cyclical.  If You have strengthened boundaries in order to release people or situations that no longer served Your higher good, that after a rest, it is time to consciously open up again.

Transformation is now.  The information we keep getting is that the summer is about absolution.  Get honest, stay honest and let go.   Now is the time to take heart centered leaps of faith.

By fall we are into a space of new energy and light where what happens manifests quickly giving us a quicker turn over of information and show of results about what is working and what isn’t.

If You are starting to notice a greater heart connection and that Your desires are not what You thought they were, take heart.  Disillusionment is part of reconciliation, letting Yourself move through it is important.  Again avoid the self indulgence and story about perceived tough stuff and bring Your focus to the light in Yourself and others.

Opening up to new connections when You and others around You are recognizing deeper heart felt understandings of Yourselves is part of the summer theme as well.

If You are looking for more specifically relating to You and where You are at, Christy and I do individual and team readings.

Emotionally-Take some alone time to focus on Your success and the light in You

Mentally– How honest can You be about being responsible about what You are creating.  Intention, ‘I am responsible for my own Joy.’

Psychic Potentials

Physically–  We are still grounding in the element of water.  Pay attention to the foods You use to nurture Yourself.  Eat lots of fresh foods high in water.

Spiritually- Sit, rest, daydream and relax often, allowing spirit to fill and speak to You.

Be Heart Aware,

Christy and Judy

Is it Okay for a Psychic to Give Information Unasked For

developing psychic potential

I have become aware of many articles on the net that are put up by psychics sharing future information about everything, from TV reality shows and celebrity relationship success, to where the next earthquake is going to be.

Is this sort of information okay to share if You are psychic and receiving this ‘extra’ sneak peek.

The quick answer might be, No.  I find this challenging if I look at it in a ‘black and white’ way, without thought.

Without societal acceptance of extra-sensory abilities how else can a psychic gain recognition as being viable?  As a psychic looking at a situation and sharing before hand to create a track record, how else could this be done?

Would it not be a form of marketing?  To present their abilities and offering You an example of their work.

Remember You can always choose not to read foretelling articles.

Or if I am walking down the side-walk and my eyes ‘see’ that there is a car headed for a couple across the way and they are preoccupied, chances are I am going to do a quick shout out in warning.  Even if I ‘see’ this information with extra-sensory abilities.

The in danger right there and then information gets shared by me.  If I ‘see’ it happening two years from now, it really is none of my business in passing.  It comes down to using sense.  Especially knowing any information shared from any form is not set in stone.

Unsolicited advice is just that, any time.  Just like I would rather not have a stranger come up to me and talk to me about my health or death, parenting the children, advice about my love life and a myriad of private matters, I would prefer that a psychic stranger follow the same rules.

If any information is shared by someone psychic or otherwise it is important for You the individual to make up Your own mind and listen to Your own heart about what works and is right for You!

Use Your Psychic Abilities to Find Perfect Parking Spots

Why not use Your psychic abilities to get something every one wants, a ‘Rock Star parking spot’.


I always start out with the intention,   ‘I am now finding my perfect parking spot’, before I even get to where I am going.  Either out loud or to myself, depending on who is with me in the vehicle and how comfortable I am with myself around them.

Confidence in self and others when practicing psychic ability is another story for another day.


For some the next step may be to watch what they see and where that is.  For others it might be a feeling or just knowing that going right or left when entering the parking lot is the way to go.  I have even on occasion ‘heard’, turn around and look behind.  I find a great parking spot almost every time.  Luck or listening with intention?


smart-car-786675Using extra-sensory perception to serve is what it is there for, starting with self.  It can keep You out of danger, let You know when You’ve met Your new best friend and help You to get clarity in Your life.



May You have a brilliant day. If You are someone who has difficulty accepting that You have psychic abilities then starting with finding a parking spot might be a great way to play and have fun with it.


