Are We Hardwired to Be Psychic?

Is being psychic strange or weird?  No, I don’t think so.  Being psychic is being aware and noticing the unseen energy within and around us.  Everyone is psychic.  Some people just pay more attention to the unseen than others.

Psychic PotentialsYes, Our bodies are hard wired to interpret the energies around us. We all have auras and chakras, even if everyone can’t see them.  Even scientific instruments can register the energy that makes up our bodies systems.

Daniel Siegel in The Mindful Brain describes web-like networks of neurons around the heart and intestines which have the ability to sense very like the brain.  This hardwired ability to perceive and transfer information by means of the heart and intestines correlates to intuitive “knowing in our hearts” or “having a gut feeling”.

Fully using your psychic abilities You pay attention to all of Your energy systems.  You combine what your heart, gut, chakras (especially the third-eye) and aura tell You.  You can take full advantage of Your innate abilities to make your life easier.

By being aware, You get a feel for what You need to do for yourself.  With Your personal clarity, You have the ability to help others read the energy in their lives too.

Part of actively cultivating psychic ability is to learn to run your own energy.  So your body’s energy sensors aren’t picking up on everything and everyone  around You. This helps You be clear.  So You can focus on being You and on what serves You.   This is part of what is taught in our Heal Yourself class.

We are all created with the ability to be psychic.  Many people subconsciously use their body’s energy sensors.  Yet, the ability to live fully aware psychically is available to everyone.

Once You put Your focus on learning to notice and trust your intuition psychic ability grows.  We learn to count on our psychic awareness just like we use our sense of sight, touch or hearing.

Here’s to living fully aware!


3 thoughts on “Are We Hardwired to Be Psychic?

  1. i had tried to contact you earlier but somehow there was a communication gap and i was not able to make myself understood
    of late i had been grtting messages …you know by connecting
    all around told me don,t….it is not good
    you will not move ahead spiritually…blaa….blaahh..
    i as told prayed that i stop hearing n feeling such things
    people also made me think it was illusion

    now i am very desrerate and frustrated
    i had wished to help others throughout my life n when i got an opportunity
    i missed it due to ignorance

    please help me

    1. Hi Meeti,

      I just noticed your comment.

      I understand that You’ve been getting psychic messages by connecting with yourself and source.
      You also said people around you try to tell you it’s an illusion.
      I don’t believe psychic messages are an illusion. They are you tapping into the unseen forces around you. The messages become clearer and more accurate the more you trust in your psychic guidance.
      I’m not sure what you mean by you missed your opportunity to help others by your ignorance?
      I’m also not quite sure what sort of help you’re looking for.
      Are You wanting to turn back on psychic guidance that you’ve asked to be turned off in the past?
      Just ask your guides/angels/higher self to turn back on your psychic abilities, if that’s what You want.
      Best Wishes,

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