10 Things to Clear the Energy in Your Home

You thought I might say number #1 put the husband/wife out, right?

No honestly, it is much easier to be around a happy person if You are happy.  Flip side, it is somewhat easier to be around a miserable person if You are feeling miserable.  Unless of course You are attempting to change Your state from miserable to happy again.

Since emotion is energy in motion it makes sense that what we pick up on energetically around us is going to make a difference to how we feel.

When Your energy is clear it is more enjoyable to be in a space that matches.  If You are sensitive and are in a space that is noisy energetically then there is a chance You will be affected by the noise.

Awareness about the ways You sense life around You allows for the tools and techniques to buffer the effect of outside energies.

Out and about doing errands I expect to pick up on all sorts of energies from things, people and places.  When I get to my home I like the energy to be nurturing and as clear as possible.

10 straight forward ways You can make a difference about the energy in Your home:

  • Unplug as many things as You can as often as You can.


  • Everything has an energetic vibration, put things away and selectively place items that cause You to feel good.
  • Open Your windows often and get the air circulating.
  • Light natural candles that are low VOC, attended.
  • Grow plants that are oxygenating and/or useful.
  • Add aroma therapy to Your home/office health.
  • Take Your shoes off at the door.
  • Leave background noise from TV and radio off.

Serious energy cleansing

  • Wash every surface You can find including walls and ceilings.
  • Travel through Your home burning a sage stick, safely.

Essentially as You develop Your ability to manage the energies You pick up on anywhere, external energies around You are less important.

Even after many years of being sensitive to what energies are affecting me and how to manage that, I still prefer that the energy in my home/office matches me as close as possible.

One thought on “10 Things to Clear the Energy in Your Home

  1. I have a male ghost in my house. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but we were the first people to live in this house. He told me, “You told me you would love me forever.” and followed me around my basement. Then the last two months, it won’t let me leave the house or does weird things. It turned the electric tea kettle on once at night. Last week I tripped on a step and sprained my ankle, and have been stuck at home for ten days. I was supposed to go away for the holidays, and suddenly the mains broke and we had rusty brown water in the house. i had to cancel my plans and deal with plumbing for a week. But it also has some political intuition – about the election results and such. How do I make it leave the house, and find out where it came from? I had done a candomble’ cleansing a few months ago. Maybe it released from my body into the general house.

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