“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Albert Einstein






New Moon Psychic Reading 05/15/10

This reading is for those wanting to move through this time of upheaval and transformation from a place of awareness and peace.  This reading is general because it is for our whole community, if You are looking for readings more specific for Yourself let us know.  Reading for You.

The general energy right now is pregnant with death and rebirth on a global/societal level and the indicators and information we’ve received indicate that the laws of manifestation are happening with greater speed.  This is a bonus if You are clear about what You choose to manifest!

Having set the intention that we personally will be in the right place at the right time for our highest good there is a confidence that things are unfolding exactly how they are supposed to.  This can be a challenge because sometimes we are not in tune about what our highest good is.  It has a lot to do with letting go of ego control and knowing that Your deepest desires will be met even if You do not know how.

If it is a possibility that heaven be here on earth, then there is probably just as great a possibility of some pretty serious changes for that to happen for the majority.  Are You going to experience these changes from fear or from a calm centered and trusting position?

At this time a good question might be, what and who are You willing to let go of and what are You surrounding Yourself with?  Supportive and encouraging or something else?  Be willing to let go of anyone or thing that is keeping You locked into fear and obstacles.

Remember only You can know what serves You, so look inside Yourself for the definitive answers. It is time to listen to your heart more on these clean ups and if You’re not sure how, then it is time to learn.

The shifts of this time have been designed for many years including the possibilities presented by each individual.  Openness and love expand us to the realm of possibility and since there seems there is much change to come yet, You as an individual are called to get clear about Your path and Your choices.

The key is knowing Yourself and being very aware of what You personally are choosing, thinking, doing, feeling.  Quick reminder – avoid getting drawn into others drama because they will also be manifesting at a very fast rate.

Are You allowing Your higher self to lead You?  Or are You choosing to avoid seeing what is really going on for You?  Whichever way you choose will affect be Your outcome.

For those of You working at staying in a place of open awareness in love, You already know that whatever happens, You will be okay.  Better than okay in fact!!

It isn’t like most of this is news to any of us, at least on some level.

Side note:  What if we do have to pay a price for not listening to our compassionate selves and letting our unquestioned beliefs lead us around by the nose.  We are both seeing it in our own lives, that some of the tougher situations are necessary for us to let go of the past ways and the things that no longer serve so that re birth is possible.  We all must die to the old in order to move and live into the new.  It is Your choice how You do this, which again is nothing new.  For those not willing to let go, things may be taken or removed.  For those not willing to wake up to them selves there is potential right now for rude awakenings.  Even this can be seen as compassionate in that often it leaves us in a position to choose again.

Heart centered connections have the potential to help You go through this process in peaceful ways.  There is so much more energy flowing to us right now and as we’ve noticed releasing resistance feels much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is time to search out ultimate truth, however and where ever it is to be found, because intense change is continuing.   Staying grounded in Yourself throughout this transformation and letting go of what You think it ‘should’ be allows You to start living in the 5th dimension of heart centered openness.  Sounds a little like heaven to us.

For Exploration

Emotional-let go of resistance, intend that ‘All transformation be a joyful and loving process’.

Mental-Focus on what You choose and use those things that cause You stress to help You get clearer about what does serve You.

Physical-feed Yourself well and find ways to nurture all of Your physical systems.

Spiritual-Using water, symbols and representatives and visions of water to create greater grounding.

Be Heart Aware,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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And How to Develop Your Own!

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Both myself and Christy have worked in the healing field for many years and consult with our guides and tools daily.  On the outside we live normal lives and yet we both have had friends and family call us respectively for years to get ‘inside’ information about their lives, careers, health and relationships.  What we have found is that our own practical psychic abilities are expodentially increased by working together.

Thus the birthing of Psychic Potentials and our desire to share with You how You can recognize and utilize Your own psychic gifts and abilities.

Join us on this wonderful ride of deeper communication with self!  Let it be a gift You give Yourself allowing You to be clearer and enjoy more in Your life!